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Bissell Steam Mop Select

Bissell Steam Mop Select

23V8F and 94E9T
2.3 from 32 reviews

Product Quality in recent production

Three in a ROW have failed the same way, steam out of the side and just a small amount out through the base where it should be coming out. Distilled water only. We have used this product successfully in two Motels for years and now there seems to be a quality issue with this model.

Purchased in January 2019 for $120.00.

Floor Type Tiles

Terrible to use

Find it hard to push on floor, the floor is not left dry after use I have to use a cloth to dry floor. Cord is not nearly long enough and it is noisy I wish I had bought a VAX.... And should have read these reviews before I purchased one.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Crap product, don’t waste your money!

After having my Bissell Steam Mop replaced under warranty in October 2017 as it shorted out whilst mopping my floors, exactly the same thing had happened 12 months on. Would not recommend buying a Bissell product as they only provide a 12 month warranty on the original purchase. Do not waste your money.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

It worked great up until...

I bought this mop less than a year ago. It works really well if you have hard to remove marks or anything on the floor. That said, I learned that you don't kneed the steam pads that come with it. Buy an 18 pack of washcloths and put one on it. Use your own cleaner on the floor and just steam over it with the washcloth. Who wants to spend $10+ dollars on cleaning pads when you can do that. Also, up until last week, it worked fine. Now the trigger mechanism that controls the steam is broken and doesn't work. I have read this is very common with this mop so buyer beware. Now it's useless unless you don't want steam and want to use it as a regular wet mop. Also, if you use steam on wood floors like I did, it leaves white residue on it which you can remove with vinegar. Other than those couple of things, it was ok.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent Mop!

Bissell 23V8F Steam Mop Select has excellent cleaning power. It was light and easy to maneuver. I haven't change the pads yet so I can't make a comment on that one. The annoying thing is you have to press button all the time if you want steam. I find the power cord too short as well.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Love it

Easy to use, fast heat up. Cleans tiles and wood floors beautifully. Love that you dont need chemicals to get floors so clean. Price is excellent. Comes with scrubbing pad and normal both machine washable. Decent size cord and triangular shaped head allows to get in corners and hard to reach places. Fairly light making it easy to maneuver.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Does a Great Job

We've had other Steam Mops and found this Bissell Steam Mop Select more convenient to use. We use it on Tile and Hard Wood floors and happy with the cleaning power. The steam dries quickly without leaving pools of water.
Our home is a small 3 bedroom and can clean all the floors with ONE tank of water. The Pads wash easily.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


Rubbish - after using the steam mop on my tile floor it is so badly watermarked VERY disappointed this product, after mop the floor look more dirty then before mop what can i do I replace pads twice during cleaning, but this makes no difference at all. Get down on my hands and knees and polish floor with dry towel after steaming to try to make the floor look good. Cost the money for nothing.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

A load of rubbish and will be taking it back under Consumer Law- does not deliver on what it says

We spent $199 at HN on this wet mop - it's definitely not a steam mop, as it produces very little steam but lots of water on the floor. It leaves large streaks across our polished tiles and they look worse than before we use the steam mop. I would strongly recommend you not to buy this product.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Not impressed

Purchased this one about 2 weeks ago for the vinyl floors
Mid price range but im not impressed with it.
Comes with one pad and a scrubber pad which i cant tell the difference on the cleaning with.
It is easy to manouver and the water take takes a while to use which I found good.
Cleaned the kitchen ,dining and hall and bathroom floors without filling up.
Leaves the floor slippery I found and need to sit and wait for it to dry ,depends on the weather but took about 15 min to dry.
Had the scrubber pad on and it cleaned ok.
The steam button doesnt seem to let out a lot of steam and lasts u til,you release the button then its just like a triangled hard mop.
Its compact ,easy to,store but I expected a lot more cleaning power with steam. The removable,tank to fill water is good
I just dont see the cost is justifiable for the machine, its doesnt do anything spectacular for the money. The little light glows when power ismon but doesnt tell you its hot
its simple and you are paying for,the name. Comes with a 1 year warranty
The blue light is on for power but id like a green light when its ready,or maybe a small beep noise.
It glides across the floor easily enough and bends to get under tables etc

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Mine was a dud.

My Steam mop 23v8f work. The first one I had ever purchased. It heated up a little bit and that was it. No steam! Perhaps it was a one of. Very disappointing. I took it back to the dealers who was most kind and traded it for a 1532.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Extremely disappointed, especially as this model was very expensive

Leaves streaks on my porcelain floor. Rang Bissell, staff most unhelpful, certainly won't be buying their products again or recommending said product. Don't want to continue as my complaint is very clear. I replace pads twice during cleaning, but this makes no difference at all. Get down on my hands and knees and polish floor with dry towel after steaming to try to make the floor look good. At 71 years of age I brought this mop to ease cleaning.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Very disappointing !!!

This is the first steam mop that I've purchased and I am very disappointed . It leaves the floors wet which in turn leaves terrible streak marks all over the floor. It's totally wastes of money.This is going back to the shop.Now I am worried all steam mops might be like this.I will go back to a mop and bucket.

Does nothing but break.

My first model of this broke within three weeks, after 3 uses.
Got it replaced, had it for a month, used it 3 times, and the 4th time, broke exactly the same way, also found a washer floating in my water tank. No idea where from!!
So disappointed!!!!!!!! Complete waste of money

Crap bissell

Crap bissell. Paid $500 for a steam mop that constantly turns off on its own, drips water everywhere and comes with a $50 valve that breaks very easily. Another corner cutting greedy crap company. I hate this so much I'm not even going to claim my warranty. Crap bissell. Never again!

Good produce, very poor after sales service.

We purchased this model just over 12 months ago and was very happy with its performance. Unfortunately, after the warranty period expired the lid to the water tank collapsed / perished on one side which made it unusable. I attended a number of suppliers to get a new lid however no-one stocked or sold parts. I looked on-line and found that Bissell sold the lid for $1.99, unfortunately when I went to purchase I saw that it was the American site. I contacted Bissell Australia and was advised that you couldn't just purchase the lid you had to buy the entire water tank. With postage this came to just under $30.00. It appears as though Bissell aren't content in making a huge mark-up on the product they also want to clean up with postage as well. This experience is sufficient to ensure Bissell won't be my replacement when the time comes.

Effective and easy

I looked at heaps of reviews and steam mops befor I picked this one.
The handle is sturdy and you don't feel like it's going to snap while moping.
The water chamber looks small and I thought I would have to refill at least once doing my floors, I followed the instructions on how to use it and how long to hold the trigger and was surprised that I didn't have to refill at all ( plus no water marks or streaks)
The floors dry quick and looks clean. The heads are also easy to put on and remove and wash.
Very happy

Really bad

I have to continually press the trigger for steam but no longer than 15-20 second bursts and then finding that the floor is left streaky and looking worse than before I started! This is going back to the shop. I'll go back to a mop and bucket thanks. Very disappointed.

Rocks in your head

This is the worst steam mop I have ever used.
You have to press the steam trigger otherwise in 10-15 seconds you are moving cold water over your tiles.
We do not like the monster but are about to go back to it as it has constant steam.

So dissappointed

I found so many things wrong with the Bissell I bought. It's very heavy to push, only moves when the steam trigger is being pushed. It doesn't fit under the furniture so have to use a normal mop to clean. The pads only use about 70% of the surface , mainly the outside edge, because the mop doesn't have a totally flat surface. It's not a real steam mop as the machine only has one steam outlet and this only works when the trigger is used, so really you're mopping with just a damp pad.I've had 2 Kenwood 2000 mops over 14 years and they were wonderful. They actually steamed the whole time with no trigger action needed.

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Questions & Answers

Can anyone recommend a good steam mop that is not priced out of this earth! I have a very small area to clean.
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Hi Can this be used to steam fabric aswell, such as a couch? Thanks
2 answers
I have the lift-off model and haven't tried it on fabric. The instructions don't specify fabric cleaning and there doesn't seem to be any attachment that would be appropriate. I wouldn't do it personally.Hi there Clare, I am not too sure, there is an attachment to use on carpets, but no attachment for anything like furniture. To be honest I was so disappointed with the product I have not been using it.

Just bought one but mine tends to leave water streak marks on tiles.. How do I prevent that??
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Perhaps you're using too much steam? Try only using smaller spurts of steam and see if that makes a difference.


Steam Mop Select 23V8FSteam Mop Select 94E9T
Price (RRP) $169
Tank Capacity500ml
Cord Length5.5m
Release dateJun 2012

Visit official website - Download manual