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Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil

4.5 from 51 reviews

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I use it every night. Makes my skin hydrate and reduces scars.

I love it! I always mix it with my night moisturiser and it's amazing. I always wake up with a hydrated and soft skin the next day. It takes a while to notice that it does something as it is very subtle... but once I stopped using it I knew it worked.

Purchased in September 2018 at Chemist Warehouse for $16.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin


This oil is so real and natural and sukin products are amazing. They use all natural products. This product is also good for scarring. I used it on scars I had on my arms and in a 4 week trial period they began to fade

Affordable and organic

This rosehip oil is great value for the quantity and quality, especially considering the price. Some other brands charge more for oil that is not even organic. I mix it with my cleanser to help dissolve and remove makeup and sunscreen more effectively. Then I mix a few drops with my moisturiser at night to make it richer.

Good for face!

Finally found an oil for face that makes my face that shines, not greasy but feel skin and looks good. I like it because it is natural and does the job. Thanks Sukin brand!

Made me greasy

I only used this product twice but it made my skin more red and very greasy I ended up with a breakout on my chin must be just me but it seems like all the natural products I have tried so far I react to

Brilliant staple

So I’ve used this on & off for months, never for more then a couple of times as I forget. Until recently I’ve been using it almost every night for the past 6-8 weeks, now on my second bottle.
I notice my scars are lightened which is a huge plus for me & overall my skin looks healthier especially noticeable if I miss a day or two! Might also be really good for my acne as it has definitely lessened but that could also be because I use it in conjunction with aloe Vera gel most nights.
I’m not a huge fan of moisturisers but I find this definitely moisturises me
Overall my skin more radiant & makeup has been applying MUCH more smoother recently. Might have to try it out underneath makeup mixed with my primer for a less matte more glowy look. Also definitely helps keep dry skin at bay during winter. Give it a go you won’t regret it!

No Rosacea flare ups in 5 years.

I have Rosecea and have not had a flare up in over 5 years and has been great on my skin in general. I'm 45 and have bugger all wrinkles, yes I have good genetics on my side too, but rosehip oil is the product that I trust and have seen the results over time. My skin is great and for someone who's job is a bond cleaner so I'm dirty and sweaty everyday but my skin always looks good.

Not too bad a product

Not a bad product, but would never buy again due to the fish smell it leaves on my skin. No matter what I tried, it just wouldn't go away. Not sure why it smells so bad, but surely there is something Sukin can do to stop the smell ???

Strange smell . . .

had a very strange smell and almost like rotten fish. Strongly recommend dont buy this one. Didnt seem to help my skin much. Perhaps just my different type of skin or something. dont recommen d for sensitive type skin at all . .

Beautiful rose hip oil- highly recommend to mature age woman.

This product is 100% organic and cruelty free. I find the oil soaks in perfectly and leaves my skin soft and smooth. It also smells delightful. There are so many nasty products on the shelves these days so its good to find one that is organic.

Best rosehip oil by far

I bought this rosehip oil based on great reviews on this site. After my first use (yesterday) I found the oil didn't remain on the surface of my skin for long (unlike macadamia, coconut, jojoba). My skin felt smoother and softer within 10 minutes of the application. My makeup glided over the top, and left my face dewy looking! (Which is wonderful!)
I have used rosehip oil for a long time on and off ($) and know the scent is not fruity like other oils... but I didn't notice a fishy smell as mentioned in other reviews.

I'm very happy with my purchase and recommend it to anyone- it's ultra hydrating and lasts a while (3-4 drops on moist skin is perfect).

Amazing product

I really like Sukin rose hip oil it is natural and cruelty free .I use it morning and at night. It has really made a massive difference to my skin it feels soft .I will only buy Sukin rose hip oil

Good product, but can't get past the bad smell!

This is the only one of Sukin's skin care range that didnt like. At first thought it was from the fish we ate for dinner last night but then realised it was the rosehip oil. If Sukin can get rid of the bad smell, i'll definitely buy it again

Really good value

I think this product is awesome yes it does have a funny smell. I mix this with moisturiser & it works a treat for me.
I have also used it extensively to remove make-up in the past till the day i discovered micellar water.

Nothing to rave about really

Bought one of these last week and it seems to work OK. Was slightly surprised at how little you get for the price, but manageable. It compares to my other brands I bought before but nothing outstanding :)

Quality organic Rosehip oil

Brilliant. Very easy to apply to skin using half a dropper. This oil is not heavy and the light fragrance does not over power any later addition such as perfume. I found this oil to be easy to apply,especially when rubbed into the hands before using on my elbows and heels.

Rancid smell

People are raving about this sukin rosehip oil but unfortunately I just can't get past the OFF smell , never had this problem with any other brand of organic rosehip so I think it's just sukin have a problem with maybe the way the items are stored in their warehouses

Not for me.

I like Sukin products in general but can't understand the rose hip oil phenomenon. I tried this product but although I have aged and dry skin, I found this product too oily, it just sat on my skin and wasn't absorbed, so it really did nothing for my skin.

Great results

I've just incorporated this into my dermatological skin care regime & it's hitting any extra areas that my other products were missing - such as a little dryness around my nose crevices & uneven skin tone. It's great, i highly recommend it.

My partner suffers from psoriasis in patches all over his body and I've started using it on his hands as a tester area. Only one week in of applying a couple of times a day and there's been a vast improvement already. It's just an all round fantastic product!

In relation to the 'fishy' smell others have mentioned, the smell only lasts a couple of seconds once applied which is worth it for the results.

Slight fishy smell?

I've only just started using this product 1week ago, and although I love how it's making my skin feel, I find it has a fishy-like odour.
Is that normal ?

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Questions & Answers

Hello, on the Rose hip oil cream is a sign of B051017B does that mean is expired on 2017 or Produced on 2017? I have searched a lot to find the answer, would appreciate your help so at least I know if it’s expired I don’t use it, as we are in August 2018 now! Thank you
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Can i use this oil with my other AHA ( alpha hydroxy acid ) skin care products?
2 answers
A fair few companies actually list rosehip oil in AHA products, so based on that information - you'd be safe. ^_^I do use similar products but that's me! The best thing to do is to email or post an enquiry direct to Sukin...they ara a courteous and helpful company which is one of many reasons why I purchase their products. If you don't receive an answer please get back to me because I know someone very well who'd answer this in a tick...but she is abroad as I write. Good luck.

Omg the smell of this oil is disgusting , I've used other rosehip oils in the past ,usually trilogy brand , but this one has such a bad smell I cannot stand it on my face and only using one or two drops . Emailed sukin regarding this rancid smell and awaiting their reply . Has anyone else noticed this smell or is my bottle OFF although dated exp isn't until 2018?
3 answers
I have not noticed any offensive smell whenever I have used Sukin's rose hip oil, perhaps you bought from a bad batch. Sukin is a good brand, I hope you get satisfactory customer service from them too.I'm thinking you just got a bad bottle? I don't like smells either and I have never had that kind of problem. I would ask for an exchange?Update: sukin have replaced my previous bottle of oil so I will hope this one isn't off !


Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil
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Price (RRP) $17.95
Skin TypeAll
Release dateMay 2010

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