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Boori Classic

Boori Classic

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Fantastic Cot!

Both myself and my little girl love her cot, very sturdy and strong. We bought ours second hand but with the nature of the cot it will last for ever! It was easy to buy a new mattress for which was fantastic. Would highly recommend a Boori Cot especially if you are planning on having multiple children to use it for.

Bad bad bad

This cot is rubbish my little boys finger got caught in the drop side we had to call the police officer to chain saw the cot apart as well as the customer service was like talking to a teatale just plain wet and slopy no hellos or good byes just a bunch of inappropriate language.

Fantastic well made

We have had this cot for 6 years and it has been put up and down countless times for our 3 youngest kids and moving rooms etc. Still as fantastic as the day we purchased it. As well as the original mattress. Would purchase again my only regret is that I didn’t buy it with my first!

A well-made, sturdy cot

We've had this cot for over 9 years now and it has been used for 4 children (new mattresses purchased for each child). Apart from the scratches, the cot is still in great condition and continues to be used. Very sturdy and well-made. Would highly recommend Boori to all my friends.

Warning to check side rails!

Purchased a Boori seigh cot cost me $1100 brand new, my daughter only started sleeping in the cot after 11 months due to her being in a bassinet! So after 2 months of her using it i woke to a terrible site a moment i will never forget!!
The side rail had completely come free from the top of it and was sitting on the ground i jumped out of bed as my baby had just started to wake up and went to sit up and lost balance and i just caught her before she would have hit her neck and head on the woodern bits of wood hanging everywhere, very distraught i rang the baby place i got it from and asked them for a refund as this cot had failed to meet the standards in keeping my child safe he said boori where going to contact me and speak to me, received a call later that day at 5:55 pm to say that they wont be replacing the cot and that they will send me 2 sides and too consider that they are $275 each and that they will be there in 3 days, i asked what my baby was to sleep in that night as i didnt even own a portable cot the response was to pull the broken side down, put the broken side up against the wall take the slats out put the mattress on the ground, not sids safe but ok!
The rails finally showed up 16 days later!
So just a warning check all the rails to all mothers and fathers using there products.
Wouldnt recommend spending the money on there products :)

Spare parts expensive - postage unbelievably slow - no really is laughable!

Don't anyone lose your screws whatever you do, you'll get stung where it hurts for a measly replacement and on top of that you have to wait while they bicycle courier it over ... a touch under $17 for 4 screws sent from interstate ... opportunists and nothing more ... absolutely terrible experience!

Even the first step is a disaster!

We bought a new boori plaza cot and the instruction sheet was really bad! Even my engineer husband find it hard to follow the instruction sheet. And the sliding part wasn't as smooth as we expected. No doubt the workmanship is great but the instruction sheet need a serious amendment!

Beautiful cot

I love my cot. The only issues I have had with it was that when it was delivered, the sliding pin was broken. I emailed the baby shop and Boori contacted me straight away. They posted me a replacement sliding pin within a couple of days together with instructions on how to fix it.

The drop side needs a bit of muscle to lower it, and when you slide it back up it makes a loud clicking noise, that sometimes startles my daughter.

One other issue is that standard size cot bedding doesn't fit, as it's a little wider than other cots. Various baby shops do sell compatible linen.

Other than that, I am very happy with it.

Strong and sturdy

We purchased this for my son 3 years ago and it's been brilliant. He is a super energetic boy who jumps in there a lot. It's held up perfectly! It would easily be passed down through multiple children and still be perfect. We bought through baby bunting and priced matched from an online store so got it at a very affordable price.

Looks great, not built well to withstand toddler!

We purchased the boori cot 2 years ago and up until this point it's been really good. We don't slide the side up & down as we're both quite tall. Recently the side slats have been coming apart from the top and bottom railing and tonight, as my toddler leaned on the side the whole side fell apart, it seems the slats are just wedged in. Not the quality you expect for the price you pay. I initially wanted Tasman Eco but hated the handles on the dresser, wishing I bought Tasman and just changed the handles. It seems to be sturdier and a better make.

Big, sturdy cot

Purchased the Country Classic cot in soft white for my daughter two years ago. When I first had her in it I though I was crazy to buy such a big cot but now that she's bigger and wants books and toys in there when going to sleep I don't regret it.
It's really sturdy and solid and is pretty much in the same condition as when new and looks nice in her room.
Would recommend.

regret buying boori quality expected for the cost is not there

I bought the boor classic cot and dresser from my baby warehouse in February paid for in full and asked for delivery as soon as available. The cot was in stock so got that on the day. Told that the dresser would be in by 6 may at the latest, thought at the time long lead time but that's ok... they didn't end up arriving until 22 may.

The cot the side is very stiff to raise and lower compared to the one in store, not sure if this is because the one in store has been raised and lowered so many times. the dresser there is a strip between the draws and cupboard that hasn't been stained and the first time I open one of the draws the knob cane off.

Went in to my baby warehouse re the dresser with the knob and photos, manager wasn't in told to email photos and they would call me. Didn't call me so I called 2 working days later, told that boor rep was coming on and they would call back after. Again no call back, 2 working days later I get an email from boor telling me that a warranty claim is in and asking for photos so I email the photos and they reply say they have those photos from my baby warehouse asking for different photos. So I call to ask what exactly they want, told the person I need to speak to is on the phone and will call me back... still waiting for a call
finally turned up
poor quality for cost, bad service

Classic, timeless and beautiful

This is a beautiful cot. My mother bought this for us I have to say that it is a wonderful feature in our nursery. It has a timeless and classic appearance, and it is very high quality. This is a good purchase if you want a cot that is neutral and durable. The matching change table makes a great set too.
Appearance (timeless, classic), good quality


Have used this cot for both of my boys and I can't fault it. Durable and reliable, I know this cot can withstand a terrorising toddler and still be functioning for my youngest who's still using it now. Bit expensive, but worth the investment for your child's safety. Looks great too and really completed the room. Can also be used as a converting toddler bed which is handy for that stage where they're too big for a cot but not big enough for a proper bed. Well done Boori.
Great design, reliable, strong, secure and safe
Expensive but reasonable considering the costs these days

Wonderful Quality & Wonderful Company

We've had a Boori cot now for nearly 10 years and is still a beautiful, stylish bed for our youngest child. The longevity of the cot is testament to its design and durability. Even more impressive has been the exceptional customer service from Boori Australia (in particular Angela ) in helping us find/source replacement parts that went missing during our recent house move. This sort of customer service certainly demonstrates the quality company Boori Australia really is. The customer service rep certainly went out of her way and is a credit to the organisation.
Quality finish and style. Excellent after sales support from the Australian company.Peace of mind that the product will last.

Ok product

On the lowest position, the base doesn't go low enough or the sides don't go high enough as I would've liked (it's the only cot I've owned, so don't actually know if its the standard length).

My son was able to climb out of the cot way before he was ready for a bed. Eventually had to take the sides off (safer than him constantly climbing out), but now very hard to get him to sleep.
Very stong even after getting a battering from my son jumping up & down on it. Still in perfect condition for my next child.
My son was able to climb out of the cot

Boori Classic is great

My wife and I had a look at a lot of different cots. Boori has a great range and are very good quality. We particularly like and bought the Boori Classic cot because it has a really nice design which goes well with just about anything and of course you can use it as a cot or a small bed with side rails. Spending a little bit more for a cot that will last a few children or one child up to about 5 years of age is the way to go.
Appearance, structure, quality
A little bit expensive

Sleeping soundly!

The sturdiness of this cot speaks for itself! Not only can my baby sleep soundly but so can I, knowing that my precious bundle of joy is comfortable and above all, safe. The timber is solid and I love that its from Australia. Even if bub is in one of those 'moods' and feels like letting us all know she's awake, the Boori Classic cot seems to be able to withstand anything! Highly recommended!!!
Sturdy, solid and safe


A good quality cot, if the manufacturers could do something to prevent the paint chipping off so easliy (or even if they supplied a small bottle of the stain/paint colour for touch ups) would give it 5 stars.
Very solidly built, has good quality feel. Drop side mechanism works well - no sticking or rattly noises such as I have experienced with other cots. Big size allows our toddler to fit comfortably.
Paint easily chewed off and you can't attach chew guards to every bit of the cot so hard to prevent this. Our cot is white and seems to show the teeth marks/chips less than darker coloured cots (as the wood is light coloured underneath the paint). Bigger size means cheaper sheet sets won't always fit (but big size mattress has advantages too).

Fantastic investment!

I bought this cot in early 2003 before my first child was born. She used it up until she was nearly 4 years old, and still could have used it longer except we needed it for bub #2. He used it until he was nearly 4 too. I'm expecting #3 now (2012) and still have my Boori cot, and apart from the chew marks (thanks to my daughter) it's still in near perfect condition, so very sturdy and well made. If this bub uses it until he/she is 4 (and looking at it I can't see a reason why not!)then I will have owned it for 13 to 14 years!! (Only need to replace the mattress)

Very much worth the investment!
Very strong and sturdy, top quality and therefore lasts forver!! Looks beautiful (especially with a nice halo net!) , sliding mechanisim for drop down slide is safe (bub's fingers cant get stuck anywhere) Easy to put up and pull down, easy to use, toddler bed conversion plus larger size means that it will last for years
The only thing I could put here is that it is a bit on the pricey side, BUT, in saying that if you keep it for future bubs or even if you sell it the 2nd hand value is still very good, so really, it's worth it!

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I have a Boori casa cot and the recommended mattress that came with the package from baby kingdom is too small. The mattress moves around and there are gaps where my flat hand can fit easily. Is this a manufacturer defect on mattress size or is this how it is supposed to sit? Worried as these gaps are a SIDS risk. I do have images and a video and happy to PM this to you.
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