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Baumr-AG 25cc Pro Arborist

Baumr-AG 25cc Pro Arborist

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not good

worked great for the first 3 times , then started to stall under revs , now wont start at all.Leaked oil badly from day one. Its identical to the Ozito which i bought from Bunnings a few years ago which gave me 2 years trouble free use till the chain tensioner wore out.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Love it

I bought one on eBay 2-3 years ago. I use it all the time in the garden ans wouldn't be without it. It does leak a little bar oil but I wouldn't call it excessive. Its light, starts every time (put choke on - start - take choke off), cuts well. The only thing I have learnt is to keep the the chain firm in the bar and the original chain does get longer as it heats up. But overall - GREAT

Date PurchasedSep 2014
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Just updating my review here ... still using this chainsaw now (July 2017). I have replaced the chain with a new chain from Bunnings.. certainly better than the original chain and as I said I'm still using this saw often... I also own a Stihl and a Husqvarna but actually prefer this saw mainly because of the lightweight and the ability to use it one handed comfortably... It is ideally a pruning chainsaw but I use it for timber up to around 300mm (12") or so thick... Still recommend it, still use it a lot....

Don't even think about it!

Cut one small tree down, only 4 cuts. Left to sit for a week, went to use again and oil was leaking out of it. Fixed that and then a month later wouldn't start. Cheap plastic crap, do yourself a favour and go by stihl or a well known brand

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Short life

Purchased from the net with little confidence but needed a cheap one hander. You get what you pay for. Ran for three days then just wouldn't start again, cleaned it, changed fuel, oil, spark plug, no go.
I run three other saws on the property cutting firewood and clearing land over the last 15 years, mixed brands and ages, have never had this issue with any other tool. Disappointing but cheap enough to write off as bad idea.

Good little saw

Thought I was buying another cheap dud off ebay. But it turned out to be a good little saw. Starts fairly easy, cuts well, light enough to use with one hand, new chains are relatively cheap. Lasted about 2.5 years before eventually dying, after which, over the shoulder and bought myself another.

Very Handy little saw

I was recommended this chainsaw, by someone who had been cutting firewood for more than 2 decades, and who owned one of these saws. He told me this one and the 62cc version (with the longer bar) only, and leave the rest in the range alone. He was right. It has been an awesome little chainsaw to learn on, and has really been a very handy little saw. Mine has done about 8 trailer loads of firewood on its own, plus it has assisted in filling many other trailer loads. It also has done an incredible amount of trimming and pruning of branches up to 100mm or 4" in diameter, both at a friends acreage, as well as on our own property. It has shown no signs of wearing out yet. It is easy to carry, lightweight, easy to manouever, and fairly economical on the fuel due to its small motor. It does not like being pushed too hard, but then what do you expect for a saw of this size. Sometimes it can take 4 or 5 pulls to start, but usually starts on the first or second pull. All chainsaws need to have their chains sharpened occasionally, and I've found this unit is fairly easy to take the chain off. I would buy this unit again. Cheap price, and value for money.

Baumr-AG 25cc Pro Arborist

A great little chainsaw. Just finished dropping 4 X 16 mtr trees. It never missed a beat. Started 1st pull every time and cut thru branches and trunks over 1.5 times its bar length. Would recommend this chainsaw to anybody who needs to do some pruning or as in my case a complete tree removal.

Slightly sticky throttle lever but not a real problem

Cheap saw- done many hours work

I have purchased and used my SX25 for many hours over the last year and pruned more than 500 olive trees so far. No unusual problems. Dirt in carby, but this can happen to any saw. The chain was a little on the cheap side. For a cheapie, it is good.
Easy manipulated in amongst branches.
The chain was a little on the cheap side, could have been bettern quality, but you get what you pay for, I guess

Questions & Answers

costs of 62sx
No answers

Can I get instructions for this chain saw? I’ve just brought one second hand
1 answer
Manual is available from http://www.datastreamserver.com/manuals/baumr-ag-chainsaw-manual.pdf This covers the whole range of Baumr chainsaws including the 25cc model..

Looking for a cheap, small saw to use only for camping. So it will not be used often but needs to be reliable. Is this a good option?
2 answers
Definitely not, even if only being used sparingly you should steer clear of the Baumer Ag. Look for a small stihl, echo or husqvarna, or jonesered, youll still be using it ages from now, and Stihl have dropped pricing on all their stuff, small saw from them is a great price and worth every cent.Yes definitely. Its compact, big enough to cut reasonable sized logs or limbs for firewood. Cheap option for a saw that you wouldn't be using day in day out for months on end.


Baumr-AG 25cc Pro Arborist
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Bar Length25 cm
Weight3.6 kg
Engine Displacement25 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity230 mL

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