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Bob Revolution SE

Bob Revolution SE

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Everything you need in a pram!

This pram is fantastic! So feather-light to steer and you can easily unfold with one hand. It lies almost completely flat for sleeping bubs and the built-in hood comes down nice and low to keep bub shaded and sheltered from the weather. The big, rubber wheels and sturdy sespension make it great on forest trails. Any of my friends who have pushed it cannot believe how nice it is to steer - even those with top of the line prams. It saw me through constant use for two children and is still almost new condition. I cannot recommend this pram highly enough.

Love rhe BOB revolution SE

This pram is so easy to maneuver. And it is easy to fold and unfold. Not sure how the weight of it compares to other prams. It is solid. Have had for 4 years and 2 children. It goes everywhere we want to go: the beach, tracks, hills, running. So happy with the purchase. And it is also way cheaper than the luxury brands that are so popular nowadays.

Finally let this baby go after 3 years

After 3 years this baby has now gone onto a new family and is still going strong. Folds flat enough to fit into the boot of a Mazda 3 sedan and it can go flatter if you remove the quick release wheels.
The BOB coped with everything from running on flat ground to adventurous off track walks and sandy beaches. The basket fits everything you need and is easy to reach and the pockets inside the seat area hold snack and little toys perfectly for bus to reach. The ability to lock the front wheel makes it a great long distance running option and although it seems big it manoeuvres through a standard doorway and shopping aisles.
We did not use an additional sunshade as the recommended temps were lower that our daily temps and the sunshade was huge and met our needs. We did purchase the snack bar which was handy but our little shorty found it a bit of a reach so we ended up putting drink bottles in the side pockets for her.

Great off road pram

Excellent to maneuver. The 3 wheels make it so easy to drive. Fantastic on dirt roads wuth the large wheels. Great farm pram. Easy to fold up too. Only down side is that its not compatable for second seat and tio risk is higher than 4 whe prams.
I recommend it.

Awesome pram!

We purchased this pram for our newborn son and are still using it now that he's 15months. It's easy to maneuver, works well on the sand, easy to fold up and has held together extremely well. The only thing I can fault is the ease of using the storage underneath.

I love this pram

Worth the money, easy to fold down and assemble.
Great for active parents, as the wheels and frame are sturdy so off road hiking is great for this pram.
Brake near hand is great to have, extra safety as well as the wrist band that's connected to the pram.
Supper comfortable for your precocious one.
I would recommend for any parent!
My partner and I love it!!

Sturdy, handles all terrain without fuss, folds easily

The Bob pram handles all terrain effortlessly, from rough pavements to bush tracks to the beach.

It also folds easily into a reasonably small package, and the wheels come off easily where necessary. I like that the wheels are pneumatic so are easy to maintain. You can also sit a second kid on the front of the pram, as long as they're old enough to keep their legs out of the way of the front wheel.

The integrated brake and wrist safety strap works well. We also have the optional drink holder.

Best Pram And I Have Tried A Few!

Best pram purchased, worth every cent.
I have tried 7 different prams from cheap to expensive i.e Mountain buggy and this is by far the best. It takes several children's weight and the triangle at the foot rest is perfect for the toddler to sit and they really enjoy it (once you and them navigate the wheel turning and feet!). Easy to fold, light, great wheels, go anywhere. Beach, shopping, etc. I would defiantly recommend. One thing that needs to be improved would be to be ability to remove the front wheel along with the back ones for easier storage when travelling. A possible change is perhaps when capsule is placed on top a little more depth so the toddler could lie down and sleep under the capsule but that is probably a wonder which will never happen. So glad I purchased this pram and my husband loves it!

Amazing pram

Great pram, easy to maneuver, folds easy, lightweight, doesnt tip over. I think I am the only one in my mothers group who has stuck with 1 pram. We got this from day 1 and used the pram supports in it for a newborn. Only downfall is the canopy height, I have a tall child and he has been hitting his head since about 18months.

it's good to start with.

we brought this pram as we was told it was the best on the market at the time. it was fantastic to start with, light, folds up easy and is so nice to steer.!! but when our little fella started sitting on on his own we noticed that he could pull him self up to the point of falling out of the pram (even with his arms still in the harness, the back just pulls right out). i have lost count of how many flat tyres we have had on this pram, and the front wheel is an absolute nightmare to get off to fix, we took it to Melbourne for the weekend and got a flat tyre, with out proper tools we couldn't change the Tyre, so we had to buy another pram over there (which turned out to be an expensive exercise). now in saying the next part our little boy is a little over the average height for his age, but his head is pushing right up in the canvas, there for he will not go to sleep in this pram as he is uncomfortable and sweaty. if i had my time over i certainly wouldn't choose this pram again, we tried to take it back and sent photos to the company showing the safety concern with the back lifting out like it did, obviously they wouldn't take it back. these are all my opinions, but i would suggest trying very well before paying the money for this product.

Perfect for running

We upgraded our combi pram to the bob, and after a bit of hesitation - I now love it. It's surprisingly light and agile with my 18 month old in it. The basket holds more than you think and has high sides so less likely to lose your things!

I also like the pocket on the back just for holding my phone and wallet.

The harness is easy to use and the seat seems a lot wider than my previous pram.

Most importantly my toddler LOVES it.

I'd recommend it to anyone who did any kind of running as apparently the bob is the only brand that is suitable for anything above 'brisk walk'.
Steering, roomy, serious suspension
Bigger than other prams due to large wheels

Excellent versatile stroller

I wanted a pram that could be used in the city or for walks/runs so did my online research. Managed to get the Bob at a very good price that also included the extra accessories. Am very happy with it, compared to friend's strollers it is light, has excellent sun protection and drives like a sports car. My daughter is still very small and we didn't bother using the infant seat, she's been in the Bob from 5 weeks of age using a head support and it's been fine.
Light, easy to manouevre, great sun shade
The only included pocket is the open one underneath the stroller. Our drink holder attachments (parent and child tray) were included in the price, otherwise it could get expensive buying all the accessories.

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This stroller is fantastic, it's like a four by four for babies! :) Very easy to use, great ride even over the bumps, and my little girl is very comfortable in it.

Excellent stroller

This stroller is very, very good. I live in the country. We love going for walks on dirt tracks, and uneven footpaths, but also wanted a good stroller for going to the shops and into the city. Bob is that stroller. The ride is exceptionally smooth. The manouverability is excellent. it fits through checkouts and doors. For off-roading, it's like driving a landcruiser. The large wheels smooth out all the bumps. The ability to use it with an infant carrier is a great advantage. The only downside is that it is NOT directly compatible with the Unity infant carriers, without buying extra adaptors, and this is not clearly specified in the glossy brochures. This is why it gets 4 stars rather than 5.

If you are not mechanically minded, you may require assistance to assemble it.

P.S. My Baby Warehouse is absolutely hopeless. It took 6 weeks for the stroller to arrive (they always show stuff on their website as being "in stock" - an outright lie - this has happened several times now), and when we were in the store, no one told us about requiring additional parts to accommodate infant carrier, then when we bought the relevant adaptor parts for the infant carrier, they were missing critical pins. Buy the Bob from somewhere else. MBW is an awful shop.
smooth, manouverable, small enough, "light" (sort of)
Not compatible with infant carrier without $$$ for attachments, could be difficult for some people to assemble.

Great for running and for shopping!

My husband is a runner and runs marathons, I on the other hand am not a runner. We dont have much money but wanted to make sure we could purchase something practical and find a pram that does what we need instead of buying 2 different prams. We also have a small little hatch back and we needed it to fit into the boot of the car with the capsule installed. The bob was the perfect solution!

We were stuck between the bob Revolution and the Baby Jogger Summit. We decided to go for the revolution as they are made for running and because it was sturdier than the Baby Jogger (it seemed more plasticky than the bob) and because it was much more affordable. We have a Chicco Key Fit Plus (capsule) and found the correct adaptor - so we can click the capsule in and take our newborn for walks, she is now 6 weeks and my husband is taking her for 'brisk' walks around a 5 km course (flat concrete ground) and she seems to be enjoying it. Its has great manoeuvring when walking or power walking and great in shopping centres. It folds up nicely - you get used to the 'flick' to open it - and fits in our little Mitsubishi Colt with the capsule!

I love our pram - fits our little family perfectly. Make sure you look around for prices, we bought it new for $469.
Great manoeuvring, great suspension, can take our newborn on walks using the adaptor
Seat doesnt lie flat, canopy doesnt fold too well

Thank you for your review! I had the same thoughs on summit and revolution and just ordered the BOB off the Babycare site! Where did you buy your adapter from? Sorry for the late reply, we actually bought the adaptor on Amazon, it turned out to be cheaper than buying it at any other store here in Aus

Perfect! I couldn't live without my B.O.B

With our first child we had a Steelcraft Strider (the first Generation) and it was great but bub 1 was quick to walk so in the end we didn’t get much use out of it. This time around I went with the fashionable Bugaboo for bub 2 - We paid 3 times more for it and were extremely disappointed! Sure it looked great and it’s a status thing these days but we became the idiot parents at the park with the 4 year old running off across the oval and the mum trying to keep up with the pram tipping over! It wouldn’t go off road, the wheels were terrible – so anyway, I went into the nearest baby shop and said I need a new pram now when bub 2 was about 9months - I hadn't heard of the B.O.B before so I tried out some of the more known brands: Steelcraft, Mountain buggy etc… but the second I put bub 2 in the B.O.B – I just knew it was the one!

The first thing I liked was the maneuverability… so smooth. It folds perfectly, its compact with the option to remove the wheels when folded, you can jog with it, its definitely all terrain and best of all I can chase my now 5 year old and never worry about the pram tipping over. It’s one of the best pram I have had – We also get asked about it a lot – I call it “the tank” – Yes, it’s bigger than the other prams on the market but if you get out and about and need a reliable pram that can do the miles – The B.O.B is for you!!
It's Maneuverability, reliable and compact.
The seat is slightly reclined and head can touch canopy but really not a big deal at this point.

The Best Choice I Made.

I upgraded to the Bob with my second baby and have never looked back. Fantastic to manover on and off road, narrow enough in shopping centers you dont have to look for the wide isles as with many other prams. Glides over uneven surfaces, mud, long grass almost without extra effort. Great sun protection. Drives so well my 6 year old manovers it with out a problem.
There is nothing not to like about using a Bob! it is all good!!!
The worst part of owning a BOB is trying to find one in Australia, I have noticed you can get them online now. A weak point is the rubber on the handle has cracked (I don't have the new 2011 model). That is the only thing I can find!


Love this pram. Great price. Good for off road with the suspension. Cool design. Good storage basket and bottle holders. Also has excellent sized foot rest. Good for walking, jogging or running.
Easy to fold and quite compact. Great sun shade. Great suspension. Quiet and nice to push. Good recline.
Tends to have a bowed back and kids tend to slump in it when upright.


I have owned many, many prams (as I have 4 children) and this pram is by far the best!! It is great for walking and shopping alike. Everybody who has tried my pram has fallen in love with it and it has got to be my best baby buy ever!
Simply cannot recommend it highly enough :)
Everything! Love, love, LOVE this pram. It is the easiest and smoothest pram to steer, it's a super smooth ride for baby, easy to fold, great sun protection. I could just go on and on.....
I find that now my child is 3yrs, her head is touching the canopy - it is possibly not suitable for extra tall children.


i highly recommend this jogger! It has adjustable suspension if you want to run with your baby. Its so light and easy to push. The sun shade viser is huge and protects baby from the sun. my baby loves it! Large back wheels and a front wheel that swivels makes it so easy to manouvre. Also found it hard to buy in Australia, so we had our shipped out from America. It was worth it.
so so easy to push even on rough surfaces (like on bush paths). its narrow (10cm narrower than the mountain buggy). my baby loves it. easy to fold. great sun viser
not suitable for newborns. still quite big when folded


Very happy with bob, although I do use a Strider for shopping Bob is used for all walking and outdoor adventures. The price was a bargain as we bought the last one in the shop, so even more happy with it due to this.
Very smooth, pump up wheels, glides along footpaths and great for walking and jogging. I find it easy to fold and use the foot brake, also lightweight.
It doesn't have any comfy inserts so I use a sleeping bag and blanket with beanie on cold days. It is quite large and my newborn looked lost in it for a while. We got the last one at the baby shop and apparently they don't make them anymore so I'm not sure where to go for spare tyres.

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Totally the best, great for jogging, great glider, easy to maneuver and great off trail. Wold recomend to ever active mom ;)

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Questions & Answers

Do these tires puncture often or are they solid tires? Do they still sell replacement tires/tubes for this model?
1 answer
Hi Goo, thanks for your question. The BOB Revolution SE has pneumatic tyres, your local bike shop will be able to help with replacement tyres/tubes. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

How is it that this pram is advertised to fit up to 6 years old & yet one review states child has been hitting head on canopy since 18 months old?
3 answers
Hi Julie49, I'm not sure about other reviews, but my son is 3 and doesn't hit his head on the canopy.Doesnt mean because its advertised to fit a 6 year old in it, that it will. My other son has just turned 6 and there wouldnt be hope in hell to get him to fit in it. My youngest is two and you cant even lay the seat back for him to sleep because it hurts his neck. If you like all the other reveiws then buy one :)I believe it has quite a high weight allowance but as other reviews mention, it is not as tall as other some other strollers notably Baby Jogger brand. I have a tall 2 year old and the canopy gets in the way if it's folded back, however when open it's fine. I still chose Bob as the price difference between this and the most comparable Baby Jogger was around $300 - 400. I'm not expecting my daughter to still be using a stroller past the age of 3.

Surely there must be a place in AustrAlia to purchase a bob Ironman stroller? and also with price
1 answer
Britax are launching B.O.B strollers early 2013 stockists and range TBA see Australia contact on the main B.O.B site. I understand that the Safe and Sound Unity will be the Infant seat that can be used after that time. I brought the SE back from the USA recently but still waiting to hear which infant seat adapter I can use with seats available in Aus, I think only the Peg Perego. All the same I will have to get the adapter sent over. Hope that helps.


Revolution SE
Price (RRP) $799.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 31.75 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Weight11.34 kg
Folded Dimensions41 x 65 x 109 cm

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