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Babyhood Diva

Babyhood Diva

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Worst service and product

I don’t understand why I didn’t look up reviews before purchasing this item but def like what most people said.

- hard to put together (the box didn’t even have a information booklet to tell you how to assemble this chair)
- babyhood provides one of the worst service you could actually think of and stated “it’s not our fault and the world isn’t perfect”
- took forever to get the item deliveried to me

Would not recommend this to anyone

I loved it at first, but I wish it wasn’t so cheaply made.

Review for the Babyhood Vogue Glider chair - We had the chair for 6 months before one of the bolts snapped through the gliding mechanism rendering it useless, and dangerous. Babyhood sent replacement parts, but 4 months later it’s happened again. To make matters worse little ball bearings have fallen out on the floor - very tempting for my crawling 10 month old to put in her mouth.

Disappointingly, the manufacturer suggested that we are too heavy for the chair or have misused it - we are not and have not. I expect that at 80kgs I should be able to rock my baby to sleep and it not break.

I’m now pregnant again and looking for an additional feeding chair, heartbroken that I won’t be buying another of these. It looks good and is comfy, but absolutely not worth the $450 we paid for it.

Poor quality product and terrible customer service

My chair is actually a babyhood Vogue Glider.
Was so excited to purchase this chair to replace the simple armchair I had been using in my daughter’s nursery. I didn’t like the look of a lot of glider chairs (big, boxy look) but this one took my fancy and I was confident it could be used in our lounge room once the baby was older.
It has been nothing but trouble since the start. Bolts were missing straight out of the box. It was extremely difficult to put together. The base had to quickly be replaced and then ongoing issues with creaking/clicking sounds. The supplier business and Babyhood provided very poor customer service stating that issues were due to my mistreatment of the chair. I had to fight and argue and ended up taking the matter through consumer affairs in order to have the chair inspected. I was informed that the chair required “regular maintenance“ to avoid the creaking. The problems still continue despite regularly checking/tightening the nuts and oiling the joints. I have now noticed that one of the bolts has if fact pulled through the metal meaning the chair is not adequately supported on one side.
I am extremely disappointed with this chair for the price paid and very unimpressed by Babyhood at their support and assistance (or lack there of). I would not recommend this chair to anyone.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

According to the manufacturer after a long fault dispute... these chairs have a weight limit of 90Kgs (im 74kgs). The chair was great for 8 months and then started creaking so loud it was unusable. It went back and forth for repair 3 times and now its doing it again and they tell me its out of warranty (they take ages to respond) and I have to pay to send it to Brisbane to have it fixed. Matter is going through Consumer Affairs.

Began peeling- no help from Babyhood

We purchased this and after 6 months began peeling all the material off. When we contacted Babyhood they said we could purchase a new cover which we did. When it arrived it had a rip in it and babyhood have still done nothing to rectify.

We've had to go through fair trading as they are sitting on their hands with no after sales support.

Fantastic feeding chair!

I took ages and ages shopping around for a comfortable feeding chair. I even looked at recliners, student chairs and anything I could possibly sit and feed bub on! Breastfeeding in the early months really took a toll on my posture, neck, shoulders & back! I was desperate to find something that would help me do the job without so much pain! I found that this diva chair perfect for me... from the moment I sat down to give it a try... I just knew! It rocks back and forth which is handy however would be great if there was a function to stop the rocking motion when not needed. It can recline easily.. easy to wipe down. And the glider foot stool is a bonus to comfort! If you have looked at everywhere else and haven't found a good feeding chair yet.. try this one... it might be just the one for you just like it was for me!

Broke on first use, average comfort, poor service

I bought this chair from Harvey Norman (my invoice says Diva, but the chair looked like the Manhattan picture on this site - regardless I suspect the internals are the same). One of the seat welds snapped the first time my husband sat on it, just after I'd put it together. He weighs 78 kg, well below the 95 kg limit. After contacting Harvey Norman, the manufacturer was supposed to send a replacement part. Three weeks later it still hadn't arrived. In the meantime, the broken seat strap had rubbed the coating off other parts, not to mention rattling whenever I got up from the chair (great at 3am ...). I complained again and to their credit, Harvey Norman accepted my request to return for refund.

That issue aside, the chair was ok - not quite enough seat padding for long periods of sitting imo, but functional. My only other gripe is that they give you an Allen key for assembly, but four of the bolts need a screwdriver!

I have subsequently bought a Valco brand chair and discovered that the internal frame is EXACTLY the same as the babyhood - right down to the bolts and packaging - just seems to be different soft parts. So much for differences between brands! Feel like they must all be coming from the same factory.

Terrible quality and service

I bought a Babyhood Diva Glider and it broke within months. Over a year later and I've still got a broken chair...
Babyhood have suggested I take it up with the Office of Fair Trading. Very unhelpful in my opinion!

Very comfy, rocks great, but very rough reclining action, broke after a week.

The chair is wonderfully comfortable and has a nice smooth rocking action. Combined with the stool you can keep on rocking with your feet comfortably up, which is great with a grumpy little wriggler in your arms.

The reclining action is very rough though, you kind of fall backwards abruptly. It's hard to control and adjust smoothly. The recliner lock is a simple nut attached to a lever, acting as a direct friction lock. It's stiff to lock and unlock, and has to be pulled quite tightly to stay secure. Given how simple a better locking mechanism is, this was intensely disappointing. Falling backwards with a hard "clunk" when trying to lean back a little tends to result in the baby waking and screaming.

More problematic still, it broke a week after we started using it after the baby was born. After a few days it started squeaking loudly. Then yesterday the front right bearing ring on the H-shaped piece that connects the front base to the front of the chair its self came out of its track and popped right out over the nut that holds the track on. It fell right off the end so the whole chair dropped with a big clunk. No harm done to anybody and not a big drop, it was just startling. When I look at the bearing ring I can see that the metal of the bearing ring is torn - it's completely shot, and will need to be replaced.

All in all, I think this looks like a wonderful chair that's a bit under-engineered in terms of build quality. It could really use some slightly stronger bearing tracks and placement of bigger nuts (or some lubricated washers) to make sure they can't jump their tracks. Other people have reported bars breaking, and in general I think it's perhaps just a bit lightly built.

I'm waiting for a warranty response from the vendor, Harvey Norman, from whom I bought it online. Will update.
Very comfortable, gliding action is really pleasant
Build quality. Squeaked loudly after a couple of days. Broke within a week.

While in the process of warranty exchange (which is taking forever) I also noticed a little sticker saying "Max weight 95kg". Not a big problem for me, but it's incredibly unacceptable that Harvey Norman fail to put that on the website for the product when they even have a "specs" section there.Oh, and for those having issues with getting returns/repairs: http://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/repair-replace-refund

Fell apart after 5 months

I brought this glider in March and after 5 months the material started to crack and peal, the bars underneath snapped and became unusable because it sagged. The staff at the baby shop i purchased it from were extremely helpful and understanding but Babyhood weren't and refused a refund and accused me of trashing the seat, when it was the complete oppposite. Being under 6 months old you would think Babyhood would fix or replace it in this short amount of time..

Bad warranty service, poor quality of product


I purchased this glider while I was pregnant and setting up my nursery. My son is 9 months old now so have only been using this glider for 9 months. From the beginning, it made all kinds of squeaks and groans while rocking, nothing would stop it. Now after using it for only 9 months one of the horizontal bars has broken at the weld and also at the bottom of the chair where it is welded to the frame has also snapped. As I purchased it over 12 months ago it is no longer under warranty and customer service at babyhood haven't been any help or the place of purchase. They told me to email them the problem (obviously he couldn't take notes whilst talking to me on the phone) and they would see if they could do anything. Haven't heard back from them and don't expect there is much they can do besides replace the glider, which is unlikely. For the price that I paid $380, I would have expected it to last a lot longer.
On a positive note, it is very comfy.
As above

Highly comfortable!

I bought the Babyhood Dive Glider after doing some research. What drew me to this glider was that it was affordable, came in different colours and included the ottoman. It is so comfortable to use when breast feeding and baby falls a sleep quickly from the gliding motion. Especially during the night when baby is unsettle I simply have a seat in the glider, recline the back rest, put my feet up on the ottoman and glide away. The fabric is also durable and easy to clean however it did take awhile to assemble the glider from scratch. But still a great buy!
Comfortable, affordable compared to other gliders.
Hard to assemble.

Comfortable feeding chair - ottoman a waste of space

I have used this chair to feed and settle my baby since he was born and he's now 9 months old. I have found that this chair is comfortable and supportive, it is large enough for me to have my baby lying across me and he is now over 72cm long. I do use a feeding pillow which also helps.
Large, comfortable, good for settling because it hasrocking motion. Fabric wipes clean fairly well. Rotates 360 degrees which is good because I can move the chair if baby is distracted.
Ottoman is not useful for breastfeeding, there is no way to lock the chair to stop the rocking motion of the chair which could make it dangerous i.e. baby's hand could get stuck/jammed.

good for five months then falling apart

I researched glider chairs and thought the diva sounded really good and it was for about five months. Then the material began to show bad signs of damage on the arm rests and seat of chair. The material began to crack all over the chair. I followed instructions on cleaning. Both the shop Pram Warehouse and the supplier Babyhood were unwilling to help with the situation. Now I have a chair in storage that is less than a year old and the manufacturer says it is normal wear and tear. When I think about the chair I get frustrated about the waste of money that it is.
Good for five months then worthless
Material is faulty. Pram Warehouse and the supplier Babyhood are rude and unwilling to help.

Brilliant, comfortable and a must have!

I have had mine for 9 months now and love it.

In fact, we bought a second one for our media room so both of us can enjoy it.

For the price we decided it was much better value for money than those expensive chairs for a media room in Harvey Norman an it has been very easy to clean and more comfortable than the ones in Harvey Norman.

When we originally bought the first one, we checked out the love n care at Bubs baby shop in the valley and the valco one as well and those 2 were terrible. Both felt Uncomfortable and felt cheap.

Anyway breast feeding was a dream with this chair and our baby boy loved sleeping in my arms in this chair.

We are very happy with the diva glider and have voted with our wallets by purchasing a second one.

I highly recommend this breast feeding chair.
Comfort, quality and price

Questions & Answers

Can some one tell me how high the back is on this chair please? From seat to top. Thanks
1 answer
My similar model (same frame as Diva) is 760mm from seat to top of back cushion.

where are the assembly instructions? could not find any
1 answer
assembly instructions were sealed in the same cardboard-backed plastic pack as the bolts/screws/Allen key (this hardware in one compartment, the instructions in another). If you're missing instructions, I assume you're also missing the bolts and I suggest you call the retailer.


Babyhood Diva
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