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Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

4.4 from 222 reviews

So easy to use and comparable in price, just lacking some finer points

For anyone who is usually in a rush, this is a great pram.
Because setting up the pram to use literally involves undoing one side clip (and putting it away for storage involves pulling one handle) it is incredibly time efficient and low maintenance. It is also quite comparable in price to a lot of the other prams of similar quality. It is well made and structurally sound, and one important feature is the large diameter of the wheels, which means a less bumpy ride for your baby. It is versatile as you can attach adapters which allows to you connect capsules (even from other brands).
On the downside, the back of the seating area is simply one flat surface (that you can change the angles of), which means that it does not cradle your baby at all. For toddlers this is not a massive problem but for smaller kids they seem to slide around on the surface (even if the belts are tightened). Also, although the cover reaches quite far forward, there is still a very large opening at the front, where if walking against the wind, it becomes a wind tunnel.
One major selling point is that this pram is also one of the lighter prams available (weighing approximately 9kg). However, speaking from personal experience only, 9kg can be quite heavy to haul into and out of the car multiple times a day. Although other prams may weigh more in total, they can be taken apart and assembled for use, which means lighter pieces to lift overall (however they are less efficient).
The bottom line is that is pram is incredibly functional for the price, however the affordability is unfortunately compensated for by lacking the trimmings that other prams have.

Purchased in December 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Comfortable and Practical

I've owned this strolled for over 2 years (from infant to toddler) and it's still in great condition. We use it nearly everyday. It's easy to clean and the fabric is surprisingly still in great condition.

Purchased in September 2016 for $421.63.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

First baby with this pram and it does not disappoint!

With our first baby we decided to have a few features in mind - safety, ease of use, and portability. And it does not disappoint! It is light-weight and easy to fold up with a single action, making it easy to store/transfer with one hand.

It is easy to steer, and we have travelled with this pram for more than 100kms (!) of walking around the world with our baby in it in different terrains - and it hasn't got a loose screw anywhere!

The only gripe is the linen/cover needs a bit of effort to be removed for cleaning in the washing machine, which is not described in the manual but easily found online.

We will be saving this for our second baby and going to relive the joy of travelling again!

Purchased in December 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Practical to use but expensive to maintain if key strap breaks

We bought this not inexpensive pram based on reviews and research.

After purchasing it took nearly 2 months to actually receive the product after buying through a local bricks and mortar retailer which had to be shipped from Baby Jogger.

Pros and cons of its practical features/benefits.
-It's *very* easy to fold/unfold
-It's easy to get in/out of car and is very compact
-It has a reasonable level of adjustment
-Safety is ok if you remember the lockstraps
-Flying with this is actually good
-Lots of access to see baby
-Fine for walking
-Wheels come out which is good for, say, packing a full car for holidays


-No hanging anything off handlebars
-Limited space underneath (noting it is a jogger)
-It's actually terrible for jogging / running - I'm sure it's fine on a flat concrete beach path but on road with any sort of grade or fall, it's poor
-The front wheel can sometimes get jacknifed/stuck

Perhaps the worst part of this product is there is a single woven strap that holds the top half of the baby up. Ours failed completely after approx 2 years after purchase - it's stored inside, out of the sun, so UV exposure does not explain this.

There is no option to buy just the strap, which couldn't cost more than a few dollars to make, and instead had to purchase the entire section that holds the baby, at a cost of approximately 25% of the original purchase price.

Beyond being wasteful - the old section is literally to be thrown into landfill for the sake of a cheap strap - it's sub standard product design.

For where we live, it's a poor running companion - hard to manoeuvre, goes off track easily, super bumpy on spray sealed roads. Perfectly fine for walking.

Would not buy again.

Purchased in December 2014 for $525.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Some great features and some not so great

Overall I think the pram is a great buy, and very good value for money. It is easy to manoeuvre and performs well on all surfaces and terrains. The suspension is very good I think. The two best features of this pram are it's weight (I got this pram because I have a bad back and this was one of the lightest on the market at the time of purchase) and how absolutely, amazingly easy it is to fold and unfold.
The two things I don't love about this pram are that the seat back doesn't seem to go up enough for my daughter - she still looks like she is lounging and can't reach her pram toy that is strung across the front. But then she is still very small at 10 months old. Also, it is quite tricky getting bulky items in and out of the basket on the bottom, especially when the pram is in lay back position.

Purchased in January 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Suitable for RunningYes
Ease of Packing & Storage

Easy to use

Nice and lightweight pram, easy to push and steer. Like a lot of others have mentioned it’s a great feature to be able to close this with one hand. I didn’t like the idea of my tiny newborn just laying down on the seat from birth with no support, so I got a capsule for the first 6 months.

Regretful decision

Looked at all the great reviews for this pram before buying but now I’m out to buy a different pram because:
- seat doesn’t have the option of being switched to rear facing. Didn’t realise I’d need this until we converted from bassinet to seat and my little one couldn’t see me and HATED being in his pram
- crazy small storage under pram, doesn’t fit my nappy bag
- can’t hang anything off the handlebars (so have to carry the nappy bag)
Definitely regretful purchase

Best Pram

I have had a few prams over the years and can definitely say the baby jogger City Mini GT is the best I’ve ever had. Very easy to push on all surfaces and so easy to fold
We have taken it to Europe and couldn’t have asked for a better travel pram

A totally awesome pram

Bought 6 years ago and has held up to some tough use. I have had other brands that only lasted a few years but this one is still going strong for my youngest. Folds single handed like a dream. Great pram. Smooth, comfortable and most importantly lies completely flat for newborns. I used it from newborn without a capsule and it was perfect for me. Highly recommend.

Too hyped up. Disappointing!

It is easy to manoeuvre yes! But it starts to wobble when u use it. Storage is disappointing. It takes me minutes to get my stuff in the storage basket.. since its three wheeler its not stable at all and you can not hang your nappy bag in the stroller handle.. it cannot bear the weight.. not a practical stroller. Only good thing about it is the folding. Rest is worse.. worst decision iv ever made.. don't know why this is the number one..

Great pram for people that don't like lifting heavy things

I'm terrible at holding up most prams but I find this pram very manageable.
It's very sturdy as it has lasted 2+ years, including a lot of throwing the pram in the car boot, jumping from my first daughter, and general wear and tear over all sorts of bumpy terrain.
We bought the rain cover but it has gotten cloudy over time which is annoying, the belly bar is excellent for babies to kick and stick their feet on. We bought the veebee seat and board add-on on instead of the Baby jogger board for our toddler.
My husband doesn't think it's worth buying an aftermarket custom pram liner as it might be more worth it to just buy a new pram liner from Baby jogger if it gets ruined. Ours is fine still though and we have never needed to wash it.
The pram probably isn't as comfy as other prams I've seen before as my little baby slides to the side a lot, but to be honest if you bring around a muslin or a bigger kids jumper you can make it more comfortable. Plus the extra clothing is useful as a trolley liner, high chair liner, nursing cover when you're out.
If you want to use this for a newborn you really need a head hugger or something similar, we had a capsule so they never used it early on.
I wish the basket was a bit more accessible. It's very hard to fit my huge nappy bag in the bottom.

Great pram

This pram is really easy to use and quick to open and close when getting it out of the car. The wheels come on and off easily to fit into any size boot, even a small car like mine. It lays almost completely flat so baby is always comfortable even when sleeping. It's very good over all surfaces and terrains as the wheels are super functional. The only down side is the size of the basket underneath and the fact it is difficult to access. Great pram overall, also compatible with capsules with the right connectors.

Very practical

I love this pram. Super practical and easy to manoeuvre. The quick fold handle is great when I need to get back in the car quickly if it’s raining or Bub is crying. Although the basket underneath has a metal bar which makes it difficult for somethings to go into the basket. It is a little heavy to carry but I am only ever lifting it in and out if the car.
I used this pram from newborn. I didn’t bother getting the bassinet attachment and didn’t need it. I feel he is much safer in the seat laid right back because he is strapped in and can’t roll or slide if we are moving up or down hill. I can see him easily through the windows in the hood.
The accessories are very expensive. I purchased the rain cover to go with it.

Works well for paced walking

Love going for a super power walk and wanted to take baby alon but was worried all the bumps would reck the pram we got but this one is very well made and can handle about all kinds of off footpath grounds and is very stable only problem is handle could be longer for my partner

Great pram!

This is a pricy pram but you do get your moneys worth, you can buy the baby capsule and another attachment piece to connect to the pram for your newborn, then when they get bigger the pram is big enough to sit them for years, so far we are using for a 4 year old. Its easy to push, you can make the seat lie down and its easy to assemble out of the car. Lots of pieces available to buy also like cup holder, and a bar.

Love love love it

I’m from the country and have few paved sidewalks - this is perfect & copes with all the lumps and bumps. SO easy to put away. Light and fits into tiny boot space as well as having enough accessories to grow with your needs (and child). Super easy to travel with also!

Our favourite pram

We purchased this pram for our second baby after having issues with manoeuvring our previous one. The BJ City Mini GT is SO light, easy to steer, narrow enough to fit anywhere, smooth and can even fold with one hand. We used a capsule with an adapter on it at first, and soon moved to the pram seat itself. We've now had it for 3 years and it's in as new condition after a lot of use. We are holding on to this for many years to come!

Our Bub loves this pram

We took our 8 month year old into baby bunting and tried out all they had and she really likes this one. It folds away nicely in the back of our car and handles very well on different footpaths and grass. The handle feels nice and not much bumping about too

Has some excellent features but one part of the advertising wasn't transparent and I was disappointe

Prior to purchase I researched and looked at the reviews for the Baby Jogger City Mini GT and also the Steelcraft Agile Elite - both have great reviews and both are excellent prams in the $400 - $800 price point.

I decided on the City Mini GT, one of the key reasons being that I loved the idea of how easy it was to pack up - i.e. just pull the handle on the seat and it folds up. The official City Jogger website even paints it this way (see https://babyjoggerstrollers.com.au/product/city-mini-gt-2/) - go down to the section that's titled "Welcome to the Fold" and it says:

"Lift a strap with one hand and the City Mini GT folds itself: simply and compactly. It really is as easy as it sounds. And the auto-lock will lock the fold for transportation or storage."

BUT - here's the thing - you don't "just lift a strap..." and it's not a case of "It really is as easy as it sounds....".

What you also have to do is remove the 2 red safety straps (one each side) which the instruction manual tells you about. Ie when you open the pram you connect these safety straps too.

Call me picky, but I was really disappointed when I discovered this in the instruction manual, as the single lift the strap was really attractive to us (our 3rd child is very active and we needed a pram that was easy to put away - when you take him out of the pram he likes to run!) Personally I think Baby Jogger should change the details on the weblink above to talk about this (i.e. as least put as asterisk that then says "safety straps also need to be removed"). Obviously the safety straps are a good thing from a safety perspective, and I've since seen some posts on other sites from people who say they simply don't use them. I'm not prepared to take that risk (they wouldn't have them there if it wasn't for a good safety reason).

Really disappointed because otherwise the pram has great features - foam rubber filled wheels (last longer), easy to move, and the large hood is great too.

So after getting a refund I switched to the Steelcraft Agile SP (slightly older model to the Steelcraft Agile Elite - I went for the SP because it has foam filled rubber wheels).

If you don't mind the extra time involved with the red safety straps, then its an awesome pram (I'd give it 4 or 5 stars), but the lack of transparency around the above issue left a sour taste in my mouth and that's why I got a refund and went with the Steelcraft. Baby Bunting were great about it all and understood.

So in summary, great pram, but just make sure you look past the advertising and check out if you're comfortable with the safety straps in the shop - you wouldn't notice them unless you looked for them.

Easy to use pram.

This pram is easy to maneuver and easy to handle. I have also used this pram when I have gone jogging in the park. It folds easily and can easily fit in the trunk of a hatchback car. It weight around 5 kg and is easy to carry. It also folds easily by pulling a strap.

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Hi all, am considering getting a baby jogger, one of the varieties with big wheels. Are spare part wheels compatible with all previous models of baby jogger pram?
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Can I get adapters to fit a city select seat onto this pram?
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The hood when not is use is low on the back of the seat. My sons head is against the rim of hood and not very comfortable. Is there a way to raise the hood higher?
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City Mini GT
Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Single
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight9.5 kg

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN13: 0745146152106, 0745146152212 and 0745146152441

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