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Butter-Menthol Lozenges Ginseng

Butter-Menthol Lozenges Ginseng

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Ecinacea and the cough congestion are great

I get a real benefit from the ecinacea butter menthols and the cough and congestion butter menthols. I haven't seen the ginseng butter menthols here in the west. I am often allergic to cough medication. They really work on my sinuses and whole respitary system. I'm really worried that I wont be able to find them in stores now that winter has arrived.
Taste not too sweet. Smooth to the tongue. The ecinacea and congestion butter menthol losenges make me feel better.!
Not often found in supermarkets'


This is my favourite cough lozenge and I'm very disappointed that the local supermarkets don't sell it anymore. It is very effective in relieving a sore throat and in moisturising a dry throat. Unfortunately, the relief is short lived and you have to keep sucking these lozenges - which is no great torture as they taste great. I strongly recommend this product and wish it would return to the supermarket shelves.
Very effective in easing the pain from a dry, sore throat. Moisturises and calms the throat. Also temporarily alleviates the coughing. The menthol eases nose congestion. Added Ginseng can boost immunity but I'm not sure how much Ginseng is added or how effective it is in this form. Very pleasant taste.
Completely disappeared from supermarket shelves. I'm not sure this product is available at all anymore. Full of sugar. Relief from this lozenge is only temporary. You have to keep sucking lollies to maintain its effect.

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