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Ecoriginals Nappies

Ecoriginals Nappies

Crawler, Infant, Newborn Plus, Toddler and Walker
4.7 from 179 reviews

Best nappies I've ever used.

I'm a mum of 4 and a Nanna of 12. I have tried many brands of nappies over many years only to have continual problems of rashes, burning and leakage.

Ecoriginals nappies have saved my baby granddaughter from continued rashes and burning, she is very happy now and I can't believe she has no rash or burning since using them.

I wouldn't go past these nappies or the wipes they are seriously worth every cent. We all want the best for our children and these products are the best start you can give your child.

I love them..

Purchased in October 2018 for $92.00.

Ok nappy but beware when ordering trial pack

Be careful when ordering a trial pack from ecoriginals.com.au. They will automatically start you on a nappy subscription with their most expensive ordering. Being busy with a newborn and toddler I missed the email telling me my subscription was about to renew (they conveniently also don’t mention in the email they’ve signed you up for the most expensive renewal option). I now have 5 boxes of their nappies in my house! I use cloth nappies and only want to substitute with disposables occasionally when we go out. I was excited to try these but the sneaky sales tactics have left a bad taste in my mouth. And you can’t just go onto their website to change the subscription you have to email their customer service.

Purchased in February 2019.

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Hi Paige, Thank you for your feedback and for supporting us, we very much appreciate it. When ordering our trial pack we clearly indicate that it will conveniently auto subscribe you to our most popular product of 5 nappies & 4 wipe packs every 4 weeks. We dont believe we mis-lead and have also highlighted this section to be as clear as possible, so we're really sorry that you've felt that way. Should you not be using disposables as often then it would have been better to choose a smaller subscription bundle or to purchase as an online deal outright. Alternatively, you could have also immediately cancelled the subscription to eliminate the order being sent to you. Should you log into your account or have emailed us, we could have changed your order & delivery frequency. Many of our MCN customers run on a smaller pack with a delivery frequency of up to 8 weeks. Pls contact our customer service team, & we'll be sure to sort something out for you: customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au We hope to hear from you soon.

Leaked through after 30 mins!!!

I bought a few packs of these nappies in search of a good nappy for my bub. I was shocked to find out that they leaked through clothes after literally 30 mins. I tried multiple nappies and the same thing happened. Super disappointed!

Purchased in January 2019.

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Hi Sarah, thank you for contacting us. We really apologise that you've experienced a leaky nappy- its certainly very annoying! As our nappies dont have all the extra plastic in them, its important that the correct size is being used. We're sure to be able to help you to see what size you're using for the weight and build of bub. Please contact our customer service team at customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au or via live chat Mon-Fri & we'll be sure to help you out. All the best, Team Ecoriginals.

Love them. Work as well as any non-eco nappy and totally eliminate nappy rash

I could not be happier with the ecoriginal nappies. We have tried a few eco brands and these are the best. Bambo gave him a terrible rash right away. Andy Pandy were fab but not widely available in Australia. Toms leaked like crazy. Ecoriginals don't leak and he gets absolutely no rashes. Plus from what I can tell they have the highest % biodegradable content compared to other eco nappies. My one and only complaint would be that the newborn plus size was far too big for my son as a newborn - it took him a good 2 months to fit into them - but once he finally fit we were in love. I think they're introducing a smaller size as well.

Could not recommend highly enough.

Awesome, eco-friendly nappies

I absolutely love and recommend these nappies. Have used other nappy brands when baby was born (got them as gifts) and this is the only one where bub didn't have a nappy rash. The nappy is safe with no nasties in it and comfortable and fits great. The packaging is also recyclable which is great for the environment.

Purchased in September 2018 at NappyShop.

Best eco nappies on the market!

So far we’ve used new born through to infant sized nappies and are about to change to crawler as bub grows. He’s never had a nappy rash and it feels great to know that we aren’t contributing to the abhorrent amount of plastic nappies that goes into land fill. Customer service has been amazing and I wouldn’t swap to any other brand on the market. I also love that this is an Australian owned company.

Amazing diapers and excellent service.

Always order this for my baby. They're super soft and absorbent. He's never had a rash. Subscription is so easy to manage. Their support staff puts it on hold and reactivates it through a simple email if you don't want to do it yourself on the website. Love these diapers!

Holy grail of nappies!

These nappies are amazing! I have used many other eco nappies for my two children but they all underperformed with constant leaks, nappy rash and weird sizing. So naturally I was hesitant before trying Ecoriginals but I was pleasantly surprised! No leaks, no rash, not bulky and most importantly good for the planet. Yes it's a little pricier than your average supermarket brands but it's worth it in my opinion. My baby's bum is happy. I am on a subscription now and their customer service is second to none. Perfect nappy :)

Great Product and Customer Service

After bringing my daughter home from NICU post birth, I was determined to find a safe and reliable nappy to use on her and her precious skin with no nasties. So glad I found Ecoriginals. They are soft on her skin and breathable so she doesn't get any nappy rash. I use both day and night as they have great absorbency. Firstly it was about the health of my daughter, but secondly I do love that they are also kind for the earth. Having a subscription also means I never run out of nappies and it's a big help having them delivered to my door. One less thing to think about in the crazy world of raising kids! I'm now using them on my infant son and they are great for him too.

Best Eco nappy

These are the best eco nappies we have used. They are incredibly soft and our baby's nappy rash disappeared after only a few days of using them. They rarely leak. We change our 3 month old every 2.5-3hours during the day. We use cloth nappies at night as we find the ecoriginals end up leaking. The wipes are fantastic.

Hi Tara, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. There'a a number of factors that we need to consider if you've been experiencing leaks. Please contact our customer service team via email at: customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au to see if we can sort your leaking issues. All the best xxAn update: Our baby can now go up to 6 hours with no leaks with these nappies! Haven't tried longer than that. I think they may have been a little too big when we first tried them.Thats wonderful to hear Tara! Thank you for the feedback :)

Absolute essential

I love these nappies so much! They’re so good for the environment and my bub! Natural nappies means no nasties sitting on my sons skin! Love love love!!! Can’t recommend enough. I wish I found Ecoriginals sooner. A normal disposable nappy can take 500 years to decompose, natural plant based nappies, wipes & packaging (nappy bag only, wipes packet is recyclable) mean they break down easier and don’t harm the environment!!!

Best nappies ever! Highly recommend them

I absolutely LOVE these nappies. I stocked up on expensive nappy rash cream before bub arrived because I used so much of it with my last 2 babies, but I haven’t needed any at all this time. Love the eco friendly nappies with NO Nasties which means no red bottoms. Amazing!! They last all night with no nappy change and no leaks. Love that they are plain white too so they don’t look yucky under clothes and with little dresses. Costumer service is also excellent. Love this brand.


Love it. Got no rashes and it was soft. Wipes are amazing and great to carry around in the car, bag or just at home. I first tried these as a trial run and loved it so much nicer then some of nappies and wipes you get at the supermarkets.

Best nappies out there!

by far the best nappy that we have used, absorbent, not smelly and gentle on the little bottom. We have been left disappointed in other nappies compared to ecoriginals and love that they are Australian and have environmental impact thought put into them. I highly recommend these nappies to everyone with or expecting a baby!!

Great to use since birth

We stockpiled ecoriginals newborn plus nappies prior to our little one being born, looking for more of an earth friendly approach in those initial weeks and they didn’t disappoint. We’ve never had a leak and the tabs are super reliable and flexible. We feel incredibly thankful that such a quality product exists and appreciated speedy delivery.

The BEST nappies and wipes!!

We love Ecoriginal Nappies and their wipes! We have 11month old twins so we use a lot of nappies and get ours on a subscription which is cheaper plus they are delivered straight to our door - a big help when you have 2 babies!
The nappies are great quality, super absorbent and so soft! We have been regular customers since the boys were newborns and not once had nappy rash or any problems with the nappies ( or wipes!) They fit great and I love that they have no nasties in them and are eco friendly - win win!!
Highly recommended!!

Best nappies and wipes by far!!

Having a baby makes you so conscious about what’s in things. Some of the stuff that is in other nappies and wipes is scary! I never have to worry with eco-originals. The proof for me is easy to see and smell - no over bearing smelll, no nappy rash (for real!!!), and a lot kinder on landfill. Best of all they are really absorbent and get delivered to your door (no more trying to juggle baby and a box of nappies at the store - yasssss!) thank you eco-originals!!

Thank you Ecoriginals!!

What an amazing find these nappies were for us!! We love clothes nappies and use them as much as possible but there are times we need a disposable nappy and these tick all the boxes! A great fit, great absorption and the best part about them, THEY ARE MUCH BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT THEN CONVENTIONAL DISPOSABLE NAPPIES ❤️❤️❤️❤️

So amazing

Amazing product I am a cloth nappy mum but sometimes need a disposable and I can not justify how amazing these are I am so thankful and happy I found you nappies thank you ecoriginals for giving us the opportunity to not have as much impacted on our environment. While keeping all the nastie chemicals out of my bubs life.

Love these Eco friendly nappies and wipes!

A fantastic product and biodegradable. Never once leaked and feel good about the environment when using disposable nappies. The wipes are hands down the best wipes I have ever used. They are thick and have no nasties. Perfect for babies sensitive skin. I love these nappies and wipes, only wish I found them sooner.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, do you have a supplier/importer in South Africa? If so, please provide me with some details.
1 answer
Hi, Thank you for your interest in Ecoriginals. At this stage we're supplying Australia & New Zealand. We'd love to know more about your company, so please forward further details to customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au All the best

Ordered 2 weeks ago online and still haven't received. Wondering if this is the usual for everyone?
3 answers
That is very unusual. I usually receive within days. Their customer service is great. Email them and they will help follow it up.Hi Nat, Thank you for contacting us. Please contact our customer service team at customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au and we can further look into what has happened as our orders should be received between 2-4 business days in metro areas across Australia. We look forward to hearing from you :)Hi ecoriginals, All sorted and picked up. I apologise for blaming you guys... Apparently it was our postie who stuffed up. I am very happy with the service from you guys and will definitely continue to use :) next arrival coming today! Thankyou!

Where can I buy these nappies please?
1 answer
Hi there, you can purchase on either our website www.ecoriginals.com.au or through one of our retailers, also listed as stockists on our website (there are around 300 stores across Australia). Thanks very much.

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