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Mirranesse cosmetics

I buy all my beauty and skin care products from Mirranesse as they are Australian made and naturally free of chemicals. From there skin care, foundation, mascara and hair mask I have never had my skin looking so good. My hair feels great after using the hair mask also

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Hi Helen! Thank you so much for your kind words. We're so glad to hear you love our products as much as we do. Keep an eye out on our new launches coming up which we are sure will impress you even more!I will be. I eagerly await your emails and updates daily

Excellent customer service

I just experienced one of the best customer services. I never received my order but I've got a replacement with one email. I'm so impressed. Thanks a bunch!
I really wanted to have this CAT EYES LINER + SMOKER EYE BLENDER 1. MINX BLACK as it looks so natural, easy to remove and different to other eye liners.

Product Quality
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Horrible company!

I placed an order over a month ago. Never received my order. And never received a refund. I have over 30 emails. The customer service is horrible. No phone number to call. All they tell me is to track the shipping , that it’s my responsibility to contact the shipping company! When I emailed the shipping company they said the package was returned to sender. I screen shotted it and sent it to Mirenese customer service and they responded they need proof. What? You sent the item, shouldn’t you get the proof? Not the customer? I just want my money back! They still send me the same response. Contact the shipping company. Don’t buy anything from Mirenese!!!

February 20th 2019 Update: Terrible customer service

It has been over 2 months and I never received my order from Them. They still have not refunded my money. I have over 40 emails I sent to them. I have never in countered a company as bad as this. They have been rude and unwilling to help in any way.

February 21st 2019 Update: Terrible customer service!

I placed an order over 2 months ago. Never received my order and never received my money back. I have over 40 emails to this company with the same generic message back stating to be patient order has shipped. I’m still waiting ... 2 - almost 3 months.... No help whatsoever by customer service. Nothing but rude replies.... I suggest and hope no one does business with this Australian Conpany. If for some reason you don’t get your package they won’t refund your money

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi [Reviewer's Name Removed] your parcel was shipped express and arrived in 3 days ftom Australia to the USA. Please contact us at customer service we have repeatedly asked you to call USPS on toll free number as they have your parcel and your refusal to do so has caused the delay in you receiving the parcel. Theres no issue if you wish to return it you will receive the refund we have no proof of return as you need to contact USPS to do this.We want to resolve this the soonest and appreciate your help on doing so.thank you

Love this product!

This is so good. I am quite fair and Vanilla is perfect. I bought the sample pack first to make sure which colour is be. So handy and you get quite a few applications.
I find this looks so natural and makes me look flawless. I will admit I have good skin to start with but this just makes it look and feel better.
The Collagen I’m sure makes a difference. Feels soft and dewy in my skin. I’m glad I bought the pack which came with an additional compact. Great deal there!
So I’m happy and highly recommend.

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Hi ChrisD, We're so happy you love our 10 Collagen Cushion Airbrush Foundation and have found your perfect shade! We pride ourselves on formulating our beauty wonders to be of the best quality possible. Enjoy looking flawless with your soft and dewy skin thanks to our 10 Collagen Cushion Airbrush Foundation! Stay beautiful, Mirenesse xx

Amazing Products

Love using Mireness cosmetics, Australian Company, Beautiful Products leaving my skin looking and feeling beautiful. Products are all natural and not tested on animals

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Hi Jos, Thank you for your amazing review! We are so happy to hear you love our products. We pride ourselves on our beauty delights being all natural and not tested on animals! Stay beautiful, Mirenesse xx


Love love love my Mirenesse never have racoon eyes never irritating fantastic safe ingredients!ive been using their products for over 10 years everything is amazing foundations and skincare too my skin texture has dramatically changed to be line free and i love it ! I will never use another brand!

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Hi GildedGodess, Thank you so much! We spend so much time and love formulating our beauty wonders to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. We love hearing feedback such as yours and we are so happy you love our Secret Weapon Mascara as much as we do. Stay beautiful, Mirenesse xx

Product colours a bit limiting but follow up by Mirenesse has been fantastic

I've tried a fair bit of the mireness range and formulations seem to be fantastic but the thing I struggle with is the colour range particularly foundations. The other thing I can't get passed is the massive range and personally would prefer to see a smaller product range with variance in the colours and particularly for people who are cool olive tones which is a huge gap in the market created for product not tested on animals which Mac catered to really well before deciding to sell in mainland China and taking a 20 year step backwards. In addressing this with Mirenesse [name removed] has reached out and provided me with a terrific bunch of samples that I am eager to try in the next few weeks and will certainly follow up. I do feel even if I can't find a colour that works for me there are other products I will love and that they really listened to my frustrations and heard what I had to say.

Hi Kie, Thank you for your feedback on our product range. This will be passed on to our product designers for their future consideration. We are always looking for ways to improve our products and customer experience, so we thank you for taking the time to express your opinions. We aim to please here at Mirenesse first and foremost, so we are happy we were able to assist you further. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you there is anything else we can assist with. Thank you once again, Mirenesse xxI thought I would follow up. Hayley from Mirenesse sent me a bunch of samples and was very generous and helpful. I simply can't fault the quality and formulations nor the customer service, but anything pigmented I just can't make work for me unfortunately but some of the skincare I will purchase. I stand by my comments that I think a smaller product range with greater colour options would be excellent. I would definitely consider revisiting in hope for a foundation colour match if they expand the range in that area. I would highly recommend buying their mini's as I got very close with a few foundations being used with different combinations of primers however I couldn't get a colour match that was close enough to get away with and while the formulations are worth every cent, they are at the more expensive end of the market and at that price for me the colour needs to be spot on.

Mireness Customer Service is outstanding!

I have been so delighted with the absolutely professional, kind, polite & informative customer service. It is quite rare these days! I honestly feel that I am genuinely being looked after, great customer service team & exceptional products!

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Thank you, Cat for your amazing review! We are so happy to hear you had such a great experience with our Customer Service team! We are very lucky to have such wonderful customers such as yourself and we appreciate your ongoing support! Stay beautiful xx

Best foundation ever

It is smooth and has wonderful coverage and works beautifully with the Skin Clone powder . Does not cake and lasts all day on mature skin . Works equally well on my daughter's combination skin .

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Thank you Cath for your amazing review! We are so happy to hear you love our Skin Clone Powder. We pride ourselves on our beauty delights being tried, tested and true! Stay beautiful! xx

I'm very amazed that this companies ethics

Today I had the most pleasant experience with Mirenesse.. I received six products last week and I was not impressed with a couple of products so I asked could I get a refund the answer came back very quickly.. no will just give you another product and you'll get a some goodies as well.. they said that I will be very surprised with their replacement product and they can't wait to hear how I enjoyed the experience.. I highly recommend this company they are amazing and very nice they worked with me so professionally I can't wait now to get my products.

Thank you so much lovely! We spend so much time and love formulating our beauty wonders to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. We love hearing that you have had a great experience with our customer service and we're sure you will love the beauty wonders coming your way!Thank you very much I can't wait for them to come

Oh how exciting these products are

I purchased these products a week or so ago and I am impressed! The organic mascara has allowed me to wear mascara again without any irritations, redness or puffiness! Other brands left my eyes in a dreadful state, but with Mirenesse organic mascara you don’t feel like it’s on, it’s so gentle. The foundation is light and has good coverage with minimal product another bonus. Well done Mirenesse! I will be purchasing more of your products.

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Thank you so much Lesley! We spend so much time and love formulating our beauty wonders to make sure they are of the highest quality possible. We love hearing feedback such as yours and we are so happy you love our Organic Mascara as much as we do! Stay beautiful! xx

changing a product before it was mailed out

Excellent in assisting me get the right colour foundation when i accidently ordered the wrong colour. Even though they didnt have the exact size product they organised smaller sizes to the same amount. Very happy!

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Hi Nat, Thank you so much for your feedback. We work really hard to constantly improve our customer service every day; we really appreciate your support. We are so happy that you have had a great experience with Mirenesse! Stay beautiful! xx

New favorite brand!

I've started using the Collagen Cushion Primer and have now bought the Collagen Cushion Foundation as well as other products from Mirenesse like the Mascara. The products work beautifully and are great for travel or to take along in your handbag at work. The shipping is prompt and my products came beautifully presented in a golden gift bag. My VIP starter kit also included a personal handwritten note as well which was a lovely touch.
I get breakouts from a lot of other brands and have had NO problems with Mirenesse. Shipping is free when you join the VIP Club and the flash sales offer great deals.

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Hi Nadine, Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! We're so thrilled you love your new products and the specially mentioned our Collagen Cushion Foundation. This product has been carefully designed to give your skin a flawless look, still allowing your skin to breathe. Our team work hard to ensure our wonderful customers are receiving the best possible products tailored to their specific skin needs. We are so happy to hear you love our products just as much as we do. Stay beautiful! Mirenesse Team

Excellent service

I returned a faulty pebble sonic and was assured it was still under guarantee. Mirenesse honoured the guarantee and sent me a new one without fuss!

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Hi Maggie! Thank you so much for your feedback! We're so happy you've had a great experience with us. We work hard to constantly improve our customer service every day; we really appreciate your support. We are so happy that you have had a great experience with Mirenesse! Stay beautiful! Mirenesse Team

This is a perfect compact Foudation

Customer service was great, prompt replies all the time and so positive. Love how this foundation sits on my face, isn't drying and just feels good.

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Hi Tina, thank you for your kind words. We are very happy to hear that you are happy with our customer service! We love to hear how much you are loving your beauty wonders as well! Stay Beautiful xx

customer service

Customer service was fantastic, I dealt with Holly and she helped me out with a problem I had with the products. thanks so much.

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Hi Don, thank you for your kind words! We are very happy to hear that you were happy with had a great experience with Holly who is our Happiness Ambassador. She is always there to help! :) Stay Beautiful xx

The only make up I use

I have been using Mirenesse products for over 15 years now and absolutely love them. Being a VIP lets me discover new products and it's always exciting waiting for the new shipment. Great company to deal with. If I ever have a problem it is dealt with quickly and in a very professional manner. Wonderful to have such a fantastic Australian company smashing the beauty industry. Big thumbs up to all at Mirenesse

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Hi Sonyia, thanks for your amazing feedback! We are so happy to hear how much you are loving our VIP membership and we also love to hear that you are always happy with our service. Thank you for your kind words. Stay Beautiful xx

Fantastic range

I've been using Mirenesse for about a year now, both skin care and make up. Their products are high quality and wonderful to use. They have a great range covering all ages and most skin types.

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Hi lovely, thank you for your amazing review! We are so happy to hear how much you are loving your Mirenesse beauty wonders! Stay beautiful xx

Good products equally good customer service

Over the years I have tried many skin and makeup products. I have my favourites and most of these come from Mirenesse. Not only are their products to my liking so is their customer service.
I now have so many of their products so much so that I get a little confused about what I should use when and wonder if there are other customers like myself that would love to have a skincare/makeup day that we could attend where expert guidance is provided and we could also discuss things openly amongst ourselves. Having been in the Natural Health Industry for many years I am aware of the adverse affect of chemicals on the skin and very much appreciate Mirenesse products.

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Hi Betty, thank you for your beautiful review! We love to hear that most of your favourites are Mirenesse! Why don't you come on over to our Mirenesse Facebook Group? We have an amazing community that loves talking all things Mirenesse! We love to hear from our customers, and it's a great space to have a conversation freely with other Mirenesse lovers! We also offer great discounts and let you know of new and upcoming products! Check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mirenesse/?source_id=84597262114 Also, if you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us on customerservice@mirenesse.com and we can give you some product advice. I hope this helps! Stay beautiful xx

skin care and makeup

Ive been using mirenesse skin care and makeup for over 12months now, I love the powerlift treatment cream that is my bedtime cream, my skin feels beautiful in the morning my kids even say how good my skin looks. I use the chin tuck day and night, I use the pores be gone every day, I use the velvet maxi lift supreme foundation when I go out for a night. One of my favourite things I use everyday is the skin clone powder foundation, Ive used it wet and dry. Where do I stop I love my VIP goodies as it has given me a range and options of products I continue to try and buy. I love all the products I have used so far, I even used the pebble sonic night and day wash without the pebble sonic machine and still has my skin feeling awesome.

Hi Kelly, thanks for this incredible review! It sounds like you are a true Mirenesse lover, and you have an amazing collection! How amazing is it when your kids notice the difference?! Yes, our Pebblesonic cleansers do not just need to be used with our Pebblesonic, so it's amazing to hear how much you love them by themselves as well. We are so happy to hear how happy you are with our beauty wonders! Stay beautiful xxI forgot to mention my Mirenesse maxi tone lip bar its the best ever lip stick all my friends use it when I go out they love it thankyou again mirenesse KellyHi Kelly, thanks for your amazing support! Yes our Maxi-tone Lip Bars are pretty amazing! So happy to hear you and your girlfriends love wearing it on a night out! We thank you just as much! Have a lovely day! :)

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Questions & Answers

This may be a silly question, but are there any tricks to changing the powder or balm discs out of the compacts to replace with refills? I keep wrecking the compacts and/the actual product!
1 answer
Hi Dinah, Thank you for reaching out to Mirenesse. There are no silly questions, so feel free to please ask anything you wish as we're always happy to help! Follow these steps to change your 10 Collagen Cushion Airbrush Foundation: 1) Open the compact & turn it upside, take out Rubicell sponge applicator. 2) Press your thumbs against the bottom of the compact & refill will pop out. 3) Simply pop the new refill in! Follow these steps to change your Eclipse Age Defence - Daily Face Balm: 1) Turn your compact upside down - you will then see the bottom of the compact contains a sticker which states the product name etc. 2) Peel the top of this sticker away - you should then find there will be a small pinhole. 3) Open the compact and poke a pin/toothpick/paper clip into this pinhole. 4) The previous refill should then pop out and you may insert the new refill. I sincerely hope this helps, please let us know if you are having any trouble and we will further assist. Stay beautiful, Mirenesse xx

I am interested in trying your foundation but I have had trouble with things like oxidization, wrong colour matches and drying formulas. I currently have about 3 foundations I don't use but purchased because of great reviews and now will only purchase after trying. Do you sell samples?
1 answer
Hi Jenny, Thank you for reaching out to Mirenesse and we hope you are well. All of our foundation shades are formulated with colour adapting spheres, so even if the foundation shade isn't an exact match you will see that it will blend really well with your natural skin tone. We do stock most of our foundations in mini size for a small price for you to try out and fall in love with, please follow this link to view our full range of minis: http://www.mirenesse.com/1359-makeup-minis I sincerely hope this helps! Stay beautiful, Mirenesse xx

How do I use I-Spresso?
2 answers
Hi Hilda , Just apply gently around the eye . That's it Hi Hilda, Thanks so much for your question all you need to do is - squeeze and switch on.
Apply to clean eye area, 
massage for 30 seconds then pat in. We know you are just going to love it! Kind Regards, Mirenesse xx

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