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Braun Series 5

Braun Series 5

5040s, 5140S, 5190CC, 5020s, 5030s and 3 more
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stopped working

Bought in Dec. 2017 and stopped working 3 months ago - braun replaced motor, pc board and battery. Now the same problem only 3 months later. I'll have to phone Braun again and see what they will do this time. My old series 5 is still working and actually is much lighter and faster and closer shave.

Purchased in December 2017 for $130.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Fantastic Shaver

Purchased this shaver for my Dad for xmas and he absolutely loves it. He was initially a little worried as he had heard the series 7 was better, but it did not disappoint. It's an older generation and only marginally different to the 7, but was easy enough for him to use without cutting himself an easy enough to charge when needed.

The design of the storage unit with the cleaner isn't the best. It's a little lop sided and unsightly in the bathroom, but can be stored in cabinet if you have a charging point. Not ideal for travel.

A really fantastic gift idea.

Purchased in December 2018 at David Jones Online Store for $199.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Good at first but hard to clean, prefer Phillips rotary

This shaver has a feel of solid quality in the hand. The motor feels and sounds powerful, and has a stronger vibration than my previous shaver, a Philips rotary. The stronger vibration takes a little bit of getting used to when you're against bone. The battery life is very good - more than a month between charges with daily use. The beard trimmer works fine as long as you don't try to go too fast.

However: at first the shaver gave me a nice close shave but now after about 5 months of use it's leaving too much stubble. I wonder if there is a stubble build-up inside the foil where I can't see. I've cleaned the shaver every day as the salesperson advised me: rinse through the foil with water, and then spray with "Shaver Guard" cleaner spray daily. My shaver didn't come with the Braun 'Clean & Charge Station' and I didn't think I'd need one since I could keep my previous shaver clean by dissassembling and cleaning it out; but the Braun doesn't seem to dissassemble like the Philips. So I'm disappointed about the drop-off in shave quality after such a short time.

Purchased in October 2018 at Shaver Shop for $159.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Charging Stand IS available for Series 5!

My husband needed a new shaver. Mostly has had Braun shavers for the last few decades so he went for a new Series 5/5140s.
He only uses it for shaving the corners of his mouth and the dimple on his chin to save on cutting himself!! He says it does a good job for that. He hasn’t tried it as a wet shaver. He then uses an ordinary razor/blade to complete the shave! He prefers it that way as he claims he gets a better result for him.

What I found annoying was that all his previous Braun shavers had come with a charger stand. Somehow we assumed this one did too. No it didn’t. (I think there are other Series 5 that come with some sort of self cleaning stand that was big and bulky and more expensive)

I let it lay about in the cupboard for a few weeks, taking up extra room, before attempting to find out if there was a stand that fitted.

I rang the Shaver Shop where we purchased the shaver. No, nothing sold like that!

I tried Proctor and Gamble who are the distributors of Braun in Australia. They sent me to a WA supplier for parts. He couldn’t find anything on his system and said there wasn’t anything available! (A subsequent email to P&G did suggest I contact other parts suppliers - in other states, I suspect.)

I then resorted to good Dr Google and found a link to Statewide Services in Coburg Victoria that had a Series 9 charger listed. On closer inspection the wording on their webpage said it would fit a S5 and a whole lot of others!

I ordered online and it has arrived today. IT DOES FIT!!!


I have done a lot of research on electric shavers and decided to go the Braun series 5 (5190) due to price and effectiveness. I have very course facial hair and I grow a beard within days. I used this for the first time last night with 3 days of growth and with standard Gillette shaving gel (not too much). I was utterly amazed at the ease of use and the closeness of the shave! I was particularly happy with the hard to reach spots like the upper lip and chin areas, very clean. In the morning, no rash either. I am never going back to the standard razor again, there is literally no need. Finally I bought this at the Good Guys for $199.

Doesn't shave as close as a manual blade shaver, but is more convenient.

I haven't used an electric shaver for about 30 years. I changed to manual cartridge shavers (Gillette) as I found that my 5 o'clock shadow appeared at 9 o'clock in the morning, when using the electric shaver (Phillips foil type).

I am now in my mid 60's & my facial hair growth seems to be slowing & thinning. So I thought that I'd give an electric shaver another try. I settled on the Braun Series 5 wet/dry shaver, without the cleaning station, as it seemed to be the sweet spot with regards to price vs performance. I didn't buy the cleaning station as I have too many bits & pieces in my bathroom already & didn't like having to buy cleaning/lubricating solution into the foreseeable future. The shaver is easy to clean under the tap & I give it a spray of lubricant/steriliser after each clean. I started out using the shaver 'dry', but then tried it wet, under the shower. I found the wet shave to be better for me, I guess the water allows the head to move more smoothly over the skin. The shave is not as close as my old Gillette Mach 5, but the convenience of the electric shaver makes up for this. It is also quick & easy to do a quick touch up with the electric shaver, if I am going out to dinner etc.

Great shave

After 30years shaving with a razor have been converted to electric, this shaver gives a close shave without skin rash or burn fantastic shave from first use, had tried rotary blade type electric razors but found them very rough on my skin especially round the neck area. Only wish I had of got one of these Braun foil razors years ago.

Shaved well but cleaning unit has failed in less than 3 years

I previously bought a series 5 shaver with cleaning unit in 2006. It worked well and thought it was time for a new unit in 2015. It was doing a better job at shaving than the old shaver so I was happy about that.

The cleaning unit has failed in less than 3 years. It keeps pumping up the cleaning fluid out of the cartridge and overflowing. I’ve only ever used the Brain cleaning cartridges. Given the first one never malfunctioned ever, I think that’s pretty poor performance. I don’t know whether it’s bad luck or Braun’s high price tag for their products is no longer justified.

Worth Your Buck - BEST REVIEW

I have sensitive skin and I used this for 2 days now and I had no irritation. It's very smooth and cuts my course beard precisely. I give it a 4 out of 5 stars because I don't really care for the design to much. It's definitely worth getting because of the durability and the technology integrated to cut wet and dry hair with no issues. Also the charging speed is amazing and almost never dies.


Agree with Bruce does not give a close shave just leaves stubble, alright if you are in your 20's but I'm 64 and I prefer a close shave,I too have reverted back to my old 3 head Philishave, got new razor heads and she works great now. The Braun cost me $187 and was a waste of money. Don't even contemplate purchase. I'm giving it 1 star only because I cannot give it zero, or can I!!!!!

ok, but disappointed

My wife bought one for me after I've used manual razor for a long time. It works, but my old phillips 3 circular head worked better for me. 2 aspects let it down. 1) even the tap putting it down and it drops mess everywhere, not holding it in the catcher at all well. 2) It only manages a close shave (on me) from short stubble. longer stubble does ok where my face is flat but longer hair or some of the curves, doesn't get it. I end up having to move the shaver in multiple directions to get most of it, then pull out the razor to get a clean shave. If its even longer, I tried the trimmer, but that makes ridiculous mess, its easier to just use the razor.

Heavy and noisy shaver

Purchased this shaver 2 months ago, had reservations about changing to foil shaver after years of using 3 head rotary ones.
Found this model very heavy and very noisy, it also vibrated badly and did not handle stubble at all well.
Was returned during trial period for full refund and purchased rotary type again which is so far excellent.
Braun unit appeared to be very good quality but was very awkward to use.

Best shaver I've ever had...and I've had a few.

It was time for a new electric shaver. My last one was the Braun CoolTec which was okay but not a very close shave. I've had other Braun shavers years ago, as well as several of the current style Panasonics. The Panasonics were pretty good except the blades only lasted six months with all of them before they needed replacing. A couple of them just died for no reason.

I did some research with the current crop of Braun shavers available. I was never going to get the Series 9 as there is no way in hell I'm going to pay in excess of $350 for a shaver. It then came down to Series 5 and Series 7. Even the most basic S7 is $300. I checked out some reviews and found that there is hardly any difference between the Series 5 and 7 in the way they shave and the quality off the shave. The differences were mainly cosmetic.

I found the S5 with Clean & Charge Station at Harvey Norman for $175. What a bargain!
Once I used it for the first time, I was amazed. My face was as smooth as smooth and felt like I had just shaved with a blade. Even under the neck area where every other shaver had struggled to give a close shave, it was very smooth. To top it off the Clean & Charge cleaned this shaver better than any other I had tried. The others seemed to partially clean the shaver head but still left remnants of whiskers behind. Not with this one as when its cleaned, the shaver head comes out looking like new.

I 100% recommend this shaver.

Great Shave for my growth rate

This unit cost $149 and is called simply S5. The receipt says it is the 5140S. It replaces an older Braun shaver I had (8750?)
This is a much better shaver. The wet dry option is one feature I really like. It does not irritate my skin whether I shave my skin wet or dry. It takes longer than a blade to shave properly. The result is not quite as smooth but I prefer it anyway. It suits me because I can shave everyday comfortably. With a blade I have to wait for the second day for a good shave. Shaving under the chin is very good but you have to know the technique. You do the opposite of what you do with a blade. Look down, do not look up to stretch your neck. Stretching the skin reduces the contact surface and makes it harder to shave closely.
Highly recommended for those who want a comfortable shave everyday but have a light growth rate. A big improvement over my older shaver which was not a wet/dry model.


The controls on the razor are where you hold it, so you keep turning the rotating head on and off. Rotating head is an unnecessary gimmick anyway. The trimmer is too short and stumpy to work well.
Very hard to clean the hair from the cutting blades.
Cannot find replacement heads, and its only 12 months old.
Avoid, badly designed.

Excellent shaver

In short: excellent. This model (5040WD) is waterproof so it can be easily cleaned. It can be used when talking a shower, but I never tried. Shaves closely, additional trimming blade works very well as well. Very small disappointing peculiarities: it is not as small as I expected, and rather noisy. However overall I am very happy with the results, and would highly recommend it.

Fantastic! Great buy!

Well, it does say that this product is discontinued, but I did buy it few days ago in my local shop in Croatia. My facial hair is average, not too thick, but I have "hairs" to shave. And wow, Braun Series 5, model 5090 cc does a hell of a job! REALLY a near-razor shave, maybe 5% worse than that. Which is great! No irritation at all, lubricated and maintained (disinfected) over the "cleaning base", which also charges the battery. Perfectly simple to use. I have no complaints at all, and I can recommend this shaver to everyone who have medium budget, but would like to get a high-class shaving experience.

Best shave ever

I didn’t know that this model, 5020s, is a discontinued model...I guess that's why I only paid AU$150 for it. That said, I have never had a closer, smoother or more comfortable shave...ever...since using this shaver. Electric shavers are unique to the bloke using it, but if I knew a shaver could work like this one, I would have bought one years ago. Admittedly, I have moved from a basic Panasonic to the Braun, but seriously, it is like going from a Hyundai to a Rolls Royce! No offence to Hyundai...I have one of those too...great car. I think the next time I upgrade my electric shaver, it will be Braun and I reckon I'll bump up to the Series 7. You get what you pay for and I love my Series 5 shaver!

Have always used the Series 5 and liked them, not so this latest one

Have always been happy with the Series 5. So when it was time to replace it I figured the series 5 would be the best bet. The new model shaves well, like the old one but with one "catch"......

If you go a few days without shaving and have longer hairs to cut, they often get caught in the small gap on either side of the foils. It's extremely painful! It requires a full trip down using the beard attachment before you can use the foils. Previous Series 5 shavers never had this problem.

It wont shave on neck

Terrible experience and wasted money, using this machine cause more irritation than shaving with a normal razor. Never buy it better buy a quality razor. my purpose is to finish shave quickly with less irritation

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How much warranty you get on the braun series 5 cheers
No answers

Can I use my 5020s with shaving foam?
3 answers
Hi Gordon, what I have read in other forums and from experience, a small amount of shaving gel works well. It’s a bit more of a clean up than a dry shave but it’s less irritating IMO. CheersGordon, yes you can use shaving foam to 'wet' shave with the 5020. Foam will make for a smoother shave, but will use more battery power than a dry shave. When using foam, you will need to clean the shaver more thoroughly, to make sure you remove all of the foam from the foil & shaver head.I Agree with Kev, Foam Makes the Cleaning Much Harder, Stopped using it

the razor is beeping and showing a "locked" feature.. can can i fix this?
1 answer
You can, but it would require reading the instruction manual.


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