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Bosch Keo Li-Ion Cordless Pruning Saw

Bosch Keo Li-Ion Cordless Pruning Saw

3.4 from 15 reviews

Bosch Keo. Pruning Saw.

I Have studied all the reviews by purchasers, which have been written over the last 7 years.
Battery appears a BIG problem. Upon reflection I have decided to buy another brand tool.

Purchased in April 2019 for $149.00.

Can't live without my Keo!

I purchased a Keo from Bunnings in September 2012. I'm on a small farm and use the Keo to trim smaller branches from fallen trees/branches, leaving cleaner/safer lengths for my chainsaw. Now I also plan where to fell small trees so when I trim the small stuff off with Keo it's ready to burn in a pile without shifting it. The bigger stuff I use a chain saw and use for firewood. Keo being light is easy to use. I couldn't locate another Keo so bought a Ryobi Katana. I find the Keo outlasts the Ryobi working. I use the Keo on stuff to about 75 - 80mm thick. We had a severe storm 25th Feb which brought down many trees and branches. The Keo was a godsend. Recommended to my neighbour for same purposes - they also love their Keo. Great for pruning fruit trees and young trees too. Would love another Keo!

Date PurchasedNov 2012

Great tool for gardeners with arthritis

It is a very useful tool for trimming camellias, rhodos and smallpox shrubs and trees. Makes pruning a breeze. I used it to help out my elderly neighbour and my sister-in-law decided that dhe had to buy her own after using mine.i also bought the Bosch edhrr and trimmer to ho with it.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

What a waste of money

I had the same experience of not being able to recharge after a few uses.
Would never buy this Bosch again I would probably go for a different brand.
I must admit that when it worked it worked well but do we now live in a society where you just throw away an implement after it's been used about 10 times.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Doesn't last

Bought this a couple of years ago, tried to charge it, just won't charge, it seems to be a common problem with this. Really liked it when I first got it but now it's useless and by all accounts it's cheaper to replace than fix, certainly won't be buying another

Initially the Keo was a great handy sized product but unaware that batteries and inferior parts make

Well I tried to purchase a replacement part and the honest repair man said to buy another saw and gut it for parts because his labour alone is the cost of a new saw. Better off with a Ryobi external battery type and they still have the quality which Bosch no longer has. Enquires were redirected to Mumbai or similar and I can see why Bunnings will no longer stock Bosch.

Initially the Keo pruning saw was a great handy sized product buti was unaware that non replaceable batteries and inferior parts make it a throwaway item if repairs are needed. Well I tried to purchase a replacement part and the honest repair man said to buy another saw and gut it for parts because his labour alone is the cost of a new saw. Better off with a Ryobi external battery type and they still have the quality which Bosch no longer has. Enquires were redirected to Mumbai or similar and I can see why Bunnings will no longer stock Bosch. News flash; learned from Bunnings today that the Ryobi equivelant is to be discontinued also, don't know the reason why.Ended up replacing with a quality Milwaukee Reciprocating saw which is brilliant at cutting all material types; the 12volt is still compact and light enough.Getting great service and product from Australian Direct in both camping and solar. Another quality supplier is Just Tools in South Melbourne or [online for anything smallish], great on price, quality and service also.

Amazing tool. Great versatility

I have had my Bosch Keo Reciprocating Garden saw for a year now and find that it does exactly as promised. It not only cuts branches with ease but with the different blades I can cut small posts, plastic pipes as well as pieces of timber. The charge lasts right until the last cut (about 15 minutes use) and in 12 months the batter has not lost power.
I find replacement blades very easy to find, online as well as in hardware stores. I bought a 5 pack garden blade set and am only on the first blade, which I sharpened very little. I also have two other sets of blades (one generic another branded) for cutting other materials. I use the Busch Keo Saw almost every week and can now do all the pruning work in a fraction of the time I needed before.

I find it much easier to put up a ladder and use the Keo on high branches than try to use a pole saw, which is too heavy for me and not as accurate.
+ well worth the money, strong and well made. I don't mind the charging time because if one turns off the saw during cuts 15 minutes usage is plenty for me.

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My KEO is four years old now and we have not yet encountered any of the problems other users have had. Nearly three years after my first​ review the battery is still charging well and the saw itself is still in good condition. We regularly clean the KEO and sharpen the blades, so even the first set still cuts adequately. I also bought additional blades for cutting timber and plastic to use for DIY jobs. No issues.

Liked it at first, but doesn't last

Bought a Bosch Keo just over 2 years ago. At first I was happy with it and found that it worked as well as advertised, but now, just outside of the warranty period, the battery no longer holds a charge. The battery cannot be replaced by the consumer. The battery is promoted as being always ready and reliable ... but if you can't get it to hold a charge that hardly meets the definition of reliable. The nearest service centre is more than an hour's drive away and with the cost of fuel (think 4 hours of driving over 2 round trips to drop off and retrieve ... assuming it could be fixed) and the likely repair cost, it is probably cheaper to buy a new tool and again have new product warranty cover. At Bunnings, a new Keo costs $149, but a new Keo will still not have a replaceable battery. Instead, I can buy a Ryobi One+ Reciprocating Saw for $119 which appears to be more versatile than the Keo, and uses the same batteries and chargers I already have for other Ryobi tools meaning I can use one battery while charging others and work for longer periods with fewer interruptions. If a battery dies, they are easily found and reasonably priced. Maybe the Ryobi tools are not quite the standard of Bosch (although like another reviewer I find the quality of Bosch products to be slipping), but then I haven't had any of my Ryobi tools fail yet and several are of nearly the same vintage as my Keo. Wish I could say the same about Bosch products, which I once trusted completely.
Worked well for a time, essentially as advertised.
Battery does not last as it should and cannot be replaced.

Disappointing ...

Recently brough the Bosch Keo for my mother to do some pruning - changing the blades is almost impossible. The pin holding the blade in fails to release. Took it back to Bunnings thinking it was faulty only to all in stock had the same issue. Basically you need to tap the device a couple of time (while holding it in the unlocked position) to the right to get the pin to release - I imagine if it is this difficult with no use it will only get harder the more you use it as dirty etc will clog it up over time. Having a built in battery rather then being able to replace it is also likely to be an issue ...
Light weight
"Safety switch" is a bit fiddly, built in battery is a big no-no, blade changes are difficult

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I am soooo happy with this saw!! It is one of the best products I have ever bought for the garden. I am almost disappointed when I have to recharge it (lasts for a number of hours off and on) as I enjoy using it on the trees. So easy to use, although, it can make your teeth chatter if it is not 'gripped' to the branch LOL!! I would, and have, recommended this to anyone. I have a lot of fruit trees so I use it a lot. Have had it over 12 months now and no problems as yet. Have to be gentle when plugging the recharger in as forcing it could bend the little prongs..although they bend right back into place. I read in another comment that the blade is hard to get in and out. I find it to be very easy. Maybe there is a problem with the gentleman's saw but mine is very easy...the clasp opening/closing without any problems. Replacement blades are only about $6 for two. Very happy!!

No more Bosch for me

I have been a fan of Bosch for more than 25 years. No appliance or tool came home bearing another brand. I have tools that are 15 years old and still working. However, the recent acquisitions are being very disappointing and the service given in New Zealand does not even qualify as “service”.

I bought my Keo saw in Bunnings less than one year ago. I did the winter pruning and it worked very well. The battery was lasting less charged but no big deal. However, after a few uses this winter the machine broke down. I took it to the shop and they told me that they would send it for repair and it should take a week or so.
One week later and after approaching the shop to see what is going on, I’m told that they need a part and it will take ONE MONTH. In one month it will be spring: no longer time for pruning!

I called the 0800 number and they advise that there is nothing else they are prepared to do: no alternatives, nothing!
When I told them that in view of the poor service I would consider not purchasing any further Bosch products the answer was “Fair enough”.

When you pay an expensive price believing that you are purchasing quality and you are not and furthermore the company staff indicates to you that they don’t give a dam if you never buy again, you can only conclude Bosch is no longer the reliable, serious brand of the past.

Love this tool

Does just what it should.I found this cordless saw in a random search online - I needed something to tame the jungle but didn't want to mess with chainsaws (I have a small one) and hedge cutters were no good for the bigger branches. I got the last one at the local Bunnings - apparently very popular I am so impressed with its versatility and used it to prune and hack away at weed bushes. It seemed a bit expensive at first but the quality is very good and solid. The battery lasts longer than my trigger finger.

I haven't had it long enough to test how the battery lasts. From experience, this is the weakness in many cordless power tools. Would like to see an interchangeable unit with the branch cutter and a hedge tool for trimming. Mine was stolen a few weeks back... and I am buying another one tomorrow because I miss it!
Well made, perfect for small branches, big help when you've had enough of the hand saw especially as you can cut at odd angles where positioning the handsaw is impractical or impossible.
Lots of vibration. A bit hard to press the trigger and with the vibration I did get some nice blisters at the base of thumb and pointer finger. But gardening comes with blisters and still better than a handsaw.

Good tool for light to medium work

I found the tool to be excellent at first, there was nothing I couldn't throw at it. I still find that the strength of the tool is excellent, but the battery lets it down. When the tool was new the battery lasted for a reasonable time (even pushing the tool hard), but I've found that over what I consider a short amount of time, I have found that battery doesn't last long at all. The tool is still strong until the battery goes flat, which I might add is not very long. If it had interchangeable batteries I think it would be a much better tool.
Strong for it's size, light

Handy Garden Tool

I must admit I was skeptical but when I started to use the Keo I was impressed. It seems to cut through pretty well anything within its range without difficulty and the battery life is far better than I would have imagined. I have been cutting thick bamboo as well as normal trees and shrubs. It's quick and reliable - very impressed.
Battery life, quick cuts

Awesome!!! Makes light work of pruning

Used this to cut branches of large oleanders and bottlebrush. Where it took me 30 minutes to cut one previously with a small pruning saw did several this time in under 2 seconds each. Branches cut were up to 3 inches in diameter and these proved no trouble for the Keo. It is designed to cut branches up to 80mm (3.2 inches). Once the blade (Swiss-made) is in the timber it cuts through it like butter.
It would be suitable for pruning any small-medium sized fruit tree, native, etc. I wouldn't recommend it for large/very large gum trees that require a chain saw and that have very large branches. It is a pruning saw not a chain saw for a large gum tree.
The Keo itself is fairly light and can be used one or two handed even by a small weak person like myself. My partner has a larger pruner but I find it much too heavy to use. I now look forward to pruning the small trees and shrubs in the garden and am actually disappointed when I don't have anything else to prune.
When pruning longer branches I cut them into shorter pieces that will fit into the wheely bin starting from the tip and working my way back toward the trunk that way I never have to hold what I am cutting. I just place the cage at the appropriate spot on the branch I am pruning and cut down through the branch and the end falls to the ground.
I was looking for just this machine about a year ago but it didn't exist. So when I saw it I thought it would be the perfect tool for me and it is.
The saw can also be used without the cage to cut other items like pipes and timber - different blades are used for different materials.
I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who has lots of pruning to do and finds the hand pruners/loppers too small for the job and finds using a hand saw difficult or too tiring. It makes a hard job super quick, easy and dare I say fun. I can't wait to use it again.
Makes pruning fun, works perfectly, makes clean cuts
Expensive, replacement blades not yet available at local hardware store (but are online and should be at hardware store soon), not sure what will happen when integrated rechargeable battery wears out.

Not a toy - actually works!

My husband bought this from Bunnings after the salesman/employee raved about it and I was initially a bit skeptical but I was proved wrong. We used it to prune our five year old cherry tree and it worked like a charm. It was simple to use and made quick work of all of the branches we needed to prune - even some the width of my wrist. The unit is rechargeable and I was expecting it to run out of power before we'd finished but we managed to prune the whole tree and still had power left over to cut the branches into small pieces for kindling. There is no way anyone would go back to using anything else after you'd tried this wonderful saw.
Easy to use, cut branches quickly, not heavy to hold and use

Questions & Answers

How can I order one Bosch Keo Li-ion Carfless Pruning Saw?
No answers

Where can i get a replacement blade? I haven't checked Bunnings yet. I have had it for about 4 years. Amazing little machine
3 answers
Cdaets.com.au or ebayCdaets.com.au or ebay. Becks will usually get replacement parts for BoschThanks for your help

Bunnings have deleted your cordless pruning saw. where else in Perth may we be lucky enough to purchase one? Thank you
2 answers
I live in NSW and have no idea where the Bosch Keo might be bought in Perth, especially as Bunnings appears to be the lead supplier. You may want to contact Bosch Australia to identify an alternative supplier in your area. Basically, the Keo is a light weight battery powered reciprocating saw. There are several other similar saws available on the market. While the Keo was designed for and marketed to gardeners, you may find that some of the alternatives could be used in the same way in addition to the handyman / builder market for which they were designed. Ask your local supplier for their advice and recommendations. The good people at Bunnings would be a good starting point.I bought mine online from a hardware store on e-bay. Some online stores and e-bay stores might still have some in stock.

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