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Baby Jogger City Elite

Baby Jogger City Elite

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The Information from website saying “This is Suit for child from 22-33kgs. My son is 25kgs, this stroller doesn’t do what it said. Very hard to push and front wheel often slip to when you in “Swing option” another problems when using “Straight wheel” Seat Belt is too short and uncomfortable. Storage pocket underneath will touching front wheel this cause Material torn off. Took plenty of space to store when folded. I had another 2 stroller which much easier to use and safe but have to change only because it doesn’t support my son weight.

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Hi Indri, Thank you for your review, I can confirm the City Elite is suitable from New Born to 34kgs. The seat harness is adjustable, please follow your manual for instructions. Also as you are experiencing issues with your stroller, please contact our Customer Support Team via email: inbox@theamazingbabycompany.com.au They will be more than willing to assist in rectify these issues with the wheel and basket. There are so many positives about this stroller and once the above issues are rectified we believe you will enjoy using the stroller again. Kind Regards The Baby Jogger Customer Service Team

This is an excellent pram, one star off is due to preference - not performance

As someone who changed 5 prams in 3 years, I can tell you that Baby Jogger City Elite comes as a second-place only to BABY JOGGER CITY MINI GT . The main reason is that they are both very comfortable, practical, easy to clean, great brakes, good looking, easy to store, open and close, have a good amount of storage and available accessories that could fit the pram (both 3rd party and first-party). City Elite is great and easy to manoeuvre, and for those who want to run and push the pram, this is a good choice as it absorbs bumps and it is a pleasure to steer.

Purchased in June 2010 for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage
Love your review..... also check out that big canopy and its 50+ seriously provides amazing sun coverage over the summer! We are not supposed to play favorites here at Baby Jogger Head office but I love the City Elite too! If I had my time again I would have definitely purchased the City Elite! We hope you continue to love love love your City Elite - we wish you and your Fambam lots of fun strolling! Kind Regards, Deb from the Baby Jogger Customer Service Teamoh, yes, let's not forget that canopy! Suggestion: Give your future prams some more colour options ;)Thanks for the feedback - I will definitely pass this onto the powers that be! Kind Regards, Deb from the Baby Jogger Customer Service Team

Best All Terrain Pram on the Market

We purchased this pram in 2017 several months before our son was born.

This has been the best baby purchase we made.

The baby jogger elite provides a very comfortable and smooth ride from newborn and up. Our son is now almost 2 years old and is 16kgs, from newborn to now the pram has not changed in handling or smoothness.

Unboxing - The pram came in one medium sized box, we were expecting it to take a little while to put it together but we were mistaken. All that was required was to attached the wheels, hood and parenting console, this was all done within 5 minutes or less. The instructions were very clear and easy to read.

Wheels - The tyres have been through it all sand, rocks, prickles, concrete paths, paddocks and many more rough terrains and they have handled everything with no issues or need to change them. The size of the tyres are medium to large, with large tyres your able to outmaneuver the pram alot more freely being a three wheeler

Basket - The underneath basket is a great size for shopping trips or just a quick shop. It has elastic sides to make it easier to get into, there is access from the front, back and sides.

Seat - It is quite a large seat in width and height which is excellent for the larger child, our toddler is 23 months, 15kgs and has size 10 shoes already so your able to get a little idea that he isnt a small boy at all he is very tall. He sits in this pram and has so much room in height and width.

Seatbelt - The seat belt is very easy and simple process, it comes with seat belt protectors and is adjustable. The current model I have does not have removable straps for your stock standard seat protector covers so you will have to purchase a universal cover.

Folding - The folding system on this pram is so simple and easy which was another reason we brought it, I wanted to make it as simple as possible for my partner to operate as I have had many challenges with previous prams for my nieces and nephews. All that is required is to grab and pull the strap in the centre of the seat and you are able to fold it quickly and one handed. If you are looking for the pram to be more compact while travelling you can easily remove the wheels to flatten it more.

Pros -

Easy to handle
One handed fold
Compact for a large pram
Excellent tyres

Cons -

Sit is not very straight for the curious toddler
Non removable seat belts
You have to buy all accessories separately, only item included is the parenting console

Overall this pram is a 9/10 for us, we will be definitely keeping this pram for our next child.

Purchased in April 2017 at Baby Bunting Physical store for $699.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage
Hi TMB1990, Thank you so much for your feedback :) We love all the features on the City Elite too! Our favorite feature is the huge Canopy and it's 50+ protected - so important in Australia! PS; Personally if I had my time again I would have definitely purchased it! FYI you can purchase a Back Board to insert into the back of the Elite to assist with helping your child sit up. Please visit The Amazing Baby Company website https://theamazingbabycompany.com.au/shop/back-board-for-single-stroller/ In regards to the Harness this is a mandatory safety standard that we must adhere too! Thanks again and we hope you and your family enjoy many more years strolling with your City Elite! Kind Regards Baby Jogger Customer Service TeamThanks for your reply. Oh yes I am so sorry for not adding the very generous large canopy with the magnet peekaboo window and ventilation side panels which is very helpful and does not wake your sleeping baby. The side panels allow for that extra bit of breeze on a hot summers day in the desert and also the open back helps also allow for better ventilation. Thank you for the advice, I will pop over and look at the additional product to help my toddler. We love our baby jogger products and are currently looking/hoping to purchase an additional pram, currently looking at the Tour 2 when we are able to access a baby store so we are able to have a smaller compact pram for the plane. Hope you have a lovely dayInsert (love heart eyes emoji) The Tour 2 is an awesome travel/lightweight use stroller.....Good excuse to go travelling....Hint Hint! Kind Regards Baby Jogger Customer Service Team


Pretty good pram as a whole but after about 6 months of use the brakes failed from the springs popping out and was about $80 to replace it. Other than that it’s been a good pram, easy to use, easy to pack away and set up just wish it fold into something a bit more compact

Purchased in August 2016 at Baby Bunting for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage


This pram has had SO MUCH use with my two boys. This is money well spent, I haven't ever regretted my decision to buy it.
The only improvement I could suggest is if the wheels could also be folded flat when packing away in the car boot. Out of all my purchases for motherhood, this was the best for its amount of use, durability, practicality and monetary value.

Worth every cent. It just keeps on keeping on.

We purchased this buggy for our granddaughter almost 5 yrs ago. Initially a big outlay but this buggy is still as solid as the day it was purchased. It is now used for 2nd granddaughter and we just wish this buggy could talk and tell us all the kilometres it has travelled with never a thing going wrong. Both girls have always been very comfortable and had no problem sleeping as back tilts a long way down, allowing girls to stretch out. Yes, it is heavy but I think this is the reason it has lasted so long. It is sturdy, has enough storage underneath and never had to worry about flat tyres like the pram I bought for my son’s boys. The seating can be taken out and washed and because the fabric is so strong, it comes up as good as new. The plastic rain cover that is purchased separately is also an excellent buy, used constantly and nil rips or tears. Suspension is good and this buggy has handled just about every surface you could imagine. Daughter is now living in Austria so this buggy now copes with snowy conditions too. Highly recommend this buggy if you want a great workhorse that lasts and gives you your money’s worth.

Room for improvement!

Fantastic on all surfaces and terrain. I am happy with the pram but I am regretting my choice.
Bub is now 10 months and is not comfortable in the pram. It’s hard for her to see out as the back is not raised enough and the storage is not great.

Great pram but...

I loved this pram, it was really easy to handle and was easy enough for me to get in and out of the car. It has a one handed folding mechanism which made it very simple to use. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was because even though it is called a "baby jogger" it wasn't a suitable jogging pram.

Quality but not the best design

This pram is solid and well made, pretty easy to fold and unfold, medium weight. However, it doesn’t recline all the way down and doesn’t go flat so getting our little one to sleep was impossible as she likes to sleep on her tummy now. Also there is an extension for feet at the bottom attached to the pram and there is a metal but that clips in. This is constantly falling out and can be frustrating.

Strong and heavy

A really sturdy pram that performs well on uneven ground. Good suspension and comfortable for bub. A bit heavy and bulky (weighs almost 12kgs) which aggravated my De Quervain's but I'm used to it now bub weighs more than that. I wish you could put the seat into a fully upright position rather than always on a recline, even at highest setting. Also would appreciate more storage under but this size is pretty standard across all prams I just put too much under there!! Comes with cup holders by the handle which are useful and glad we got the sturdier pram as our son is huge!

Strong as an ox

I love this pram. It goes over uneven surfaces like it's nothing. Its a dream to push and manoeuvre. I love all the accessories you could get for it. I love the adjustable handle height. I love the easy fold-down. It doesn't have as much under pram storage as my old pram. But when you're a mum, you figure out ways around this. Totally worth it. I probably wouldn't recommend it to mums who don't feel up to the task of lifting the bulky pram into the car boot though.

What an upgrade !

I had purchased a second hand Bugaboo cameleon and hated it. It was dodgy, couldn’t get over hills, and sucked up all our boot space. This is the exact opposite. The pram folds up and done one handed, has a side clip to make it flatter if need be, and survives interstate domestic flights! Only gripe is that the seat doesn’t fully go straight so if baby wants to look forward she does get annoyed at times.

Perfect for growing baby

One of the reasons I bought the baby jogger - elite was so we could use it from birth to 4 years of age. It’s so easy to set up and put away- just one quick pull and it’s folded up and into the car it goes.
The wheels make it great for going on a loose gravel track and easy to take around the neighbourhood.
It looks great and has lots of attachments you can buy but for this reason it can be a money pit once you add a coffee cup holder etc.
The only down sides are it is quite heavy and hard to get into small spaces in a cafe.
It doesn’t have a huge amount of storage but enough for a small shop or big nappy bag.
Highly recommend this pram, it is durable, well made and stylish.

Amazing pram for country living and traveling

We love this pram! Had it since 2014 and we can easily fit two kids even tho we have the skateboard too. We just took it to Europe for a month with two kids sitting happily inside and the big wheels were perfect for Italian cobbled streets.
Country roads also great with this pram. We just love it!


The stroller is great it’s kinda. Bulky and hard to store ,but it is great when out of town,hiking or if your one to go jogging It’s easy to take up and down. I’m pretty happy with it. I think if it was more compacted it would be better. I’m pretty happy with the build quality overall.

Great pram

This pram is fairly easy to manoeuvre although the wheels are quite wide at the back so it can be difficult to to get through tight spaces. It seems quite roomy and comfortable. It is a little heavy to lift into the car once folded as compared to other prams.

Good but heavy

Positives are that pram can be folded with one hand, it is quite agile and easy to manoeuvre, the front wheel can be locked into place for rougher terrain or left to rotate for extra manoeuvrability when out shopping. The wheels are quite large and rubber which doesn’t need air inflation and is very sturdy on unsealed roads and bumpy terrain, pram can be used for running. Negatives are that pram is quite heavy, about 11-12kg so although it can be folded with one hand it’s too heavy to lift it up into the car boot with one hand. And using this with a capsule converter and capsule with a child in it becomes very heavy so less good on rough terrain and more of an effort to push across bumps. Can lay flat for a newborn but doesn’t parent face unless you buy the bassinet attachment so isn’t as practical for babies who want to see mum or dad while out walking.

Love it, best investment

Love it, so easy to manoeuvre over any terrain. Foam filled tyres mean no punctures. Baby loves to be in pram. Easy one hand fold. Can be bulky for shopping centre use (but that is minimal for us). Is a very stabile pram with large seat for toddler or can be used from birth. Very easy to clean!!

My favorite pram

Ive had 4 prams now and the city elite is by far my favorite. So ridiculously easy to maneuver you could steer it with 1 finger. Simple pull of the handle on the seat and it folds up quickly and compact enough. I regretfully sold my first city elite i owned but will definitely be buying another. Only down side for me with this pram is that it doesn't come in a double.

Love my new pram

I love this pram! It's easy to stroll around and very comfy for baby. The pram is quite heavy and I find it difficult to fold and put it into the car. It's perfect for going to the park and love the fact that hood is extra long for better shade. Overall very happy with pram and the quality.

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Questions & Answers

How can I fix my frame on my city elite? It is very wobbly when using it. Especially when turning the stroller in either direction. I've never put heavy things on my handle, only every used the storage bag. Is this just from normal wear and tear?
2 answers
I felt the same too. Its very dangerous.Hi Ray and Indri, there are so may reasons/factors that could cause this to happen to your stroller. We would suggest either contacting our Customer Service Team at The Amazing Baby Company (03 8872 6772) and inbox@tabc.com.au or visiting one of our Authorised Service and Repair Centers - there is a list located on the Baby Jogger website: //babyjoggerstrollers.com.au/find-a-retailer/#approved-service-centers Kind Regards The Baby Jogger Customer Service Team.

Does anyone know how to undo the straps on the most recent version of the City Elite Baby Jogger? I have a pram liner that id like to use.
2 answers
Hi Stefani, Sounds like your harness is a 3 piece system (waist and should straps are permanently connected by the clip that inserts into the central buckle) unfortunately you are unable to undo them. You may need to find an alternate liner that is suitable to this. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us directly. Kind Regards The Customer Service Team Baby Jogger Australia 03 8872 6772 or inbox@tabc.com.auThank you

Does anyone else have problem where front tyre rubs & wears a hole in the under-carriage?
6 answers
Yes at one stage I did, but it was because I had been putting items in carrier that were slightly heavy and pushing it forward onto front wheel, especially when navigating very hilly areas around where I was pushing my grandie.. Once I realised why this was happening, I pulled carrier back from wheel and stopped throwing heavy items indiscriminately into granddaughters buggy. Hope this helps you Yachtgrot.HI Yachtgrot, That's a great tip from germania1949, that is one of the reasons why your basket is rubbing on your wheel. The other reason is if the basket is not attached to the frame correctly and hanging to low!Can you buy the basket separately? I need a new one or something to replace the one I have


Baby Jogger City Elite
Category3-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $899.00
Seating Type Single
Max User Weight 34 kg
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesCup Holder, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Suspension
Weight11.8 kg

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