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BlackWolf Mantis

BlackWolf Mantis

I and II
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Mantis II - Good hiking tent

I have used this tent on the overland trek, moreton island, stradbroke island, and the kids use it for their scouting hikes too. Over the last 6 years, it has demonstrated excellent longevity, storm proof, possum proof, & plenty of space for a light weight tent. I am 180cm and use a 3/4 hiking mattress and stay secure and sleep fine inside. Takes about 5-10 minutes to set up even when sober. I bought replacement pegs but then I do that for all our family tents too. Lost a part after about 4 years and Blackwolf replaced it once I sent a photo so they could figure out what I was babbling about.

new version mantis 1

I bought the mantis 1 a few years back and loved it so much I upgraded to the mantis 1 new version..it has a stronger ground sheet and still cozy in the winter season...I stick with the green colour as I like to blend in with my surroundings ..I took it bike packing in Japan and it really was an asset to take camping...

Well made tent, with large vestibule and

Well built, no problems with it at all.

As a tallish man, this tent is comfy to sleep with plenty of room to stretch out. My partner and I can just squeeze into a Mantis I, it's doable but I wouldn't recommend it. For solo camping it's just enough room for 1. It is too low to sit up in for a tall man and some things like getting changes can end out being a bit of an effort.

I'm also very lazy when car camping with this and don't pack it down fully. Roll it up like a mat with all the poles inside. Not really a feature but makes it fast for me.

Very nice in summer, as you can set it up and leave the long sides open. The relatively large vestibule area in winter has proven handy when wet. There enough room for your hiking pack on one side and boots and wood on the other side.

Practical but a little too short

I'm 178cm tall and do find that the tent is too low at the ends and possibly too short. Ok if I'm the only one in the tent because I can lie diagonally but can be difficult to get comfortable if you're a back sleeper with two people due to the tent pressure on the feet and head.
Vestibule area is not big enough for my 48L pack but great for boots etc. Easy to setup, have not tried a setup in the rain as yet.
I will be using this tent for my teenage daughters and getting myself a longer tent.

Great little tent

I bought one a couple of years ago, and have taken it overseas, on motorbike trips and out bush.

Well ventilated, but that does mean that its chilly in cold weather. Ok in hot weather. It fits me at over 6ft ok.

I have used it in moderate rain with no leaks, haven't used it in a big storm yet..touch wood.

I would like to upgrade to a lightweight dome style for more room for me to shelter in, but for the price of this I am very happy and will keep it for a while.
light, well priced, looks cool :p
A bit low for us tall people to clamber in and out of, especially in rain.

I'm 2 inches shorter and I had it rubbing on my head and feet. How does it fit a 6ft guy?It is a lightweight tent. It does for me ok, I keep my pack in the vestibule. As I said, not much room, I would want.to upgrade to a fancy dome. The black wolf bivy was too small, the mantis 1 is ok for me.

Great Tent

I've had this tent for a few years now and done quite a bit of camping with it. As always a 2 man tent is a 1 man tent with gear. I've never had a problem with it. Although the vestibule area is small, it does come in handy to put boots and other small items in. It has started to fade on the doors but this is most likely due to poor care on my part. It is a bit tricky putting it up in the rain but i found lying the fly over the top of the inner keeps most of the rain off. Stable in the wind and good ventilation.
Reliable, Stable, Good ventilation, Hanging storage
Hard to put up in the rain

So disappointed!

I bought this tent because of the positive reviews and a good price on EBay.
I am only just over 5 feet 10 or about 178cm so average height. The problem with this tent is that it is so low at the front and rear that you have pressure from the tent pressing down on your feet and at the head. My first use I had the worst nights sleep in a tent ever.

Pressure on the head was annoying enough but it was the tent rubbing against my feet that was the worst. Seriously you have to be under 5 foot 9" or so to stretch out in this tent. I usually do my homework on anything I buy but I am extremely dissatisfied with it. If you can't stretch out and get to sleep any further positives regarding this tent are null and void.
Poor design, only comfortable for shorter people


Great little waterproof tent that is good value for money. I am glad I bought it, however I wish the side doors could have also had waterproof sides to help if erecting in the rain.
This is a very compact well made hiking tent that looks great and is easy to install. When it is packed up it takes up little space.
The tent pegs bend easily. (it is worth investing in some strong steel tent pegs.
Because of all of the mesh sides in the tent, expect the inside to get wet if you are unfortunate enough to have to erect it whilst it is raining.

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One drawback of a yellow tent is the illusion that it appears to be daylight if you wake up in the middle of the night, The newer ones changed to green.


Would take this tent anywhere that it wasn't snowing. Have had this tent for three years and still looks and performs as good as new. Hard to go past for the price.
Great tent for remote area hiking. Light and relatively spacious (pack doesn't have to stay outside)Quick to set up (four to six minutes depending on ground hardness) Cool in tropical but seals well against wind and rain. Can warm up nicely in 0-5 deg temps. High vis colour good for emergency location if required. love the mesh gear stow hanging from the roof.
Not a huge amount of headroom. Must be quick to set up if raining because of mesh sides.


Exactly what I wanted for multi-day trekking, great value for money. Easy to setup / packup and carry in your pack. If you like to sit in your tent and pack your bag or anything, this is not for you.
This tent packs up incredibly small and light weight; it takes up about a thid of the space in my 85L rucksack but room on top of it to fit more. The gear 'hammock' (more like a large pocket) above your head has just enough space for a pocket knife, head lamp and a beanie. Side vestibules are quite spacious, plenty of room for your shoes and bag. I am 189cm tall with very broad shoulders and can fit comfortably.
There's not a whole lot of space for a tall person like myself to sit up in the tent making it difficult to change clothes but I thought that would be the case when I ordered it online so no drama. Also, given the low profile of the tent, getting inside in a hurry when it's raining is a challenge.

Questions & Answers

Would this tent need a footprint?
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In my experience I've never needed one. The material is thin but I've always cleared where I'm going to set up as much as possible and its been fine. A footprint might not be a bad idea to keep the general wear down but I haven't found it a problem.


Mantis IMantis II
Room TypeSingle RoomSingle Room
Sleeping Capacity12
Price (RRP)$300$360

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