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Baumr-AG SMX 220

Baumr-AG SMX 220

2.7 from 3 reviews

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Complete rubbish product

I can't believe these people are even allowed to continue to operate a business. I have sent this back for a refund 3 times. Each time they refuse a refund but claim to have fixed the issue and sent back or offered 50 bucks store credit for more of their rubbish, despite me paying 300 for their kit.. the last time i sent it back the chainsaw leaked oil and also the chain kept coming off. The hedger seized and two extension bars broken. This is from a retail consumer using the machine in my 560sqm back yard. Used the thing maybe 5 times total.. they refused refund again and sent back a new hedger attachment without fixing the chainsaw or broken poles. No response from the helpdesk again when followed up.

I just put it back together again today disgruntlly just to use the whipper snipper. and hey presto. 3rd pull of the cord and it snaps off.

There is nothing more I can say but whatever you do. DO NOT EVER BUY THIS PRODUCT or anything else they have to offer.. at least buntings just replace or send it back for repair for you. These jokers just pretend they never got your email or call.

Less than 1 star if possible. I am going to go see how many forums I can find to copy and paste this review into.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Not an overly good experience

I too, like the other reviewer, am a small business owner. As he says, this machine is actually well built and seems to be of good quality for the price. But it is pretty heavy, and especially difficult to manage when you have two or three extension poles on it. I have had nothing but constant issues when trying to fit the attachments on to the poles. It will never go in straight and a lot of fiddling around just to get it on and connected. The extension poles, however, do usually fit in well right away. I haven't had any issues with using the hedger attachment. The chainsaw attachment, however, is a different story. Have had constant issues with it - the chain constant coming off the sprocket and bar, regardless of how many times it's been tightened. I had my mower mechanic look at it and he put it together as well. I still had the same issue. And it is also only small branches I've been attempting to cut with it, nothing too large where you may expect such a small saw to encounter issues.
The motor of the machine, however, seems pretty powerful and reliable. It starts reliably, usually after two pulls for me and runs well when going. I do use the hedger attachment more often than the chainsaw in my business. However, given that the chainsaw has been a total nightmare for me, and both attachments take me a lot of fiddling to begin with to attach (as a business operator I cant afford long time delays on the job), the product does leave me feeling a little frustrated with my purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Don't be afraid, you won't brake the bank

I am a small business owner and sometimes I have to buy tools to help me do a job in a timely manner or just to save myself from being captain risking.
I had a job where I had to trim and prune a very long driveway with trees on an very big property and there was more than 40 trees...
Unfortunately I only have my trusty husky edge trimer, and my usual ladder, but for this one I needed a little more reach. I didn't have the funds for a sthil or husky (they are both over the $1000 mark) but I didn't want to hurt myself by doing something stupid. So I swallowed my pride and ordered the set on eBay. It arrived on time, free shipping for a little more than $200.
Putting it together was easy, I was only missing one bolt, but no problem for me I had that in my spare box (yes I never throw extras).
So the first thing I did was to fill it with fresh 20:1 mix, they say 25:1 I know but by experience when you receive a new engine, always add a little more for the first tank, that give it a good start in life. I started to pull, it took a little more pull than I expected but it did start way better than my junk from ryobi. Letting it settle nicely, just warming up for 10 min, then throttle it up nicely, it was all good.
I did put all the thing together testing it, perfect!
So let me talk quality here, yes it's an el cheapo from china, but to be fair, I was nicely surprised by the quality delivered for the price, it's not that bad! The extension shaft are solid, there are 2 sets to secure each shaft, it doesn't move once it's fixed.
Does the engine works, yes brilliantly, 5 pulls and it starts no problem, even when it's freezing outside, once it's warm, just one pull and bob's your uncle. So far I have put over 30h on it in the past 2 weeks, and it's just been a great addition to my tools, I will even add the rotary hoe attachment soon.

Now to the not so good (but really nothing that would make me not buy another one)
The shoulder strap is rubbish, get an after market one.


It is heavy!!! If you only put the tool on the engine that's fine and the balance is fine, as soon as you add extensions, the balance is gone and it makes the unit very heavy and a little more difficult to handle. You can put all the extensions and still be able to work with it but not for too long as it does work your forearm. So don't plan long days with full length!
So learning my mistakes, I try to use the extension only when needed.
As for the maintenance, on the edge trimmer there are 3 quick grease nipples, fill them as soon as you receive your tool so it will last longer.
The chainsaw option I barely used it so I won't say much other than it works.

My final words are, don't be fashionista with your tools, if you need one and the finance are not there, you can buy one of them, they work!


I have increased the star rating as after a full year of use and abuse the unit is still going strong and hasn’t given me any problem whatsoever, starting it, is still 5 pulls for cold start.

I have used the chainsaw part, it cuts, but it isn’t a full chainsaw so be gentle with it, make sure to sharpen the chain and let it work, don’t be Brutus otherwise you lock the chain and you will burn the flimsy mechanism. Other than that it does the job.

Update from 06/2019!
I am still using it on a regular basis, I had to change the fuel line, that was really expensive $5 ;) and the spark plug too was an extra $6. Now back to a proper fonction still no issues. I still think it’s on the heavy side but other than that it’s a great machine. Why pay more???

Purchased in May 2017.

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Baumr-AG SMX 220
CategoryHedge Trimmers
Power SourcePetrol
Blade Length450mm

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