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Bosch PCM 1800 SD

Bosch PCM 1800 SD

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Saw cuts OK, Laser is a useless


Only used the saw a few times when the laser went fuzzy, so I contacted Bosch and they said take it to a service centre listed in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, everywhere, almost, too bad I live in South Australia, I will never buy Bosch again.

don’t buy this drop saw


Like other users, the blade guard was hopeless; I had to reassemble it several times (it’s now utterly broken), and I keep having to reset the blade. I have had my Bosch drop saw for about 2 years. Having also just had a Bosch drill which was disappointing, I won’t be buying another Bosch product again.

Purchased in January 2017.

pissed off

pissed off

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Worst Bosch tool EVER!!!


Seriously save yourself the headache and buy anything else.
Mine had the saw guard jam on it the second day of use.....exceptionally poor design.
I love my other Bosch tools, so this one actually made me sad I had to return it because its practically useless.

Purchased in March 2019 for $430.00.


Davoport pirie

  • 5 reviews

very disappointed bad quality and performance


bought the saw and stand combo from mitre ten, got it out of the box and straight away inaccurate cuts, both indicators are a mile out. could not get a square cut anywhere, the slide compound will not work unless you take the upper support away from the cutting table, to the right the transport knob hits then the gearbox housing hits and to the left simply binds again. ridiculous from a supposed high quality manufacturer
the rear of the handle on mine gets extremely hot as well with a faint smell of overheated electrics when the motor is running
I usually buy Makita, should have done so again.......severely disappointed however the stand is good

Date PurchasedJan 2019



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Terrible quality

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Brendan Moylan

Brendan MoylanSouth East Queensland, QLD

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Average quality for a good brand


Was pretty disappointed after less than 6 months, due to the guard not working properly and the angles being out when cutting. In the end, I modified the guard slide rail so it works without drama, but I always have to check with my set square to ensure straight cuts. The laser got covered in fresh sap from pine timber and now doesn't work cause it ruined the plastic cover... and it was always needing to be cleared anyway as it was in a terrible position and kept getting covered in sawdust. I don't know why but the part which hold the blade on know as the locking nut has worn and now has a wobble in the blade.
Also, it uses 5 watts of power plugged in doing nothing which is a joke.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

This is not the Bosch quality and value I am used to.


I bought this saw last 6 months ago and after a couple of hours use the blade started to wobble. At first I thought it was the blade so swapped that with a new one with no luck. It then went back to be repaired under guarantee which only lasted 5 minutes. It then went back again to have a whole lot of new parts replaced, such as gears etc.This lasted a few hours work before the blade started to loosen off again. Mitre10 then replaced the saw with a new one out of the box. This saw is now also having problems cutting roughly and then the blade comes loose. I have had a lot of Bosch products over the years and never had a problem. I am now returning it for a refund and will buy something else.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Mark U

Mark UMelbourne

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This is the worst drop saw I’ve ever used


Major guard malfunctioning / design issues. I sent the saw back to rectify the issue and the fix only lasted less than a week. The guard mechanism design on the saw just does not work. And after a small amount of use becomes extremely dangerous, due to the need to force the saw down to engage the guard.
I didn’t bother sending it back again for repair as the design problem lies in the flimsy metal bracket that engages the guard. Simply replacing this part with the same only leads to failure.

Date PurchasedMar 2014

Works like a dream


I can't relate to some of the negative feedback whilst some appear to be comparing this tool to professional tools at double the price
I bought mine to build my deck and basic work around the house. Hasn't missed a beat to date 6 months in
Moral to the story don't buy a $400 tool & expect the precision of a $1000 tool, this is after all a DIY product if you want bells and whistles buy Bosch blue

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

JJ41Southwest, VIC

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OK for rough structural timber but not for precision work

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Works well!


I have not experienced all the problems mentioned in the reviews. Four projects I have finished now and it is still running like a dream. The pcm 1800 sd I bought in August 2016 for the price of AUD 399.00 included with stand at Mitre10. I am a satisfied user.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

I rate my PCM 1800SD


Jack J

Jack JDeer Park

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Bosch shows us a good example of ineptitude that could produce injury in my opinion!


I returned my PCM 1800 SD to Bunnings warehouse today after the blade kept loosening creating a disaster about to happen. When I first purchased this it came with the Bosch PTA 1 work stand and unfortunately Makita would not work with so I was stuck with another PCM 1800 SD which is still unopened in my garage as I am trying to find a Dewalt that I can trade for.... Bunnings would only allow a store credit and had no Dewalts with similar specs. I will never purchase another Bosch product again and I will never recommend a Bosch made product- I have a Dewalt 12" slider at my home back in the states which makes this Bosch PCM 1800 SD look like a piece of junk.

Sloppy adjustment


Straight out of box to begin 90 degree cuts and basically stopped. Using it as adjustment was a tedious process. The turret is just sloppy when locking angle. Eventually tightened the turret spindle nut which helped a bit. Realigned the backstop which also helped. Basically have to check with set square each time I set up. A complete waste. Simple parts should not be designed to be crap cos there cheap. Never buying green Bosch again.



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Not a good product.


I tend to concur with all the prior reviews condemning this product. I purchased this saw 15/07/2015 before I looked at the reviews in question and that was a mistake. The laser light lasted about 3 minutes after removing it from the box and using it. The accuracy of the degree scale is not the best, requiring much experimentation to get accurate cuts. I purchased this saw at Bunnings warehouse and hope I hope to return it ASAP.

Not Happy Northlander


Laser light has stopped working within a few hours or cuts, getting ready to take back to Mitre 10 and note the slides have gone rusty inside the housing, saw has never been out side, always been in the shed, like Bosch brand but this is a let down. Now I have to waste time to get the issues sorted

Auckland Kiwi

Auckland KiwiAuckland

  • 3 reviews

This is a big disappointment



MariusWestern Australia



First thing I checked when I got home, were the mitre and bevel angles: Bevel angles were fine at -45, 0 and 45deg. The mitre table angles were fine at 45deg left, and zero degrees, but was off by about 1.5deg. at 45 degrees right. Laser came conveniently pre-broken from the factory.

At least I can say I owned one for about two hours, and that was long enough- it took it straight back and exchanged for a Makita LS1018L, which was spot-on straight out of the box and has a lot more of a quality "feel" about it.

I've been using Bosch power tools for over 25 years without hassles, so this one was pretty disappointing.



Poor product. Poor service


Bought the 1800 SD on local promotion at Mitre 10 store. Was told I'd receive a saw bench as a bonus. On attempting to redeem I was told all were redeemed. I received a promise that it would be resolved, but 6 months later and several emails.... still no resolution. Now the saw isn't working correctly. Has hardly been used and already has to be returned for repair.
Good price
Felt I was deceived at purchase. Now not working.

Questions & Answers

Shayne R.

Shayne R.asked

How can I adjust the position of the laser light?

1 answer
Bosch Power Tools
HayleyBosch Power Tools

Hi Shayne,

The laser light is adjusted when you adjust the tool itself. When you change the bevel or mitre angle, the laser is positioned correctly so that you know exactly where the blade will go.

Otherwise, if you're talking about the position of the laser unit, this is fixed in place.

Hope this answers your question. Otherwise let me know and I can try to assist further.

Cheers, Hayley.

Ivar S.

Ivar S.asked

How to change the brushes

No answers

JJ van Zyl

JJ van Zylasked

I bought the PCM 1800 SD a month ago from Mitre10 in Auckland.
One problem - the saw dust does not go into the bag provided. Saw dust ejects at the back of the saw and goes everywhere except into the bag.
What would your suggestion be?
Thanks JJ

1 answer
Smurfy D.
Smurfy D.

yeah! the machine is simply full of problems, I find more every time I use the damn thing, I am not sure what you could do about the dust ejection and collection system as it stands apart from attaching a vacuum to the dust port, as it stands it blasts all the dust straight into the laser guide and blinds it after a while, what a well thought out piece of kit!!!!, maybe it is time to invest in a dust collection system, small ones aren't that expensive, make one yourself out of a paint bucket (look up Mathias Wandel dust collection on you tube, he has some good ideas, I cant see any way of altering the chop saw to collect all the dust as it stands

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