Terrible oven - so disappointing

We purchased this oven when we renovated our kitchen a few months ago. I justified the cost on the basis that I’m an avid baker and love to cook.

The top right oven has serious hotspots. To the point where, when roasting, vegetables to the right of the pan are under-cooked while the veggies on the left burn. The temperature gauge is also out by over 15 degrees - I’ve had to buy little oven temperature gauges to keep in the oven.

The bottom left oven is also unreliable. When using its fanforced function, it’s too hot. When using the convection function, it’s too cold (by about 20 degrees) - I have to compensate based on what my (separately purchased) temperature gauges tell me. Three cakes were ruined before I realised that it wasn’t me - it was the oven.

Ironically, the “Belling” name badge fell off after a few weeks. Not exactly synonymous with quality.

Given the amount I paid for this oven, and the extent to which I ordinarily use my oven, to say I am disappointed is an understatement.

I wish I’d bought the Falcon equivalent.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
Hey Rachel, we have sent you a PM. Thanks.By way of update: Belling has been very quick to respond and sent out an oven technician last week. The testing done confirmed that the bottom oven was out by 30 degrees Celsius. I was told over the phone that a 15-20 degree variance is within tolerance (which I think is outrageous, but anyway). The technician suggested that - to deal with hotspots - I might just have to turn the oven tray around halfway (which is unacceptable - you can’t open the oven door for some foods (like soufflés, for example). I understand that Belling will now receive the technician’s report and decide how to proceed. So far I’ve been really happy with Belling’s responsiveness, customer service and after-purchase support. I am optimistic that this will all be fixed. I will update again with the “solution” (if any!).Thank you so much for the update Rachel, great to hear you have been happy with our customer service. We aim to please :)

Knobs peeling

This stove has been fantastic. However the plastic coating on many of the knobs (made to look like stainless steel) is peeling off, revealing the milky white plastic underneath. The knobs are of inferior quality compared to the rest of the stove, quite disappointing for the price we paid. It looks terrible. How can I go about replacing them?

Date PurchasedMay 2011
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Hey Julie, please send us a PM with your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

It’s great

The fan forced oven is my favourite for everyday use, I normally use the conventional oven when hosting a celebration so I can get all the meat and veg cooked at once. The ovens don’t look massive from the outside but all my oven trays have fitted in them easily, and as the oven is quite deep I can rotate the trays so I can fit more in. I haven’t used used the slow cook oven as often as I expected to as I can’t break the habit of getting my separate slow cooker out of the cupboard, but I have done slow cooked lamb and pork in the oven with no dramas. We didn’t have enough power available to the house to get the fully electric model, but I prefer having a gas stovetop anyway. As we are in the country we had to have a gas bottle installed, we have had the oven for about 6 months and I use the stovetop everyday and still haven’t had to replace the bottle yet. Yes it’s expensive compared to some other ovens, but for us it has been a worthwhile investment. After 6 months of use I still love it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Colour boutique range - BEWARE

This is an aesthetic review, not a functional review - but given there's three grand in the difference for Colour Boutique ovens, it's worth noting. Caveat emptor! Do more research than I did! I don't want to give the product one star because I think that's unfair for the overall rating, but if were stars for colour accuracy, it'd be 1/5.

I'm putting in a new kitchen, decided to go for a statement colour and love the Belling dual fuel range, so I opted to select one of the impressive colour boutique options. My local stockist have two of the standard colours in stock, and brochures for the rest. Based on the brochures and extensive Google searches, I selected what I thought was a richly coloured yellow model. I chose the shade called First Bloom.


Every single image provided of that colour, in both the 110cm and the 90cm range, is a vibrant, sunflower yellow. There's a little variance between the pictures, but it's yellow. The same images are used on Belling's website, Harvey Norman's own website, and on other electrical suppliers' sites. The same images appear all over Google image search.

So the range arrived, and it's not yellow at all. It's orange. Think amber traffic lights, think orange marigolds, think dark egg yolks. Think changing the colour scheme of your entire kitchen if you'd intended yellow as a driving force. This cooker in the flesh is shades and shades off what's shown in the digital and paper imagery from multiple sources.

The shop where I bought and paid for the oven have been *extremely* reasonable and allowed me to change my mind, which is excellent because it means I haven't been saddled with an eight thousand dollar oven in a colour I don't want. Given the colour boutique range includes a bright orange model, I was really surprised how far off any shade of yellow the First Bloom model I bought actually was. (I even checked the box to ensure the right oven had been delivered, and it was.)

I have called and given Belling Australia the feedback, and their argument is that no picture will ever fully represent the colour of the item. That's a very fair point, but I'm not sure they fully appreciate how far off the advertised colours the First Bloom model in the flesh actually is. However, they did tell me that if you're in the market for a specific colour, you can request a RAL code for the paint and use that to get a proper idea of the precise colour you're buying.

That would be my recommendation to anyone looking to purchase from the colour boutique range - if you can't get a look at the cooker in person, request the RAL paint code and check the colour you think you're getting.Also discuss the colour concerns with the retailer, in case yours isn't as good to you as mine has been to me.

I'm going back to a model in cream and thanking my stars the shop has been so reasonable.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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Hi G Kenny - Thank you for your review of our Boutique colour range. We very much appreciate your feedback and will forward your comments onto the relevant Marketing team members for their further consideration. It is very good advise to confirm the colour choice via the RAL paint code to ensure the correct colour way and a huge thanks to your retailer for their assistance in this matter!! We trust that you will enjoy using your new range cooker despite these initial hiccups and that you will not hesitate to contact us again at any time if there are any further queries or concerns!

I finished up buying the 1100 version

Very happy with the oven.
Haven't cooked a lot in it yet but look forward to trying it out to its full capabilities.
Plenty of burners as well.
If you ever need to cook for large family functions this oven suit you well.
We went with the dual fuel model.
Gas burners and electric oven.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
I have now been using the unit for over 12 months, it is fantastic. Highly recommended. Heats quickly and easy to clean.Thanks, Terry!

Makes a statement

Never fails to cater for a large family, ample burners and ovens makes cooking quick and enjoyable. Can cook dinner and dessert at the same time! Very impressive statement in a kitchen, always gets a positive comment! Cooks food brilliantly would highly recommend buying this oven, cooks food exceptional well!

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Terrific Range

This oven is just what foodies like my wife and I needed when we built our new house. It is so flexible and allows us to cook up a storm! The slow cooker oven is just perfect for putting a slow roast on in the morning before work.

The only complaint we have is that it did not come with a wok support ring - not imported into Australia with the unit.

Other than that we just love it. We stored this unit for nearly 18 months as we bought it when we saw it and knew it had to be installed in our new house that was being built (we designed the kitchen around it!) - the wait was well worth it.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Love love love it!

I'm so happy with this Belling oven it cooks amazingly and is so easy to clean and use!
The many different features allow me to cook multiple things at one time! Using the timed cook oven allows me to cook carefree and get on with my day! Thank you Belling!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Dream Stove, Dream kitchen

After years of making do with an old stove, we finally renovated and I was able to choose my dream stove to go into my dream kitchen. This oven looks beautiful and cooks beautifully. I have used every aspect of the stove, the 7 burners and the four ovens and have found very little to fault. I am an avid cake decorator and can have multiple cakes cooking at the same time. This was one of the reasons I chose this stove, for it's 2 standard size ovens that could actually fit the cake tins I was using. (I took my largest cake tin measurements with me when I went out looking at stoves). Celebrations and entertaining is hassle free as I can place trays of goodies into the ovens at a variety of temperatures and for different times and all be ready to serve when needed. The doors make it so easy to get large, heavy trays in and out and it doesn't matter if you are cooking large or small items there is an oven or burner to choose. I just love it.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Perfect for the Family

I designed our kitchen around this stove. I have lived in numerous houses and have never had a stove this good. . The 7 hobs are well spaced and provide excellent options for various cooking. The only drawback is the centre large burner could be hotter for stir frying in woks. I cooked Christmas lunch and used all 4 ovens it is fantastic to be able to use different temperatures to cook food just right and at the same time.We also do a lot of baking/cooking for community events and it is yet to fail us. The grill plate cooks chops etc as good as on my BBQ. The range hood is very easy to clean and not too noisy.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Cooking up a storm

I love my duel fuel oven especially when we have guests for dinner. I can cook a roast & vegetables in one oven, desert in another and warm bread in the other. I love bulk cooking and having the extra oven and cooktop space is fantastic. The best feature is the swinging out doors.

Date PurchasedNov 2016


A perfect oven for our kitchen and needs. Two large ovens are bliss as well as lots of burners to cook on. It is inspiring to cook on this lovely appliance. Even a warming draw and it even looks lovely. It is easy to keep clean so it stays looking beautiful. We love it so much, that if we sell our house we will be taking it with us!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Versatile and impressive

Our 2 generously sized ovens allow versatility with multiple cooking options in the main oven in particular. Oven doors have cupboard type hinges so you can get close to your oven with heavy items. 7 gas burner cooktop provides many options. Telescopic oven shelves are not so smooth some times. Oven light bulb blown after not much use but otherwise a delight.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Thank you so much for your review of our rangecooker Suellen. If you continue to experience issues with the telescopic rails please report same to our Customer Care team via phone: 1300-556-816. We can arrange to have these replaced for you if required.Thank you for your followup Belling. With increased use, telescopic rails now move more smoothly! All good now thank you. Suellen.Good to hear!! Thank you for letting us know how you got on.. and as always, if you need us again at any time - you know where we are :)

Exactly what I needed

Living in sub-tropical climate meant that an Aga just wasn't an option (not to mention that the new/alternative electrical models are way over-priced). Looking at the range of 'traditional' free-standing ovens on Australian market, Belling provides outstanding features at a standard that is commensurate with the cost. Love the different features on the baking oven(s) and the slow baker is awesome for my Greek cooking learnt with Grandma in wood-fired oven. This is an oven for someone who takes the time to savour how the features add to the cooking/baking experience.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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What a wonderful point of view BusyLisy - thank you so much for your review of our product. We hope that you continue to take the slow road for many years to come :)

Just fabulous. My dream has come true

I am elated with the way the food is cooked. I love the dual aspect ovens and the warmer, I can cook for an army and not be stressed about space. It is the ultimate oven. I love the different settings for the grill it makes cooking so much easier and precise.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Wok burner no good

We have owned this oven for 4 years now and all is good except for the wok burner. When it is used for more than a couple of minutes, gas sputters out of the side and leaves burn marks on the stainless steel.
Even though it happened from new, Belling Australia were unwilling to fix it without us paying over $500 dollars. When an oven costs $7000, you don't expect that sort of poor service.
So we just don't use the wok burner.
Another issue that has recently become evident is that when you use large pans on the outside burner, if it overlaps the side of the stove the heat from the pan cause the paint/enamel on the top of the stove to bubble and peel. Who what of thought of making a stove that wasn't heat proof!!


I have had this for approx 2 years. I think it's great. Only things I don't like is that some of the settings can be confusing - we always have the little instruction book close by. And the "chrome" on the knobs is starting to flake off. The oven is overall fantastic quality - except for the knobs :(
Large, free standing, looks great, works great
Knobs are tacky

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the knobs are starting to fall off and the bottom oven has stopped working, and the door on the larger oven is falling off the bottom. Its a tinny oven, If i had a chance again i would not purchase this oven.

Questions & Answers

Bel Rich 1100DFT AU Black No instructions on which knobs belong to which oven especially hard to work out how to do roast.
2 answers
hi Polly, can you please provide your email so we can send you a break down to assistMy email address is: polly.heke@xtra.co.nz

A knob has fallen off our Belling Rich 900DFT and I can’t get it to stay back on. It also had a sling. Help?
2 answers
Hi Tony, We'll need to provide you with a new knob and spring. Can you please private message your details and we'll give you a call, or you can call 1800 444 357 and select "Spare Parts" and the team will be happy to help you :)Hello. We received one knob only and it was the wrong one unfortunately. We need knobs three and four (counting from there left). My number is 0400029068. I will try to ring tomorrow (Wednesday). Cheers, Tony

I have recently purchased the BEL RICH 1100dft at model. I feel like when I use the fan forced oven the bottom one when I open the door the heat coming out of it blows me away it is so strong. I only put it on 160-180 why does so much heat come out when the door opens? Also what exactly can you cook in the other oven without the fan forced features? I’m a little confused...the instruction book is terrible. I’m not a big cook so I have no idea. Are there better instructions somewhere on what settings to use on what your cooking? My other oven had a full instruction book on each feature. Any help would be great
2 answers
Thanks for your question and congratulations on your recent purchase! All Belling ovens have a cooling fan on the outside of the rear of the appliance, this is a safety mechanism and most oven manufactures have the same or similar. It is designed to blow air from the rear of the cavity towards the front of the oven, this is designed to prevent the cabinet work at the rear getting too hot. If you are using any oven on the fan forced function, there is a fan inside the oven cavity that is circulating the heat to improve cooking performance over multiple levels. When a door is opened with the function still running this will allow air to escape outwards from the oven cavity. Please provide us an email address and we can send over some detailed info on your new Belling :)Please send me in any info you can on the use of this oven. Mainly what foods to cook in which part... Thank you [email removed]


Colour Boutique 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFFB (First Bloom)Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFRE (Red)Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFWH (White)Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFCR (Cream)Richmond 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFC (Black)Colour Boutique 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFDB (Day's Break)Colour Boutique 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFFBU (Floral Burst)Colour Boutique 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFPB (Peach Blush)Colour Boutique 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFRC (Rolling Countryside)Colour Boutique 110cm Dual Fuel BR1100DFWB (Wild Berry)
Price (RRP) $7,999$7,999$7,999$7,999$7,999$7,999
Oven FuelElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricityElectricity
Type ConvectionConvectionConvectionConvectionConvectionConvectionConvectionConvectionConvectionConvection
FeaturesSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate GrillSeparate Grill
Colour / Finish First BloomRedWhiteCreamBlackDay's BreakFloral BurstPeach BlushRolling CountrysideWild Berry
Dimensions 900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm900-q930 x 1096 x 600 mm
Cooktop TypeGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGasGas
Number of Burners/Zones 7777777777
Wok Burner YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Primary Oven Capacity69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L
Secondary Oven Capacity 69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L69 L
Third Oven Capacity39 L39 L39 L39 L39 L39 L39 L39 L39 L39 L
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateNov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010Nov 2010

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