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Stihl MS 170 / 171 MiniBoss
Latest review: Peaple when chain oil leak just open cap when done working to relieve pressure and won't leak much. Same with gas cap. Great little saw. Great for limbing but also for falling small trees and bucking

Baumr-AG SX62
Latest review: I bought this cheap saw to mainly cut down palm trees as I didn't want to wreck a good saw. I have been very pleased with it, I really can't fault it so far. It is a very pleasant surprise how well

Stihl MS 381
Latest review: Piece of junk. Barrel and piston are scored and apparently ruined after 3 months. STIHL says its had the wrong fuel mix even though all my other 6 saws that run on the exact same fuel start first

Stihl MS 390 / MS 391 Farm Boss
Latest review: I have owned many chainsaws over last 25 years through our hardwood timber biz, recently bought 3 units 391 and 1st unit lasted 4 weeks when compression died and can see a hole in piston after spark

Husqvarna 395XP
Latest review: Great saw - Light, powerful, and easily maneuverable - and the filter never gets dirty!! Bad Saw - Bury it fully into a log and the exhaust jet cuts the plastic kick back lever completely off like

Stihl MS 311 Farm Boss
Latest review: Did the job for the first few hours then started overheating. took back to dealer and was told the recommended 25:1 was not good for this model had to run it as rich as possible. Fell apart seals

Stihl MS 180
Latest review: I bought this because I had a good run out of my 009 for 20 or so years and I wish now that I just had it repaired. Even after 20 years my old one out performed the new MS180. This new saw is hard to

Husqvarna 236 E Series
Latest review: Runs fine cuts ok, the bar and chain is thinner than older model , this could be something why the spocket has worn down quick starting to slip the chain, under 2years old, light use, my last 14 inch

Husqvarna 562 XP AutoTune
Latest review: Bought a 2014 model. Found it to be excellent tool. I cut about 2-3 full cords of wood a year. In the last few months the exhaust bolts fell out. New gasket and heat shield. Just discovered the oil

McCulloch CS400T
Latest review: purchased this little chainsaw from Bunnings two years ago and have given it a good work out on some tough WA timber. Easy to start and easy to use and does the small jobs its intended for. Quality

Ryobi RCS5145N
Latest review: Purchased from Bunnings $269 within 2 min stopped the saw and tensioned chain 10 min of cutting later front front chain wheel guide seized. Took it back same day got a replacement, same again but

Bigger Boyz Toyz 4 Stroke 5 in 1
Latest review: Disgrace after sales service, take no responsibility for any problems that you may have with the products, would not buy a another item from this “ company “ I would recommend you read all review bef

Stihl MS 211
Latest review: Great little female friendly saw. Purchases new late winter 2017. Sat all summer, dragged it out sutumn 2018 and away it went. Always running premium fuel with stihl 40:1 mos and stihl bar oil.

Baumr-AG SX82 24" E-Start
Latest review: Mine is not a n e-start model. I bought mine 4 years ago when my old faithful echoe’s coil died and can’t find one. I also own an old homelight 20” which has been a beast to use but has no chain break

Husqvarna 240 E-Series
Latest review: I brought the 240e run 5 tanks of gas though it and had shop tune and check . This saw has done way too much work cut a power of fire wood . Willow, Bluegum, and Pine ! Chain has never come loose and

Shindaiwa 757 / 757c
Latest review: I have used and owned most of the major brands over the years, Stihl, Husqvarna, Dolmar, Oleo Mac, Shindaiwa etc. But i must admit that the quality of Stihl and Husqvarna has dropped off over the

Stihl MS 231 Wood Boss
Latest review: Bought this second hand on ebay, changed the chain. starts super easy and powers through anything, really happy with it. I had a mcculloch c400t chainsaw that I paid $300 for in bunnings previously

Husqvarna 455 Rancher
Latest review: I’ve owned several small chain saws , the 455 has not let me down. Easy to start and I use it almost on a weekly basis , sometimes everyday when cutting wood or building a log cabin . Knock on wood ,

Shindaiwa 360
Latest review: Excellent little saw. Have cut with this for the last 20 years without issue. Cut everything from ties to wholes in the ice. Maintenance and adjustment is very easy and everything is put together

Shindaiwa 452s
Latest review: Bought this saw new just over 12 months ago and have cut approx 3 tonne of fire wood and limbed trees etc and have found this saw to be surprisingly powerfull and reliable seems the more i use it the

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