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Bissell Healthy Home Steam Mop Max 1957F

Bissell Healthy Home Steam Mop Max 1957F

MPN: BIS-1957F
1.3 from 39 reviews


We exchanged our first B Steam Mop fr another but found we had exactly the same problems as previous, water leaking lack of steam, followed all the instructions but zilch at such an inflated cost, bought a LAZER instead and it work perfectly. We have put up with it forever and possibly no chance BISSELL will back their product, tried it again this am and it has a red light but nothing else going for it..........at all

I have forgotten when we bought it but the model is 1957F serial number is 12236102MDA and now we have another puddle of clod water on the floor ---AGAIN!!!!!!!
Bissell are you going to recall and refund????
Are you satisfied with the cleaning power of this steam mop? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NO
Is it easy to maneuver?________No it is standing still and waiting for STEAM
How often do you have to refill the water tank?____________ At the beginning of use, otherwise stored dry
How often do you have to replace the pads?______________every time we use it to dry them out!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Wish I had read the reviews before I purchased this product..A piece of rubbish....

This product is a piece of rubbish...It leaks from the chamber, and overall very poorly put together...Bissell should have recalled this product, they should have done the right thing, I will never purchase another Bissell product in the future. I only wish I had read the reviews first and there would not have been a complaint on my part as I would not have brought it...

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Leaks and Leaks and Leaks and Leaks and Leaks

I am so vastly disappointed with this leaky and poorly tested product. It was what I would consider to be very expensive. I have had far cheaper before this, but thought I would splash out as steam mopping is fun. I adore steam mops.

This is the anti-christ of fun. It leaks pretty much non-stop and the water that does get through to the head just saturates the floor. It has leaked from day 1, but hubby didn't want to take it back. So we tie a dishcloth around it and change it when it gets soaked.

I actually prefer a $10 sponge mop from Coles. This product is really just awful. I really don't like to say negative things for no reason, but I really hate this mop.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Disgraceful product.

I was extremely disappointed for all the same reason everyone else is. I have other bissell products, so disappointed they didn't recall the product to save its reputation.

Has anyone been contacted by bissell regarding the review they have placed? I would be interested in people's feed back. Thanks for reading

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Terrible product.

This Bissel steam cleaner worked the first few times. Now, it just leaks and doesn't heat up properly. In the end, it simply creates more work. I'd definitely stay away from this product because it is not convenient whatsoever. I wish I would have spent a bit more money on something that was going to do actually do the work I need done.

Overpriced Junk - unlike most bissel products

I purchased this unit as previous Bissell products were almost bomb proof. I started out ok then started to leak water from the filter tank area. Then the brains at Bissell decided to invent a fix for it - a new filter and tank cap. Mine blew up before this and Bissell replaced the entire unit with the modified filter and tank cap. This unit used only cold pre boiled water to reduce build up in the system . Ever few uses the head had to be removed and the stem jet cleaned with a needle and then the unit started leaking water. I found the filter had a crack so I managed to purchase 2 more for $50 but the damage was done and the $50 spent in Bissell's pocket. This unit was unreliable, the service from Bissell on this occasion was below par. This unit like other makes are not made to last much over 12 months so stick to the trusty mop and bucket

reliability 2/10
cleaning ability 7/10
value 1/10
advice - think hard there are plenty options out there

Steam mops are not as good as they claim

I have floor boards in my house with rugs in some of the rooms. I love using the steam mop to freshen up my rugs. Although they may clean the floor boards, I dont use them often because they make the floor look cloudy, and I'm afraid after a while may ruin the wooden floor. I couldnt resist putting a tiny drop of Eucalyptus oil once to get rid of the "steamy smell" but that was what killed my Bissell Healthy Home Steam Mop. So I brought another Bissell Steam mop, the cheaper variety. That was a total waste of money. It has a few tiny holes where the steam comes out which barely make an impact on the rugs and leave streaks on the floor boards.
Steam Mops are not worth hundreds of dollars.

A very leaky water tank

Since day one, water has leaked from the reservoir where it joins the unit. It's impossible to seal and from looking at the other reviews, which I didn't do prior to buying it, it's a design fault. I hope Bissell have the guts to stand by their product and do somehitng about it

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I have since been in touch with Bissell. They told me the cap has since been redesigned and should fix the problem. They wanted me to pay for it, but after some prompting, they sent it to me as a gesture of goodwill. It seems to have fixed the problem.

Rubbish! Be warned. Stay away from it.

Ditto. Absolute rubbish. I initially purchased it to clean really ground in grime from unsurfaced linoleum. Of course it didn't work but was great in our new tiled home.... initially. After the first 15 months it now leaks like a sieve. Takes a lot of effort and time to work up steam and gives out far less steam than it used to. Very disappointed. Going back to manual mops and hot water. At least when they wear out they are far less expensive to replace.

What a piece of rubbish!!!!

Please do not ever buy this piece of junk. Rather give that money to charity. The steam that comes out of it is not good at all. It leaks and leaks. Please stay away from it.

Bissell Healthy Home Steam Mop

What a heap of rubbish! I couldn't get any steam! I am about to return it and choose a different steam mop entirely! If you are thinking of purchasing a steam mop, leave Bissell alone, and read some of the reviews. From experience I would not even consider giving it another go. Judging from the reviews, you know the massive problems experienced Bissell! Shame on you!?

Absolute waste of money!

Filled the water holder with water and waited forever. No steam, not even warmth. Just using the trigger got some steam but that's not useful. Like everybody else has mentioned, it streaks on tiles and leaves it cold and wet. Super disappointed.

Extremely Disappointed!

Liked the handle...Much better than the Shark that slips/rubs back and forth across your palm. But, that's where the positive stops. Cold water, steam?? Where?? Floors remain wet for much longer than if I use a mop and bucket. Water then dries as streaks on tiles. Cord way too short. Need an extension cord no matter which power point I choose to use in the house. Hoping store will cooperate and refund us on an absolutely awful product. :-(

Thankfully it was a gift. Rubbish!

I just wrote a review for another Bissell product which I loved. This mop is garbage. I thought I must have been doing something wrong as it continually leaks. I have to put 2 tea towels under my feet when I mop to mop up the drips. I checked the instructions etc and it still leaks. I also like to use the steam button... it is a steam mop.

I received it as a gift from a relative. Thankfully I didn't spend my money on it.

Only compliment is the nice smelling essential oil you can use in the water canister.

Don't waste your money on this one!

Agree that it is rubbish

My steam mop leaks as well, even with me carefully putting in the water bottle. It leaves my floors cold and wet. It heated up and worked well for the first couple of times but doesn't seem to heat up anymore. The floor finally dries with streaks all over it. Not good.

Piece of rubbish

Had 2 of these pieces of rubbish either lasted more than 3 washes. Both pump motors burnt out, but they also leaked terribly. Please don't waste your money


Water tank leaked. Water tank parts slowly broke away each time we needed to refill the water. This all happened within the first year, however i didn't keep receipt.

I agree with the review that said "Rubbish!"

From the first time i used this steam mop i experienced the same gripe as everybody else describes...It left my floor really wet and it constantly dripped from below the filter. I rang bissell and they suggested that it was a faulty water tank. They sent a replacement and i was excited at the prospect of actually owning a steam mop that would work....Wrong!! It did exactly the same thing. I left it in the cupboard for a while hoping that it would magically repair itself...It didn't. My husband gave it the once over, unfortunately to no avail. I will never ever purchase another bissell steam mop. Next time i will consult this site before i make a purchase.


I bought one for my wife, thinking it would be decent quality being a Bissell, but how wrong I was. She used it a couple of times and said it left drips everywhere. I told her it must be the operator but she refused to use it again. She has just pulled it out of the cupboard to give it another go and showed me how bad it was leaking. A constant flow of water could be seen coming from between the water tank and the filter. Of course now 12 months has gone by so the warranty has expired. I should have done my research before buying. Bissell have tarnished their good name with this piece of rubbish.

Worst steam mop ever

I have owned 2 steam mops prior to purchasing this mop. I thought I would treat myself to a more expensive, better quality mop. Worst decision in my house cleaning life! !

After first use it left the floors very wet and cold. With my cheaper steam mops the floors were always hot and dried almost immediately. I emailed the company convinced I had dibe something wrong. After waiting about a fortnight for a reply I followed their advice and tried again. FAIL! Wet, cold floors.

I went back to the store of purchase for a steam mop 'lesson'. I was assured that I was using it correctly and they could find no fault. Returned home hopeful it would work now. FAIL!!!

So if you want a sream mop that dies not sream and leaves your floors wet and cold this is the mop for you.

expensive, ineffective

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Why has my new max bissel home steam mop left streaks on my vinyl wooden floor? first time use.purchased at Harvey Normans.
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Because it is a piece of junk! I bought a new Hoover and I love it...front removal of water container, heats fast as, trigger action for steam, on off switch, lights when steam is ready, swivel head....and no leaks! It has it all.


Healthy Home Steam Mop Max 1957F
Price (RRP) $289
Cord Length5.5m
Release dateSep 2011

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  • GTIN12: 111201531948
  • MPN: BIS-1957F

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