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Coleman Chalet 9 CV

Coleman Chalet 9 CV

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Won’t rebuy Coleman

After using twice, 6 weeks and 2 weeks, fly rotted from sunlight. Was refused warranty and told that tent wasn’t meant to be used outside for so long. Will never trust Coleman products again. Agent also was unable to source replacement fly. Very disappointed.

Storm proof

We've used our Chalet 9 CV XL tent twice a year for almost 10 years. We've had extreme weather and have not had an issue... until recently where we had a seam leak during long, flooding style rain. Not bad for a 10yr old tent.

Storm proof -- for sure!

I have had this tent for about 3 years now and go camping with my wife and 4 young children around 3-4 times a year. It's a little bit tight for all 6 of us but functional. Recently, we camped near the beach in NSW during a pretty nasty storm (140 mm rain) and not one of us got wet! The tent stayed together -- even in the strong winds. Everyone was asking the next day how we got on and were genuinely surprised that we had faired so well; other campers weren't so lucky. So, if you are looking for a storm-proof tent for a growing family -- look no further!

Great tent features, poor quality construction

We've used our Coleman Chalet 9 once. On first erection one of the hooks that holds down the fly was snapped in half. On first use a zipper inside the tent came off its track and by the 4th day there were clumps of string and stitching coming undone. Our friends got the same tent from the same place and used on the same trip and theirs was fine, so no doubt one of the runts.

The features of the tent are unreal. Pockets, a torch, standing room for a 6'5" me, Lots of airflow, I really like the tent, I just don't like how it kinda fell apart.

After the last Coleman Chalet 9 had broken bits on it (see my other review for description) we were given a replacement. And, this time, there is a massive (2 finger width) hole in the seam.

I'm done with Coleman now, will be considering a Roman Explorer as a replacement. Thank god for how good Kellys Camping customer service is. They even replaced this coleman at my house!
Features, Air Flow, Height, Storage, Ease of pitching, Lots of room.
Build quality

Great tent for money spent

I have had my tent for 5 years now and has been well used mainly on the beach side of camping. It has stood up to some huge storms with no issues. Some of The poles have split over the years but have been able to get replacements. The only other issue I have is that the sippers have corroded due to salt spray which is to be expected to all the beach camping over the years. I have been more than happy with my tent and currently looking at buying another one the same.
Very stable good value for money, easy to erect

Poor replacement policy

Beware of Coleman and Kangaroo Tent City Parramatta when it comes to faults in new tents. We opened our brand new Coleman Chalet 9xl CV tent to find a hole in the fabric of the main body – not on a seam, actually cut into the fabric. We drove 3hrs to the Kangaroo Tent City store to return it, only to be told that it would need to be sent to Coleman for review – not ‘sorry, we understand you paid for a new, undamaged product so let’s get you one of those shall we, and we’ll handle the outcome of the damaged goods from here’. No, no. We were given the run-around. The damaged tent was repaired by Coleman (a seconds tent anyone?) and sent back to Kangaroo Tent City Parramatta and we were expected to be happy to come and pick it up – 3hrs drive away. When we indicated that we did not want a repaired tent, we wanted a new undamaged version we had paid for, we were told by KTC that we had no option but to take the repaired tent and that if we really didn’t want it once we had it in our possession, well then we should try to sell it! Since when did it become our responsibility to shift seconds products that we did not want in the first place? Needless to say, it's still out the back in their store and we're still paying for phone calls trying to sort this out.

Hole in fabric of main body. Fine white mildewy sort of powder dusting the tent fabric in patches.

Look up the Office of Fair Trading. I'm positive they have to give you a refund if the goods are faulty. Don't play their game. Just lodge your complaint online and let the ombudsmen deal with them. That way things will get sorted real quick smart!Yeah exercise your statutory consumer rights. They have to take responsibility for selling you a defective product. So tired of retailers trying to pass the buck to the manufacturer. But next time call first before driving three hours!

Easy set up, durable and affordable

I had been looking for a durable and affordable tent for my vacation camping. The ones I had had in the past were either a pain in the neck to set up or they were really cheap and practically disposable tents. This Coleman Chalet is very durable and pretty easy to set up. I is definitely a good price too.

Great tent

Had to use this tent for an extended time and it was great. From tropical storms, downpours and 70 knot winds[ we picked a sheltered location] - it survived. The centre roof poles bowed to within 1m of the ground, but it survived.
Never a seam leak, none!
The only complaint is that the porch/fly is too small and does not allow cooking in bad weather.
Slightly complicated to erect, but worth it.
Small porch, a bit complicated to set up.

Great Family Tent

Have used this tent on a number of occasions now in all sorts of weather and have not had a moments trouble with it. Husband camped in the mountains through severe thunderstorms and hail and still it is fine, does not leak +++! Bought from camping megastore central coast, had excellent service and paid a great price! Have just trialled a caravan for two nights but are happy to come back to using our tent as there is much better space (we set up a tarp for outdoor living).
Quick, easy set - up, 3 rooms are family friendly, lots of space for our family of five. Doesn't leak. Good ventilation, the low windows in the end rooms are great!
Storage pockets are too deep and narrow - you can't get your hand in to get things out - a very minor problem.


This is the perfect family tent at a great price:

We purchased this tent from BCF for $329.
They where selling it for $399 on special but they did a price match for me, although I did have to proof to them that I could get this tent cheaper at another retailer about 30km away, which was great.
It pays to shop around.

This tent is quality packed with loads of features and I would highly recommend this tent to any family or group needing a larger tent.

We have just come back from our first 10 day beach front family camp which saw rain, wind and many perfectly hot days.

As a family man I can highly recommend this tent
Easy to setup, I did it myself in less than 20 minutes first time.
Absolute, 100% water resistant.
Handles the wind with no issues
Great air flow for hot days
Nothing at all

Great tent for the family

We have used our tent in all conditions with heavy rain and strong southerly winds. It was great with no leaks.
No leaks and did not collapse under strong wind conditions.
Design of the awning does not allow it to be opened during rain. If you have the awning open and up then the rain begins to pool on the top. Therefore the tent will always have to be closed and zipped during rain.

Have found this tent great

Have camped with this tent on many occasions, we have family of 4 but often sleep 4 kids in 1 compartment, store our kitchen etc in centre leaving the other compartment for the grownups, easily fits our camp stretchers and bags. This tent becomes the central hub of our groups when camping and some have a cabin! All types of weather have been encountered and this tent has coped with it all.
roomy, when kids are in they have to leave via centre compartment so you know who is coming or going! Very easy to put up / down

Great family tent

We have really enjoyed this tent as a family of 5, and sometimes extras. It is great with wind and rain and HEAPs of room. Because of height, it is much easier if two adults are around to put the fly on, but my 10yo is now almost tall enough. I struggle to do it on my own.
Even my "I hate camping" husband is keen to come along.

Questions & Answers

I'm Planning a trip around Australia and am in the market for a good quality tent that will withstand pretty well any weather conditions. i will be camping for majority of the trip. Can anyone suggest a good tent to buy?
1 answer
I believe this tenet will handle most strong winds and rain. We have been in some very heavy down pours and strong winds that have given it a good workout. Normally on a longer stay we would have another large tarp over the top to allow some covered area to set up your tables etc. Hope this helps.

Are the Poles Zips replaceable? Does anyone know the cost to do so and where? Our zips have broken due to calcium or similar(white) build up and one pole has split. Do you know how to stop the zips from doing this in future?
2 answers
You can get replacement poles from your local camping shop or the retailer that sold you the tent or contact Coleman direct. The issue with the zips sounds like oxidation of the plastic which is strange. As a temporary fix you could use a vinyl/plastic treatment like Armor All. Perhaps this was a quality control issue as a good zip should not do this. Again it would be a call to Coleman.Thank YOU :)

Do you need to put a tarp under the tent prior to set-up? Cheers
2 answers
Its not essential but we will be doing it in future as it makes cleaning the bottom of the tent so much easier. CheersWe never did and didn't have any problems with it, although we also try and make sure we are not camping in any areas where water might pool in heavey rain.


Chalet 9 CV
Room TypeMulti-Room
Sleeping Capacity9
Price (RRP)$699

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