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Bickford's Iced Coffee Mix

Bickford's Iced Coffee Mix

4.1 from 15 reviews

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Too much sugar and practically no coffee

It doesn't taste like coffee. It tastes too sweet and mildly like licorice. I don't think anyone knows what an iced coffee is supposed to taste like anymore. The coffee is meant to be the overriding flavour of the iced coffee, not the milk nor the sugar. If you drink iced coffees for the flavour of the espresso, I would not recommend this product. If you enjoy over-sweetened and watered down drinks, this is for you. The end result is like Baristo Bros or Ice Break, only that you are paying less.

Purchased in March 2018 at Coles for $7.00.

Love it!

It’s delicious, comes in a decent size bottle which can make a lot of drinks up, but is quite sweet so would recommend only using a tiny bit :)

Love it.

I really love the taste of the coffee mix. It a real treat having this mixed in with some milk. I definitely would reconmend to try it.

Sugar is the main ingredient, it's tasteless.

Sugar is the main ingredient, it's tasteless. it's awful, way too sweet, and doesn't taste like coffee, will never buy again.

Best Iced Coffee syrup

This smooth delicious iced coffee syrup is the best available. You can make a decent amount of drinks from this bottle. I would like to see the price reduced.

Only choice

Better than any commercial alternative if your a "tragic" IC addict. Watch the waist line, but if you're hooked, this is the one. Agree with all comments regarding Bickford's cash grab, watcha gonna do?

my local shop stopped stocking the coffee

i would like to know why the only supermarket in Kyogle N.S.W stopped stocking the coffee. i have been buying it for years. its my drink of choice and im greatly dissapointed that i cant get it any longer.

Another rip off

Like Cadburys, Arnotts and many more suppliers, Bickfords are jumping on the band wagon, reducing size but keeping prices the same or increased.
Not happy Jan

Brilliant taste but getting ripped off.

I was regularly buying this delicious drink at my local IGA store for $ 6.59 for 600 ml however it was selling like hot cakes and you had to be quick to get hold of it.
IMy local IGA is no longer selling it now so after repeated requests to get them to get it back,(to no avail.)
I went down to my local Woolworths store and Lo and behold they had it.
However to my distgust Woolworths is selling a 590ml bottle for $ 6.99.
They must think people are stupid so it's ok to rip them off.

Great product but terrible price

I love this coffee syrup and yes I agree that it's much more economical compared to buying a dare coffee everyday (which I was) but they've now increased the price $6.99 and made the bottle smaller! I am seriously considering not buying now purely on principle as I don't like being ripped off ..... I just have to kick the coffee habit :(

If you enjoy cold coffee - this is definitely the answer

The syrup when added to cold milk is delicious. Add Ice Cream and it lifts the sensation even further.
My only complaint is that it is hard to find. Woolworths had it but it dissapeared and despite requests it still hasn't reappeared. May as summer proceeds stocks may arrive.
It definitely tastes like coffee and is so much better than the pre mixed iced coffee in a carton.


As someone else said, "It's almost addictive!" Great as a topping on Ice Cream! LOVE IT!!!


This syrup is tasteless - like sweetened milk. I drink only iced coffee or orange juice. This does not taste like iced coffee and another review saying it does is [word removed].

Great flavour at a fraction of the cost

This product mixed with milk saves heaps of money if you are an addict of iced coffee drinks such as Dare Expresso. The flavour is the equal if not better as one can vary it's strength by the amount one dispenses. Buying milk in bulk economically then mixing into smaller containers and refridgerating means a cost effective saving overall.
A great economical tasty drink.

So good it's almost addictive

I bought this product during a promotional period and found it absolutely delicious - addictive (not literally) - it's THAT GOOD!
I'm so glad I decided to try it.
Added to milk is a sure way to ensure you have the recommended intake of calcium.
Pour it over ice cream or mix a little with whipped cream - naughty but soooo good.
Anyone who likes Iced Coffee will LOVE Bickford's Iced Coffee Mix - I promise.
Rich True Flavour

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I totally agree. Certainly the best and more economical that manufactured iced coffee drinks, overpriced.

Questions & Answers

why dont you mark the date of manufacture or expiry in these ice coffee bottles?bickfordes ice coffee bottles?
No answers

How much Bickfords Iced Coffee Mix do you add to the milk?
2 answers
Around 1cm of syrup in height.Take 1 litre of milk, pour half a cup down the sink then top up with BIC Mix - shake 'n taste - repeat until it "tickles your fancy"

Why don't they do the larger bottle any more?
2 answers
I had no idea there were two sizes. In fact I am having problems locating it in both Woolworths or Coles. Maybe you could contact Bickfords as I will be doing shortly to find out where I can but it.I had trouble locating it, but In Woolworths it is located right in the coffee section. Make sure you look super hard because it is in there!

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