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BabyBjorn Cradle

BabyBjorn Cradle

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Yes yes yes!

We absolutely loved our baby bjorn cradle for our baby! Such a lovely to look at design super comfy and safe for Bub also so practical and easy to flatten for travel and put back together again.

Purchased in August 2018 at Tiny Fox for $449.00.

A practical and elegant bassinet

We love our baby bjorn bassinet... it is easy to move from room to room, easily collapsible for traveling and looks super chic! I like the height, which enables you to easily throw your arm over while laying in bed to give Bub a reassuring pat when needed, as well as the gentle rocking feature.

Stunningly beautiful and practical

We're so happy with our BabyBjorn cradle. Aesthetically, I don't think you can find a better bassinet. It's simple design is not only beautiful, but practical. Easily collapsed for travel or storage. Add the mattress cover, at an additional cost and washing is not a problem.
P.S. you can remove the mesh around the bassinet frame for washing also.

Great Bassinet

We absolutely love this bassinet! We purchased ours second hand of Gumtree for a fraction on the retail price. All of the fabric on the bassinet can be easily taken off and machine washed so I wasn’t concerned that it wasn’t brand new. The bassinet folds down completely flat which is great for storage and sleep overs. Bub seems to find it very comfortable - we haven’t had any issues putting him to sleep in it during his first two months. The lip of the bassinet it level with our bed which makes it easy to lean over and smooth bub or find his dummy during the night. In my opinion the best feature of this bassinet is that you can rock it from side to side with very little effort. When bub wakes in the night or won’t settle he is easily rocked to sleep without having to pick him up and waking him. The only negative is that the Baby Bjorn sheets for this bassinet retail for $80 each and the mattress protector is even more. However, I managed to find someone on Ebay who made custom bassinet sheeets for $20 each.

So happy with this cradle. Highly recommended.

I don't think I can accurately put into words just how much I love he BabyBjorn Cradle. It's lightweight, which meant we were able to move it from room to room with ease when our daughter was a newborn. Its gentle rocking motion helped put her to sleep on many occasions. The cradle is on the small side compared to others on the market and this is both a positive and a negative, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, it's small enough to fit almost anywhere and it doesn't look out of place in any room (it's quite stylish, I think!). On the other hand, if you have a big/long baby, they may not get much use out of it. Our daughter used hers for five months but she's always been on the small side. It's also a bit pricey, and the sheets and mattress protector for the mattress come at an additional cost. In saying that, it's the best money we spent & I highly recommend it.

Excellent! Love it!

Great bassinet it's very simple and agile super easy to assemble and put away. The clever and stylish mesh design allows you to see your baby while lying down on the bed as it's the right eye level. Highly recommend it wish it could last longer as my son is almost growing out of it at 8 weeks old ( he is very tall at 68cms).

Perfect first bed

We are so happy with this purchase! It is light weight and easy to move around, including from upstairs to downstairs in the early weeks so bub could be near me during day sleeps. Love that it is easy to see through to keep an eye on her and the mesh is completely breathable. We used it for about 4 months before moving up to a cot. So easy to put together and pack away (hopefully to be used again in the future). The whole covering / mesh comes off easily with a few zips for machine washing. It more expensive that others but I shopped around for the best price.

Love it but could be longer

Fantastic bassinet, i love how easy it is to give a little jiggle in the middle of the night to resettle bub. Easy to set up and lightweight to move. Looks much nicer than many of the bassinets on the market. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is the length of it. My baby was too big by 12 weeks old which was a real shame.

Loved it!

Our bub slept through the night from five weeks and I credit it to this fabulous bassinet. At 4.5 months, we are just moving her out of it and I will really miss it.

I may never part with it

I'm 6.5 months pregnant with number two and out of all the things I'm excited about, getting out the Harmony Bassinet is top of my list. It was a godsend. Its so light, looks beautiful, as a bouncy base for settling the bub and a great little mossie/fly canopy. We carried around number 1 from one room to the next easily. Well worth the money, nothing like it on the market I've seen.
Light, easy to assemble, beautiful looking, easy to wash

Excellent bassinet/cradle!

Absolutely loved this bassinet. So modern and sleek (not a frill in sight!) Was light weight, yet very stable. Mesh sides provided good ventilation inside the bassinet. So easy to assemble (and disassemble) we even took it with us on several trips away. Unfortunately our bub grew really quick so was only in the bassinet for 3 months.
Appearance, bouncing/rocking motion, unobtrusive
Somewhat expensive

Baby Bjorn at its best!

Like all mums to be I did alot of research trying to find the perfect bassine. I definitely found it. Cannot fault this product, from it being so easy to set up, so light and easy to move, and does everything you could hope for. The mesh is great if you have next to your bed so you can see your little one, and it rocks beautifully without disturbing. Also comes with a canopy which we didn't actually use. In addition to all this, it looks beautiful. Great investment.
Light to life, easy to assemble, comfy mattress,- beautiful!

Glad we bought it

BabyBjorn Harmony is such a great bassinet/cradle, it's not as bulky as some other cradles, and it can be folded which would be easier if you really want to bring it along when you go travelling. The light weight makes it super easy to move around in the house, and the legs were very flexible so you can just simply use your toes gently tap on it and make it rock :) The height is prefect for us to put it right next to the bed too!

I really can't fault this product, a bit pricy but totally worth it!
Light weight, easy to assemble, good size for newborn up to 4-5 months
A little bit pricy but totally worth it

Great design again from BabyBjorn!

This is our first bassinet bought for our firstborn. We loved everything about its design (it has won several design awards around the world). It's light and can be easily moved around the house. It is also foldable which makes it very portable. One of the key reason we bought it was its height which makes it easy to reach from our bed to rock. Rocking is helped by flexible legs with bassinet being able to be rocked both side to side and front to back. It's made from mesh which allows air to circulate easily. It comes with the canopy/mosquito net but we had not used it yet. The only negative is the price as it is very expensive compared to an average bassinet.
Light, easily rocked in all directions, portable, foldable, easy air circulation

Fabulous product!

This bassinet is beautiful looking, compact, light & easy to assemble. It fits so neatly & unobtrusively next to our bed. The suspension which gives the ability to gentlyvrock is excellent. It is the perfect height to have bub sleeping next to you and the soothing rocking motion can be achieved with one finger as you doze!. Like all BB products it is high quality which is what you pay for - but so worth it in my view.
Stylish, compact, high quality, very easy to assemble and store when finished.
More expensive than most but so worth it.

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BabyBjorn Cradle
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