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Baby Jogger City Mini

Baby Jogger City Mini

4.4 from 214 reviews

It’s definitely one of my faves!

I have tried quite a few different prams/strollers, I have 3 boys and at one time i even needed a double. Out of all prams and strollers i’ve tried baby jogger city mini is my fave! This is my
Second time Purchasing one for different kids, City mini holds upto 22.5kg which is awesome and it’s lightweight, easy to steer, compact and don’t get me started on the amazing sun canopy hood.. it’s huge and has peekaboo windows which kids love!! great pram i’d definitely recommend! If you buy one and register online please use my code 949-909 as the person who reffered you to purchase it. i am not sponsored and purchased both of mine with my own money its just referral points i get if you put my code :)

Perfect for my toddler!

I purchased this as a second pram and ended up selling the other pram because I love the city mini so much.
It’s lightweight and folds so easily and compact. The basket looks small but actually fits a bit in it. My 2.5 year old has plenty of room and will fit for quite a while.
Now that I have a newborn I’d love for this pram to be parent facing or have a head support included to prevent bub sliding to one side.
Overall I am very happy with this pram!

Awesome light pram

We bought this as an every day, second pram. It is perfect for easily getting in and out of tight spaces (ie shopping Centre car parks) and is so lightweight! The ability to fold with one hand is amazing, and can not be underestimated for those who want an easy pram to use (while sleep deprived)! Bub fits in easily, although we added a liner for a little extra padding. This pram can go anywhere, but don’t expect the same suspension as heavier prams. This pram is the best option for a small, lightweight, easy to use, metro/city area pram (ie not designed for off road usage).

The only pram you'll ever need

Used this pram for 5 years now, after 2 bubs and still going strong. The fabric colour still looks as new (red) as day 1. We love the easy one hand fold and doesn't take up much room when folded. The seat lies almost flat which meant we could use since birth and it has a great large hood as well as big storage capacity. The pram is very reasonably priced for all these great features.

Would not buy any other pram!

The lightweight and easy to fold pull I'd excellent. I have had experience with many pranks due to working as a nanny and being a mum. So hard fold other prams. Heaps room at bottom. Click on some bag holders and cup tray. Perfect pram in every way! Buy it!

Not easy to turn

Using this from 1 month old. Baby sleeps in the seat.
Easy to fold, but it’s not gonna be that flat.
Maybe all buggies are but not easy to turn. Have to lift a bit all the time.
Can run with dogs. However maybe you want a lighter alternative.
Sometimes seatbelt annoys me coz click noise is loud and wakes baby up. And puffy shoulder parts come off easily.
Bag space under seat is not big.
Kinda heavy. Will I get used to it?
Super cheap if compared with other brands. I bought this for around $330.
My baby smiles through the window which is cute!

So.... good! Not too great but happy.

Great pram highly recommend

This pram is very easy to move around with and has simple folding with light weight to lift . It takes up very little room in the car I like that you can take the back wheels off and love how far the roof/cover folds down really low towards feet from sunlight/wind only dislike I have is how hard the seat area is other than that I highly recommend

Baby jogger

This is easy to fold up. Put in car take on bus. Walk or jog around neighborhood. Is stylish easy yo clean it suits my baby and my lifestyle good price and i would recommend it to anyone starting out with a new baby. Very happy with it
Very lightweight

Lightweight and easy to fold

After owning clunky two piece pull down pram the City Mini was a welcome edition to our family. It was lightweight, sturdy and easily folded with one hand. Perfect for travelling! the almost flat recline was a great selling point for us.
After 12 months the front wheel did become jammed quite often which was very frustrating. For our second born we upgraded to the Baby Jogger elite. The higher adjustable handle suited my husband better.


Had to find a pram that would fit into our 7 seater Kluger and this was a easy compact folding stroller that fitted. Found it to be a great pram easy to use and fold. No issues. Love how far you can pull down the shade on top almost covers all.

Best pram ever!

We bought a baby Jogger Citi Mini for our first child and have used it for all three and recommended it to everyone who is embarking on parenthood! I was sold on the ease of folding it up and how light it is to carry. It made life so much easier to be able to take baby out & fold it up with one hand while holding him in the other. The wheels go on all terrain and turn smoothly. It was great for taking kids to the shop as it fits down all aisles and within shops and doesn't take up much room when on an escalator or in a lift. It fits in the boot of our small car with ease & must be comfy as all my kids love a good sleep when in it!


Both of my kids use this one.
It is light weight and easy to unfold and fold and did not use too much space in the car and off the car. It is also comfortable to push with both kids.I would lightly recommend this pram to parents and carer givers.

Awesome pram but occasionally has trouble folding!

My wife is tiny so we bought this as it is one of the lightest on the market. Love how it is soo light weight and easy to maneuver. Great little pram we take everywhere and it can maneuver through the super market isle easily. Only problem we had is that once in a month the metal mechanics near the back wheel of the pram gets caught with the strap and we can't fold the pram. Have to release/undo part of the cover to unhook the strap that gets caught in the metal. Annoying but once you figure out how to fix this, this pram is awesome!

Great pram at a light weight

Originally purchased from Baby Bunting around 4 years ago and still going strong. After much research and testing, the Baby Jogger City Mini is one of the lighter prams available. There are lighter prams, but doesn't feel as stable and well constructed. When folded, it doesn't take up much room and is easy to unfold.

5 years and going strong

Our pram is now five years old and starting out with the second child. We have never had a single issue with build quality and have only required to remove the wheels for cleaning where they attach when necessary (probably once a year) to ensuring smooth turning etc.
Folds conveniently, lightweight, not too big but plenty of space and sun protection for the child.
Highly recommended.

Light and easy for frequent traveller.

We bought this for our firstborn with the main reason being it's weight. At only approximately 7kg, it is not far from the weight of some 'strollers'designed for travelling. We travel a lot and wanted something that can be used every day but also easy to fly with. This certainly did not disappoint. We travelled for a month in Canada with our 6-month-old using this stroller. Gate-checking it at airports was a breeze. The downside is that the buckles are a little flimsy - now broken at slightly after 12 months (therefore no longer covered by warranty...). Also, the fact that it doesn't come with a bar at the front and cannot support a fully upright sitting position probably contributes to our 15-month old no longer wanting to sit in it.

Wonderful pram

One of the lightest and easiest to use prams on the market. One piece which opens and folds easily with one hand. Unlike others on the market which consist of multiple parts that require the user to lift in and out of their vehicle. That’s why the baby jogger city is my choice

Stable and easy to maneuver

I like that we made the choice of buying this pram, it is very stable, reliable, easy to handle and easy to fold back into the car. I like the idea of going for long walks with my baby and this pram is the best for this purpose. I do not run, just walk and it is easy to push and it has good reliable wheels.

Perfect pram

This pram is really a good investment. The quality of this pram is really good and very easy to use and clean. It is easy to maneuver, and so easy to fold. All of my 3 children used this pram and i couldn't be any happier. I just wish it comes with a second seat, other than that this pram is perfect.

Great, lightweight pram

Excellent pram. So light and easy to fold up. Would like more/better storage on the pram, but very easy to push around. Takes up very little room in the boot. Lasted us about 4 years and was able to on-sell once my child had outgrown it. Doesn't like going on too rough a terrain; if the GT had been out when we purchased we would have bought that, but great for paved walkways and grass.

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Questions & Answers

Really struggling with buying a baby jogger city mini or steelcraft agile elite!!! Please help, any advice, comments, pros, cons would help!
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Is the mini really suitable for all terrain? Am wanting to use it to take bubs for walk on pebble and rubble paths, grass etc
2 answers
It does fine, But if you are regularly wanting to, i would suggest the city mini GT as the tyres pump for exactly that.Thank you. No it won't be regularly. We have a hand me down yoyo... It's been excellent traveling, shopping centres and normal walking paths, just doesn't feel great on pebbly paths when I decide to do longer walking park trails. I don't want to get anything too big as I'm used to the yoyo and I read that baby jogger city mini is an all terrain and has similar one hand fold system like the yoyo

Is there an adapter to fit a steelcraft cruiser car seat to the city mini pram?
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City Mini
Price (RRP) $499.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 22.5 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight7.55 kg
Folded Dimensions78.7 x 60.9 x 23.4 cm

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  • GTIN13: 0745146103573

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