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Bosch Rotak LI Series

Bosch Rotak LI Series

43 LI, 34 LI and 37 LI
4.2 from 41 reviews

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Great little mower for small yard

I purchased this little mower for my front small yard. It does a great job, I mow regularly so am able to leave the catcher off. My only criticism is that the 2 mainonoff switch needs to be held in for the duration , which requires both hands to do so. This makes life difficult since one has to continually stop the mowing process in order to move the electric lead out of the way. A bit of a nuisance to say the least. You could get the job done in half the time with a more thoughtful design hre

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Very happy

Very happy. Use it to do around the pool and path edges. But inlove it so much i use it for the entire yard over winter as it is so ligt and easy to use. Struggles a bit in long thick sir walter but still cuts fine. Highly recommend. Great

Date PurchasedJan 2018

This is perfect! Cannot live with it !

I'm very happy with this movers' cutting results. It is very easy to maneuver the mower. This brand mower is easy to operate and maintain. It is also not heavy to women so that I can operate with ease. It is also flexible to collect and clean. Overall, i'm satisfied with it.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Still working great after a year use

Great electric lawn mover.

- Battery still running good after an year use. I can use it for my whole big backyard, decent size front yard and nature strip.
- Powerful enough to cut through the grass
- Great customer support
- Light weight and easy to clean

- Wheel axle started rusting
- Pricey option compared to others

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Excellent Quiet Light Mower!

This mower is very powerful and easy to use though it's only a battery operated one. I had to change from petrol to the battery operated one because it's easier to use for my dad. It's very light to maneuver. To start you just need to press a button. Very easy to clean and maintain too.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Good powered Electric mower

I bought this from bunnings along with trimmer that came in the box.
This is powered by wire, which trains most people off- but I don't like petrol mowers due heir maintenance requirements.
For this, you just plug in and go.
It is just about very simple learning curve of how not to mow over wire.
This unit is pretty powerful and does the job. I have about 300m2 lawn and face no problem even with knee length grass. Price was $200 combined mower plus trimmer.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Motor spins a few times then stops,give it a month maybe two and it starts again sales and services

Motor keeps stopping then spins a couple of times then stops again.give it a month or two then it works fine again.dont know if Bosch are aware or not but the grass keeps growing!sales and service pathetic no wonder they lost the war with machines like this,tanks would only fire on certain days.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Great Lawnmower but not AL 3640 CV Charger

I had exactly the same problem as the previous reviewer (Roger on Nov 23 2016) - the AL 3640 CV charger suddenly stop working after 4 years while the lawnmower is going just fine (the lawnmower is not that often used over the 4 years). Followed Roger's comments and located the original article (http://galooph.com/blog/2015/11/13/repairing-a-bosch-al-3640-cv-charger/), I have managed to replace the 1W 180k resistor and got the charger working again! $0.25 instead of $190 for new charger is something unbeatable. Agreeing with Roger that Bosch should have better solutions/warnings on this problem for their customers. Thank you Roger and gallooph for sharing your tips/solutions!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2012

Great mower - shame about the charger

I've had this mower for quite a few years now and it works brilliantly all the time. I don't have much lawn to mow (and even less now that I built a new house) but the one thing I'm hearing a lot of is the under-engineered battery charger dying...and considering the faulty part bringing your mowing to a halt is a 25 cent 180k resistor I'm not impressed with Bosch's engineers on that count. However there is a well written article by a guy called galooph who explains really well how to fix it (though I think his wattages were wrong and I replaced the resistor with a 1W 180k-ohm resistor and all is good again. Maybe I should start a service for repairing chargers in Melbourne ;)

Date PurchasedJun 2009

Great mower!

This is a great mower. I upgraded to this from a electric cord one on a different brand. The frame is sturdy and solid.
I love the fact it's battery operated so no need to drag cords around or remember to have petrol on hand to start the motor.
It's easy to operate, and cuts well. Just don't cut it when the grass is wet otherwise the mower cuts out and you need to give it a few secs to restart.
Only gripe would be the battery doesn't last long enough. I use it to mow my 700m2 block, but if the grass goes longer than 3 weeks without mowing it's too long for the mower to cut it all and battery runs out about 3/4 of the way through. sometimes 1/2 way through mowing if it's the grass goes crazier than usual after 3 weeks. Otherwise, I'd happy recommend this to anyone with a block of less than 700m2 unless you purchase a second battery to continue your mowing.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Grass jams the edge of blade

I really like Bosch cordless power tools but unfortunately this time, I am a bit disappointed. It's not a problem with Bosch, rather the overall electric mower is still rather under powered. I had high hopes for the mower but it regularly jams due to grass being stuck against the blade and the corner where it egresses into the collector. This mean constantly turning it over, to clear it by hand - or cutting in 2 passes, gradually. The blade is also extremely light weight and easily dents.

The concept is great however, very light and easy to maneauvor around but I think it just isn't mature enough to handle grass we have here. A more powerful motor and battery combination, might resolve the problem but I think this is suitable for most suburban flat light lawns however stuff we have around the sub-tropics and farms, needs a lot more grunt.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Served me well

I was happy for 4 years then all of a sudden battery would only last 5 minutes after charging so bought a new battery, not cheap nevertheless cheaper than a new mower, new battery appeared to change but zilch power, was told the charger had died rather than the battery.

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

An amazing cordless mower

This is an amazing cordless mower. Lightweight, functional and easy to handle. The battery lasts. I have roughly 200 sqm of lawn to mow and it eats it all up with power to spare. Would happily recommend the product to anyone wanting a quiet (in comparison), easy to use mower.

Very good quality, but the batteries will inevitably die

I purchased this mower four years ago, with two batteries, and use it bi-weekly 3 seasons a year. My lawn is about 1/3 of a 600m^2 block, and I now go through about 1.5 batteries a session. The mower has never let me down, but battery capacity is markedly lower than when new. Batteries are expensive, but if you are willing to accept this cost, it's a powerful, quiet, and very light lawn mower! It is also surprisingly robust given it is constructed almost entirely of plastic.

Light to manoeuvre battery good but $$$

after 10yrs service from a Vista 2stk corrosion and repairs to the body/throttle setup/handle it was time to look for a replacement.

$700 when it was newly released and perfect for my folks due to relatively small lawn area but it's an expensive mower. Bought extended warranty through Bunnings and needed it once when the charger failed. Acceptable turn around on repairs and found the charger to be at fault. No issue with Bunnings in my area, it was pain free. No doubt probably because it was the charger a fault and it seems common for such an early model.

However it's now needing bearings as it's loud and creates resistance on the motor, and the safety lever mechanism (plastic) has broken. Just got word back from the repairer it's gonna cost over $400 in total to repair inc. the bearings. We're now on the look out for another mower.

I don't believe we've got our monies worth out of no petrol use but it has served well with being highly manoeuvrable due to it's light weight. Folks just hired a petrol job to make do and they couldn't believe how heavy it was after not using one.

Served well on buffalo. It's a bit harsh to pit value against ease of use but would buy again.

Long live the Rotak 37LI. Roughly 5yrs of use in the Tropics FNQ.

Great mower with long battery life

I am a shortish 50 somethingish female with ms, so I was looking for a mower that did not leave me in pain. This is it! We have an average lawn size ( maybe 1/3 of a 870 sq block) and I can mow on one charge. Very impressed with the cut of the grass also. I have the height set on 3 to give the grass the ability to stay alive during Sydney summer. I like mowing..I am outside doing housework for a change..lol. I have only used it twice so far.

After 5 Years, Still A Charm.

I have two of these, one a 37li the other a 43li. The 43li was imported as soon as released from the UK, might even be 6 years old.

I bought two batteries to start and they are both working. The batteries are looked after, as in stored at about half charge, not sitting on the charger all the time in the heat, etc.

We now live on acreage (last 2 years) and use this mower for about 150m2 that can't be accessed with the ride on mower.

I've read that they don't like long wet grass. This is true and includes my $6000 mower, it doesn't like wet tall grass either.
So, keep it regularly mowed and mow late in the day when the grass is dry and the sun doesn't burn your grass after its cut.

The upsides.
- No messing around with fuel and reliable.
- Simple and quiet.
- Lasted better than expected.
- Works very well with a nice cut.

- The charger just stopped one day, in about the 4th year and new ones are expensive. (maybe $120?)
- I bought a secondhand mower and battery from a guy for less and they have both still work great.

I can't ask for more really. Really worth having 2 batteries. The Bosch whipper snipper (36v) uses the same battery and comes with a charger. Much better value than buying a new charger if you ever need one. Very good whipper snipper too.

Mower fantastic - battery + charger ???

Mower fantastic - but when the battery charger blew its fuse it became too difficult to know what was wrong - the battery, the charger or something caused by the mower. Replacing the charger and battery is very expensive ... and if its a problem caused by the mower it could be a waste of time and money.

Expensive but good

Prior to purchasing this mower I was undecided between this and the larger Rotak 43. My existing mower is a 40 cut. My rear lawn is approximately 10 x 10 and my front 10 x 5 metres. That is a total of 150m2 and the mower is good for 300 according to Bosch. That is short grass in dry conditions with the cut set to medium. Additional batteries are available but they cost around £90.00.

The battery took 30 minutes to be fully charged whilst I assembled the mower. Assembly of the mower was quite easy to do. Most difficult part was tightening the two screws that secured the handle into the mower. No problems with the grass box. Instructions were quite small to read though.

I found the default grass height setting of 3 hopeless and had to set the mower to 1. A plastic insert requires removal for you to achieve this. Possibly you are discouraged from using the lower cut to save battery power. In use I found the mower very easy to manoeuvre and obviously so much easier without a cord. The lawn looked very good after cutting.

The battery had faired well and the indicator showed one of the three green LEDs lit indicating a 1/3 of the power remaining. The grass was dry and about 25mm in height. It seem like there should be sufficient spare battery capacity to deal with longer or wetter grass. The grass box was emptied three times. With it being the smaller of the two mowers there was no problem in emptying the grass into the green waste bags.

In summary for my garden size the Bosch Rotak 37 has been a good choice. It's light and easy to manoeuvre and store. Cutting the lawn was almost a pleasure

Good Mower but Battery Questionable

I bought our mower 9 months ago. I did my homework and read the customer reviews which appeared 50/50 in their opinions (like/dislike), the main complaint seemed to be the battery/charger. My dad always used Bosch power tools as they were a good, quality brand so I went ahead and bought one. The mower worked great - cut the grass as good as any petrol mower, was quiet and lightweight.Then I noticed the battery would go flat faster and faster until it didn't charge at all. I've since had it repaired under warranty (Bosch replaced the battery and charger). It's charging better than ever before so I suspect the battery or charger was faulty from day one. Overall a good product if your charger works.

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what position should the key be in to start the mower?
No answers

Hi I have the Bosch Rotak 34 LI Ergoflex Cordless Rotary Lawnmower and two batteries both charged and seem fine. I have tried turning my mower on and it works for a few seconds and then cuts out .. any ideas on what I can check or do to get it going again? thanks for any help Dawn
No answers

the bolt holding the blade on is just turning round and round . help please?
1 answer
Put a screwdriver in the hole in the baseplate and turn the plate until the screwdriver falls into a slot. Then take the nut off


Rotak 43 LIRotak 34 LIRotak 37 LI
Mulching CapabilityNoNoNo
Maximum Cutting Height7070
Minimum Cutting Height2020
Price (RRP)599599
Power SourceBatteryBattery
Cutting Width430370
Release dateNov 2009

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