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Brasso Metal Polish

Brasso Metal Polish

1.8 from 30 reviews

Simply awesome!

Just brought this for $8.95 from Bunnings to polish up some tarnished / oxidized brass cattle ear tags... within seconds they were better than new. The shine in the tags now is unbelievable.

Purchased in May 2019 for $8.95.


I'm freaking out now reading these reviews. I've never used Brasso before but since using it I've broken out in sores on my hands, face and lips and developed terrible sinus headaches and heartburn wtaf

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $9.99.

I was Hospitalised - warned you!

Cleaner 10 years, I don’t have allergies. I use products all the time. For the first time I used this I didn’t mix with other products. I was hospitalised poisoned

Purchased in March 2019 for $6.00.

Its a minus

I have used brasso for close to 40 years and never had an issue with fumes or skin contact. I recently bought a new bottle and polished something. Within days my face and hands had raised lumps under the skin which have now turned into angry red blistered lumps on both sides of my face and hands (where the gloves disintegrated). This has happened over the space of just under a week. Didnt know i had been poisoned until the lumps began to show. Im seeing the doctor for the 2nd time tomorrow, but she hasnt seen anything like it. There was no warning on the container that the product had been changed, which it obviously has.
I've never even had an allergic reaction to anything my entire life, so that demonstrates how dangerous this product has become.

It smells different, and is super runny...IT DOESN’T work as good as it used to!!!

I bought some brasso to polish my brass and copper door knobs. I have used brasso for a few years but the quality seems to have changed since I last used it. It definitely smells different, like a strong ammonia odour and is much runnier than it used to be. For something as simple as polishing a door handle, I’ve done one door knob about 10 times and it is patchy with patches of shiny brass and copper and patches of dark tarnish. I expected after 10 attempts the door knob would be looking shiny and new but it looks like it needs another 10 attempts to finish one door knob. I gave up with the door knob and moved on to my antique brass jewellery box and I’m just so disappointed in the performance and quality of brasso. It hardly budged the tarnish at all. If I could upload photos of the crappy quality of this product I would I would. I won’t be buying this product again.

Brasso not like it used to be.

The product has definitely changed. Brasso was an age old favourite and used to be very thick and I was able to polish brass and copper with ease. The shine also used to last a long while. NOT NOW!! I will not buy it again. Shame on the manufacturers. Brasso was an institution and has been around for years.

Brasso health hazard

Brasso is not only a poor cleaner it has a toxic smell that is almost impossible to tolerate if you have any kind of sinus or asthma indication. I discovered this the hard way, and had only put a single dab on a rag to clean a brass bell. The smell is suffocating and a sore throat and chest tightness followed. I don't understand how it is still available in store.

Does not work.

I bought this for my brass door knocker and knob. Terrible. My Mum swore by this product many years ago. What a disappointment. Do not bother wasting your money. Waste of money. Bring back the old brasso.

Brasso no longer exists!

Not only is it now a poor cleaner, but the abrasive now causes NOTICEABLE tiny scratches, the grit is now HARMFUL to whatever you polish. Before you could even use Brasso on a bad plastic watch crystal and with a little work, make the crystal brand new looking. It will not do that anymore. I have to find something else to go behind and remove the DAMAGE that Brasso causes. Brasso in the plastic bottle is not worth the money. As far as I'm concerned Brasso no longer exists, period!

Might as well just use water

Brasso doesnt work !!! Dont waste your money. Brasso in years gone by was an awesome product. I tried to polish good quality brass today with a new bottle of Brasso and it achieved NOTHING. To further test the product, I tried it on other metals recommended for on the bottle - no effect. What a dreadful product Brasso is. What have they done to this polish? Bicarb soda will do more than Brasso. Very very disappointed. I'll be contacting the manufacturers directly regarding this.


Brasso! Really brassed off! Nothing like the old product - use more for less effect and then you have to buy another tin. No way. Couldn’t understand why my recently polished brassware didn’t keep its shine, thought it was me. Not any longer.

Formula change no good

Bought Brasso after many years and was shocked at the change. The overpowering toxic smell, the watery consistency and the effort needed to get just a dull shine on brass items is inadequate. I wish I'd read these reviews before purchase as I wouldn't have bothered. Not happy.

Would give it a zero star rating but you can't pick zero

Old brasso formula worked fine and no smell. New formula has the most strongest toxic smell I ever encountered in my whole life! Seriously!
I've worked spraying cars and used strong bad chemicals but brasso tops them all by a big margin.
My point is it it gives off such a strong volatile toxic smell, eyes and lungs burn in just 20 seconds use! Thus it is simply unusable and a health hazard to user and nature. This stuff should be banned. Don't buy at all. It is so volatile the bottles in the supermarket I found were 20% evaporated. Test it yourself if you are a non believer. The bottles do not have a seal that you have to break open, so open the cap in the supermarket if you are so inclined and stand back.
As the company who makes this toxic mess, you should be ashamed of yourselves, careless greeed.

Don't buy

This product is nothing like the old product. It's very watery, smells terrible and doesn't work. Bring back the old formula, which was fabulous and cleaned brass and copper easily to a great shine.

Absolute rubbish is their new formula

The new formula of Brasso in Australia is rubbish. It does not remove tarnish like it used to and will actually scratch the brass no matter how gentle you try to be when polishing. There appears to be larger abrasive particles in the new formula so no matter how hard you try not to it just scratches the brass. I know Brasso was originally made in UK but now its made in Indonesia from local and imported components. I notice it still has the royal seal of approval but I'm sure the queen would be most displeased with this new formula. Also it stinks.

What on earth has happened to Brasso?

Thought I'd picked up a rogue can, it was so thin and watery and just didn't do the job, but checked the cans on the shelf in the supermarket and could tell by shaking them that they're all the same. This is the new Brasso, but it's a shadow of its former 'brilliant' self. I've been using Brasso for years on a brass step, table and a few other items, including the church collecting plate! It now takes a huge amount of effort to get anything like the same results I used to get. Won't be buying it again, I'll look for an alternative.

Not bad. Does the job.

Bought this at Bunnings for a quick polish of a copper pen. Does the job well. Though the fumes are noticable and I didn't know you had to use it outsdoors. It is quite thin, almost like water. I haven't used a this product before but many have said it is not the same consistency. I have read that they have changed the formula to comply with Australia standards.

I have noticed after using it that the smell does stick to your hands for a while. Also, when you apply the product it takes alot to remove it off. Even with 3 clean clothes I still get some tarnish off the copper - not sure if that is a good thing??

In any case, if anyone else is looking for a good product for chrome and copper try Meguirs NXT chrome polish. It's a car product that is excellent and has a pleasant smell and provides a protective coating afterwards as well.

Brasso is now now too thin and doesn't clean brass like it used to

The formula has obviously been changed, don't know why, it must be either cost or Health and safety. I shall be looking for an alternative. The wadding alternative is no better.


I have always used Brasso and I have been sp pleased with the results. The 'new' Brasso bears no resemblance to the old. It is watery and simply doesn't do the job. They should not be allowed to sell this rubbish!! I did call to complain but to no avail. This is obviously a money saving move and they seem to have cornered the market. However I will look for an alternative and will not waste another penny on Brasso!!!

Not as Good as it Used to be, But Not Terrible

For whatever reason, Brasso has decided to change its formula. It still does what it's supposed to do, it still polishes and revitalises most metals well enough so that you would say that it works, but unfortunately it's no longer the fantastic product that originally made it a household name.

- Cleans and brings most metals back to a pretty high polish
- Doesn't cost that much
- Lasts for a long time

- Now has a very strong and unpleasant chemical/petroleum-like smell
- Seems to take more work to bring stuff up to shine
- It's hard to get off the skin (especially the smell) after using

I won't buy it again once this container runs out.

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where can i purchase BRASSO
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Most major supermarkets - we purchase From Woolworths.

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