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Bosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 / 18 LI-2 / 18 LI

Bosch PSR 14.4 LI-2 / 18 LI-2 / 18 LI

14.4 LI-2, 18 LI and 18 LI-2
4.4 from 10 reviews

Mostly great

I've had this drill for around 4 years. Its tough, reliable and both batteries are still in good shape which is what kills other cordless drills I have owned. Done lots of hard work too. Only problem is that it consistently spits out drill bits and driver bits because the chuck does not retain its tightness, also reported by another reporter. Its enough to put me off buying another one when this eventually fails.

Purchased in June 2014 for $199.00.

Love this drill

Very happy with this Bosch drill.
Purchased at Bunnings for around $120. It came in a hard case with 2 Lithium batteries and charger.
The battery seems to last a long time and is compatible with other tools of the same line which is convenient.
Easy to use, has light and battery gauge on the drill.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Bo's view

Great value for money drill with 1hr fast charge, comes with 2 battery's and cost less that $100.00 from Bunnings. Doesn't come with drill bits or driver bits but good value for money. Lightweight enough for my wife to use with ease and will look at buying more Bosch products now.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Perfect home drill

I've had this drill for over 5 years now as it was given as a present. It has never missed a beat in the whole time I've had it. It comes with two batteries which hold their charge for an inordinate amount of time as I have never needed to use it and found it flat.

I've used it for home repairs, some minor bathroom renovations and drilled into brick walls regularly.

I highly recommend this drill.

Great Product For The Money

Hi The Bosch Drill I have owned for 18months and has not missed a beat. Is great for around the home i have used it on alot of renovations and work on my rental properties. I would recommend to anybody requiring a drill for jobs around the home or renovations. For larger jobs or commercial works then i would go Bosch Blue but all in all great Drill for the price does what it is intended too.

Chuck unwinds & throws drill bit

This product was defective as the chuck kept coming loose & dropping the drill bit. We went on Amazon and another tool test website & heaps of others posted the same problem. Go for the AEG Combo kit instead- includes impact driver & is tradesman quality. The Bosch green line is handyman grade.

Joy to use

I've had this drill for around five years now and apart from a faulty battery which needed replacing when I first got it (under warranty thankfully), it has not let me down since.

The lights indicating the remaining battery charge are useful and the dual speeds are handy for selecting the slower speed to drill in screws. It's very comfortable to use and the single-handed method of tightening the chuck is a lot more convenient than some older drills I've used which require the base of the chuck to be held stationary.

It's a great drill to use.

never had a better drill

I bought this drill years ago around $200. I rarely use the corded drill I have. This has been one tough little tool, you name it it will handle it. It's in use every day and the battery lasts for close on a week without recharge. I know some who have bought the cheaper Bosch versions and they've had problems, eventually they all bought the same model I have. Can't sing it's praises enough! Only one thing went wrong with it. The metal plates on the back of the drill came adrift. a bit of liquid nails solved that indefinitely.

Surprisingly rugged. Very reliable

This drill has copped everything from the time I bought it a year ago. Tin roofs, carpentry, joinery, multiple lend-outs and quite a bit of careless dropping and abuse. It continues to work valiantly. The two year warranty is a ripper even though I haven't needed to claim on it. Its nice to buy something that does not break. Its domestic quality but performs like a Metabo or a Dewalt.
Initially, the price. Since then, the toughness and reliability. Light to handle and mostly enough power. I like the LED which activates when you squeeze the throttle.
The case is a bit flimsy but still OK.


This is a great drill for the average handyman. With the lithium batteries, it has enough grunt to do most jobs, and yet is still light enough to be handled easily. The battery life is very good, and has an included charger which charges a flat battery in about 2 hours. The keyless chuck makes life easier, but does occasionally stick. The case the drill comes in, seems a little flimsy, but is nice and compact and everything fits in neatly. Definitely one to consider.
Easy to handle. Nice weight. Plenty of power for the average handyman jobs. The lithium batteries are great. Even if you don't use the drill for a month or so, you can be assured that there will still be plenty of power in the battery. The charge indicators on the battery is a great idea. The LED light may seem like a novelty, but is actually very handy. With other drills, trying to drill in a dark corner can be a real pain. Trying to juggle a torch or avoid your own shadow. With the Bosch, just pull the trigger, the light comes on and you can see where to drill easily.
The slide on the top of the drill which selects the speeds can be pushed accidently when using a hand on the top of the drill to do a job. This can result in a grinding noise, as the slide has only just gone forward a small amount, not allowing the gears to lock in properly.

Questions & Answers

My PSR 14.4 with fully charged battery will only work if you put it on charge for a few moments, and will not work after the trigger is released, until you repeat the procedure. Any help?
1 answer
mate, take it back. We pay for a reliable product and you have a dud.

Selecting torque still slips when you reach 20 and can be stopped by your hand although you can tell the difference as you go up the scale! Any ideas. Malcolm
No answers

Hi, my PSB 18Li-2.....stopped working. The batteries are good, and charged. The 3 green lights and the white light flash 3 times, then nothing. Any clues? Is it an economic fix?
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PSR 14.4 LI-2PSR 18 LI-2PSR 18 LI
Price (RRP)$99$129
Release dateMay 2008May 2008May 2008
Replaced byBosch Power Tools PSR 18 LI-2

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