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Not my cup of tea.

My sister and I both tried it, she breaks out often and I rarely get pimples unless I'm menstruating although I have some scars if like to get rid of. One week into this and I was getting spots all over my face, another week in and it became pimples all over instead and my sisters acne has become worse thus far, after switching back to our old skin care routine the breakouts seemed to stop for both of us. Im really disappointed in this product, it doesn't live up to its good reviews, I dont recommend it.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $11.99.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeNormal Skin

I like it!

Feels nice on the skin. I really like it for after the shower. Great for winter to rehydrate the skin too. Good price point and easy to find a stockist.

Purchased in September 2012.

Great results on dull skin

I have been using bio oil 2 times a day for tree
Month now and I see major improvements on my skin. I have a lot of pigmentation on my face and also very dry skin. I dont know if I can say de pigmentation is gone but my face looks soo much better!! In general. And befor this I had tried very expensive products and non had worked! So I’m more tha pleased!

Seriously allergy, itchy rashes during pregnancy

When I was pregnant for my first daughter 8 years ago, I switched to bio oil at the last few months of my pregnancy, thought it’s a good product. My tummy has developed a serious rash, itchy and burn, it didn’t happen immediately after I use the product but over probably a month, that’s why I never related to it, and it got worse and worse, I couldn’t sleep because the whole tummy is itchy and burning pain, at the end I had to have induction to get baby out earlier. I still used it for few months after birth, and it didn’t caused rash anymore. At that time, no body related the rash to the bio oil, doctor suspicious it was pupps. This year I was pregnant with my second daughter, I started to use bio oil again from just before 2 months pregnancy, then itchy rash developed again just before 4 months. By chance, I tried the little palmers sample, the first night, I could go to sleepy without itchy. Then I kept using palmers, few days the itchy gone and rashes faded. Then I suddenly recognized that the thing caused me so much pain in the first pregnancy is the bio oil!!! Very very angry!!! My skin never be the type of sensitive skin, never allergic to any other cream or oil. But this product caused me so much pain and I had to have my daughter put earlier. This product is just dangerous, and should not be sold in the market! Pregnant ladies if you developed rashes and are using this product, switch immediately!

Bio oil help

This works on new sutures or scars. Use a small amount to make sure you don't get a rash. I use on my skin and its sensitive. Totally recommend this awesome bio oil. Doesn't clog pores. Very light weight. Not real expensive. Buy the original bio oil. Love it. Awesome oil to fade scars or stretch marks.

Doesn't work like the ads say

You need to show women and men (Priceline Ad) with stretch marks, before and after, not women with perfect flat smooth stomachs. Your own site says bio oil will never remove them, why show something that cannot be achieved by using your product. More transparent advertising is definitely needed here


Have used bio oil for many years now, great forbest skin. It was always recommended by my tattooist to use bio-oil, it actually heaps with healing and gives the ink a better chance of sinking in nicely...I now rub bio-oil into my tattoos and they look awesome and bright. I had some horrible scars on my arms, used this stuff for years, didn’t totally make them go away but took the redness from them. Great product, you only need small amounts so the bottles last long time.

Bio-oil perfect from head to toe

I’m undergoing chemo and need to take extra care of my skin. Since I have incorporated this in my daily routine, I see and feel noticeable improvement with the elasticity and clarity of my skin. I don’t think I’ll return to just moisturiser when I can use this all on its own. Of course, don’t forget your sunscreen if you’re going out in the sun.

10/10 for uneven skin tone

Very happy with the product..I've used it for a few weeks now... I apply it twice a day to help with hyper pigmentation on my chin and already a huge noticeable difference, it's lightened the area. I can't believe I didn't try it sooner... I recommend it for sure its worth trying..

This is perfect!!!

Absolutely amazing! Been using it only a few weeks and the scars I have on my arm have faded so well, considering they are old scars.will of course continue using.Would definitely recommend 10/10. massaging it in thoroughly helps to speed up the process. Adding moisturiser after also helps for sure.

Not a good product

Purchased Bio -oil for post.op scars on my stomach.
Have been using it for four months and have seen absolutely no benefit or change.
I used it on the back of my hands for the same amount of time and it made my skin go scaley and horrible and itch. ..
Wouldnt recommend this product at all.q

Perfect for stretch marks.

I am Using the bio oil from 6 years. It helps to reduce stretch marks and dry skin. After using oil it feels like baby skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of redness and raised bits of my scars as well. really recommended for new mums.

Disappointed with the product

I have been using Bio Oil for the last 2 years on a my knee I had an operation a total knee replacement I use it twice a day my surgery mark has still not faded away. Absolutely waste of money no change hasn't helped at all won't be purchasing bio oil again too expensive and doesn't do the job, stop advertising on TV.

Works really well for nail care

I put this on my nail beds and it fixes any dryness or cracking within a few days. Of the cuticle care products I've tried, it's the quickest. Because the oil doesn't absorb quickly, it's also good as a moisturizer "guard" (e.g. to put on lips if you're out in the wind). It's expensive but I buy the smallest bottles and they last about a year.

Dry skin

Been using oil on face .... dry skin
Absolutely no change hasn’t helped at all won’t purchase again
I’ve said what I had to say , Will not purchase bio oil again !

Over rated

Have been using a bottle of Bio-oil for 2 years off and on and have found it lacking in moisturising or hydrating my skin or fade spots. There is also no ingredients listed on the bottle and because it is an oil it just coats the skin and doesn't seem to be absorbed into the skin at all. I have also found when searching for the ingredients on this product the following link if anyone is interested. I would definitely not be buying this product again.

Itchy useless oil

When I first used the product I really enjoyed the scent and how easily it absorbed into my skin, however, after about two weeks use I started getting extremely irritated on my stomach and had to stop use. I'm quite annoyed because I'm left with an unusable product that was meant to be used for the rest of my pregnancy. I bought 200ml thinking I'd got a good deal and have used only 20ml.

Good stuff, works well

Excellent stuff. Worked really well for my scars after surgery. I still use it to this day when the weather gets cold and my skin dries out. It helps to reduce irritation and itching while repairing the scar tissue. Helped reduce the redness and raised bits of my scars as well, defiantly would recommend. Only drawback is it can stain clothing so I put it on at night before bed.

Doesn't deserve the marketing hype

An expensive product that is comprised primarily of mineral oil. Like baby oil it does not soak into the skin and leaves your skin greasy.. Has done nothing to improve scar appearance above what normal healing would. All scientific indicates there is nothing that can heal stretch mark and they will fade naturally. Don't waste your money like I did for my daughter who was taken in by the marketing.

Flaky skin

I bought two bottles of Bio-Oil to use on my ageing skin. My skin is very dry and I thought the oil would rectify this problem, instead of which it made my skin flake to a degree that I had to wear long sleeves whenever I went out. The oil was advertised at a good price so I bought two bottles and now I'm left with an unusable product. Very disappointed.

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Questions & Answers

I had an abdominal hysterectomy 12 days ago is it safe to rub bio oil on my healing scar
3 answers
Wait 12 mths. That scar is tender and needs to heal. Tracy u know what makes me angry. Everything is such a rush with women. After I had my son I stayed obese for 2 years. No rushing to the gym. I always advocate to women to love the skin they are inOkThankyou 4 saying ok . Women and people behind them usually BAIT me . U know try and get a reaction from me . Ive now learnt in life only advise people who want your help . 4 the others keep my mouth shut. I hope your healing is quick and pain free . God Bless

What is the best time to apply bio oil in face?
No answers

Hi i normally use a three step skincare which is mainly a cleanser, toner and a moisturiser. I was wondering when applying bio oil do i put it on before moisturise or after or do i simply apply my toner then bio oil and not a moisturiser for night?
1 answer
Use after moisturizing


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