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Braun Series 3

Braun Series 3

310s, 3010s, 3040s, 3050cc, 300 and 14 more
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AVOID Hands down the worse shaver ive ever had in 30 years

Simply cannot shave. Even from day one the beard trimmer failed to do what all my previous Braun shavers have achieved. It tugs and pulls even on a short beard. The shaver foil itself seems incapable of shaving unless its wet. Again it tugs and pulls. I really don't know why ive lived with it so long (about a year). It has left me wondering it there's something wrong with it but I lost the receipt. I doubt ill buy Braun again after this one. Really disappointed after being a loyal customer for so many years. Someone suggested they are no longer German made which may explain the drop in quality. From what ive seen and read Braun have washed their hands of any responsibility too.

Purchased in September 2018 at Shaver Shop Physical store for $100.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation Yes
Razor BurnYes
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Clean&Charge Station is Useless

The shaver is good (Series 3) for its price, but the Clean&Charge Station is terrible. Only worked for 6 months. Product warranty was not helpful either;I feel like I wasted my money!

Purchased in May 2017 at Harvey Norman for $84.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life


The only way I could get any sort of fair shave was by first using the hair trimmer even then it was marginal otherwise quite useless so I just abandoned it and went back to an old shaver. One is generous and the minimum allowed. You cant really call ita shaver as it doesn't

Purchased in February 2018.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Cleaning & Maintenance
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Battery Life

Glad I bought this shaver

I haven't used an electric shaver in 40 years, but now that I am retired I thought I'd give it a go again.
I paid $79 at the Goodguys in Mandurah.
If you expect a quick shave that's as close as a razor then you'll be disappointed, but this shaver is really convenient and the result you get is OK shaving dry, and excellent with a wet shave using foam. It just saves so much time. I can sit watching TV and shave - no mess and the result is fine.

Really glad I bought it.

Simple, functional and well-priced

Had to replace my old fancy Braun after 10 years (!) and thought that something simpler might be worth trying. After seeing good reviews of Series 3 model 310S I thought that $79 was more than tempting. So far (3 months) the shaver has been performing very nicely. Easy to clean, the battery lasts for several days (although it needed a few charging cycles to gain full strength). There is no pouch.

The Most Useless Device Ever Made

11th April 2018

Braun Series 3 Pro Skin wet/dry Shaver (model 3040s)

I bought this based purely on all the 5 star reviews it (strangely) had. Perhaps I should have read them more thoroughly.

At the time, it was discounted - and shavers are outrageously and ridiculously priced (for cheap products manufactured in China). They're one of the biggest rorts going (thankyou Procter & Gamble Australia. I wonder how much the poor Chinese factory workers are paid while you flog off a product worth about $40 for upwards of $300, $400, $500 or more).

Even at the discounted price it was still upwards of $100. I should have returned it immediately after the first run but didn't (thinking its poor performance might be due to not being fully-charged. I was wrong).

This model (& I suspect it's not ONLY this model, but many) is the biggest waste of $100 I've ever spent. I can only assume all those glowing 5 Star reviews are manufactured and bought and paid for.

I purchased this for my elderly mother who still shaves her legs (bless her heart) and wanted something less likely to result in nicks or cuts. When I got it, I tried it out on her arm and it failed miserably. Thinking a full charge might give it some performance power I fully charged it over several hours then tried it on my own arm. If this worthless piece of crap can't manage to pick up hairs which are at least 3-4 mm long how on earth is it going to get rid of overnight stubble? It was totally (& I mean TOTALLY ineffectual). On my 3-4mm arm hair it took at least 20 repeated passes to remove the hair. In my book it should take 1. At most 2.

Four Christmases ago I picked up a cheap and nasty epilator with a shaving head attachment from Priceline for $35. That little device has been used over and over - mainly with the shaving attachment (it also has a very strong light) and it out-performed this over-priced slug by about 50-1.

These shavers (in general) are an absolute rip-off. To get one that actually works Braun will fleece you out of $600 when it's just a cheap Chinese import. The mark-ups must be enormous - as must be the profits for shonky distributor Procter & Gamble.
Annoyed at this piece of crap EVEN at the discounted amount.
And absolutely woeful performance.
Steer well clear.

EDIT: 27th April 2018

A day after posting this review I received an email from Shaver Shop, where I'd purchased it, saying the usual “sorry to hear about your experience, please provide a telephone number so we can escalate this for you” which I did. That was two weeks ago and there's been nothing further. Perhaps that was their idea of having “escalated” it. They send a copy/paste email saying sorry to hear about your experience.
I replied;


Thanks so much for all the trouble you went to to “escalate” my complaint.

I mean - who wouldn't be happy with a cut/paste response saying “sorry to hear about your experience”. And “if you provide a phone number I'll look into this for you” and then I provide the asked-for phone number and deal-done? Right?

No need to take it further. (No need to even respond right?).

In public we've said sorry. We look like we care. We've even extended a faux olive branch. That should be enough to make the public think we actually give a crap.

Outstanding non-customer service. You should be given a plaque to hang on your wall.

So outstanding in fact that I'll be sure to never shop with you again.

Great job! Gotta love Shaver Shop and their exemplary customer service.

Best razor I have ever owned

I bought my 310 at Walgreens for 41.99. The best money I've ever spent. I was shaving 2 times a day with cheap disposable razors. I shaved with my braun wensday and didn't need to shave again until friday. Now that's a close shave. I love it.

Life changing

What more could a man want than not having to clean his own shaver - ever? It gives me a nice close shave and then it cleans itself. Perfect. I recommend getting the replacement cartridges (for cleaning) off ebay to save money in the long run.

Below average

After attempting the 3 head Philips in my tween years -the late 80's /early 90's I gave up with electrics and started using grandfathers manual razor techniques (which were perfect) except for the time it took to shave. I then purchased a Wahl trimmer which worked perfectly as well, except it didn't have the close shave. So I bought this shaver and it was pretty much useless. If it cut, then it would cut well but after an hour I was still left with patches. As guessed due to hygiene reasons bing lee Epping could not take it back (I understand the blade hygiene reason, but the rest of it was in top condition)

Above expectations

I bought this four weeks ago, after my previous Philips model died. I've used various Philips shavers for the last 12 years but thought that I'd try something new this time, as the last 2 Philips models only lasted a couple of years each.

I paid $99 for this model from The Good Guys. Upon getting it home I was disappointed that there was no long hair trimmer - that's reserved for the more expensive models. I just assumed it would have one, so it's my mistake for not reading the description on the box closely enough prior to purchasing.

A full charge lasts for two weeks for me. I spend a couple of minutes per day using the shaver, so that's about 30 minutes of use before recharging. It's never actually run out of power, but I have noticed the light flashing to indicate that it's time to recharge.

It shaves very closely - significantly closer than any of the Philips models that I've used over the last decade. I wonder how long it will keep this up - perhaps over time the blades will blunt and not be as effective? Time will tell.

The biggest plus for me is that I have sensitive skin and for the last 30 years I've had a red blotchy neck for a couple of hours after shaving. But not any more! I don't know how it does it, but this doesn't irritate my skin at all.

So, after four weeks, I'm very happy. This shaver cuts closer and causes less irritation than anything that I've used previously, since I started shaving in the 1980's.

Better than my Panasonic ES4029

In comparison, even though this was on sale from Myer at Eastland Ringwood, I bought this because my ES4029 was dying and the built-in battery was losing its charge. This Braun was double the price of that of the Panasonic. Being a Braun, this as the Series 3 ProSkin 3010s, I had assumed its reputation to be better than the Panasonic version?... hmm.. yes and no.

What I like about it:

(1) The charging cable plugs directly into the back of the shaver... its too easy and the cord is quite long giving you a fair bit of leeway. By comparison to the Panasonic where it has a docking station, was bad because it didn't stick onto the charging port properly and kept falling off... instead had to use a cup or another solid object to stop it from doing so.

(2) The battery life lasts longer than my older shaver that only lasted a day if you were lucky. The Braun lasts at least 4+ days depending on its uses, even though Braun claims that a single charge lasts for a week.

(3) Supposedly allows you to shave in wet and dry conditions... have not tried the wet yet

(4) It has a rubbery grip to it, giving you a sense of confidence that it's not going to slip out of your hand's grip.

The Negatives

(1) It doesn't seem to cut as close when compared to my Panasonic
(2) wish it had other options, but this is practically the cheapest Braun you can buy

Great purchase

One product that you must buy. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy to maintain. It will hardly irritate you if you use it less than 10 mins. Make sure that you regularly clean it every week if you are a heavy user.


My third Braun.
Others have been good but this model gives very poor results and simply does not shave close enough.
I also find patches of longer facial hair which remain, even after spending several minutes shaving.
I wish I could return it.
Do not buy!

Really good shaver

My husband has been using this shaver for a long while now and he is really happy with it. Although he wonders where he can get spare parts like foils and cleanining solution.

The right choice

After 50 years of using razor blades i thought it a good time to change to electric. After looking through review after review i realized that i just wanted a good reliable shaver without all the bells and whistles, and decided on the Braun 340s. Although obviously not quite as good as the blade, i am happy i made the right choice.

Ahhhh, back to the best

My old ...OLD Braun packed up a few years ago and I foolishly experimented with other brands, both foil and rotating blade (Philips).
Should have known better. Neither did a good job of shaving, esp the Philips and the battery life of the other (Panasonic) was hopeless.
Now I'm back to Braun and so very happy: shaves cleanly, thoroughly and quietly. Works cordless and as a plug-in.
Got it in HK so price was a bargain.
Highly recommended!!

The ultimate shaver, six stars..

My old Braun shaver finally failed after 12 years,so I found the updated version, for less than I paid all those years back.It's fast , light with 3 floating heads, picks up all the curly hairs and great on stubble.Being a battery model means I am not anchored to a power point while shaving.Can't recommend this highly enough. Would be good for women too, the floating heads make it gentle on the skin.
Inexpensive,( $100), light , rechargeable, fast and efficient.Spares readily available.

Good shaver at a good price

My 5-series Braun was dying, so I looked at what Braun had to offer. They have a bewildering (confusing?) range of shavers, some with model numbers that are unique to specific retailers. I looked at various reviews, and decided to "downgrade" to a series 3 340. It does everything I need at a very good price. It's a wet and dry shaver. Its dry performance is great. Wet performance is not so good. If you want a good wet shaver, then maybe this is not the model for you.
Price, good weight, good dry shave
Poor at wet shaving

Best shaver i have ever used

Had to replace my electric shaver having tried a number of brands my last one was a Braun but needed replacing being happy with the last Braun stayed with the same brand it has proved to be the best shaver i have ever used leaving me with the closest shave yet, it is quiet too, the battery holds a long charge
Closest shave yet, quiet, long charge, comfortable to hold

Maybe I got a dud ...

This is the worst electric razor I have ever owned in 40 years. I have to spend so long shaving I might as well use a blade, and the result is still awful - rough and uneven. Maybe Braun should devote less attention to making the shaver 'high tech' with rows of flashing lights and a ridiculous cleaning box that takes up half the bathroom shelf, and more to designing a comb and cutters that actually, like, cut hair. Very disappointing because I've had other Braun shavers over the years that have been excellent, but they've really dropped the ball on this one. Strongly recommend Remington 7000 series as vastly superior.

It doesn't give a good shave, which is the only purpose of a shaver.

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my son said it is not shaving he has tried but hair remains?????
2 answers
Sadly there's no solution. It's an extremely, badly-made, inferior device. NOTHING you do or don't do can fix it. All I can suggest is get in quick (before your return/refund period expires) and see if you can get your money back. In several decades of being a buyer and consumer I'd have to say this device comes in at the top of my list for "Worst Purchase Ever".This is truly baffling. I have been using this shaver for several months and it is perfectly fine. Indeed, if you see hundreds of reviews everywhere everybody is happy. Perhaps it needs a bit of cleaning. Just remove the foil/cutter cassette, wash it in hot water and then reattach. Is there a visible vibration when you remove the cutter cassette? If not, there might be some damage and you should contact your supplier.

Do the cutting elements have to be replaced and if so how often with daily use? Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Ivan, I'm not sure. I've only had the shaver for about 6 weeks now so it's too early to tell. I don't recall the manual mentioning anything about replacing the cutting elements. Regards, Matt


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