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Bigger Boyz Toyz BBT 75cc

Bigger Boyz Toyz BBT 75cc

3.7 from 6 reviews

Wish I read the reviews 1st

If I read the reviews 1st I would of never bought a bbt chainsaw but I did and like so many other people I have been ripped off and I am not happy! I received the chainsaw filled it with petrol and chainlube started it for approximately 30 seconds and then I put it on my shelf in the garden shed ! A couple of days later I was mopping up a full tank of oil that had leaked out over everything below it ! After numerous emails and photos of which was 3 tank fills of oil now they refused to replace the faulty chainsaw! I know replacement warranty means replace it ! It's not rocket science! I feel sorry for the poor Girls in the office who spend half their days dealing with upset customers because there customer care doesn't care! I spoke to [name removed] who was rude and he couldn't give a damn and I emailed him and asked for a phone number to speak to his superiors I was ignored! I am now stuck with a chainsaw which they won't replace! If I ran my business like this I would be bankrupt! Obviously by the reviews this is a common fault with the chainsaw and they keep selling it and ripping people off! You can't complain about the customer service there is none!

Purchased in February 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Warranty not as what they say

Had purchased this 75cc chainsaw on the 5th February paid for on the 8th February when the item arrived I started the motor to see if it was working which was a couple of weeks later started the motor again which it did at that stage I put the chainsaw away when I next check the saw I found an excessive amount of oil and did not know where it had come from until I checked the bar oil chamber which was empty. I refilled this and next day found oil all around the base of saw i then contacted bbt and was directed to technical support they asked for photos which i emailed to them, they returned the verdict that the pump was faulty after speaking with them again they indicated that I would get the part sent to me but it was my responsibility and cost to fix it. I am not a small engine mechanic they just you refused to have anything to do with with their so called warranty now I’m stuck with a chainsaw that is inoperable and will cost me more money repairing their faulty product to all that buy bbt equipment please hope your not the one that receives a faulty product as you will have no recourse for they will not except responsibility or let you make a warranty claim. Tony

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi those people that have read my review update have emailed by Micheal stating I have threatened the staff they want no further contact with me will leave it to fair trading my so called threat was if i had to drive all the way to Penrith to get them fix my 75cc chainsaw that was faulty when i received it i informed Micheal that i would make a scene it the store BE CAREFUL I just want what i payed for

After 9 months, still going strong

bought to saw 9 months ago and haven't regretted it. I don't know what the name brands in this class are like, but the BBT 75cc'll do me. Make sure to check the air filter regularly and other usual maintenance and you get a good saw for much less than the big name saws.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

top product

I have owned my saw for approx 9 months and am amazed how good this saw is for the price paid.
It is easy to start and very light for its size. I am on my no 3 chain and can not fault the saw.
I am on the land so it has had a very good work out without any problems.

value for money

I got my 75cc BBT new for $350 delivered about 3 years ago,i cut for three fires and mostly box and ironbark,i wouldn't compare with husky or stihl but then I wouldn't buy another one of them at top dollar either,i didn't like 24" bar and now run 20" because of safety and manouverability.The fuel cap leaks a bit but that's not a biggie,the muffler is straight through with no mesh so be careful in the dry and the full throttle hold for starting has never worked.I wont mention to keep chain sharp because that's stupid but yes as an operator of chainsaws (not pro)I would take this saw tomorrow to cut all day after 3 years.

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2017 now and still going , replaced starter cord .

Fantastic chainsaw robust and great vaule

Did not want to spend $1300 on big branded saw or buy another second hand with no warranty ,so after comparing power,max revs, weight , carburetors,chain ,bar and responding to questions. Reading reviews and a company that mostly sells chainsaws and like products . I am very happy with my BBT 75 . Good quality product. Not a heap of junk .Very easy to start, heaps of power in the mid range .Have worn out one chain on hardwood.Best chainsaw out
Build quality, power,easy to start, warranty, price

Questions & Answers

I used my 75cc bbt chainsaw for the first time. It let through a lot of saw dust through the air filter. Is this a common problem? Is there an aftermarket airfilter for these saws.
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Had the same problem just used some silicon to seal it up . Possible try to buy a gasket for a Husky because this saw is a copy.same as mine but ive never owned a saw that didn't,a lite smear of grease on joining surfaces,mines done 3 years now,remember to clean fuel tank breatherI have 3 DUST FREE chainsaws but all let dust into the carby and give trouble so I have to take the 3 to get a trailer load of wood, then take off the filter and swirl petrol into the intake and wash it back out to clear the jets, its false advertising to say it dust free. Doug


BBT 75cc
Price (RRP) $1,449.00
Bar Length61 cm
Engine Displacement75 cc
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateAug 2013

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