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Braun MobileShave M30

Braun MobileShave M30

2.1 from 25 reviews

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Only suitable for short, newly grown moustache

As it is a foil type razor, it cannot cut anything longer than 0.2cm.
Only suitable for short, newly grown moustache.
It does the job in this regard.
Runs on 2 AA batteries, so you don't need to worry about the charger.

Purchased in July 2019 at Priceline for $18.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnYes
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Good shave when you don't have power

For the price gives a good close shave, probably would not use as an every day shaver but good for travelling as battery powered, I have had mine for around five years and use it for touch ups and it works fine.

Absolutely crap

This is the worst thing I have ever used. It doesn't work at all!! Would not recommend at all bloody hell a butter knife probably works better.!!!! No wonder it only costs $10

Ok for $10 but not great

Bought this on sale $10, had one a few years ago and that model worked great however bought the new one and it does not seem to work as well as the previous models, it shaves but often I have some short hair still left so to fix this I would have to use my shaver to clean up what the M30 cannot! Overall for $10 not bad but I would not buy again UNLESS the one I bought as defective?

worst thing ever

Cut my moustache area really well, then proceeded to not really cut anything else, other than my skin. had to finish with blade, still bleeding 30 mins later. Am now sore, and don't want to go in public. Do not buy

Great value for Shaver

Great value for a travel shaver. It works for daily shavers - NOT for those who doesn't shave on a consistent basis. Works very well for me but as far as I understand it does not do well for stubborn beards for some


So far I have been shaving for 30 mins. Maybe half way there. Currently travelling at the moment and don't have another option. Avoid buying this thing at all costs.

Great value shaver

My expensive battery shaver expired & i did not want to spend over $100 to replace.Bought this one last week, does a great job, i use to finish off after using blade razor, great value!!

Please choice other

Very bad quality ,, no more words ... It doesn't cut !!
Beard 1 , 2 days no cut , and skin red !
Please no purchase it
Best regard

Doesn't work

Wish I had read reviews prior to buying this piece of crap. Does not work in the slightest. Absolutely terrible! Do not buy this product! Will be demanding a refund.

A shaver that doesn't shave

In spite of having read all the negative comments here on this product, I decided to buy this shaver due to its nice design and more importantly, incredibly cheap price tag. Serves me right. It doesn't shave much at all. The mechanic of the device is pretty simple. It relies on the vibration of an build-in razor to cut hair. The problem is that the porous metallic cover that rests over the razor only allows very thin hair through (a bit like threading a string through the eye of a needle). Hence the average bearded individuals would probably find it absolutely useless at removing their face hair. I even tried cautiously running the razor over my skin without the metallic cover attached, and guess what... it didn't remove much of the hair either. Shouldn't such a dysfunctional product be removed from shelves?

Abismal, terrible shaver

Cracked her open, fit in my hand nicely! Flicked it on; didn't take a singular hair off of my face, so I tried again; AND IT CUT ME. What a stupid contraption. Avoid this thing guys!

Worked fine for a year or so but...

Then the flimsy battery cover latch broke rendering it useless. Happened twice now, won't be replacing it with another which is a shame as it was handy until it broke. Also the foil is over half the price of a new shaver.

Great one to keep in the office for a quick touch up if you're late in to work or an evening meeting

I keep this one in the top drawer at the office for the odd occasion I'm running late to work or have a late afternoon or evening meeting.
Used it a number of times and works as good as an old school electric shaver....does the job, battery lasts, compact & convenient. Sometimes I rinse it out in the sink. I do not use this every day.....not as good as the newer top end shavers.
Very good for what it is.

Absolutely useless

If I rubbed my face with my hand it would be more effective at removing hair than this rubbish. It's like s toy for a child that pretends to do what daddy does. It vibrates and makes all the noises but cuts no hair. Avoid at all costs!

Cheap and good

Bought mine a few years ago. I use it occasionally when I need a quick shave instead of lathering and using my regular blade. Works well both dry and wet. I am getting the replacement foil now after a few years of use. I don't have much facial hair and not so coarse. So maybe the bad reviews are from people with heavy facial hair growth.

Dangerous. Don't buy.

Less than 4 months of use two or three times a week the edge of the foil mesh broke. An undetectable piece of foil protruded which I found out from the sharp pain and blood in the sink.

Useless - Did not shave a single hair but took some skin off.

This foil razor is useless compared to the awesome little men's Phillips I bought with 2 round heads - Did not shave a single hair but took some skin off. Blades rotate too fast I think. Good case design and price but wonder how it got past the testing stage. Ladies do not buy this.


it doesn't work at all….. very very bad, felt cheated…… i had bought 2 of BRAUN M30, Give me my money back!

This the most useless item since the waterproof teabag

I bought this year's ago, was kind of hungover and it was on special. First attempts to use this I blamed on not really having great stubble or facial hair being too long. I even excused it's performance due to being used to using a blade. Then I read the reviews. You would have more luck using an orbital sander on your face and over a period of time have less discomfort. Never buying Braun again.

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Where can i buy foils for this product the M-30?
1 answer
Good Morning Doreen, Thank you for your message. This isn't actually one of our products unfortunately. The best number to contact is Braun Household Enquiries on 1800 126 659. Kind Regards, Daniel @ FGB Natural Products


Braun MobileShave M30
CategoryMen's Electric Shavers
Price (RRP)$29.99
Release dateSep 2011

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