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Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin

Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin

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I’ve been using these tablets for about 8 months and I’ve found absolutely no difference in my hair or nails. I asked my hairdresser yesterday about them and she said they were a con and to stop using them. She said calcium doesn’t help either, that’s another con, she said diet is the only thing that helps. I have been losing weight and that has made a difference to my hair and nails which is why I have been taking the tablets, so I guess I’ll stop taking them and just put more green leaf vegetables into my diet which should help.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $11.00.

Effective Within Did not work

This product really does work

I have been wanting to find a product that works, i previously used a different company which did nothing for my nails or hair. You do need to be consistent and use them religiously everyday but if you do that you really will see the difference and results are great. hair feels healthier and my nails really have grown.!!!

This Works!

Had ruined my nails by peeling off gel varnish while on holiday.. they were in a bad way and constantly splitting and thin.. these tablets had them pretty much on recovery within 2 weeks. Now after 1 month my nails are growing to reasonable length and have got stronger and look so much better. Glad I bought them and now onto 2 bottle...

No significant improvements

I this product isn't very useful, tried for about 30 days, didn't see any significant improvements, there are a better options I have tried and won't spend money on this again.

Could not recommend this more highly

Due to a health issue my hair started to thin, to the point others commented and my nails would just bend with a light touch. I started using these vitamins and within three months (continually taking), my hair started to thicken up again and nails became hard, not brittle.

Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin rescued me

my nail was so soft and sensitive i can not use anything and crocheting or washing my hair is tortured me, while splitting and chipping! Manicures and nail polish is never helped, actually get worse! even I've eating regularly green and fruit! I'm thinking it is from my age noting can help me!... few months ago, I was shopping woolworths looking some headache tablets!.. I see Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin? I want to try! I did and my nail is so strong no chipping anymore no splitting. I don't know is good for hair or not! I have always very healthy hair and I stop colouring few years ago looks pretty good! But I see slightly my skin getting better! some hard points on my legs nearly disappeared. It is very good for nail. I am the good example..

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I am still very happy you should be see my nail looks so nice and my skin is looks good for my age

Hard to tell at this stage but good

I've purchase a few bottles of this one as I realise you need to keep taking over a period of time to see results. 3/4 way through one bottle (I take 2 a day) and I think my nails feel stronger. So far so good.

I can’t believe it’s actually working!

I have been taking two of these pills a day (one in the morning, one at night) for over two months now. I really wanted to give these time to work and I think they actually are. Thinning hair is in my genes and after seeing some of its effects I decided to try these. I notice my hair has been fuller and growing thicker - now it’s not overly noticeable but noticeable enough for me. It’s also been growing faster. As for nails, when I first started taking these after a couple weeks I noticed my nails were stronger and healthier (they were never in bad condition though), however after 2 months now my nails have gotten back to their normal state. My skin has improved except when I’m suffering through hormonal breakouts. But apart from that and the scars it’s left, my skin has been clear.

Pretty good results I'm impressed.

Normally I don't believe in those vitamins but bought 2 bottles to have a try in a couple of weeks my nails have been incredibly strong but gave me crazy breakouts I haven't changed my diet I normally eat healthy and I'm a healthy person. Strangely my face is breaking out ever since taking those but thumbs up because it has strengthened my nails.

Quality vitamins with visible results.

High quality vitamins. I have been taking them for some time now & there is a visible difference. My skin feels more moisturized, my hair grows like crazy and feels more lush and less dry & frizzy. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much change with my nails as I have acrylics done very regularly. At my last 2 appointments even my nail lady commented on how much nicer they look and that the cuticles were in better shape & not so dry! Recently purchased at supermarket for half price to bargain at under $8 for 60 tablets...

Holy grail

I used these vitamins a few years ago and my hair was soft, shiny and long (I have naturally very thin hair). I got a bit lazy with them- stopped taking them and the difference was noticeable almost straight away. I've been back on them for about 14 months aftef chopping my hair off to my shoulders (it was really damaged from excessive colouring). My hair is now to the middle of my back, a tiny bit dry on the ends still but I'm so impressed. My hair usually grows at snails pace :)

Made my hair and nails grow better

Taken this for three weeks and made my nails grow like weeds. And my hair has grown a little from a bad haircut great product. Will definitely recommend it to others

This saved my hair.

After taking new migraine medication for a couple of months, I noticed my hair was getting a bit thinner. I stopped it immediately, but the damage was done. My hair continued to fall out in clumps and became very thin. I was a bit desperate, going to the pharmacy searching for anything that might help when I saw a bottle of these on sale. I thought I didn't have much to lose, and I'm so glad I picked up this bottle! In less than 2 months my hair is almost halfway back to how thick it used to be. Plus it's really made my nails grow. I'm extremely happy with these pills and I'll continue taking them even when my hair has grown back.


I've been taking this vitamins for just one month and it's amazing. My nails are growing so fast and my hair is smooth before was so easy to break and without life; I want my hair to grow faster just waiting to see what happens in the next month. My skin has been always soft and without imperfections so I can't say if it has any effect on it.

Great Product

Great product. Recently i purchased Blackmores Nails and Skin my nails. I am using this product since 2 months. My nails was very beautiful and and increase very thicker..

Great supplement for nails!!

Has definitely definitely improved my nails! Took about 8 weeks to get to a good condition, and have improved more since that. They were quite brittle and crumbly and now they're strong and smooth. As for hair, no noticeable difference (and I have super fine hair), skin has been consistently good.

This product makes a significant difference to my nails

Whenever I take Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin my nails start to improve. I haven't really paid attention to what it does for my skin or hair because I only wanted to deal with my nails.

I've tried the Swisse vitamins recommended by another reviewer but they made me feel seriously sick in the stomach. Had to throw them away.
Inexpensive, doesn't make me feel sick, seems to work well for me

Im also using blackmores hair and nails for years my hair was falling out so much so that My hair was incredible thin. Now after only 2 days it has stopped falling out I really think that In 12 weeks My hair will be thick again.My mother 75 and I have been regular users. We had thinning hair come back. My mothers hair dresser has commented on regrowth of fine new hairs at her scalp that has taken away any worry. I used it for menopausal shedding, I was also going through a weight loss regime which didnt help. My hair has grown back to its original thickness.We were taking the tablets for more than 6 months and now supplement with a lower dose as maintenance.

Questions & Answers

Hi.... Is it safe to commence using Blackmores Nail Hair and Skin whilst taking Blackmores Teenage Multi-Vitamin ?
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Hello Silvia, Sorry i have been on holidays. I'm not sure that I'm qualified to answer that question, i would check with your gp to be absolutely sure. My personal understanding is that they are like a vitamin (herbal), but perhaps taking the multi-vitamin would cover the same things? Best to check and be sure & safe. :)

I bought blackmore nails, hair & skin, but the table is look differently from the previously. previous one the colors is orange and smooth. but this time, is lightly orange with some spots on the surface. Could you please give me some advises about this differences? Thank you
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Im gonna use blackmores hair.nails and skin product first time..i just wanna know about this product and are there any side effects?
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Hi Sherin. When I started on this it would make my stomach upset. So make sure you have it with meals and drink plenty of water.It should be fine.


Blackmores Nails Hair and Skin
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