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Tasman Eco Amore

Tasman Eco Amore

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I absolutely love this bassinet, we purchased this for our 4th baby after he grew out of his Moses basket and we kept if for our fifth baby.
It is great, I love that it has mesh sides to make it breathable but it's a thicker mesh not that flimsy mesh some bassinets have on it.
It's sturdy, it has wheels so it's portable, it's a good height, it's a good price and I'm pretty certain it was rated one of the only bassinets to have passed the safety testing done by 'choice'.
As a mum of 5 and having used 5 different bassinets this is hands down my favorite and the one I would recommend to other mums.

Great quality

A great quality product, feel very safe to use with newborn baby. Looks really nice and is perfect to have next to the bed. The wheels are a great feature as you can move the cot around with you to each room if you want. Very happy with the purchase.

Great size, quality and style

A Very sturdy and easy to assemble bassinet. The Mattress is quite thin, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue. I especially love the breathable sides, especially given that our baby often presses her face against it throughout the night, while we are sleeping. I did need to sew into the mesh to allow for a breathing monitor pad though, as there is no way of threading the wires through and otherwise they would have been exposed to her.

Love it!

Best purchase for Bub.

- wheels
- breathable sides
- lets us be close to the baby wherever we are in the house
- we loved the colour too!
- Transportable
- Despite it looking like it was held up simply by velcro, it seemed quite study.

Possible con: the price
- We already had a cot so we bought the bassinet only. However if you need both, it may be worth looking into getting one that converts into both as it's a bit pricy for something the instructions say you should change out of at 4-6 months. And we bought it on sale so RRP is probably a bit expensive

Great bassinet

Easy to assemble with two people (much easier than IKEA furniture). Good quality material used with sturdy timber frame. Baby likes sleeping in bassinet and sides are breathable. Fits neatly beside bed and is portable and lightweight with wheels. Mattress fits standard size sheets and mattress protectors which is handy

Perfect portable bassinet!

We found this to be the perfect bassinet for our baby because we found it easy to move around the house and found it easy to put our baby to sleep as the wheels helped rock her to sleep.The breathable mesh is great for easy airflow and cleaning. We bought the white color which was easy to mix and match with our normal furniture.

Good product but no instructions in box

This product is good for the price. It's a good size and easy enough to move around

Bassinet did not come with correct instructions and is a known problem. This was disappointing as being pregnant and trying to work out a flat pack was not fun. When phoned Tasman they wanted someone to call me back and talk me through it. And told me to be patient which I thought was a bit rich since she offered no apology.

If you buy just check you have the correct instructions. Save u the phone calls and returning to the store

Great quality and safe

We brought this from gumtree when my son was born. I was undecided about getting a bassinet but so glad we did. It has wheels so you can rock baby and alao move around the house easily.

It is a good size, small enough to fit next to your bed but quite long so baby can be in it for many months.

Love the breathable mesh, recommend by choice mag. Total winner


Easy to roll around the house and easy to rock. The mesh sides make it good for airflow. The only thing I didn't like was that it is pretty deep and low and wasn't that great after my EC. We purchased as it was recommended by choice. We purchased ikea pillow cases and they fit perfectly as a fitted bassinet sheet.

Best purchase for 2nd baby

This bassinet was sturdy, among the only 3 bassinets safety tested (and approved) by Choice, and fits beautifully in terms of decor. That it has castor wheels is a major bonus because we could wheel it into baby's new room as he transitioned into his cot. Also, it was ideal for rocking and shaking to help bubba sleep. The airy mesh was perfect in terms of reducing chances of SIDS. It also looks fantastic - very minimalist and would fit into any decor. I could pull the bassinet close to me and reach across to pat bub. Sometimes, I would slide my knees under the mattress to rock bubba to sleep. I cannot recommend this crib/bassinet enough.

Great bassinet

We bought this bassinet based on reviews and glad we did. It's sturdy, safe and looks good. Decent size as well.

Good and safe

I bought this bassinet based on the reviews on this page. I found the bassinet great! I am glad that this bassinet had wheels as it was much easier moving the bassinet around the house. The bassinet kind of 'hangs' from the sides of the rails which allows me to rock (a little) my little one to sleep when he is unsettled.
The best part about the bassinet is the breathable material. I am glad I bought this bassinet as my son is a real wriggler and moves from side to side when sleeping. Having breathable material meant that I did not jump every time I saw his face in the sides of the bassinet.
Only down side I think is that the bassinet is easily reachable for toddlers and small children, so if you already have young children you might want to consider this before buying.

Excellent Choice!

We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices for bassinets and cots when we first started looking and read review after review. In the end, we decided to go with the Tasman Eco Amore and have been very happy with the choice. The mesh sides are breathable and allows a good airflow but they are also strong and secure. It is a good size for our long little girl and can be used up to 6 months, however I think she may outgrow it before then. It's great that it can be wheeled from room-to-room and most importantly we can rock her to sleep in it. The quality of the wood and finish are great and look fantastic! The only downside would be the quality of the caster wheels as they can get a little stuck in which direction they are pointing, but we haven't really found this to be a big issue. Overall, we are very happy with this bassinet!
easy to assemble, breathable sides, looks quality, easily moves from room-to-room, can rock baby to sleep
caster wheels occasionally get stuck

Excellent bassinet

Great bassinet for the first few months with the baby. It's a good height to have beside the bed so you don't have to get up in the middle of the night. The wheels make it really convenient to move between rooms as well as just to rock the baby to sleep. The mattress is not fantastic but is ok.
Quality of the frame, height, wheels
Mattress is not fantastic

love it

Easy to put together, change sheets & etc. Perfect height for sleeping next to your bed & the mesh lets you hear your baby easily. Steady & will last for a growing family. It has wheels so is easily moved around the house if you need. The only downside about the height is that a 2 year old can stand on the rails and lean in!! But that's insignificant
very reliable

Perfect Bassinette for us

I originally placed the King Parrot / Boori version on Layby but switched it due to the depth of the bassinette as pregnancy had injured my back. While I'm sure it would have been a great purchase, I am so glad I bought the Tasman Eco Amore instead. It's not too deep that you really have to bend over but deep enough to be secure. It didn't take long to put together. Frame is sturdy.. So sturdy that I used to use it to help me out of bed in the days after labour! Love the mesh, breathable sides that you can see through slightly and is great comfort amongst all the SIDS dangers. The bed part can also rock slightly should your baby need settling. It fitted nicely next to our bed to have baby close and being on wheels it can be moved easily out of the way, pulled closer to settle baby or moved room to room. Wheels are also lockable. It's a great size bassinette and while it is more expensive than some, we got amazing usage out of it due to its generous size. My taller than average son was nearly 9 months old before we moved him to his cot and this was only due to him learning to go from laying to sitting while on the floor so we moved him before he did it in bed! (Obviously this will be different for every baby) It's still in excellent condition and will now fit into his robe in his nursery for stuffed animals and baskets will rest on the bottom frame for toys! Perfect storage until used for next baby. He was always comfortable, secure and happy in it.
Sturdy, breathable, moveable, looks great. Baby won't outgrow it in a hurry (size wise anyway!)
Not everyone can/wants to spend that much on a Bassinette but those who do will hopefully be as happy with it as us!

Really good - mattress not so great.

We bought this for our first son. It's lovely wood and looks good. I had hope that it would be made in Australia (as the name suggests) but it's actually made in China, which is a bit disappointing.
It's not too hard to assemble. The wheels mean you can rock baby to sleep.
BAD: The mattress was really thin and poor quality, it was also about an inch shorter than the space which I thought was potentially dangerous as it could slip around and the sheets could get loose, potentially being a SIDS risk.
We bought a bassinet mattress from Nidoo Organics which is designed for this bassinet as it fit much more sungly, it is also a thicker, denser mattress so you can really tuck baby in nice and tight.
Using it again for child number 2, and it's held up fine.
SERVICE: we had a loose wheel - the joint it inserted into was too big and it kept falling out as we moved the bassinet around. Tasman Eco we very good about replacing it - they send a whole new side panel very quickly.
Overall, I would still buy this bassinett, just be prepared to spend more money on a decent mattress.
Nice wood, great customer service. Non toxic paints.
Very thin mattress which doesn't fit properly.

Love, Love, Love.

So safe, sturdy, perfect. I used a different bassinet with my first two children and I did not feel they were safe or comfortable. This bassinets mattress fits very snug and flat, although a little firm bubs is very happy in there. Breathable mesh sides. The frame is sturdy and easy to assemble. Great that its on wheels as you can move around the house or just push aside to vacuum under.
Safe, peace of mind. Bubs very happy.
A little low.

Best investment so far

I Loved it. The fact that it was mesh there was a much reduced risk of SIDS. My newborn enjoyed that he could see shadows and light just flicker through the mesh. And being beside my bed I could hear him clearly breathing, as being my first it was nice to feel reassured he was ok.
Felt closer to my baby being beside our bed with the mesh.

Love this!

Loved this bassinet so much I am having trouble parting with it. So safe and simple easy design. Good size. We loved everything about it. My only improvement would be to add something so you can easily hang a mobile above it... Which is not a huge issue.
Mesh is not that easy to take apart to clean, however with older style bassinets this is not even an option. We used it for the first 3 months and it still looks brand new. Can't fault it.
Just read another review and yes tray attachment in the bottom would b nice.

Nowhere to hang a mobile from but there are other ways around this (roof, or buy one which attaches to side of a cot) small potatoes really.

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Just bough Tasma Eco Amore but can't seem to find many bedding options to fit the mattress (80x40cm) None of the Bubba Blue stuff or any of the other brands I could find fit this size. Any suggestions on where to get bedding?
2 answers
I used the brand Little Bamboo.I had bought my mattress protector and some other bedding (including Bubba blue) from Baby Bunting. I dont think you'll find anything that fits exact but I just looked for bassinet sized bedding. I also used some bedding from Kmart that were given to me as a gift.


Tasman Eco Amore
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