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Huggies Toddler

Huggies Toddler

4.3 from 120 reviews

Agree - the "new design" is a new, and a much worse, product.

Always used Huggies (Winnie the Pooh design) nappies overnight, could sleep through the night without the need to change. The new Mickey Mouse design is now just change in the patterns: the nappies feel different and leak twice a night. I called Huggies - they said Winnie the Pooh has been discontinued, you can't get them any more. This is very sad news and we are trying a different brand now.

Purchased in March 2019 for $30.00.

Change in quality

I've been using huggies for a a few yrs now and I've never had issues like I have now since the design change. Not only does the nappy leak from the top and sides but now it actually leaks through the front of the nappy. The sizing is smaller and the nappies feel thinner. Parents dont pay $30 a box for a brand, it's for quality. When the quality is sacrificed expect your customers to go somewhere else.

Purchased in February 2019.

The best Nappies on the market

I absolutely love Huggies Nappies. The absorbency is the best and I haven’t found another nappy that holds as well as Huggies. I love I can go a full night with out waking my Baby to change her bum. The fit of Huggies is fantastic it contours to bubs body ensuring she won’t leak.

worth the extra cost

I use these with my son and have done for ll 4 kids.
they cost bit more but so worth it when you factor in wet beds and leaking nappies meaning more washing and night waking.
The only brand that does not leak at night and by far the best.

very reliable nappies

only reliable nappies ive come across so far. although alot of other nappies are good, i feel i can go much longer between nappy changes with huggies. they are the only nappy ive found to not leak the entire night. a little more pricey, but i just wait for the sales and they are the same price as other nappies. worth using them as you dont go through as many nappies anyway.

Most absorbant nappy

Once my baby turned 6 months, all other nappies leaked at night except huggies.
Due to the cost I strongly recommend huggies once baby sleeps through the night and also peeing larger volume but prior to this, babies don't pee enough for this to matter so I used comfort bots from coles until he got older.

No leaks but gave my son blisters in his groins

After using a competitive brand and moving up to toddler I found they leaked, switched to huggies and found the nappy is great but the plastic barrier to stop leaks gave my son blisters in his groins. He has never experienced this before, I would rather switch back to the competitive brand and do extra changes than have my son use nappies that give him blisters.

Awesome, best nappy out

These are the best nappies ever, I have been using them for my son since he was born and he is now in size junior at 16 months. No leaks or funny smells, holds number 2's in well. They have cute little Winnie the Pooh pictures on them and they fit well on my chunky monkey.

You get what you pay for

Nothing compares to Huggies Nappies. You get what you pay for. I like to be frugal in most ways however when it comes to my sons nappies, I use modern cloth through the day and Huggies at night and when out. They don't leak, no poo explosions, they're soft to the touch, I can be a tad lazy while out and leave my son in a Huggies nappy for 3 or 4 hours and my son is still dry! You don't even find crystals like some nappies leave when wet. I wish I'd used them when my son was a newborn. I switched to Huggies when DS was about 6 months and I've never looked back. I'm more then content to pay $33 a box when I know I'll be getting quality and no rashes.I put DS to bed at 7-7:30pm and he gets up at 8:30am. Never had a leak.
Price and they have a funky smell when wet. Thats it.


I've used so many other brands and this was the only one that leaked after an overnight use. Which is surprising given that it's nearly double the price of the others. it may have fancy tabs/strips/advertising but could not perform the most basic function which was to keep baby dry overnight.

it leaked - enough said!

It's all HUGs for Huggies Toddler Nappies!

I have tried many bands of nappies for my toddler and Huggies Toddler Nappies have always come out on top. As my little ones fluids have increased with age, Huggies Toddler has ensured maximum dryness and comfort, particularly overnight. I couldn’t ask for any more from a nappy! They also come in a variety of sized packs, bulk sized and travel sized, catering for at home or for when the family is on the go. I understand why there is a HUG in Huggies. We love them!
Dryness overnight

Huggies Toddler Nappies

I have been using Huggies for 18 Months + 3 Weeks.
I have tried other nappies, because I go to a lot of Babies & Mums shows/festivals etc and I get samples.
I have now tried at least 10 different types of nappies and no matter what anyone says, You can not compare any other nappy to a huggies nappy....
100% satisfied customer
Great Fit, Very Rarely Leak
Price for smaller packs can sometimes be that tad higher then when you buy a larger box, but of course that is expected.

Never changing

I had been using a verity of different brand nappies what i could afford at the time then my mum braught home a pack of the huggies i am never changing again no leaks fit nicely my toddler can now sleep all night with out having to be changed and he doesnt fiddle with the nappies.
Reliable. no leaks. fit nicely

No wet

These are seriosuly the best nappies in the world!! My kids dont wake up soaked (they used a different brand) but since we have changed to huggies, theres no more tight grips to hurt little legs, no more leaks and the are very fun and bright and super cute!! i wont be changing the nappies again, not when these ones do the most awsoem job ever!
Sales & no leaks

You get what you pay for

We have tried all brands of nappies and they just don't work as well as Huggies, I think there is a reason why they are the most expensive on the market, and when you consider the inconvenience of having to wash wet bed sheets I know why we pay the extra couple of bucks!
The quality of tabs

You pay for what you get!

Absolutely love huggies and have tried all other brands of nappies and will still go back for Huggies although on the pricier side. They have a great fit, variety for all ages and have great absorption with no leakage, even overnight! Have been using Huggies since my son was born and he is now 22 months!
Great absorption, with little leakage.

Won't use any other brand

My first 3 kids I did'nt use huggies and they constantly leaked and I was always changing them, my last 2 kids have only used huggies...so worth it, best nappies. No leaks, no fuss. Great for boys and girls.
They work out to be better value for money because you don't use as many,love them !
No leakage, less changes because it absorbs more

Best nappy on the market!

I have used Huggies for my 17mnth old since he was born. I've tried several other brands which most were ok but he tended to leak very easily while sleeping in some. 6mnths ago I found the Huggies nappies 'leaking' the absorbent substance inside the nappy which was a little irritating but not had that happen in ages.
Peace of mind, price has reduced again in most stores

Great diaper but too expensive

I have tried a lot of different diapers and was really happy with Huggies. They fit well and have great designs. I can trust them not to leak during the night. I do find them to be too expensive and not worth the extra cost, there are some other great brands that perform just as well at a cheaper price
fantastic fit

Always Great

I have tried several brands of nappies, generally buying the brands on sale, but after several poor choices I am sticking with Huggies. They are alway reliable, good quality and I have never had them break or leak. The patterns are always lovely, and even as my son gets more mobile they still retain their durability while he plays. We have now gone through several bouts of gastro illness with them, and they have always kept things contained. I have never had a problem with nappy rash when using Huggies.
Great quality, always reliable and gentle on babies bum
Unless bought on sale, can be expensive

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