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Baumr-AG 24" Easy Start 92cc Petrol SX92

Baumr-AG 24" Easy Start 92cc Petrol SX92

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Fire Hazard

The way the exhaust comes out in front of the saw it puts hot gas straight on to the wood and bark,i had it caught fire on several occasions,which can be dangerous in dry grass ,around the cutting area.

Purchased in September 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Dangerous fire hazard

Saw came into workshop because it would not start.
Tipped the fuel out & replaced it with fresh fuel.
Two pulls on the starter latter & I was standing in a puddle of fuel.

ILLEGAL !!!!!! latex rubber fuel lines had perished and split in multiple places.
How such a saw is allowed to be sold can only be explained by plain paper envelopes full of cash.
Once replace with Tygon lines and tuned properly it ran well but the chain was total rubbish only having been used once & stretched beyond safe use.
Once the medium quality ( & Price ) carlton chain was fitted, the repair bill came to the same as the owner paid for the saw in the first place.
Still cheap for a saw of this size .
Any current or future owners are strongly advised to replace the fuel lines before use.
Comes apart fairly easily
Remove handle & screws from other 2 springs, disconnect carburettor & remove retaining pin from right side.
The fuel tank can the be moved far enough to gain access to the fuel line going into the tank.
The line on the plastic elbow is the vent and should also be replaced.
The line going from the top of the carb into the front of the engine is the impulse line and should be OK.To replace it you have to pull the whole saw apart.
Cuts on par with my 1968 Stihl 070 which was $999 new ( in 1968 ).
If you want to buy a new saw every few years the get one but you will be a lot better off in the long run with a quality saw that will last for 50+ years than a $ 200 saw that needs to be replaced every 5 and repaired every time you use it.
Note how many people had one through several of them in a short time.
He who buys cheap pays twice.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Good mill saw

We are a Husky house when it comes to our chainsaws, but needed a big unit to mill some big logs on the property. This a great saw for an Alaskan Mill or similar. Does the job and didn't cost much. The only downside is the initial setup and tweaking that is required to get it running along with the regular maintenance. Buy it for what it is and not instead of a name brand. There is a big difference.

Oversize chainsaw

I Have 3 Baumr -AG chainsaws a sx62(62cc) a sx82 (82cc) and sx92 (92cc). The 62 is a great saw and doesn't have any issues the 82 had a sticking problem with the throttle so I replaced the carby and the throttle linkage cost $40 all good for now. The 92 weighs 4kg more than the 82 but has only 10cc more and the chain bar is 25 inches not 24 inches as advertised and I had to replaced the oil pump but that has been going great since then. I had these saws for 3 years now and found that you have to run these saws on at least 95 octane fuel and mix the 2 stroke fuel at 40:1. I also found that the saws run rich when new so you have to tune them to your conditions. I cannot justify buying a Stihl or a Husqvarna and paying at least $1500 for the privilege when I have payed only $700 for 3 chainsaws which run great and only need minor maintenance.

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The only thing I can think of is the bar oil pump is not working this was a problem on my second sx82 but cost less than $10 to get a replacement pump and fit.

Lot's of power, lot's of maintenance & good value for money

Easy to start out of the box and cut 4-5m3 of wood with it. After the last m3 I cut the engine felt as though it had seized, fortunately it was hydro-locked. Took the crankcase off after inspecting the spark plug (which was covered in carbon) and had to use lots of elbow grease to remove the carbon build-up). Purchased a new spark plug and sharpened the chain and the machine was back to spitting chips out again. I will say though that the carburetor did require adjustment and if I could have my time again I would also ensure using synthetic 2-stroke oil and high quality bar oil. The air filter is of very poor quality and requires constant cleaning, this normally would not be a problem except the entire top cover has to be removed and this includes the top bar (it is annoyingly inconvenient). I ended up using my dremel to cut out a back panel to easily clean the filter. If you have had some mechanical knowledge and don't mind some extra maintenance then this saw will tick most of your boxes, with a sharp chain it has some serious power and is a great alternative to a Husky or Stihl. Longevity will be something that only time will tell.

Absolute beast of a chainsaw for the price.

Was looking around on eBay for chainsaws, reading reviews and watching YouTube videos of how these saws performed I went ahead and bought 1. Put the saw together once I got it, mix of 24:1 fuel into the tank, bar oil, 2 pulls with the choke out and it fired, choke pushed in and fired first pull. What can I saw absolute amazing chainsaw! I was planning to save up and buy a second hand Stihl (even though there over $500 for something with a decent bar size) but $300 worth every cent, very happy with the Baumr SX-92 92cc 24" bar. Have cut up a fair bit of big diameter wood. I did find though that it was like it wasn't reving very high. Wound in the H screw with the throttle held flat on and the revs came up to desirable rev range. Highly recommend this chainsaw

great saw for the money

Can agree with every thing Scott said in his review although I didn't have the plug problem.
I've put 5 tanks of fuel through my saw so far and apart from some minor tuning issues and a bit of premature wear on the bar I think its a great saw. Plenty of grunt when tuned right. Its definatly a bit on the heavy side but will be good exercise...lol
I wanted a big saw but couldn't justify around $2000 for an 066 sthill as I only cut around 10m2 of firewood a year.
I've cut logs that were around 2-3 foot through and it handled them fine.
Would have got 5 stars but as Scott said the air cleaner is a pain to get at.
Longevity will be the thing with this saw but as long as you keep the maintenance up and use correct fuel ratios I think it will be fine.

Over 10 tanks of fuel through it and still going strong.25 tanks and still going.

Baumr-ag sx92cc big saw for little money

Only had it a little while, in the first half tank had to adjust high and low idle screws and replace spark plug with NGK plug. Motor was 4 stoking (like running on 1/2 a cylinder)and fouled the plug. Set way to rich at factory, anyway 1/4 of a turn in on the high screw and now running great. Other than that its cutting like a demon and has heaps of torque. Will update when its a bit older but for now first impressions are good. One bad point is to clean the air filter you have to stuff around a bit getting the top cover out the way because the spark plug lead stops it from coming off. Only giving it 3 stars because of the cleaning filter problem and original bad carburetor setting, if i wasn't experienced with saw motor tuning and that happened on the first half a tank i would of had to send it back or find a shop and pay for them to look at it, so for the average joe it would be a pain.

Questions & Answers

Is it actually 92cc as it seems to be a clone of a husky 72cc model ??
1 answer
I think you have to take their word for it. It does a good job for what it is, a cheap Chinese clone of a known brand.

Saw is new but chain will not self oil. Any suggestions please
No answers

file size for aSX92?
1 answer
the file size should be 3/8 the same as the chain size.


Baumr-AG 24" Easy Start 92cc Petrol SX92
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Price (RRP) $699.00
Bar Length61 cm
Weight9 kg
Engine Displacement92 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity950 mL

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