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Lip Liner - Allergic reaction!!

First time using a lip liner and get a reaction.. Not happy at all and will NEVER use your product again.. Very disappointed to say the least..

Not as promoted

Rouge Velvet lipstick is advertised as long lasting. Not on me I'm afraid and I have had similar lipsticks from other brands. 3 hours and it was all gone. Although I did buy it on special $18 it turned out to be an expensive purchase as I won't be using it again. Went to Priceline with my docket but no redress there.

Not much mascara product. No full volume. Dissatisfied.

I bought this mascara a couple of days ago and have been using everyday.
I am disappointed because it feels like there is hardly any product and it doesn't make my lashes full.
It's not super cheap - 14.00 AU$ from Priceline - so it looks like I will have to buy a new mascara soon.
Not happy with this purchase.

Wow I love this brand!

I am the first to admit it, I will have one brand for each product I need. I spoke to girl at priceline last week who was also a makeup artist and she highly recommended this brand to try. I purchased a blush, foundation, mascara and primer. All the products are beautiful, feel amazing on and look fantastic. I am extremely happy with this brand and will be transitioning all of my makeup over to it.

Allergic reaction

I purchased the white eyeshadow pot a while ago and had a bad allergic reaction. Puffy sore eyes. I had purchased a few other new makeup items at the time so wasn't sure of the culprit. A year later I purchased the same as it was on special and AGAIN I have horrible red puffy eyes and a stye forming. I do not recommend!

Bourjois Paris healthy mix anti fatigue concealer

Used to use rimmel dark circles eye eraser but recently bought bourgeois anti fatigue concealer and it is so much better. you can't see any dark circles at all such great coverage so happy. its very light so doesn't feel heavy on the skin. and isn't pricey either same price as rimmel's


I have very fair, sensitive, dry skin which sometimes breaks out. After spending top $$ on Chanticaille future gel foundation which I love I thought I would try this one from priceline which is about a third of the cost.

It is amazing light weight med coverage foundation which really matches skin tone. Gives lovely dewy finish. Highly recommend.


I've tried Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara and it was actually OK, my lashes became really long and had promised volume, but that mascara dried out in less than a month.

Bad Reaction

I do not normally get allergic reactions to makeup, however after trying a lovely pink eyeshadow pot from Bourjois I had an almost immediate reaction. My eyes swelled like someone had punched me. Unfortunately I threw the offending eyeshadow away - otherwise I could identify the exact colour. Just go carefully if you have sensitive skin and allergies.
lovely packaging, colour
bad allergic reaction.


I always love trying new cosmetics, so I came across the Bourjois range at my local Priceline. I have always struggled to find a good quality foundation, but I decided to try the Mineral Matte Mousse Foundation from the Bourjois line. I absolutely LOVE this foundation! I always receive compliments of how flawless my skin appears, especially as I do get acne from time to time. It comes in a cute little pot which is quiet handy to take around in your purse, and it is AMAZING quality! It is quite a light mousse with such a matte, flawless, powdered finish. It provides great coverage and feels like you have almost nothing on your skin. It also comes in a range of colours to suit your skin tone. I highly recommend giving this product a go! I will continue to try more products which the Bourjois range offers.
Quality products, good pricing, cute packaging.
Perhaps needs to be more widely available; I have only been able to find it at Priceline.

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Its sold in Target also.


Very good value for money. I've never been disappointed with Bourjois products. I especially like their mascaras and blush. The packaging is cute too!
good value for money, good quality products, cute packaging

My eyeshadow got broken after one use...

I bought a Boujouis Smoky eye shadow recently. I loved the colours, but they got dissolved after only one use. I did not drop them either. I sent Bourjois an e-mail about it and nobody even replied.
the colours
they broke after one use

A great low priced cosmetic company which is great to try.

I like the fact that this one is really low priced and still has a great variety and I can find what I am looking for. I have found this brand only inside Priceline, but I think it may be inside some pharmacies too. This is very low priced, but it does the basic job. If you are looking for a particular shade of lipstick, you may find it here because they have all the basic colours and the basic products in every makeup type you are looking for.
This is a great low priced makeup brand which has a good selection of eye, lip, face makeup.
It is a bit hard to find this brand as I have only seen it in Priceline.


A qulaity brand and quality products. Haven't tried the nail varnish yet. I have had a few eye pencils which are very soft, blend beautifully and stay on too. I would recommend these to friends.
This is a fabulous range of very good quality products. I especially like the eye shadow. They stay well on the eyes, give a great depth of colour and a lovely shimmer.
The dark colours are very dark. Be careful when trying to do smoky eyes, as it can sometimes just look at bit messy and make you look like you have two black eyes!


I bought a few of the 'Little Round Pots' of eyeshadow, and had mixed results. I have a kind of olive complexion, and I found that the lighter colours - such as 'Rose Perle' and 'Vert Petillant' - didn't show up very well. However, they do come out better if you wet the brush a little...but I found that this can make the product a bit more susceptible to runniness. On the other hand, I've used a couple of darker colours - Prune Intense and Noir Precieux - and found that they apply very well and last for quite a while. I've also been using one of the 'Stretch' eyeshadows, and it's great. I would caution that you need to be careful where you place the darker colours, though...Bourjois eyeshadows spread very easily and I've found they can be a little difficult to remove with just a finger or cotton tip.
Interesting colour range (eyeshadows)...dark colours are lovely and reasonably pigmented. Packaging is gorgeous :)
I find the lighter eyeshadow pot colours to be quite sheer. I haven't used their nail varnishes, but the range available in Australia is not extensive.


I discovered this product while overseas and stocked up when I came back as I knew not many places stocked it. Recently Priceline had 50% the entire range and sadly I didn´t find out until the display was emptied! Bourjois is definitely worth looking for as the products are very good quality - I think their nail polish range is slightly limited, but it may be because of the stockists, or what is available in Australia.
One of my most favourite brands of makeup, they all come in attractive packaging, and offer fantastic quality
It´s hard to find in Australian stores, but some Pricelines pharmacies have them - it is worth the search!


The Bourjois brand is the oldest paris based makeup company around but they're really only just coming to surface in australia now - what a shame! Fingers crossed more of their stuff hits our shores soon :)
Everything!! this makeup is divine I am in love with their bronzer - it comes in the form of a chocolate block and smells so yummmy its totally my favourite bronzer ever! Really cheap for such a quality product you can buy it for $15!
Not the easiest makeup to find in stores. Priceline are the only place I know that stock majority of the range and not alot of online stores offer the entire range, just bits and pieces.


The french definately know their beauty products and Bourjois is leading the way today setting the latest trends and offering quality products all over the world. They are definately the forefront of fashion and style and are in all beauty magazines in almost every country. They have the greatest range in colours when it comes to makeup and it offers a quality you can trust. You too can look like a celebrity when you step out in the Bourjois range.
Top Shelf makeup products that come in trendy up to date packaging. These products not only look good they are good.
A bit on the expensive side, but it is the quality that you are paying for.


I can't say enough about Boujois blush. It's a beautiful shimmery clour that makes your whole face light up. It's a must in my handbag. The eyeshadow colours are beautiful, they have a brilliant emerald green. The prices are really inexpensive, the quality is just as good as brands that you could get for much higher prices.
They honestly have THE best bluch ever. They are really nice coulours and the brush is really soft. Apparently it's from the makers of Chanel so you know it's great for you.
The mascaras aren't as good as others. I would buy mascaras from other brands.


I especially love the blusher, have been using it for years. You could create an illusion of subtle pink cheeks, buildable to create a more dramatic look for an evening out. A little bit goes a long way. Be careful not to drop it as once the blusher "breaks" the dust could turn really messy and difficult to get rid off.
Cute round packaging that has mirror inside and round brush (for blusher) or applicator (for eyeshadows) included.
Mascaras not as dramatic as other brands. Round brush could be a little scratchy to the skin, so use light pressure when applying.

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