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Black Wolf Stealth Mesh

Black Wolf Stealth Mesh

2.2 from 5 reviews

A tent of last resort

Purchased this tent at a closing down sale, mainly because it was cheap.... For a kayaker, it is too heavy, the poly floor is probs the cause of this. once up, it is fine and roomy to sleep in.. as per everyone else the poles are a real pain in the rear. it lives in my truck as a backup but I would rather swag it

Not recommended.

Couldn't recommend it, Once erected the tent serves its purpose. However the poles are awkward to insert into the sleeves and poles are difficult to replace when broken. Mine has been binned.

Wouldn't Buy One Again

Just back from a month of touring the Kimberley - top end Australia. Bought the tent brand new. Pitched and put away the tent every couple of days. Having to slide the poles in and out of the fabric sleeves is a major pain. The pole joins snag in the fabric sleeve so you are constantly moving along the tent to free the pole from within the sleeve. This really slows down what should/could be a quick tent to put up. The length of the poles make it difficult to erect and take down if you have to pitch the tent in a confined area. With the temperature in the 25 to 38 range I did appreciate the mesh inner tent. Woke up with a couple of small frogs in the tent on the last day - windy night. "Hhmm how did they get in here?" "Aaha!" Through the tear in the mesh at the top of the tent where the mesh adjoins the sleeve for the poles. Tent binned.


Good compact and simple tent. Good for warmer areas or if you like to have a lot of ventilation. Not good for wet weather setup or to pitch quickly. Would be better if the tent fabric attached to the poles via clips instead of having to feed through the sleeve.
compact, simple design, not a brightly coloured tent.
poles take time to feed through the fabric sleeves on the top of the tent. Takes to much time to disassemble as the poles have to be pushed through the sleeves to remove them. Not made for quick setup, nor for a fast pack up.

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Hello mmancini! I would buy this tent next week but after had read your comment about its nonfunctional on wet wether setup now I am little bit worried because I am going to camping in e pretty wet-mulch place. What exactly made your decision so negative? Which type of wet experience you did with this tent? Thank you mate!


If you love to blend in with nature with a durable no fuss shelter then this tent is for you. (^_^)
Great tent for the price!
Poles are fiberglass not alloy. Though if it can survive a hiking stint in tropical New Guinea im not complaining.

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Black Wolf Stealth Mesh
Room TypeSingle Room
Price (RRP)$149.99
Sleeping Capacity2

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