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Best Bottles I've Purchased

As a working mom, my baby needs to be bottle fed while I work. These are the only bottles in the market that I found to be plastic and silicone free. I was so excited when I found this company. It was a godsend lol. I'm beyond happy with the materials used. Pure rubber and glass that's safe to freeze and heat! The bottles only consist of two parts (woohoo) so my drawers stay clutter free. My baby has taken this bottle without any effort, she instantly latched and fed! The bottle does not leak and it even comes with a storing top! I have not noticed any increase in gas for my baby. I have no complaints about this bottle, only highest praises for this wonderful product! Thank you Kim for making this product available to the US. The bottles are such a success, we love them so much. I find myself admiring them every time we use them. They carry out their job extremely well, are absent of any harmful chemicals, and are just simple and wonderful and beautiful. Many many thanks.
Update: My baby has been exclusively feeding from these bottles for the past two months. The rubber teat got a very slight stickiness to it but that is to be expected. Natural rubber does that over time as oxidation happens. It's very very slight. We have no problems with it. The bottles still rank best for us. We're excited to be ordering the tall bottles as soon as they're back in stock.

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Thankyou so much for such honest and raw content. You sound very like minded to myself and other parents who want only the very best they can offer their babies. Thankyou

Love these Bottles!!

Absoloutly LOVE these bottles. I changed my little girl over from advant to baby Quaddle at 5 months old and I was worried she wouldn’t take to a new bottle. She took to it straight away!! My little bubba has always had a lot of wind and it could be a coincidence but as soon as we changed over to baby quaddle she hasn’t had wind once. I personally think it’s due to the little vaulve our the side of the teat! Highly recommend these bottles and Kimmi the owner was so great to deal with!!

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What a wonderful story. Thankyou and so glad you found us.

Great bottles!

I wanted to switch my six month old son to a more environmentally friendly, natural bottle, and I love these bottles! So sturdy and well made, I was especially pleasantly surprised by the thickness of the rubber teats. I couldn’t recommend these more for anyone looking to reduce or eliminate be use of plastics in their home ♻️

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Thankyou and we are very much for lessening our footprint ❤️

Love these bottles!

I wanted to switch my six month old son to a bottle with natural materials to reduce our carbon footprint, and these have been excellent! Sturdy and well made, and a gorgeous simple design

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Thankyou so much x glad you found us

Both bottles broke, thin glass, unsafe

Compared against my Hevea bottles and other glass bottles these just break so easily. I have never had a breakage with any others. The glass is thin and really needs some kind of external protection if they are this thin.

Ease of use and look are great but overall an unsafe product for children.

We are so sorry you feel this way about our beautiful bottle. It took many years in development and testing to get our product. There are many grades of glass that leach different compounds and different quality. Our glass is the highest medical grade glass we could source in the market. Making it extremely safe and leaches no nasties. Our bottles are designed and advertised as a nursing bottle therefore should be used by an adult to feed baby. We have weaved palm covers for extra protection. Our bottles have mandatory testing that is absolutely compliant but must never be used by babies alone. We are in development of a stainless version which is our next phase. To grow with our little ones.Great to know. But, do think your product needs a sleeve that comes standard with the bottles given how thin the glass is. Thanks and look forward to the stainless and improvements.

Adore our Baby Quoddle

We absolutely love our baby Quoddle bottle. Not only is it asthetically pleasing, it is made from glass with a hevea natural rubber teat so I know my baby isn't being exposed to nasty chemicals. He won't take any other bottle so really pleased we stumbled across this lovely brand x.

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We are glad you found us xxx

Love these bottles!

We love our Baby Quoddle bottles! We made the switch from plastic and I love how much more hygienic the glass is. It doesn’t discolour at all after repeated sterilisation like plastic does. They are a nice big size and hold much more milk than my old plastic ones. Perfect for my milk guzzling babe! The natural rubber teats are nice and soft.

Customer service is excellent. I received so much support when introducing Baby Quoddle bottles to my very young babe. My bub had some feeding issues and I was able to reach out and ask loads of questions which made the transition so smooth.

I highly recommend this product!

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Thankyou beautiful mama.... we have worked very hard to find bottle perfection. So happy you and your family found us ❤️

My babe loves it

I feel in love with the look of this bottle and the fact it wasn’t plastic and would look and be unclean like plastic ones. In the last stages of pregnancy they released their new mini version so quickly brought to accompany my original size. My babe instantly took it with no fuss at 3 weeks which I think helped that he also loves the natural rubber pacifier they also carry on their website so it was an easy transition. The bottles are super easy to clean and are quick to use. Customer service has been great - I had a question about the status of my shipment and also if I needed to steralize the bottles and both were answered perfectly ❤️ Thank you

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The mini Quoddle are just devine. Our rubber teats are free of any nasties and interchangeable between the 150 and 300ml❤️Thankyou for you love and support mama.

Couldn't be happier

We have used the baby Quoddle bottles since Knox was born and we couldn't be happier, the product is glass and the teats are rubber so much better for bubs and the environment

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It has been wonderful watching your little ones grow and thrive. Baby Quoddle feels like part of your family. Social media has been a most valued tool in our Marketing and thankyou for your valued support.

Best bottle for us.

I have used the baby quoddle for the past twelve months with my twins. It’s been a godsend. Best bottle ever. I don’t understand the other review on this product, but for us its amazing!! Well worth the money and the customer service was excellent. Highly recommend. Happy babies, happy parents :)

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Thanks for the love gorgeous mama ❤️ Bottles are one of those things that don’t always work for every baby... is wonderful result with two little treasures... Biome is one of our major stockists and beautiful stores.

Beautiful looking but doesn't actually work

I really wanted to love these baby bottles, they are beautifully designed with a retro feel, hevea rubber teats and a wide neck but unfortunately there seems to be a design flaw with the vent - after the first suck an air lock is created and poor babe is sucking away like mad but no milk comes out. I contacted the company who identified there must be an issue with the vent and sent me replacement teats without any fuss but the replacement teats do the same thing. I tried to make sure the vent was at the side at all times, screwed the teat on rather than pushing it on but no luck. I've given two stars due to the customer service and the look of the bottle, otherwise its one star for the bottle itself.

UPDATE: Baby Quoddle have contacted me via private message with the following response. Not great customer service to be honest. If you were looking to keep customers happy then have transparency and make your responses civil and public. I didn't say anything that wasn't true, which is the point of this website. These bottles are expensive and they didn't work for me. From Baby Quoddle I find this most disappointing that a review like this can be written when we have emails sent to us every day saying that their Baby will not use any other bottle than our Quoddle. The bottles and the teats were subject to very extensive testing to ensure they worked and complied with International standards. Sad that a new thriving business has to negotiate such a damaging review. I'm so sorry that you were not happy with our Baby Quoddle.We are most upset our bottle didn’t work for you as our teats and bottles are subject to extensive testing.... But your feedback is most valuable

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