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Baby Jogger Summit X3

Baby Jogger Summit X3

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Best pram ever for walks and runs

I really enjoy using it. Really easy to manoeuvre. Easy to fold and unfold. It can hold all of my kids at once. One is sitting on lap of the other one and the 3d on a board behind the pram! The only problem it’s heavy. So I have a spare pram in a car for the shops run.

Excellent Pram - has run many Km's!!

We love this pram. Before I had children I used to run a few marathons every year. As soon as I was cleared for exercise post birth - this pram has been thrashed!!

I have used it on paths, sealed roads and unsealed roads. The suspension can handle some rough surfaces without disturbing the baby (within reason). I find the front wheel easy to switch between fixed and moving.

The seat lies nice and flat and is easy to adjust. The hood is very deep and you can have it at 3 different settings. It rides very smooth and operates well with one hand.

I chose this pram over the Bob because a lot of the reviews I read said the Bob was not ideal for taller children. The X3 has a taller height clearance - which is ideal for my family.

It is super easy to collapse... It is heavy... But the weight is worth all the other benefits.

Best thing I have ever purchased... couldn't live without it

I regularly take this pram on bush tracks for both running and walking, its all wheel suspension is amazing amd handles any terrain you take it on. Is very easy to fold... pretty much one step and its done... quite lightweight but as has big wheels it does tend to take up a little more boot space than some other brands. It is very easy to maneuver and my favorite part is the front wheel locking mechanism is controlled within hands reach so you can flick it on and off without letting go of the handlebar. Adjusting the seat height is a little annoying but not terrible. The handlebar is not adjustable which is again annoying for a short person like me but really its okay once you get used to it. Suncover is a 3 panel which is perfect length to ensure little one is shaded at all times. The overall length is quite short which is handy when trying to fit through gates ect... the build quality is great also, overall it is a very neat and tidy pram. Definitely recommend for all terrain running and walking pretty much a perfect all-rounder.

Excellent Pram!

SO easy to drive this pram, just with one hand, the other can hold coffee! We have had issues folding it after removing the seat for washing but it is solved OK. Easy to wash the whole thing as well. It is a bit heavy and not very practical to place in the car because it is massive, but our toddler loves it and is sitting well high so can easily see around.
We have the carry bag for plane travels, I can only recommend it because it is an option that I was looking for in a pram. The front bar is great, our toddler prefers it rather than the console. For running and difficult terrain it is perfect. The suspensions are brilliant, better than my bike and I really like the back system to incline the seat. The basket under the seat can hold anything, baby essentials bag, groceries and shopping. The rain cover is average but can hold against windy weather because the front is well designed. I really enjoy the console on the hand bar while it can be annoying with the hand break, but I could work with it.

Stay Away, Faulty Front Wheel

We have had ongoing problems with the front wheel of this pram. The front wheel wobbles terribly when we walk with it, we are no chance of running with it. We called baby jogger & they were hardly sympathetic, unfortunately we did buy this pram secondhand (6 months old) we can only assume the original buyer was aware this. Yes if you have a warranty you can get a new front wheel replacement, from my experience however I would not advise you to purchase this pram!

Practically perfect in every way....now

This is our fourth pram in four and a half months. We bought other brands which proved to be terrible and faulty - to the point of being dangerous. Then, finally, we bought the baby jogger x3. Best pram EVER!!!
When we bought it, the front wheel made a noise. I contacted the company. They were brilliant. They seemed genuinely concerned and requested a video (as it was hard to isolate exactly where the noise came from). Within a week, we had a new front wheel at our door and haven't had a problem since. We had bought the pram from bubs in fortitude valley for $750.
My baby loves this pram. If we put her in another one, she cries and squirms the entire time. This makes me think that the summit has a very comfortable seat. It looks and feels it. It adjusts easily to any position. The pram is also incredibly manoeuvrable. You wouldn't think so, considering it size. Its light and easy to push over any terrain (within reason, of course). Deep basket. Haven't had anything fall out of it and we stock it right up. We also have put bike lights on it for night walks. Easy done. The hand brake is brilliant, as we live in a hilly area.
I would recommend this pram over other brands, any day, for both the quality and the great customer service. No regrets. Finally!!

Have the X3 model-better than the XC

Unable to review the Summit X3 on here. The X3 is the latest model released (2014) compared to the XC (2012).

The x3 is extremely easy to handle - can push with one hand with great ease. It also has a handbrake to help slow you down the hills. I have found the best feature is the fact that you can lock the front wheel (so that it only pushes straight) on the side of the pram. This means when you're running you don't need to go to the front of the pram to lock/unlock the wheel to turn a sharp corner.

The tyres are good - although they do need pumping up every couple of months to keep them at a decent pressure.

Weight of the pram is a little heavy, but you don't notice that when pushing it.

The canopy is very good - two peekaboo windows and two mesh ones on the side to let the air through.

The seat itself is quite large, my son has a lot of room to sit, cross his legs etc.

I'm so glad I didn't skimp on this purchase. Other baby purchases I've looked back and thought - didn't really need to spend that much $$, but I'm glad I spent the money on this pram.

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Summit X3
Price (RRP) $849.00
Seating Type Single
Max User Weight 34 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Cup Holder, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight12.5 kg
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