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Bakers Delight Cape Seed

Bakers Delight Cape Seed

4.8 from 9 reviews

Great bread, shame about inconsistency of loaves

Great bread that flreezes well and thaws out to as good as fresh. Our problem is with the inconsistency of the size and shape of the loaves within and between outlets. There are loaves pushed in on either side so the middle of a slice is very narrow (a common problem). There are tall airy loaves, shorter denser loaves (meaning slice size varies). The excuse we get is "it's baked without a lid". But "artisan" loaves are consistent in size/shape (think Bourke St bakery or Irrewarra for example). Come on Bakers Delight - solve the problem please

Yes I really like this bread

It is very healthy and love all the seeds in it. I think it good value as it keeps fresh for a few days.

The best bread I have ever eaten

Cannot be beaten for flavour, nutrition and value. It seems a little expensive but when you consider the ingredients it's well worth it. You will not find a better bread.

Best bread I've ever found.

If there was ever a superbread, this is it. What makes it rise above the fortified breads is that its impressive nutritional profile, (which you can find on their website, or instore by request) is derived from wholefoods, with the exception of a couple of added b vitamins. It's also pretty tasty. My only gripe is that there should be a gluten free version for coeliacs.

It's seedy, in a good way

I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious this bread is. So much so I'm quite happy to just eat it just with butter. It has so many grains and such an unusual and enjoyable texture, it it's like super bread for birds, but tastes good to humans. It's odd, you know it's good for you, but it tastes good to. Mind blown
Taste, texture, generisity of grains
It seems to go stale a little faster than some breads

A great tasting nutty bread option.

This is a great bread which is really filling and satisfying to eat. I buy it when I want a change from my usual breads and its really yummy and I feel its really healthy too. Its great to eat straight out of the pack or toasted too. This is a wonderfully smelling bread which is tasty and has a great nutty crunch to it. Its great yummy to eat this bread topped with some peanut butter for a great filling healthy snack anytime of day! Like most Bakers Delight products, it is expensive, but is worth it since its fresh and tasty.
Its great to eat this bread when I want to eat something healthy which still tastes good.
The price is really high, and I usually buy it when I am in the mood for eating its nutty crunchy flavour.


Cape Seed is my favourite bread ATM - all other breads pale in comparison.

It has great flavour, texture and nutritional value and is excellent for just about any purpose.

I have enjoyed it plain (toasted and fresh), in sandwiches (roast beef, ham, cheese, tuna, PB&J) and in cheese melts (tuna, tomato, baked beans).
Rich in essential nutrients
Expensive at $6-7 per loaf


overall the cape seed is delicious, the loaf is nice and soft on the inside but i prefer the rolls, they are the perfect size for lunch, nice and filling and will keep you feeling full for longer, very healthy
this loaf and these rolls are the best, so delicious and not boring like plain white bread, has the most delicious flavour and texture, perfect for sandwhiches, very healthy for you, nice and filling more so then plain bread
the seeds tend to get into your teeth so make sure you check your teeth after eating them, quite expensive,have to eat it fresh

Questions & Answers

Does Cape bread have any added oils - it doesn’t appear to the high fat seemingly coming from the seeds which is good?
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Is the flour used in this bread made by recombining white flour with the bran and wheatgerm (removed during milling). If so do you sell any bread that uses whole grain wheat flour (ground into flour and not compartmentalised)?
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Is Cape Seed bread diet bread
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At 125 calories a slice I would not consider this to be a 'diet'bread.With 26 percent fat I can’t see it being good for a reduction diet; it tastes so good because it’s high in fat - compare six inch sub which is five percent fat. See what I mean. I believe the fat you eat is the fat you wear but the Keto people debunk that belief. Hope this helps.