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Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula

Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula

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Constipation station

I thought this would help me with PMS. I took two tablets on the first day as per instructions and experienced constipation within 24 hours. This was the only thing I changed in my diet and I don't suffer constipation so I knew it was these supplements. I cured it with a big bowl of ramen - the msg always works for me. Disappointed that there was no warning on the product.

Purchased in June 2019 at Priceline for $30.00.

Vitamin B Complex healed my Carpal tunnel

My stepdad had carpal tunnel to the point he could not even hold a cup handle. He heard on a talk back show that it worked for a guy and he swore by it. He immediately bought this product from the supermarket and after 3 months of continuous use he was healed and no more symptoms of pain and was able to have complete use of his wrists and hands. Wished I started it when he told me. Buying it tonight.

Purchased in January 2015 at CountDown Deals for $15.00.

Effective Within More than a month

Almost as good as prescribed anxiety meds but better!

Recently I’ve started taking this although I’m taking one a day because I’m not quite good with following through with the recommended dose. I used to take prescription anxiety and depression meds. I’ve stop because my body were showing bad side affects and were sorted of showing sign of addictions to them where if I stop taking them it would hurt more than it should.

I’ve turned my life around but recently I had a relapse. I saw these on tv and gave it a go. Honestly I feel like it helps me cope by mellowing me out heaps the moment I take it just feels so mellow. I think it’s great. I can be abit more relax.

Expected more from Blackmores

Triggers my migraine, partly my fault as i thought Blackmores is premium product and didn't check they use the same cyanocobalamin based B12 as low quality products, because it is very cheap compared to the Methylcobalamin which is safer for me. But it took me couple of very harsh migraine attacks to discover that :(

What a big difference these have made for me

I noticed a big difference in a week of taking these. I feel so much better and i am not as stressed and they have helped me with anxiety. I purchased the small 28 tablets just to try and now i have bought the large size. The directions say to take 2 a day but i only take 1 a day about mid morning and that works for me. I plan on taking these longtime as they do help to reduce stress, I am impressed.

Cleared up my acne

I was struggling with horrendous adult acne and started taking this because I thought maybe I was breaking out because of stress? COMPLETELY clears up my skin if I take it twice every day. Not sure if it helps with any stress feelings though.

Excellent all in 5 Vit V with zinc

Helps to combat stress and boost immune system in times of stress. For me it was working long hours, deadlines etc with an intense fitness program (5 days). Before taking these I was low on energy, flu/cold every 3-4 weeks and one bout of shingles. Since taking these I am full of energy and much stronger immune system - not 100% cold free but it does recover fast.

Very good

I like this product .It has all the Vitamin B in one tablet .. i find the oppisite to constipation as the B keeps me regular ...
Vitiman B usally helps with keeping regular ...

It helped

I started taking this after going through a week or two of high stress and anxiety period. I started feeling a bit calmer and less stressed after 4th day of usage. It's not a magic pill, but it certainly helped me calm down. HOWEVER, as others mentioned before, I experienced constipation as well. But that happens to me whenever I take supplements so I would not blame it on the product. In summary, it's definitely worth a try if you are going through a high stress / anxiety phase but not so much that you require some serious treatment.

Always gives me a sense of calm and wellbeing

Use executive b stress a lot when feeling depressed or low or anxious and stressed.. best for me, 5 years of loyalty. Gibes you a sense of wellbeing.. also the best cure for hangover. Take two amd feel better in matter of hours. Or two with water before bed, no hangover.

Excellent product that I have used for 20 years or so - highly recommend it.

Excellent product that I have used for 20 years or so - highly recommend it. Excellent product that I have used for 20 years or so - highly recommend it.

Chronic Constipation

I too experienced chronic constipation on this supplement. It took me ages to figure out what it was but I stopped taking it and constipation symptoms dissappeared, recommenced taking the supplement and the constipation was back.


I used this pills for a while. I had bad constipation with it. I don't know why. I tried taking fibers with it but it didn't help much. I didn't notice much help with the vitamins and stress. I don't advice taking them. I have read online that it might be toxic to have this forumla.


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I am a university student and lately have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work during the exam period. i started taking them under advice of others and now i can highly recommend them. i had had no adverse effects and overall am able to cope better. whether its a 'mental' thing or not its working!

Questions & Answers

Hi, I just ordered this product from a Thai retailer in Thailand and I wondered if the ingredients are exactly the same as the same product on the market in Australia? Also, are any ingredients yeast derived? Thanks
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what is the coating on these tablets, Iron ?
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I believe it is just a food colour coating as they describe it as a colour not an ingredient. If you are concerned about the ingredients the list is there what they contain. They do contain gluten. I always take 1 pill to begin with of anything and wait for 24 hours to see if there is an allergic reaction unless there is a specific ingredient that you are allergic to then do not take them.

If the color changes, can it still be taken?
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I used to be on Herbalife nutrition tablets and they were given to me with a 2 year expired shelf life (unopened bottles). The colour had changed on a few and I still took them but I wouldn’t if the bottle was opened and lid off the jar or unsecured and they had been sitting there for more than 6 months or so and especially if the tablets look different. It’s not worth the risk over the sake of a few dollars. They also loose their nutrition value if left unopened sitting, so they may not be effective. At the moment I am taking expired tablets but they had secured lids and stored in a dark place and I am fine but they may not have their nutrition value. Some are old and expiration more than 2 years but I’m not at all sick. Hope that helps.Google “is it safe to take expired health tablets” it has some good information.


Blackmores Executive B Stress Formula
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