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Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature

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Great product, somewhat environmentally friendly!

Solid, comfortable nappies, our little guys loves them and so do we, fits nicely on his small frame and butt. We would recommend to anyone. Wonderful for overnights and never leak! Fantastic price too, just for an additional little kicker. I really wish more folks bought more environmentally friendly nappies!

The best nappies we’ve used

We’ve tried other more environmentally friendly/chemical free brands but just keep going back to Bambo Nature, despite the price tag. We buy online as they’re cheaper in bulk than from our local shop that sells them by the bag.
The nappies are slim fitting, have great elasticity around the middle, strong and durable tabs (I’ve never torn a tab off when doing up) and most importantly, don’t leak overnight unless our son has been demanding lots of extra feeds. The height of the nappy is good for boys with great absorbency at the front. The nappy has never felt wet from the outside, no matter how full, and our son never ever gets nappy rash, even after wearing for 12+ hours overnight at times.
For a chemical free eco nappy, I think it’s worth the price. I don’t compare the price with the cheaper mainstream brands which contain bleaches and other chemicals because I see them as totally different products.

Excellent nappies

I based my eco nappy decision using Hello Charlie's cheat sheets on eco disposables. I wanted something I could use in conjunction with cloth nappies. The extra cost I ignore due to the savings of using cloth. I buy Bambo mainly for my husband and other family members who refuse to use the cloth nappies. I like the quality and feel. No smells and they are very slim fitting.

Very good Eco nappy

We ve been tried almost all the eco nappies, in general they all very good quality, soft easy to use good absorption.
Around that price, they are all very good product, not much difference.
Except I wish it could be cheaper, as it could be cost a lot while using in the long run.

Brilliant for sensitive skins

This is the only nappy we've found that doesn't irritate our daughter's sensitive skin - even at nearly 3 years she would still get a rash if we used Naty nappies but she has been fine with Bambo Nature. Great absorbency as well. Definitely worth the extra cost compared to Huggies, etc.


These are eco - they have the nordic swan label - but they still use polyethylene, conventional plastics, on their inner and outer sheet, so for me that's a no no for an eco brand. They work well and are soft, but that's because they use the same plastics as conventional brands. The price is ridiculous (30$ for one pack of 30- something) and I had to order online, which incured an additional postage charge. Not worth at all.

GREAT nappies!

Tried to go fairly natural yet convenient and these nappies feel great on bubs skin and don't leak! So happy with this purchase! They hold a large amount of liquids as well!! Even when the little one has slept overnight! I tried a range of other eco nappies and these were the best I have found.

Newborn size not worth it

After hours of research I bought the newborn size, unfortunately we experienced many blowouts and wet bedding, not great when you are a first time parent. Bubs was born 2.5kgs so decided to try the Premmie size. Same issue. Even went back to Newborn size a throughout the next month, giving I'd bought 6 packets, still the same issue. Oh and buns also had nappy rash, although can't say if it was the wipes but they were also chem free. Now using Huggies which I thought I'd never do but they have not leaked & nappy rash didn't come back. In my opinion they're not worth paying double the cost & inconvenience of going out of your way to buy. Disappointing. Have a box of the next size up I'm hoping will be better.

Perfect Nappies!

My 1 year old is a very heavy wetter overnight and I have hardly ever had a leak with these nappies. They are super light and breathable (great in hot weather) good quality (have never had a dud nappy) and my daughter never gets nappy rash with these nappies as she has with others. They are expensive but I'm happy to pay for a chemical free, environmentally friendly product that actually works!

Love these nappies

We love these nappies. They are the 4th set of nappies we've tried for our newborn. She had an allergic reaction to other brands, but these nappies so far are the best. They are really soft, not harsh like other natural brands & they don't leak - even over night
Only down side is you have to buy them online & they are a bit more expensive, but as long as our little one is not irritated, we don't mind spending that bit extra.

Very happy with these

I haven't got around to trying MCNs yet, and a lot of the reason for that is that I'm so happy with bambo nappies. They fit my slim baby far better than huggies which leave gaps around the legs ready for poo explosions, stay on and until recently lasted overnight as well. My baby is now 5kg and at 5 months old he is now sleeping up to 8 hours some nights- which has resulted in some leaks so I've just bought some of the next size up.
Eco friendly, 100% reliable in preventing poo explosions so far, delivered the next day, can buy from small business rather than Coles/Woollies
They're expensive.... Other than that, no cons

Love these nappies!

I have been trying to find a good eco friendly nappy and finally this is one that works extremely well at an ok price. They even hold up overnight ie 6pm to 6am. They fit well, they are not too bulky and are soft against baby's skin too. My favourite disposable nappy.
Holds a lot - even overnight
Price, and not readily available ie need to order online

Good nappy but don't confuse with Bambo

This is a good nappy but I was very upset to learn that the company making "Bambo Nature" also make another nappy brand called "Bambo". Both these are marketed in Australia as equally eco friendly but when I asked the manufacturers they said "The biggest difference between Bambo nappies and Bambo Nature nappies is, that Bambo Nature contain no optical brighteners, perfumes, lotions or moisturisers, meaning less risk of allergic reactions and rashes. Bambo Nature has moreover been certified as being eco-friendly, so it would wrong to state that Bambo and Bambo Nature are two almost identical products".
So know what you're buying and don't be fooled!
Good fit, absorbent


I love these nappies! I recommend them to everyone & give newborn packs as presents to my new-mum friends. They're the only ones I trust not to leak & not to cause nappy rash. Even after an all-nighter, my baby's bottom is unmarked. I don't mind that they're delivery-only. You get into the habit of ordering ahead, and delivery is free if you buy in bulk.
Environmentally friendly in both production & disposal; baby-bum friendly without any nasty chemicals; MUCH more absorbent than other disposables - we tried Huggies & BabyLove as well as a few other brands, but Bambo Nature are the only ones that didn't have any leakages. Bambo Nature nappies also seem to smell better somehow. I'm the only one who can smell my baby's dirty nappy, whereas with other nappies like Huggies, the chemicals seem to react with the waste & make an awful, strong smell. This doesn't happen with Bambo Nature.
A little more pricey than non-environmentally friendly nappies, but it's worth it considering the impact all those nappies have on the planet. Also worth the higher price to avoid nappy rash by avoiding chemicals & plastics.


I chose to try this brand of nappy because it is environmentally friendly. I started with the Newborn size Bambo Nature and continued using this brand ever since. I found these nappies an excellent fit especially as my baby is a slim baby. My baby is now at the age where he wriggles and rolls around alot on the change table and these have been easier to put on a squirming baby because the tabs and elastics are not bunched up so much (when you unfold some nappies or their tabs, they fold up again when you let go of them). Absorbancy has never been a problem, I could use them overnight and cannot recall any big leakages. There is a very useful wetness indicator- pale blue writing running down the centre of the nappy that fades/smudges once the nappy becomes wet. I never had to contend with nappy rash with these. These are a great choice for those who want to "do their bit" for the environment and keep an eye on their $.
Environmentally friendly; excellent absorbancy and no leakages; wetness indicator very handy; shape of nappy tapers in at crotch so it fits a crawling baby better; fit well without leaving elastic marks on the legs; good size for a slim baby; easy to put on a wriggling baby; no nappy rash with these; cheaper than many other environmentally friendly disposables.
package size a bit large - would prefer to have 2 x 28pce packs.


Best choice for environmentally friendly nappy for price and availability - you can get them online or at a shop in Kew in Melb. However, for the price you pay (especially for the bigger sizes) they are not particularly great value - I find I have to change them much more often than other commercial nappies and have had several leakages over the last 6mths. Very unfortunate!!
Environmentally friendly. I chose these nappies as an alternative to using re-usable nappies.
Not a very great quality nappy for the price when compared to Huggies or even the cheaper Babylove brands. Firstly the fit around the legs is very tight with little elastic in this area - overall not a great fit for our son as we found he was getting red marks on his thighs from the pressure. Secondly, they dont seem to be particularly absorbent and I have yet to risk using them overnight because of leakages and they seem to clog up so much with the just daytime use. The filling appears to be like an old fashioned sanitary pad which soaks up liquid on contact but doesnt seem to move it any further so you have one very soggy wet bit at the front (for boys) and dry everywhere else. Not sure if this has contributed to the nappy rash our son had for a while?

Best environmentally friendly disposables

We've used these as overnight/out&about nappies since bub was born.

I can't recommend them enough, I recently tried another (more expensive) bio brand (as it is slightly more biodegradeable) and have had so many pee leaks that I'm considering throwing half a $70 bulk-buy bag away

So it's straight back to bamboo nature, bub is into the midi size and both they and the mini size have fit well with virtually no mishaps.

Good option for the environmentally conscious mum!

Be warned: read the fine print on Eco nappies I found at least one brand that are not biodegradable at all! (Eco labeling is only due to them being manufactured sympathetically)
Functional, biodegradable, reasonably prices for what it is
Can only buy online


I love these nappies and would highly recommend them! Although they are a bit more expensive than other brands, they are definitely not price prohibitive and much cheaper than other environmentally friendly disposables on the market.
Bambo nappies are highly absorbant and seal fantastically. These are the only nappies that I have never had any leakages or poo explosions with. They are environmentally kinder than other disposables which lessens the guilt of using disposables in the first place! And totally superficially, they look nice - I like the cute animal print on them!
You can't get them from the supermarket so I have to be organised enough to order a stash before I run out.


These disposable nappies have proven to be brilliant! We use them as over nighters - with no leakage or poo explosions after up to 14 hours!!! The filling just seems to expand to take the load! We have had no issues with rashes and have piled the wee ones into the compost - minus the tabs and cute little animal design panel.
The natural, environmentally friendly materials. A great slim fit. Size range. Value for $$.
They look very high waisted - but all the better to do the job!

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I'd be very interested to hear if they are composting as promised, as another reviewer posted about another brand not composting at all. I just want to ensure that we (who've used these exclusively since my 7mo bub was born) am not wasting our money or harming the environment. Thanks


I love these disposable, I brought them on line. I'm happy that they are made with raw materials. Very natural and great for my new baby's skin. Good for the environment.
Very absorbent

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