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Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7

720S-6, 760CC-7 (Black), 7840s, 7865CC, 7898CC and 9 more
3.8 from 68 reviews

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Used most days without fail

Have been using this most days before work for about a year now. It has not failed me at all. The battery life is very good. The shave is nice and close without any irritation. It sits well in the hand and is comfortable to use. The price is a little steep for a shaver though.

Purchased in August 2018 at Shaver Shop.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Excellent shaver

I am using Braun series 7000 for almost 10 years and I love it
easy to use, reasonable charging time
easy to carry when you are traveling
easy to clean, I bought the first one in 2010 (my brother using that one now) and I have another two of them
The cassette foil needs to replace every 2 years but
Braun recommending 18 months (a little bit expensive) but it depends on your personal usage
just try to buy the genuine one and try use recommended oil to keep it clean and sharp
I tried the newer Model 9000 series and unfortunately did not work for me and I decided to stick to my old one
No regret
I am absolutely recommending this shaver

Purchased at shavershop for $265.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

The real deal !

Having been a rotary Philips user for 50 years punctuated by a Remington foil once, I ventured into purchasing a Braun 7893 because the rather nice rotary contour Philips has current generation blades that lose their edge quickly and fail to do a good job below the jaw line.
My new 7893 is like revelation.

It is bulkier and noisier than the Philips however it is the real deal and on the intermediate blue setting I now have NO problem getting a better than reasonable shave below the jaw line and throat.
Further it is easier to clean and the cleaning head is detachable and does not require the intricate fiddling with the lock in clamps as with the Philips.

I will have to await the length of battery life (suggested at 50 min) and the state of the foil and blades but don't expect any issue until > 12 months hence.

Thank You Braun for a quality piece of equipment.

Purchased at on line for $179.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Shave Closeness
Dry Shave

Very close shave and efficient.

I was coming from a Phillip's Speed XL model.
In comparison the Braun is a much closer shave, very close to a razor shave. Its pretty efficient too with fewer pass overs required.
The unit is solidly built and cleans easily, either with water or the included brush. It has variable settings for sensitivity, and also shows the charge level via some LEDs on the front. I read many highly positive reviews on the 7 series German made model and its lived up to the hype.
Wet or dry shaver.

Purchased in May 2019 at Toby Deals for $172.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life


I have for the last 40 years used a variety of wet shavers (my favourite remains my ancient Gullette Fat Boy DE safety razor from 1958 - so it's four years older than me and still working well) and several foil and rotating head electric razors. A close shave with minimal skin irritation is important to me, more so than a quick shave. I don't mind putting in the time and effort to get best results.

I read many glowing reviews before selecting the Braun Series 7 (7898cc) Wet & Dry shaver with the Charge & Clean base unit. I ordered it online on 1st January 2018 and it arrived several days thereafter. After reading so many five star reviews, I was optimistic for this shaver.

Upon using the shaver, both dry and wet, I was most disappointed with the results. It always leaves stubble, most especially on the neck but also on the soft cheek areas and along the jaw line. This has happened ever since new and has become no better one year on (with the foil and cutter cassette now 'worn-in').

I tried using the Braun on completely dry skin, with the use of Boots electric pre-shave lotion, and then wet using my usual high quality shaving soaps (Trumper, and Pecksniffs), and then again, with Gillette shaving gel. Each time the Braun leaves stubble of around 1.0mm to 1.5mm on the neck, jawline and cheeks. I got marginally better results on the neck area by putting the shaver head in the angled locked position but it still leaves stubble. I thereafter have to resort to my trusty old Philips HQ10 twin rotating head travel shaver - which cost me around £12 around a decade ago and still has its original foils and cutters - it then deftly removes the stubble which the Braun 7898cc leaves behind. This is utterly ludicrous as the HQ10 uses old architecture in comparison to the state-of-the-art 8D foils of the Braun 7898cc. Moreover, the Braun costs more than twentry-seven times as much as the humble Philips: I bought the HQ10 from Boots for £11.99 whereas Boots are currently charging £329.99 for the Braun 7898cc.

From my experience thus far (the shaver is now 13 months old) I am not impressed with the build quality or reliability. After just six weeks of use the plastic button, which locks the shaver head, fell off and could not be reinserted as the plastic retention pins had fallen off inside the head After around 6 months of use one of the silver-coloured Series 7 plastic side plates fell off, followed by one side of the cutter assembly. Although the side plate presses back on, it falls off repeatedly, followed onto the floor by half of the cutter and foil assembly.

I have not used the slide-out sideburn trimmer but understand from online reviews that these are prone to break very easily early in the life cycle of the Series 7.

Battery life is now much diminished even though the shaver is barely a year old and I do not use it every day. On prior Series 7 models, replacing the batteries was easily done by the user - it merely involved removing two screws to access the battery compartment. However, on the new Series 7 models, the non-slip rubberised grip now covers these screws. To remove the rubberised grip would be difficult and requires specialist adhesives to re-adhere it, so I will not be attempting to do it myself. This of course means the unit must be returned to Braun.

As friendly local authorised repair shops no longer exist there's no possibility of taking the shaver in, waiting for the battery replacement, then taking it home so one can shave next morning. Instead the whole unit must be posted to one of Braun's service centres, so this means being without a shaver for a week or two (maybe more) whilst Braun complete the replacement. My nearest Braun service partner is in Nottingham – 103 miles away and a journey, which takes five hours, return. Therefore, I will have to post it to Braun at my expense.

It's a good job I have my old shavers to fall back on. I will be returning the unit to Braun so will update when it is returned to me.

From my experience thus far, I cannot recommend this shaver.

I wondered why the Braun Series 7 was rated so very highly, especially after I left a one-star review which they didn’t publish) on Braun's UK website page for the 7 Series. Then I read the 84 five and four-star reviews that Braun had published which gave the Series 7 a score of 4.43/5: they all had three things in common:
1. They are all designated as: “This reviewer received incentives from the product manufacturer.” - it didn’t specify what the incentives were but some reviewers reported they had received their shaver free as part of a Bzz campaign;
2. They are all annotated with: “This review was collected as part of a promotion” though the nature of the promotion was not stated;
3. They are claimed to have been “Originally posted on Product Sampling Community.”

Well. it doesn’t take much intuition to realise that if you give people an expensive item for free and then seemingly filter out any negative reviews then you’re going to get an artificially skewed high rating for your product and this will then be replicated elsewhere on the internet by people who looked at the scores but not the methodology which derived them.

Thankfully, we can trust Productreview.com.au and its community for accurate, unfettered reviews.

Purchased in January 2018 for $220.29.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Changed my mindset on electric shaver after 40 years

Since I started to shave I was used to a blade or a good old type shaver. Specially as a part of military training I needed a clean shave where I can not feel any stubs.
One day I tried my son's shaver which is a series 5. I felt that it could deliver similar results to a manual shaver.
I did my research online and also visited shaver shops and got some response from sales team who were using electric shaver. In one of the shops I found series 7 shaver which did not mention wet and dry are a great price. When enquired the girl at the counter said though it does not mention wet and dry you can use it for wet cuts. Though I wasn't certain about this comment I went ahead and did the purchase.
Todate it's doing a great service and providing cut similar to normal blade shaver. I do use shaving oil and at times my old shaving foam too.
On top of all it also provide me with convenience as I don't need to be in the bathroom for shaving. Only advice is do not use this model whilst having a bath as it's not a water proof to that grade.

Better than I could have hoped.

I bought the 7865CC Braun shaver two weeks ago after persisting for too many years with a couple of other electric shavers (the ones with the three spinning circular blades). And within the first 30 seconds of using this Braun I knew that this was seriously the best shaver I had ever used.
Really feels like I have used a blade, it is that clean and smooth a shave.
And the charging/cleaning station I thought looked more like a gimmick is actually bloody brilliant! I use the cleaning option every third day (which means the little reservoir should last three months) so the shave always smells so nice.
Yes it is expensive (though I did get it on special at Hardly Normal) but I must say it is worth every cent.
If you can afford it, you wont regret it.

Best shave ever

Bought this for my elderly father after researching. He wanted a foil one as he’d had great problems with a rotary model, and couldn’t change heads easily. He shaves every morning, dry, so I just bought the basic model rather than dry/wet. He loves it and says it gives him the best shave he’s ever had.

Works very well

This is my second Braun 760cc. I use it 6 days a week and only charge once a week. Gives very close shave and smooth finishing. Got it when it was special at HN. Been using it for 3 years. I prefer Foil over Rotary due to the ease of using it and also ability to lock the head. Have not changed cutting heads yet. Cleaning is very easy and comes with self cleaning function.

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Changed cutting head after 3 years of use (5days/week). No other maintenance or issues at all.


Shaver works fine BUT try to use the trimmer to trim your ‘stash........the head blocks ENTIRE view of where you’re trying to trim. NOT well thought out.......from a design teacher. Have you thought of a different career?!? Ohhhhhh just kidding!!

Better than Philishave 9000

I stopped using my Philishave series 9000 because I was unhappy with it and after using Philips shavers for over 35 years. See the Philips 9000 review for my issues. So I bought a Braun series 7 and have been using it for a week. I’ve used a Phishave for over 35 years and it feels a bit like being unfaithful. I’ve been using the Braun for a little over a week. The Braun series 7 is simply better than the Philishave series 9000.
To pick up and hold, the Braun feels like it’s a better weight and more solid. Its a small thing, but you use it every day. It should feel good. The charging / cleaning device is better design than the Philips one and the LCD display on the handle’s base so you see it while its charging is very clever. The power button (unlike the Philips) is sensibly placed. The Philips power button is near your thumb when you grip it and occasionally I press it while shaving and inadvertently turn the razor off. Like the rest of the Philishave it feels plastic lower quality than the Braun.
I still prefer the rotating action of the Philishave heads and I prefer the circular or swirling technique that works best for the Philishave (but it may be 35 years of training in the Philips technique!). The Braun seems to work best if you use it in straight lines, mimicking a blade razor. When the Philishave is not screeching (a common complaint), its quieter and I prefer that sound (and feel) than the vibrating sound and feel of the Braun’s oscillating head.
The Philishave 9000 does not cut as close to sideburns and nose, as either my earlier Philisahves, or the Braun series 7. In fact the Braun series 7 shaves closer to these areas than any of my previous Philishave razors.
The Philishave 9000 (and previous models) always seemed to have trouble with some patches at the base of my neck where the skin dimples a bit either side of the larynx. Once these hairs were missed a few days running, the Philishave would never cut them no matter how hard I tried and I’d end up using the beard trimmer then going back and shaving them later (more on the beard trimmer to come). The Braun handles this area really well.
The Braun series 7 shaves better than the Philishave series 9000. Full stop. I don’t think the Philishave shaves as well as my previous Philishave HQ8XX and it may have been better than the Braun, but its hard to remember.
The Braun series 7 has a pop-up sideburn trimmer! The Philishave series 9000 deletes it. You don't really realise how handy this is until you don't have it.
In conclusion, The Braun series 7 looks and feels higher quality than the Philishave. It has a smarter charge / cleaning station. It has a proper pop-up beard trimmer instead of the separate clip on afterthought that Philips provides. And finally, not only does it shave better (at least at Harvery Norman) its cheaper.

Better than average

I recently purchased a Braun 760cc-4 razor (all black not Noble Metal) to replace my Braun CoolTec (no longer made). To be honest, I got a closer and faster shave with my CT. With that said, the 760cc-4 I bought had an excellent sale price ($99) with all the attachments, 3 cleaning agent modules and the station. A close enough shave is had in the morning but by 1:00 in afternoon I could use another (if going out evening), otherwise, a close enough shave in the morning once again (moderate+ beard here).

An update from my previous review: I still enjoy my Braun. In fact I love it, especially when I am rushed in the morning and have no time for a face wash blade shave (let's face it, we all use the electric in conjunction with the blade and visa versa). I recommended using an electric shaving lubricant with the Braun that takes my beard down to almost blade level ("Lectric Shave" here in America). Thanks for reading.

Spend the extra $$ This shaver is amazing

Purchased this shaver about 2 months ago at the time on sale $350 and it came with the 60 day braun refund.
So i thought I might give it a go and have enjoyed using it since
I have a very hard beard which regrows within hours from cutting
I did not shave for 2 days, on the morning of the 3 day to my surprise this shaver did a bloody amazing job
Clean smooth shave.
I really like the self cleaning base, it's very hygienic it has a solution of disinfectante which washes the shaver after every use if you decide to and recharge the battery.
In built trimmer is very handy
Highly recommend the purchase of this shaver even thought it might be a bit more expensive from other brands

Happy to purchase again when needed

I have read so many variable reviews on this model , extreme at best . I have never had a more consistent shave from any electric razor before this one I can say the polarizing reviews are because some people have very different skin , facial hair and expectations . I would suggest if the unit is not purchased with the cleaning base don't bother, as water cleaning doesn't really work as well as the cleaning base as the foil has too many areas where the water doesn't clean or lubricate the foil . After 2 years of use I am still more than happy to spend $ 90.00 every 18 months for a foil and the cleaning cartridges . I don't use foam or oil any more as it gives me a rash and the oil is damn expensive anyway . I used to shave wet and that would take forever and the foam was not much better, the oil made holding the razor more than difficult . The cleaning solution alcohol based leaves a coating on the foil and if I can bother I clean the razor foil again in the cleaning base (short cycle ) which helps get a closer shave in the middle of the shave , after a 2 or 3 day growth . I have tried Philips rotary , Remington and reckon wet blade is superior , but still cut myself as I have to wear reading glasses to wet shave with a blade . Word of warning - the shaver shop originally supplied me a refurb version of this unit and the head on these models has a lock that either locks or it doesnt , very common fault is the locking part of the head is easily broken my original arrived that way and with the replacement I was told some dealers sell refurb stock so check the unit hasnt been a returned item , otherwise very happy purchase .

Not the greatest

I've had it for two years. In that time, the black finish started peeling off - poorly made. The shave itself is decent, although I can't say it was better than a razor. I only use it 3 times a week, and I replaced the blades at a high expense after the first year. The cleaning cartridges are expensive, but you know that when you purchase it. Just after the warranty expired the lock button on the side - locks it into place for shaving the upper lip - came off in my hand. That's pretty bad for a razor I spent over $300 to buy. It's the Black premium selection limited design edition 795cc-4. I don't think I'll buy another Braun. It's seriously overrated and far from a quality product. Typical junk that breaks down after the two year guarantee ends.

Would not buy Braun again

At first the braun cut great. After about 6 months the blade will be dull, no worries go buy replacements. Good luck fining them. Replacement blades cannot be purchased anywhere and even if you could they re $70+. so you now have an expensive paper weight.

Stay away - worst shaver ever

I bought this shaver in March. In May the shaver's foil was so badly corroded / damaged that it removed the top layer of my skin. I replaced the foil head and in August the exact same problem.

Can't get a nice shave

How do you have a nice clean finish shave with this shaver.
I've had several shaves and not once have I been happy with the finish and needed a razor to clean up before leaving the house
Is the Braun series 7 crap or do I need a guide

An improvement on the 8595 ... in some ways

I like: the slim design (easier to hold and manoeuvre); the trimmer (a great improvement); battery life between charges; zip-up case (the 8595 plastic one broke at the hinge in no time).

I dislike: the fact that you can't just plug the shaver into the power to finish your shave if the battery goes flat on you. This is clearly a deliberate decision by Braun to force you to use the 'Clean&Renew station' to clean, lubricate and recharge. When the battery goes flat, it does so very quickly, so make sure you regularly check the display on the base. When the battery segments have disappeared and it's down to the red (ignore the hygiene gauge), it's time to think about recharging - when the red starts flashing, definitely recharge now!

I remove and re-cap the cleaning fluid after the cleaning cycle has finished (pop the top up and let it sit for a few minutes before carefully sliding the container out) - this way each container lasts me at least a year.

For what it's worth, this review is actually of the 790cc-7, not the 790cc-4 as it states here. I don't know what the difference is or why it's been changed.Very belated update: I have just tried charging the shaver directly ... and it works! I stated in my review above that it could be charged only via the 'Clean&Renew station' - this is incorrect. For some reason it didn't work when I tried it then, so that marked it down for me. Sorry people ... and Braun!

Excellent close shave on him n her

Daily user to keep a light trimmed beard & close shaved parts. Best shaver I've ever owned to date. Bought at Shaver Shop. Other brands haven't impressed me. I chose the one without the self cleaning dock to keep the ongoing costs down. Very happy after about 6 months. Wife also happy with it on her stubble. Guess it's a his n hers eh!?

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Can the 720S be used in the 760cc cleaner base
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Not sure. I used it once and now it stills in the drawer. Worst thing I have ever purchased. Braun never got back to me either.Sorry I have never used a cleaner base so not sure on that question. Hot water works fine for me.Yes, it can. The 720S has the same electronics inside as the models that come with the Clean & Renew station.


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