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Bioglan Throat Clear

Bioglan Throat Clear

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Amazing for Singers

These, along with some other natural medications and my steam inhaler have brought my voice back to life many times and helped me get through some rough performances! I have recommended them to many friends from the theatre too and they also love them!

Amazing for sore throats

I now even take these on overseas trips in case I get sick, I find they put a thick coating onyour throat that relieves pain, particularly overnight when your throat dries out and gets sore in the morning. absolutely recommended

A Must when you have a sore throat

Any time I get a sore throat, I suck on these lozenges. When using these for a couple of days, I never get a cold or flu. Love them! :)

Beware can cause nausea

I rarely get side effects, but ingredients in these made me sicker. I had bad nausea after every dosage taken and wanted to throw up for hours (held back). I also noted they can cause diarrohea in some too.

Helped slightly to relieve tickling throat causing the coughing, but was not a pleasant taste.

Will return to other products.

brilliant solution to clearing congestion

one tablet was all I need to clear the congestion in my throat! I could sleep all night without coughing at all! very practical supplement to take when having a sore throat and cough that follows. Would definitely recommend to anyone having a cough and congestion in the throat..great reliever!
did not have trouble sleeping after taking as I did not wake up coughing...

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