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BlackVue Dual Camera DR650S-2CH

BlackVue Dual Camera DR650S-2CH

3.8 from 30 reviews

Only Dash cam to Have

Needed to be hard wired but well worth the effort. So impressed will keep it for whatever car i drive even though costly to have hardwired. Havent needed to update software after 2 years of wear. Costly to buy but so much better than cheaper dash cams. Before buying a dashcam its worthwhile doing the research. This product is worth the money.....

Thanks very much for your review :) If you ever considering upgrading your system, then please get in touch with us so we can help you out. Thanks again, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty LtdIts working fine thanks


I wouldn’t recommend this camera at all, it’s been nothing but trouble. The WiFi connection is hopeless, it only works if you sit in the car right next to the unit. So it’s pointless. It takes several attempts to login once you do get the WiFi connection, the unit keeps saying “wrong password” even though it is the right password that has been saved on my phone from the previous log in. Contacted BlackVue and was told to download the new firmware, which is a complicated process with little instruction. That changed nothing. Issue remains. The camera also interferes with my cars DAB radio making it pretty much impossible to listen to the radio at all because it keeps dropping out. I have put noise suppression choke ferrite core clips on the cables which didn’t help either. To watch a video back takes ages to download when watching on your phone, but does work well if you can be bothered removing the card to plug into your computer. I also got the power pack for constant recording. The motion detection is a load of rubbish, I have the settings on the lowest possible detection and it just constantly records. So in the garage at night with zero movement the camera just keeps making new files with nothing happening. It should only start recording and create a new file once some movement is detected. So if I did have an accident I’d have about a day to get the vision before it would be recorded over with files containing nothing. I would expect these issues from a cheap $100 camera but not from a expensive “top of the line” camera like this. Would definitely NOT recommend.

Hi Brendon, Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your BlackVue dash cam. All the issues you have raised sound like they can be resolved: 1. The WiFi signal is designed to be short range to conserve power and maximize run times. If you wish to connect to the camera away whilst you're away from the car, this can be done through the BlackVue Cloud typically by connecting the camera to a mobile LTE dongle that can be kept in the car. If you have troubles connecting to the camera whilst in close proximity try resetting the "network settings" on your phone, this generally resolves connection issues however outside signals can also interfere such as multiple networks in the area. 2. DAB Radio interference can happen if the coax cable or if the front or rear camera is too close the radio antenna. Whilst shielding is built in to the cable, the cable size also has to be taken in to account for easy installation. Longer cables are available from any BlackVue retailer if the cable needs to re run to avoid the interference. 3. The motion detection feature is triggered by any movement within either scope of view. This also includes immobilizer lights which can cause the symptoms you describe. Please feel free to get in touch with our support team so we can facilitate with your camera set up and ensure your camera is performing as desired. Look forward to hearing from you. James BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167 Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00 AWSTHi Brendon, Just touching base to see if you have had any joy resolving the problems you were experiencing? Our support team haven't heard from you, feel free to get in touch if you would like any help. Best Regards, JamesHey James, unfortunately I haven’t. Understand your point about WiFi range. Even when I’m connected to the wifi the camera keeps saying “WiFi hotspot unavailable”. I’ll try the phone settings reset. Does the motion detection have the same view/range as the camera view? The 2 lights that flash on the front doors aren’t in view and are angled out the door, so they shouldn’t be setting it off. I also bought the battery pack that apparently turns the camera off before it runs the battery flat, this wasn’t the case. My new cars battery was completely dead. So this expensive project keeps getting worse.s The support team are only open when I’m at work.

Expensive Popular Camera and Pretty Reliable

I bought this about 12 months ago when I picked up my new car got it installed a week later after picking up the car, the camera was all setup and functioning a few months later upgraded the SD card to the black box 128gb card. All working for about 8 months then the battery seem to be an issue because it was not holding the settings would of have to reset the camera once a month due to time and date was incorrect. I went back to the dealer to get it assessed been advised it just needed a firmware update. The camera was up to date prior, didn’t believe it and got in contact with Auto black box and they had for it replaced with a new one. I would of given it a lower rating but auto blackbox restored my faith in reliability of blackvue brand. I was at first upset as I bought the latest dash cam and a month later the newer edition came out and couldn’t return it.

Hi Vincent, thank you for taking the time to review your camera and overall experience with our company. I'm sorry to hear you initially had issues however it's great to know our team was able to resolve your issue and restore your faith in our brand and our company. As for the new models, believe it not we only received about a weeks notice that it was being released as well, we were equally surprised. Thanks again and please do not hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. Regards, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Just wanted to touch base the camera is now have been replaced 4 times already and the guys say it was being returned as a good gesture of will as they said i only get 1 year warranty. but i thought the consumer law gives me 2 years. i still occasionally get the check SD card error and when i unplug the cam and plug it back in 10-15 mins it works again!! i really wish i can retract my post and change this to a 1 star as what service is this and i clearly thing the model i got is a dud!!!Hi Vincent, sorry to hear of the issues you have been having, but I have reviewed the emails between yourself and our support team, and to be fair the service you are receiving is far from being described as a dud. If you are having further issues, then please get in touch with us so we can resolve them for you. As for the consumer 2 year warranty you mentioned, this is not the case, but we are still happy to offer any support, no matter the issue or time frame. Furthermore, if your retailer is not willing to offer you support, then please let us know so we can address this with them directly, we always encourage our retailers to offer the best after sales support to our customers. Regards, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.


I have a fleet of cars, and one Blackvue 650 2 ch, nothing but issues from day on, cable to rear renewed, rear camera stopped no power now, multiple issues with the upgrades, and cloud etc,
I think the rear camera is better than the front on video, but it never works, so thats in the bin.
No more Blackvue for me.

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Hi annoyed, We're sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with your DR650-2CH, we certainly can understand your frustration. I hope you've had a chance to email us at support@blackvue.com.au so that we can give you the right assistance and provide you with the customer service you require. Unfortunately with all electronic products there is a chance of failure. The front camera should be providing better picture than the rear, it is possible your front camera has a sensor fault. Nevertheless, please get in contact with our support team and we'd like to be able to help you out as best as we can. Thank you. Regards, Caleb BlackVue Australia

Not worth the money

Purchased this unit 18 months ago. Had it fitted by an auto electrician complete with the power magic pro. This unit worked well for the first 6 months but then came daily issues, ranging from, loss of audio, no recordings, turning on and off at random times. Seriously every couple of weeks something would go wrong. I contacted blackvue support and with there assistance via email over a 6 month period, it was diagnosed as having a broken NAND memory??
Anyhow since it was outside the warranty period they were not prepared to fix it at there cost.
Not happy with the product, will be removing and throwing in the bin over the weekend.
Save your money.

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Hi Blue, Thank you for the review and your honesty. I'm not sure if you have been in contact with us, BlackVue Australia, but we definitely would have been able to help regarding your issues. In situations like this we like to provide you with 5 star customer service, as it is a strong foundation of BlackVue and our principles. I hope you can contact us on support@blackvue.com.au and speak with our support team, who should be able to assist you. Please let us know if we can assist further. Regards, Caleb BlackVue Australia

motion sensor warnings are flooding in post firmware upgrade


Today I upgraded the firmware of my dashcam.

Post the upgrade, the sensor warnings are flooding in despite the fact that I have put the impact sensor to 20. I have tried multiple numbers ranging from 20 to 100 and not seen a change. Surely I can't set it to too low so wonder what the ideal number.

Has anyone seen this issue?


Can’t trust this camera, I purchased it to safe guard any claims against me in an accident. It has f

How many words does it take to let you know that I feel very dissatisfied with the purchase of this unreliable dash cam, I thought I was buying the best but maybe a cheap one would have served better. It is obviously a bad unit as you have discontinued it that’s the best thing for it.

Hi Eric, Sorry to read that your experience with BlackVue has not been a positive one, we certainly would like the opportunity to inspect your camera to find out what the cause of the issue is. As for the model being discontinued, this was to make way for the newer models, just like most tech companies do with their products, it wouldn't make sense to sell two flagship models at the same time,however the DR650S is still available and fully supported :) Look forward to hearing back from you: support@blackvue.com.au Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Hi Tom, firstly this review is for the DR650GW/2CH not the S. The camera is at Bkbox and has a fault that requires it to be returned to the factory, I have been made an offer of sorts but does not address the problems over the past 18months. The camera went into fault with a card after 3months card replaced then again approx 5months later, again 4months later. At this point I upgraded to a 128 card supplied by black box refunding cost of burnt 16 card this card burnt after about 4months. The retailer said it was beyond them and suggested I go to black box direct which I did they replaced the card which burnt up again now they say it’s a unit fault. When I purchased the camera I thought I was buying the best most reliable camera, it looks good picture quality is great.... but.....it turned out to be the opposite, I should have been given the opportunity to have my money back or a replacement free of charge before the warranty ran out. I need a camera that works as an incident can occur in seconds......yes I have a camera......but it doesn’t work......can you Tom tell me that the replacement S refurbished model offered will work and I can feel safe in case of an accident or whatever. I really would have preferred to be giving a glowing report on the camera but it really has been a very bad purchase and experience. Regards EricHi Eric, apologies for the confusion, I noticed the review subheading was titled DR650S-2CH. I have spoken with the RMA team and they have agreed to replace your current GW with an S series, at no charge of course. Hopefully this will resolve all the issues you have been having and will restore your faith in BlackVue once again - and perhaps at some stage you will feel comfortable to re-evaluate your 1 start review :) Thanks again Eric, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Best dash cam and best customer care

I upgraded from the 650w to the 650S 2CH.
The cameras are fantastic. Prior to upgrade, the service and actual customer care from
Auto Blackbox was exceptional.
I strongly recommend anyone experiencing technical issues to contact them for solutions and guidance first. They know the product and will have the best option for you. They truely care about their customers. I can’t recommend them enough.

A little story about the first difference i noticed in the upgraded cameras.

I had an evening meeting to attend and I arrived early. I turned the ignition off and sat in my car going through emails for about 15 minutes. I went to the meeting and when it’s finished i get back into my car and turn the ignition on, the camera turns on as usual then i hear “an impact was detected in parking mode”

I drive home and start walking around my car checking for damage. I see none.
I jump in the car and look at the footage recorded whilst i was in the meeting. Nothing.
I check the event on the camera and there I see a woman walking past the front of my car carrying a hand bag. I think, she must have hit my car with her bag. I get out and check the front of my car again but can’t see any damage. I go back inside my car and check the footage again. I notice this woman is walking towards the same building i was in. Who is she? I take a closer look and it suddenly dawns on me... it’s me.
Because i turned the ignition off and sat in my the camera went into park mode.closing my door after this registered as an impact.
Love this camera!

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Hi Lidia, Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Its great that you are using the parking mode feature to its full potential. Should you need any assistance in the future please get in touch with us at Auto BlackBox, one of the staff will be happy to help. Best Regards, James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

The most irritating distracting unintelligible voice ever

Four days after installation I emailed Blackvue about the helium assisted voice they now have on the dashcam. Their response was - just turn it off!! I have paid a substantial amount for this system and find the voice SO irritating and additionally almost incomprehensible when the car is running. As it is installed just behind the rearview mirror having the announcement is my indication that the system is working.
I have an older model that just plugs into the lighter socket and the voice is clear and van be understood.
I have just had it checked and the 'fix' was to turn up the volume so I can hear helium girl slightly louder. Was informed that they are all like that.
The camera etc is probably ok but the distraction level when you are driving is unacceptable.

Hello CazR, thanks for letting us know about this particular issue. Have you contacted BlackVue Australia, or BlackVue overseas? If your new unit has a faulty speaker we can arrange a replacement for you right away. Please message us with your name and place of purchase for immediate support. We hope to hear from you very soon. Thank you, BlackVue AustraliaI did contact BlackVue Australia and that was where I was given the suggestion to turn the volume off. I have had the installer check it and replaced it with another one- just the same. Will try and message you later today.Hi CazR, I'm not sure about the team member that may have said that but I assure you our first priority is always to offer a replacement to the customer. While we will do all we can - I am not particularly sure on what the problem with the voice is as this would be the first report of this nature on the DR650S series. Does the voice on your unit match the voice shown on the various Youtube videos that demonstrate the DR650S booting up? Alternatively we can send you a recording of a DR650S booting up here and you can check if this matches your camera. Thanks again

Won't power up after upgrade to v1.008

Installed with Power Magic Pro. Worked perfectly until I upgraded the firmware to v1.008. It started continually powered on and off by itself when I was driving for a whole day, and it didn't power up at all the next day. Does the firmware v1.008 has a big issue? Because I saw your website released a newer firmware v1.009 immediately. But as I can't power up the unit I can't upgrade it to the latest version. Very disappointed as I just used it for two weeks.

Hi Cherle, as the Australian representative for BlackVue we would like to do all we can to help you out, and we really hope we get the opportunity to do so. While we are not aware of the firmware for a camera affecting a power control module we will investigate this and if you can get back to us we will have our support team (Australia) contact you when we return to office on the 8th Jan. We hope this is satisfactory and look forward to assisting you further. Regards, Support Manager BlackVue Australia.Hi Cherie, Just touching base to see if you had managed to get your camera working? Please feel free to email me at support@autoblackbox.com.au if you are still experiencing issues with your camera. We will certainly get this resolved for you or replace your camera with a new one. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.I got this resolved by reinstalling the camera and power magic pro and I installed the latest firmware by copying the files to the sd card. Now it works fine. Hope this could help people who have similar problem.

It might suit your vehicle, but I regret this purchase

I did a lot of research to find a dual-channel camera suitable for a convertible. Ultimately chose this one. It is a good camera, with good video and audio quality, but you'd expect that for a $558 (+extra for essential 'accessories' like a cable and polarising filter) camera!
My main complaint is that the front-facing camera image is upside-down. Because of the rain sensor on my windscreen, I have to mount it in a particular position (to keep my view unobstructed). While the rear camera has an option to invert its image, the front one does not have this option. It cannot be that hard to add a feature that already exists for one camera to the other camera! We're not asking them to invent anything new.
Many customers have requested this option from the manufacturer on their support forum. Their response was for us to just invert the image in their viewer software - but that then makes the date, time, speed, etc, text all appear upside-down! And with the rear camera view displayed picture-in-picture, the rear camera image then becomes upside-down. This is not a valid solution.
If you export the video from their software (i.e. to give to law enforcement or court as evidence), the image is upside-down regardless of the settings in the viewer.
The advertising stated 360 degree rotation, which is misleading when only 180 of it is usable to result in an upright image.
On their forum, the manufacturer has stated that they are considering our 'suggestion', but now - a year later - they still have not included this feature in any firmware updates while they keep releasing 'new' products.
While I was researching, the other camera that made the shortlist was the MiVue 850 Dual. I should have gone with that one. I regret purchasing the BlackVue - it is not fit for my vehicle (despite their false advertising) and the after-purchase support is lacking.

Hi RJM, Sorry to hear your camera is not working as expected. It might be worth flipping your set up left to right so the cables are on the right hand side of the vehicle. This will result in the front camera image being the correct way up. I have included a link below for the manufacturers suggestions page for your convenience https://helpcenter.blackvue.com/hc/en-us/community/topics/200589447-Feature-Suggestions Regards, James Auto BlackBox Pty LtdTypical of their customer service - didn't even bother reading what I wrote: "Because of the rain sensor on my windscreen, I have to mount it in a particular position (to keep my view unobstructed)." And he thoughtfully provided a link to "he manufacturers suggestions page for [my] convenience" - where several customers have already requested this feature since November 25, 2016, as I also described in my review, along with their asinine 'solution' to flip the image in their viewer software. In fact there are duplicate requests for this feature on that forum.Hi RJM, Sorry that you feel we didn't read your review, however I can assure you that we did and we have forwarded your suggestions to the manufacturer in Korea already. We always encourage customers to make their feedback directly to the manufacturer as well, this will help with improvements when they implement future firmware changes. Our position as the sole Australian Distributor for the product and not the manufacturer, limits our opportunity to make direct changes such as the one you mentioned, but we always forward feedback to the manufacturer regardless if it has been done before or not. I am happy to forward their reply as soon as we hear back from them. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

dash cam heaven

Yes, there are a lot of products out there that do similar jobs and at a much more affordable price point BUT....THIS product is fan-bleepin-tastic. Easy to use and review the SD card. Unobtrusive and not in the driver's view, great video quality, maps, GPS, anddriving data. I literally would NOT be without it and the dual camera option is well worth it and now I have had need of some after-sales service, it not only matches the product but stands out as a credit to the company. Don't consider cheaper products just to save money,. THIS does THE LOT and is worth it. We have a dual camera for both of our cars and feel safer for it.

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Hi Viking, Its great to hear you are enjoying your DR650S-2CH and the the service has been of expected high standard. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Best Regards James Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd

Very high quality camera solution

This isnt just a camera, it is peace of mind! I can now log in and check my car from anywhere, anytime! Very easy to install and setup. The quality of the camera footage is fantastic as well! No issues with anything - instructions are clear and simple.

Highly recommend

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Hi Rene, Really appreciate your review!! Glad to hear that it was a seamless and hassle free set up. Thanks, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

This is Perfeet, can't live without my BlackVue

It's easy to use and even an app to connect to it inbuilt WiFi. I love it, It's got record while car is parked which is the best as being a deliver driver I park and stop all the time, I'm on the road most days so it's caught a lot of crazy drivers even a hit and run on my van..

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Hi Ozzy, Feel free to share some of the videos you have captured on our Facebook page, we always love to see footage our customers have captured. Cheers, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Excellent low profile dash cam.

Recently installed the DR650s 2 ch system with power pro magic. Very discrete profile with HD front camera 1080 and 720 rear camera. Optional power pro installed to prevent draining battery when in park mode. Easy application installed to change settings and review any footage. Plenty of easy to follow instructions on their web site and utube.

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Thanks for the review Brazilnut, definitely a great choice with the DR650S-2CH and Power Magic Pro. Cheers, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.


By far the best car camera ive seen and brought on the market would never buy any other car camera blackvue is the best the two channel is great as you can record front and back of car and the recording even after parking is awesome keep up the great work blackvue

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Hi David, Thanks for the review!! Really happy to hear how much you love your BlackVue. Cheers, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Mind at Ease.

Best thing since slice bread. I hear all the time he hit my car and denying it. Great to have for the safety of your family, all you hear these days is people getting hijacked. You need to see it with your own eyes to believe it. Great product. ✅.

Hi Davo, Thanks for leaving a review. Great to hear you're enjoying you new BlackVue. Cheers, James. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.Couldn't think of anything better. Especially when disputing the speed travelling. It's all being recorded in front of your eyes, when, where, what & whom. Love it cos the truth hurts. Recommend this product 10 million times over..

Blackvue 2 Channel dash camera

I keep on coming back to Blackvue to purchase their latest cameras. Just bought my third 2 channel camera, this time to take advantage of the 'over the cloud' option. The second camera I bought had an improved resolution. The first Blackvue camera I bought suited my needs perfectly. All purchases were made online using the dealer locator from Auto BlackBox. Their service and after sales assistance is first rate. Don't mess about, go buy a Blackvue camera. I didn't regret it, I am sure you wont either.

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Hi Roger, Thanks for the great review. It's great to hear how happy you are with your 3 BlackVue dash cams and best of all, you are our 100th review :) Thanks again, James. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Fantastic, Friendly, Helpful, Unbeatable Price, Experienced, Top Product and Service!

Thank God for Google and John from Automotive Superstore.
If I didnt google for the BlackVue Dash Cam I would have ended up paying $1350 for a similar dashcam from a Car Dealer.
Secondly... having chatted with John from Automotive Superstore my shopping experience was an absolute breeze and his advice/customer service was splendid. I hadnt received such honest advice for a while now and it was absolutely refreshing to find a person who knew what he was talking about.
I bought the BlackVue DR650GW dual dash cam and Automotive Superstore had the best Unbeatable pric eon this product.
Even the Power Battery (hard wired) and Memory Card are at an unbeatable price on their store and I couldnt be more happy saving over $900!!!!!
I will get an Auto Electrician to install this dash cam as dont want to fiddle with my new car. Even after paying an Auto Elect for installation I will be saving over $700!

Thank you Automotive Superstore for your Unbeatable Prices and Great Service. I will be recommending this Online Store to everyone looking for help in buying any automotive parts.

This Store gets a 10/10 Hands Down!!!!!!!

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Hi waynoshaw, Thanks for the review, I'm glad to hear that Automotive Superstore were able to look after you on price and service. Thank you, Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

Just as they advetised, it performs as per their specifications...

Out of the box, easy for a novice to install. Software to review the footage performs really well with great definition and frame rate. Quality of footage is awesome and would really be an advantage in an insurance situation. It will be your defence if somebody tries to claim you were at fault. A picture tells a thousand words.
Well done BlackVue on a product that more than matches the advertised data.

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Hi Shaun, Thanks for the fantastic review. We really appreciate your feedback. Tom. Auto BlackBox Pty Ltd.

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Hello I have the blackvue dr650s/ 2ch bought it a few days a go. Everything is great only one problem is I can’t see the videos in the app I need to remove the sdcard to watch them in my laptop I don’t know why can’t do the upgrade of the blackvue by the app And especially about videos can’t see them in the app blackvue is empty every time How can you help me please ? And what is the firmware for my blackvue? Thanking you in advance
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You should get support from your installation.Hello Nab, I am no expert on this issue. I contacted this site for help, which they gave and fixed my problem, :- " Support Team - Auto BlackBox [support@autoblackbox.com.au]" This is the information they sent to me and it fixed my problem:- "They have informed us that it is the current viewer version you have installed that is causing the issue. Can you please try installing the version below. https://www.blackvue.com.au/support/downloads/dr650gw-series/dr650s-2ch/pc-cloud-player/windows/ Please advise if the issue still persists." They are a great support team and responded ASAP to my enquiry, I think they will be your best option to fix your problem. Also I have NOT used a "app" to download my film footage, I take out the sd card and use my computer, don't own a "smart phone :)" Sorry if this is not very helpful but I cannot offer you much more! Regards Tassie Devil

Hi , So i recently upgraded my old DR550GW-2ch to a DR650S-2ch due to video issue on my old one. Anyway seems the new one with OEM micro sd, it records for a few minutes then says "NO SD CARD". I have tried reformatting it and does the same thing. So i reuse my other 3rd party cards and also the same thing happens. Max recording time I could get on one card Lexar 633x 32gb was 5 hours then same message thru speaker. I tried all these cards back to my old device and works fine after a reformat. Put it back in to the new device and reads "NO SD CARD". Is it sd card fault or unit fault ? The cards i have tried are Blackvue 16gb, Lexar 633X 32gb, Sandisk High Endurance 32gb.
1 answer
Hi Ross, Thanks for your question. This does sound like there may be an issue with the SD card reader in the camera unit. The best thing to do is contact our support team for troubleshooting and resolving the issue. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167

Can i view the blackvue camera without my car turned on.i am not tech savy.i can't see anything,and i don't want to take the sd card just to look.
1 answer
Hi Sharon, This will depend how the camera is installed. Assuming the camera is hardwired using the Power Magic Pro you can WiFi to the camera as long as the car battery voltage is above the 12/12.5 cut off. If your are only using the Cig plug then this will not be the case as most Cig plugs are not powered once the engine is turned off. Feel free to get in touch with our support team if you are still having problems. Best Regards, BlackVue Australia 08 6267 5167


Dual Camera DR650S-2CH
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Resolution1080p (Full HD)
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