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Baby Jogger Compact

Baby Jogger Compact

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Fabulous investment! Highly recommend!

I loved being able to have my little ones lying flat comfortably while we were out and about. I found the size more than enough to use till my girls were 6 months (admittedly, they were petite: 6.2kg and 5.5kg at that age). The mattress is thin, but based on the good sleep they got, it’s absolutely comfortable. The mattress cover is removable for washing - what a relief! The hood for weather protection is great, and the cover was fab for winter, helping to keep them warm. It was attached and removed easily from the pram, and I was also able to still use the pram’s own sun canopy. Having straps on the side also meant I could easily transport to use this as a stand alone bassinet on the floor when at friend’s houses. I would thoroughly recommend this bassinet!

Too stuffy and hot in warm weather, too small for DS only 3m+

I bought this bassinet just because I need it for my newborn DS to lie flat on the babyjogger citi mini. It was ok in the first 3 months in the winter. Then DS outgrowed it when he was 3m+ and he screamed and cried when the weather got warmer because it's very stuffy and hot lying in it. I had to give up using which means I spend over $200 just for 3 months usage.

I still can't understand why a bassinet costs so much. It can not click very well when installing that my husband used to concern the safety issue.

I would choose other brands which are suitable for newborns other than babyjogger. You can have a few options on a pram costing $500+ instead wasting money on a junk bassinet

Baby Jogger Compact Bassinet DO NOT BUY! DANGEROUS!

My 10 week old baby got his foot down the side of the mattress, if you lift it you will find a piece of wood. It is sharp for a babies little foot. The distributor had it safety checked and said they couldn't work it out. I couldn't care less if they couldn't work it out, he hurt himself and there was blood everywhere, as he cut his toes! All they offered was a refund. I think it is unsafe as its easy to get their feet down the side....and the wood isn't sealed with anything and it doesn't fit across so he may have pinched his toes, terrible service, I couldn't use the pram on its own as he was too tiny to fit in so I had to buy a new pram.....I will never buy Baby Jogger or endorse their products.

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Release dateApr 2013

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