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    Rented 2 DVD’s and neither of them worked. One movie played for about 20 minutes and then stopped working. The other just didn’t work at all.
    Won’t be getting anymore movies from here and wouldn’t recommend to anyone else.


    americanwineloverSouth East Queensland, QLD

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    Clueless and arrogant


    Rented 2 discs from a kiosk. One was damaged. Tried to return next day but machine inoperable. Spent an hour locating other machines only to discover they all dispense different cases, so you cant return to a different location. Finally called customer service. No apology. I am to try again tomorrow. Arrogant attitude. Actually told me he didnt appreciate my dissatisfaction with Blockbuster! Dont waste your time or money.

    Luke of Perth

    Luke of PerthPerth, WA

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    joatesPerth, WA

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    How much ID is enough


    So I need to rent a DVD. Our local Blockbuster has closed. Netflix dont have the movie, Quickflix you have to wait for it to be sent out. So I go to Mt Lawley Blockbuster. I have my drivers licence with photo and address, my medicare card, multiple credit cards, bank ATM cards.... I could get a house mortgage or passport.... but not a DVD. I won't shed a teat when they close all Blockbusters in Australia!

    Outragious overdue fees - Poor customer service


    Bad service


    I rang my local store to complain about a staff member whom was know to me everytime I went into the store she would ring people and tell them I was in there the store manager was extremly rude and when I asked for the owners name she would only give me a first name then she banned me from coming into the store I felt this was a huge breech of privacy I tried to ring head office but the number on there web site was disconected



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    From a former employee


    I've work for bb and enjoyed my time there and the dealing with the customers, I'm not a fan of bb head office, where i worked mistakes were made (not by me) and customers were the ones who got hit with fees, it's a dying business, some of the staff were idiots and had no idea what they were doing
    The dealings with customers
    The incompetence of some employees


    twink118Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

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    I like Blockbuster for the variety that they have on offer but i have been disappointed the last few times as they never check the state of the discs before they give them to you which can ruin the movie for you. They have good offers on and the staff are quite friendly and helpful although often they are very young.
    Well known company that have a lot of locations. Great variety of movies on offer and games.
    Sometimes they dont have enough popular new release dvds on offer. i have found that a lot of the time the discs will be scratched and will jump a lot.


    lisha_galSouth East Queensland, QLD

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    I myself work at blockbuster and it is generally a great place to rent dvds. The following things should be noted when renting 1. always bring in competitors coupons eg Video Ezy because most blockbuster stores will accept them 2. Always ask that the dvds are checked for scratches before renting to ensure the dvd or blu ray plays well(alot of our stock has minor scratches) 3. Although we ask for the dvd back before 6pm we dont charge late fees as long as it is in the returns box before we close(somewhere between 9 and 11:30)
    cheaper, late fees are halved if paid on return
    staff can be lazy, in comparison to other stores blockbusters dvds are less ordered



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    doublecurlSydney, NSW

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    Blockbuster is a really good dvd rental place. I find that they have a great selection of movies that i can always find what i want. They also have numerous copies of the new release dvds so i have never missed out before. It's also great that you can rent games. I find though that the prices vary from store to store. The one i used to go to was $2.95 for a new release dvds and the one near my new house is $6.95.
    Good service. Good selection of dvds and games to choose from
    Prices vary from store to store

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    How safe is it to buy a blockbuster franchise?

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    The Captain
    The Captain

    About the same as any other business. Every business is in a very competitive business environment and if the person who operates it is paying attention the profits will be there, but if it is neglected, the business will dry up quickly. Customer service is the big thing and if you aren't into talking to people, stay out of all businesses, especially one like Blockbuster where it is all about customers having a great time watching the movies and wanting to tell you about them.
    Blockbuster will be around in Oz for a long time yet, despite what some in the media keep saying.

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