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Beko fridge

Fridge is 4 years old has been repaired 4 times and is about to have its 5th reapair spoke to at customer care they were dismissive and told me that it is not their problem.

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Beko fridge. 4 years and its throw away.

I have a Beko fridge. DN143120X. Never again would I purchase this brand. Lasted in a one person unit for 4 years. Goes but won’t cool. I just want reliability nothing more nothing less.

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Good news story.....

This review covers the BekoHII64500FHT Induction cooktop, DDN38450 Inbuilt Dishwasher and BIM3540XPS Inbuilt oven.
Firstly, I am a tech, 64 years young and have owned from new too many kitchen appliances in my lifetime. Most ovens of various Aussie brands have served me well as have cooktops, however dishwashers have been a mixed bag.The last was a Fisher and Pykel dish drawer dual. This was the worst item I have ever purchased with over $700 in repairs as well as warranty work, for a $2000+ dishwasher it was a disaster mainly due to poor design. So as far as Beko products go the Dishwasher has been amazing, quiet, effective and super sparkle clean. I use the 58min cycle from the many available.The oven and hotplate...... brilliant. I had an issue with the oven thermostat that was fixed within 2 days of contacting Beko..... excellent support.
I have now purchased a 90cm Freestanding oven and Rangehood for my Adelaide residence, again Beko service and delivery was super efficient. As a tech I have dealt with many companies that produce appliances of all kinds, regardlessof whether the product is faulty or if the client has operating issues (who reads manuals eh!) The response is generally emotional and loud.....and mostly misplaced.
Beko is the largest selling brand in Europe and is just as good as any other similar European brand except perhaps Meile and this is due to high technologies used and the cost to own such products. Manufacturing industry in Turkey accounts for 84% of revenue, so don't under estimate their ability to make an oven!

Product Quality
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Good Service

Easy to talk to the representatives over the phone and received a lot of useful information on how to use my machines. I have one of their fridges and washing machines and they look great and wash well. Some of the repairers could be a bit more knowledgeable though. So well my sister also bought a fridge and dishwasher of theirs which she loves. Definitely would recommend.

Never ever ever buy a Beko

I purchased a Beko dishwasher and it has not worked for nearly a year. They keep fixing the machine to no avail. And still refuse to replace it.

Terrible product and no service

New Beko french door constantly shows error signs and is not cooling. Sometimes it works, sometimes Not.. There is NO Beko customer service exept the generic fridge repairer. There is NO Beko direct service or warranty online.
I recommend not to buy such poor produce as it has no service or manufacturers responsibilities.
Don't buy BEKO

Avoid this brand no matter how cheap it is.

I purchased a Beko French door fridge, dishwasher and oven from JB Hifi 3 years ago. Worst mistake ever. The fridge DOA and replaced then the new Beko fride broke down as well so we replaced it with A Samsung and had no pro lems since. The oven has been repaired at my cost and the dishwasher has just broken down. I'm not angry at Beko I'm angry at JB Hifi for selling such rubbish. If you value your money dont buy Beko.

Never Buy Beko Again

I brought a Beko fridge/freezer Model RDNE350K30W July 16th 2016.It had a 2 yr warranty and was simply okay till just 5 months past the warranty,it suddenly started leaking like a sieve,followed Beko's advise and turned off,then on,it got worse fridge section stopped working & freezer section was like a fridge(leaked even more)have tried dealing with head of service manager at Beko,thats when he actually returns calls.The damage from the leaking fridge is extensive & I'm left to repair the damage caused from Beko's bad whitegoods,the cost to fix the damage to the kitchen,the cost of lost groceries & the cost of a new fridge/freezer(which is NOT a Beko.)I will never buy or recommend Beko products to anyone.

Worst experience : nightmare

Organising a fix through beko was a nightmare... Waiting now 4 weeks and it is still going on and under warranty! Never even think about buying their machines... I won't recommend it even to my enemies!

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FINALLY beko provided a new washing machine. and it took 34 days. I am thankful for that but had to call more than 10 times to follow up every second day. Not great. Reported a fault on Monday 26 Nov. Technician inspected the washing machine on Thursday 1st and I was advised that the module needs a change. It took one week. Following Wednesday he comes with a new module, installs and the moment it starts testing it, the module is blown again so he reckons we need a new engine. He puts in the order and the following week I am told that Beko is having a stocktake and nothing can be shipped till its over whole week waiting- Monday the next week I call them and they send a they have sent a new engine. I call Sydney appliances and I am being that they sent the wrong part and I need to wait. I call beko and I am told, they don't have the engine and they need to order it from overseas....two days and I call them again and I am told they are sending it on Wednesday. so Thursday comes and technician is here puts in the the new engine and the new module and by testing it m its blown again...so he says it is the board and he needs to talk to Beko. calls beko on Friday and they said they wil look into it Tuesday the next week they say they will give me a new machine....but it wont be delivered until Saturday. So its delivered but it took 34-35 days and I am in a house of 5 and just imagine how it is to have no waching machine for a month. Not Great beko. You spent more money trying to fix it by sending technician 3 times and changing 2 modules and an engine....while you could have replaced the machine in the first step....and I cant get why a wrong part was sent and then I am told you need to get the part from oversea and then to my surprise it is delivered in 2 days? As I said, I am happy at the end that I got it replaced but given than it was only a 15 months old washing machine the experience itself was quite horrendous,.


Unfortunately, the dodgy owner has equipped the new unit we rented with cheap awful crappy Beko appliance. Dish Washing machine doesn't clean properly and is super noisy. Oven burns easily everything inside. The stove is so so as it comes with cheap plastic knobs.
I didn't know Turks have industry and make appliance. They did a stinky job. When I remember our lovely high-quality GERMAN made Bosch I wanna cry.

Exceptional Service

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Beko Fridge Freezer from JB HiIFi at Maroochydore. I live a good 4 hours round road trip from this store.When i unpacked the Fridge I noticed that there were some imperfections in both the Fridge and Freezer Doors.I rang JB and they said they were very happy to change the Fridge, I told them that I hired a Trailer to originally transport the Fridge and that at this stage a 4 hour round road trip wasn't a good option. They asked me to contact Becko. What a pleasant surprise. They did say that there could be a slight delay to replace the doors but they will do so as soon as possible. Call that day from the local A2Z Appliance Servicing confirming that they had received the replacement request from Beko. 3 days later they rang and told me that they have received the replacement doors and would the Morning be Ok to replace the Doors.Arrived on time. doors replaced and checked. In this day a poor Customer Service Top Marks to Becko and A2Z Appliance Servicing for their wonderful service.Will buy from becko again and highly recommend them for their wonderful Service. I Have called the sales person at JB and told him of my experience.He was very happy with the feedback.
King Regards, George.

Good dishwasher

Works okay but I do rinse everything before I put it in if it is messy. Would have liked the ability to put small things in the top section without them getting washed out ie smaller grid, but I will find something suitable. I had a hiccup at first but it was install error and easily fixed. Quite happy with the after sales service in this respect and you can't beat a 5 year warranty.

Stay away from Beko

Have got multiple beko products. The freezer in my fridge has stopped working 10months out of warranty. Beko will not cover the cost to send out a technician to look at the problem, we are talking $60 here! So I have a 3 year old fridge that won’t freeze anything. Beko will not help out at all. I am so scared that more of my Beko products will see the same fate, they do not make things to last. Absolutely discussed at the customer service from Beko especially from the customer service manager [name removed]. be warned, do not buy BEKO!

Good value

I bought a Beko washing machine/dryer a couple of years ago and it's good overall. Was good value and works well. Has a couple of glitches but works for what I need.


We purchased a Beko Fridge from Bing Lee - the brand was recommended but never again. The fridge was a dud from the beginning - it barely runs cold no matter how cool I set it. The shelves are set in stone, meaning you cannot adjust according to contents. The door shelfs are the same which means that you cannot store certain bottles and are forces to lie them on their side. The butter compartment does NOT fit a standard block of butter. The crisper drawer is made of cheap plastic and runs off runners when opened and then you are forced to fiddle around with the crisper to try and put it back in the runners. Does not withstand normal wear and tear and by this I simply meaning opening the drawer!!!!!! The plastic chipped in the first couple of weeks. This fridge has been the worst buy by FAR. Bing Lee should cease selling this product if they want their name associated with quality products.

Washing machine wont drain

12 months into a washer dryer combo my machine blocked and wouldn't drain, went through the usual process of trying to look for any blockages but could not find any.

A serviceman visited, took the machine apart and found the issue.

My problem with this is that had I had taken the machine apart my warranty would be voided, so a serviceman was required.

Then I got sent the invoice for the repair.

I'll stick to the bigger name brands next time, Becko don't look after their customers.

Not happy

I got a oven 2 and 1/2 years ago and the element is faulty so rang them and they are not going to do any thing so I will not buy anymore from them

Won't buy Beko again

I purchased a Beko dryer (model DV6120X) from Bing Lee in Rhodes on 28 June 2015.
The Beko dryer had less than 50 hours use before its motor seized and burned out the electrics. There were no warning signs and the dryer appeared to work well prior to then. For no apparent reason the internal lights of the dryer started flashing, the unit stopped spinning and a burning smell was given off before I disconnected the dryer. I contacted Beko Australia and they simply advised that the product was out of warranty and that they had no similar complaints previously. I strongly recommend not purchasing Beko products based upon this experience.

No Customet Service

We bought 2 Beko fridges and 1 had dinted doors and the other was noisy.... They ended up organising someone to come out which fixed the noise...being a loose motor...the other we decided to be replaced. They sent another fridge out.....doors were just as bad and the water and ice was not working properly also this time as not plumbed properly. They decided to send another one out.....still bad doors....so then decided on a different finish from stainless to a glass
...it had a scratch on the side and doors are not adjusted correctly and not sealing properly. Now Beko wants me to adjust the doors.....I did not pay good money for a new fridge and then I have to do my own repairs.....very bad customer service....and this has been going on for 3 months.....should have kept my old fridge of 20 years....still going strong.....On good thing I can say is that the fridge construction internally is well built so something going good for them......but so frustrated and had enough with the customer service......

Product lifespan is low

I brought my Beko driver from Bing Lee. At the time I was recommended the brand, I was told it is popular in Europe. To my disappointment the product only last me 4 years and no Warranty cover (only last 2years). This is my only Beko products in the house and I must say even my Samsung washing machine and my parents’ dryer from another brand last longer than my Beko. I call the technician to check to see what wrong with it and it cost me $120 for him to tell me what wrong with it.. and now I got a quote for just to replace part for $290.00 plus another service fees. The technician say the front panel is faulty..I think it is better to buy a new dryer but never again Beko.. I should have read reviews before trusting the salesman recommendations. And I’m not surprise It got very low rating.

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