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Outdoor Connection Brampton

Outdoor Connection Brampton

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Professional service. Very good product

Great professionals, staff super friendly to top it off! The products are very good quality and also was offered to change items once we got wrongly the first one. Very satisfied

The best tent and after sales service.

I camp for at least two weeks every summer holiday and this is the best tent I have ever had. It is incredibly practical and comfortable to camp in for any length of time. It has excellent air circulation because every panel has a window that can be fully opened and pitched so that the panel becomes shade which shields the tent from direct sun. So, it is very cool because there is always a breeze that flows through the tent, especially when camping near the beach. It is also very sturdy and can withstand the worst storm, hail or high wind speeds, and I've been through just about every kind of weather possible. Once the outside skin is pegged down, nothing can blow it over. Many times I've seen other tents around me collapse or blow away but this tent has come through every time with no leaks or tears. And the after sales service is wonderful. The staff will go out of their way to help and will always get back to you if you ring them with a question. They are extremely courteous and one staff member in particular, Peta, has been fantastic. I can't praise her enough. I've had my tent for 6 years now and with two small children, it gives them the space for me to spread out and for them to play on rainy days. I am on my own and yet it is easy to erect and I can put it up with only the help of my two littlies. The tent is light for its size and the fabric and zippers cope very well with the riggers of camping with children. I am extremely happy with this tent.

Best and most versatile family tent

We bought our Brampton in mid 2016 and first used it over a long weekend in November in NW Tas. Got hammered by wind, rain and hail. Other tents got trashed but the three OC Weekenders (Brampton/Bedarra & Heron) all came through intact. No leaks and only a couple of split hornet pole sections. OC supplied us with new replacements free of charge. Since then have used over week period in Bruny island. Easy to set up and versatile in its lay out with end/side awnings and optional awning side walls. Too many features to mention, its just a great tent! Big thanks to OC for their youtube info, FB page and backup service.

Perfect family tent- does everything and more

Bought the Brampton tent after approx 18 months researching the best and most suitable tent for a family of 4. We wanted a tent that is sturdy and definitely wouldn't leak. Bought this tent from Adventure Packed, Majura Park, Canberra. Took the tent away for 4 night over New Year. First night the camp site was smashed (literally) by a freak storm. Minor damage to the inside fly ties (ties to Hornet pole system) and the elasticated string inside one half of poles snapped - the poles did not snap and did their job. The tent did not leak a drop of water. The 'Black Wolf' tent next to our pitch was flattened. Awning poles tarnished which was disappointing having only used them for 4 days.
Took fly sheet and awning poles back to Adventure Packed. Aaron was extremely helpful and contacted Outdoor Connection who were also extremely helpful. A new fly sheet was given to me along with brand new replacement (same brand) awning poles.
Used the tent again last weekend and was a delight. Plenty of ventilation and the head height is great.
If you only buy one tent, buy this one! Heading away this Thursday for Australia Day long weekend and can't wait to pitch this Brampton.
Simple to erect for such a large tent. Watch the video on how to set up and break down which makes more sense than the instructions.

Great family tent

We've used our tent 3 times now and absolutely love it ( all 3 times in the rain with no leaks

Great family Tent

We bought this recently as our first family tent. I watched the video on how to put it up and it was so easy and quick. We were at a big school camping event and everyone was coming by to check out our tent. It is so versatile and well built. I can't recommend any higher

Love this tent!

I do adore this tent. We were in terrible wind for a week and this tent was a rock. Easy to put up once you have mastered it. Did look on youtube to get hints and this made a huge difference. I would buy this tent again and I have five different tents and this is our go to tent when all the family are together as it is huge.

Best tent we've had (and we've had a lot)

This is just an amazing brand. We've been in the worst of rain with the tent sitting basically in the middle of the river, and stayed bone try. Heaps of ventilation for the summer months too. Easy to set up.

Amazing tent ! Amazing service

We bought this 18 months ago , camp with 4 kids . We go for 3-7 day trips . Tent is super quick to put up takes 20 mins max .
We have edured heavy rain and still dry inside . Temperature is nice due to the ventilation. With the fly being nice and big you can leave the doors open on the screen only. we have camp beds and the floor is not showing any wear.
We got a faulty fly when we purchased it- the stitching was holding closed another part , outdoor connection sent a new one ASAP , no cost .
We get lots of campers commenting on the size and design . Just wish I could afford the extra shade parts with 4 kids that would make a great space.
Will buy outdoor connection again

Handsome Looking Tent

Its easy to setup once you've done it for 3-5 times. Its big and spacious. The quality of the material is also good. The extra shade outside is simply an excellent addition to the tent. Great investment.

easy to put up and lots of room

Love this tent. Lightweight and easy to put up; a really good quality tent. 3 rooms that you can easily stand up it, so lots of space for our large family. Lots of good details like zipped pockets for the fly ropes and places to hang things from and pockets to put your phone, torch or keys etc. Withstands strong winds and heavy rain too! As an experienced camper I would definitely recommend this tent to other tent buyers.

Brampton tent, Outdoor Connection

Having sold tents for 30 years, I would consider this tent one of the best available for a family of 4, or more. Many customers ask about the ease of setup, which is extremely simple with this design. 20-25 minutes, max.You have a main ridge pole that runs thru the roof, with side poles slotting in to this. This pole design creates an amazingly stable tent in windy and wet conditions. The tent is the same height all the way thru, plenty of internal space for air ventilation. The fabric has also got great strength, no worries from branches falling out of trees, or ripping under stress. The extra awnings are a great idea, create masses of external shade without expensive tarp set ups. Do not work for Outdoor Connection, but love the brands attention to their customers when things go wrong (not often). Love recommending this tent, because customers are always happy!!

Great family tent

Have had our Brampton for a year or so now and really like it!.
Spacious. Great head height throughout for a tall person (I'm 6'4" and can walk freely around the whole thing. Fairly quick to put up and down (my wife and I can do it in about 20 minutes) and very simple construction. Very solidly built too with the "rib and spine" design, so it will stand up in the wind without relying on the guy-ropes (we actually very rarely use them).
We did have one issue when the central joiner on the "spine" broke when we were erecting the tent, but this was promptly replaced. Haven't had any problems with the bag.
Could use some additional internal pockets and somewhere to store the internal walls if not in use, but all up, a really good tent for Australian camping

Great Family Tent. Excellent customer support

We bought the Brampton 3 Dome tent just over 12 months ago and have found it to be ideal for my wife and our 3 boys. We have the 3 boys sleeping at one end and ourselves at the other, with the centre kept for our things etc. Plenty of space and loads of head height.
The tent is straight forward to put up, has loads of openings to allow good airflow etc. All important features in our climate.
One particular point I'd like to make is the exceptional customer service the Outdoor Connections Co have in support of their products.
On the opening day of our camping trip with the Tent we were caught up in what I can only describe as a mini tornado while camping at Mt Warning NSW. To cut along story short the wind damaged a component critical to the structure (We didn't have time to lower the sides of the tent so were exposed side on to the wind) I called Enogerra Camping ( I also recommend these guys, very nice people) from whom we bought the Tent they directed us to Outdoor Connections.
Outdoor connections organised and posted out the part to us at the camp ground immediately (we only paid postage). The Brampton tent design is such that even with this part broken it was easy to make it work. I used Gaffer tape to brace the original part until the new one arrived.
We carried on for another 2 weeks without looking back on our early misadventure.

We have taken it out several times during 2014 most recently to Tweed Heads for Xmas NYE. Unbelievably on the first night there (yes only a few days ago) we had our overhead tarpaulin collapse (due to best rain fall in 20 years and no sandpegs) onto the tent breaking 2x fibreglass poles.
Outdoor connections came to the rescue once again (no charge). The tent can take a hammering (We had no Tarpaulin for 36 hours and constant rain, there was virtually no moisture inside) and the customer support is second to none. Very special thanks to Peta at Outdoor Connections.
Of course this will come as no surprise to anyone reading this post, we will happily buy any Outdoor connections products (in fact I bought the NEW over head rail/spreader bar and sandpegs for the Tarpaulin from Centenary Disposals, Sumner straight after picking up the new poles).
The Outdoor connections product is better finished than what the chain camping stores offer (BCF etc) . In my opinion after weeks of research and viewing before we bought and having previous camping experience I can comfortably advise that Outdoor Connections provide better quality product and offer a competitive price through their distributors (we shopped around, as you do). It was money well spent and worth the investment..

PS Please do not be put off camping because of the 0.5% issues highlighted here. Get out and enjoy it there is plenty to see and experience.

Love this tent

First time camping in this tent and I loved it, easy to put up and easy to fold and get back in bag. Have read some previous comments and the company must have listened because tent came in one bag and the poles in another bag and both good quality. Would highly recommend.

Good tent - great backup service as well

I agree this tent is excellent quality for the price. I also found the backup service to be great. We had a problem with the elastic unravelling and falling out of the poles so I rang the company (based in Queensland) and they happily posted out replacement poles very quickly.
Propmt follow-up service

Awesome family tent

We love this tent! We are into our 3rd year of off road camping and it is still going strong - no issues whatsoever with wear and tear at all (we use it at least 3 times a year for 1-2 weeks at at time). Its easy to put up and take down. There's plenty of room for our family of 4 and gear. I love the huge windows - they are easily opened / closed/ converted/ screened. The room dividers are great too - as they can be fully zipped in or out as a private room or just a screened room. Can't speak highly enough of this tent. Wouldn't even consider a different tent next time round.
Great quality, value for money, great features

The Best Tent

I got this tent to replace an Oztrail tent that leaked like a sieve.
The tent is quick and easy to put up by one person. The quality of the construction is easy to see straight away.
The tent stays cool during the day & cosy at night by using the windows which have privacy screens. the airflow is great as there are plenty of windows & doors.
The size is great for our family of 4 soon to be 5. There is plenty of room to store everything you need.
I would definately recommend this tent.
Roomy, sturdy, great quality, easy to assemble

Fantastic Tent

I have had this tent for over a year, after looking for a top quality product that was larger enough for the family. this tent is very fast to put up for it size, there are some short cuts that you can take when you have the hang of it. Internal space is huge and the vertical walls are a big plus! overall the best tent Ive ever owned....

Hi, I'm looking at getting this tent. but I haven't seen it up. Is it roomy enough for 2 adults, 2 young kids and a teenager for a week? Also do you put a tarp up over it?Hi,I just went and looked at this tent and I would say there would be enough room for all of you and as for tarps I guess it's a person preference but I always put a tarp up over my tents as it helps keep them cooler and lessens the chance of the tent leaking if it did rain.

A Nice Tent

A good tent for a family holiday. Plenty of space and head room. Pretty easy to put up and take down; but if you want a tent that is fast to put up and take down this isn't it. Easier with some help though, and being tallish is a bonus. Plenty of pockets inside. The bag the tent comes in isn't strong enough and rips easily. Also the tent really needs to be split into 2 separate bags I think.
Plenty of space and head room. Easy to put up and take down.
Needs a stonger bag. Should be maybe split into tow separate bags.

John can you email me your details to: contacts@outdoorconnection.com.au as I would love to chat to you about your comment and also see if we can arrange a replacement bag for you. Cheers Peta Outdoor Connection.Hi, thanks for the offer. However I have already purchased two new bags for the tent that I am happy with. Cheers.

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Questions & Answers

Looking at purchasing the Brampton or the Galaxy as a replacement for a 2 room Coleman (growing family). Was wondering if there are privacy screens that you cant see through separating each room rather than just mesh?
2 answers
Hi Sheryl, certainly with the Brampton the room separating screens are not see through. We leave them half zipped (from top to bottom) as half room dividers and roll the unzipped portion vertically (use large plastic pegs to secure) for easy access between rooms. Hope this helps, certainly a great tent!Hi Sheryl, as Dan mentioned the room dividers have the mesh and the privacy screens plus the windows and doors have mesh plus privacy screens. The privacy screens can be rolled away leaving the mesh in place or roll away both on one go without separating them. We have use our Brampton tents many times since my first review and it’s fantastic. Bucket loads of room and very water proof. Easy to put up for such a big tent. 2 people are needed. We now have the basic set up completed in 20 mins with just the fly sheet pegs to push in. Hope this helps. Breezer.

We went camping over the Christmas break and had a little wind storm and awoke to find ourselves and our belongings covered in dust that had been blown up between the fly the the mesh... thus researching a new tent! can anybody tell me how high up the mesh windows sit up off the floor, and if the the fly flaps/billow out to allow the dust to fly up and in on the Brampton?
1 answer
Hi SarahT The bottom of the mesh for the windows/doors is approx. 6 inch above the ground. On our last trip we left the no see me cover open and dust did enter the tent. However the no see me cover can be opened at the top only preventing the dust coming into the actual tent. The top of the no see me cover is approx 1.8 m high and I suspect it would have to be a strong wind to make it blow over the top and I tom the tent. Hope this helps. Breezer.

We have the coleman montana gold series and after only 16 months the main zip has broken. We like the layout as the rooms dividers have mesh to keep the mosquitoes out of the bedrooms. My son is quite allergic to bites. Can you please advise if this tent has the same room dividers and what material the flooring is? The coleman has very tough flooring and we recently camped for 12 nights with no leaks. Rays outdoors are going to refund us as the tent is under warranty. Is there a Victorian stockist where we could see the tent set up?
3 answers
Hi there. Yes the Brampton has mosquito net dividers for each room. The floor is heavy duty weave. That was one of our key reasons for buying the Brampton, because of the quality of the floor vs the others at that time. We had our Brampton set up during the wettest period seen in over 20 years of measurements at Tweed heads NSW and felt what I'd describe as only very very slight 'condensation' underfoot after a full week of solid rain (no exaggeration it did not stop raining at all. It did not leak at any point.. I'd suggest you call Outdoor Connection directly for your local distributor/s as they may know which one has this tent set up for viewing..Do not know of a Victorian stockist who has this tent set up, perhaps you could ring Outdoor Connection, they may know of someone. The Brampton tent has midge proof mosquito netting on internal doorways, as well as all external openings. There are also privacy screens on internal doorways. The OC website will have specs for flooring, but from memory 14 x 14 denier polyethalyne. Have never had a complaint on this tent for leaking floors. An all round great tent, roomy, airy and very easy to construct.Do not know of a Victorian stockist who has this tent set up, perhaps you could ring Outdoor Connection, they may know of someone. The Brampton tent has midge proof mosquito netting on internal doorways, as well as all external openings. There are also privacy screens on internal doorways. The OC website will have specs for flooring, but from memory 14 x 14 denier polyethalyne. Have never had a complaint on this tent for leaking floors. An all round great tent, roomy, airy and very easy to construct.


Room TypeMulti-Room
Price (RRP)$949
Sleeping Capacity10+
Release dateFeb 2012

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