Converted after one shave

Ok, a 2 day growth and my 9000 Series Philips struggling. I use Shaving Oil and thinking that perhaps its time to change the rotary blades after 2 years. Was advised it was $129 for replacement. Noticed in shaver shop that the shavers were 65% off the sale price? Quick math told me that instead of new blades, add another $100 and see what Braun can do this time. I have used Philips all my life, from Sensotouch 3D to 9160 3D etc etc. Would be 7 or 8 Philips over past 40 years.

I tried Braun about 10 or 12 years ago and returned it.
For my rough, grey hard hair, even after only 24hour growth the Philips would struggle.

Tried this Braun and after only one, 4 minute shave, Im impressed. Hopefully after another 2 or 3 weeks that I still am.

Purchased in March 2019 at Shaver Shop for $299.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation No
Razor BurnNo
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life


The shaver misses so many hairs that I need to complete a shave with a disposable razor to complete the job. For a product that costs this much I would expect much better. I missed the window to return this as I kept trying to get a better shave out of it. My advice would be to try it out but if you have any doubts send it back straight away

Purchased in August 2018 at Shaver Shop Physical store for $496.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Braun simply the best

Great all rounder, now I know why they're more expensive. Great results & easier to clean.
Wouldn't have any other brand.
Also got a discount from City shop .

The best electric shaver Braun series 9

Hi the is the best electric shaver I ever used. First I bought Braun series 5 that was also good but than I bought this Braun series 9 and this is the best a nan can get. Since I bought it have used at To shave every 2bd or 3rd day. And the best thing since I bought it I only charged it once first day and after that I’m continuously using it. I mean the battery life is awesome. I’ll highly recommend this Braun series 9 electric shaver.

Not great for the money we paid

My wife bought this for me for my birthday in September last year. I have used it dry, with water and with shaving cream both pre and post shower. I have to say it's not great. I have pretty sporadic facial hair growth and I only need to shave once or twice a week. I find I have to go over and over and over certain spots to get every hair. It misses most of the lay-flat hairs especially under my jawline. I run it through the cleaner after every use and have tried using the shaver shop spray lube to see if that helps (I actually think it makes it worse to shave with next time). I've tried it with 2 day stubble as well as 1 and 2 week growth to see if any of those worked better than the other.

This shaver would be good for people who are unable to use a razor due to medical conditions or people who don't have access to shaving cream or running water but apart from that don't waste your money, just use a mach3 with shaving cream, one stroke over each part and you are done, clean as you like.
**I will give Braun Australia one thing though, they refunded me for the shaver even though I was outside the 60 day trial period. The third star was for their customer service rather than the product itself

Great shave

This is the first shaver I've used that actually cuts under chin hairs. I purchased a Panasonic 5 blader and it simply couldn't do the job so sent it back under the 60 day guarantee. The Braun on the other hand gets the job done. Admittedly it does take multiple (lots) of passes but I don't have to finish off with a blade razor

Sorry. It no it doesn’t work for me

Every day very disappointed I was told by the sales person it would give me a shave like a blade razor but alas it has not I am very dissatisfied with this product especially from Braun.

Buy the Series 7 Instead

I’ve been pretty happy with my Series 7 but the battery was starting to last only 5 days. The guy in the Shaver Shop promised a 2 minute shave with e Series 9. Total crap. It took longer to shave than my Series 7: around 5 minutes. The shaver cutting depth isn’t adjustable and doesn’t shave anywhere near close enough. The Series 9 has a long lasting battery But it really needs it because you have to keep going over the same spot many times. Probably OK if you’re young with whiskers that aren’t very thick but no good for me. I also find the head way too large to get under the side of the chin. Stick with the Series 7 and save a fortune.

Best Electic Shaver I have purchased

I purchased the Braun Series 5 as an experiment as I wasn't entirely happy with my previous shaver. The series 5 was so much better than my previous shavers so I decided to upgrade to the series 9. The Series 9 has proved to give an even more comfortable shave and I am very happy with it . It doesn't look as flash as some other brands but in my opinion it out performs them. The vibration from the shaver head seems to massage your skin which surprisingly makes shaving more comfortable. The head does not get hot like my previous shaver. The cutting head comes as one piece and cannot be stripped down for cleaning but washing it under the tap seems to do the job . My shaver came with the cleaning station which probably does a better job.
In summary, it is a most comfortable shaver to use and gives a reasonable shave. Replacement head is cheaper than some other brands. Good battery life. Cleaning station is easy to use and does a good job

Overpriced, does not live up to hype

This product is overpriced and is no better than a cheap electric razor. If you suffer from sensitive skin going over it 20 times with this is not a solution

works well but

Had it for 3 months, It works well for sensitive skin, battery life is also very good But when cleaning the head with brush the head fell 4-6 inches into a basin and cracked and warranty doesn't cover that. An expensive lesson at $75 replacement cost

Great shaver

I haven't used an electric shaver for years - could never get a close enough shave - but this one is fantastic. OK - it's not as close as a blade shave - but it's a huge leap forward from the Braun I used a decade ago. And cleaning is easy - rinse it under warm water after each shave and run it through the clean cycle on the cleaning station every now and then. Not cheap - but worth it.

Excellent choice

When something is of good quality, both in material and in use, you do not need to decorate it. But if, despite all this, the packaging is of a superior category, the result is excellence. I have to say that she had been using different Braun shavers and that the last one, since a little over a year ago, was a series 7 with which she was very happy, but the Braun 9 9299s far surpasses it.
In the first place, its presentation, as I said before, is extremely well cared for, both in the box - which can possibly be put to good use in another land, as in its leather case. Only with this product in hand can you get an idea of what you will find inside and opening it does not disappoint. Aesthetically it is impeccable, both in design and in ergonomics, with a very comfortable grip and a wide head equipped with different elements that facilitate the rush and smoothness. I shave daily and I do not have a hard beard so perhaps, in my case, the best hurry and where you can fully appreciate the possibilities of this shaver is on the beard of a couple of days. The vibration is subtle and with much less past the hurry is totally different from the other Braun tested. In difficult areas such as the neck, where before had to complete the shaving with a blade to avoid irritating the area with too many passes in this case with four or five is enough to achieve a perfect finish without irritation. I was worried a little in principle that the width of his head was uncomfortable for the area of the mustache but after two or three tests, with the activated lock and the correct inclination the results are perfect.
Another point to note is the durability of your battery. I put it to load at the moment of its reception and nineteen days later it continues perfectly loaded, with practically daily shaves. This provides a tremendous autonomy and, despite the fact that the charger - with a nice design also in the product line - is of small size with this duration of the load it is perfectly avoidable to take it for punctual departures or even for a fortnight of vacations.
As for maintenance, at first, perhaps because of the custom with previous shavers, I would have liked a brush but I recognize that being washable, its cleaning is also more comfortable and lubricating the head from time to time with the product of the Own brand is more than enough.
In short, it is an unbeatable option. True that its price may be a little higher than others but its advantages, design, haste, maintenance, autonomy, more than compensates for that difference. Good job, Braun!

Just Perfect!

I used for the first time my new Braun 9299S, and it was PERFECT! I used it with a beard of 4-5 days and it work with excelent results.
No redness or irritation, like I said a perfect first time!
I really reccomand it.

Ok but not close shave

I have had electric shavers for over a decade and have bought a new Braun every few years. For some reason my shavers don't last longer. I got the braun as I was told it was good for sensitive skin but I find it doesn't shave close enough for me.

The Best Electric Razor in my 40 years of using one

I purchased this razor at the beginning of the year having had a Braun Series 8000 for many years. Having used it for 4 months it has been excellent - much better than my Series 8000 which wasn't too bad, but not as good as this one in giving a close shave without having to over and over some spots. I thoroughly recommend the Series 9000 - it is closest I've had to a blade shave

Best electric shaver on the market

Best wet and dry shaver out there, i have had this product for 2 months and highly recommend it to anyone. gives a very close shave with NO shaving rash. the cleaning station is awesome and keeps the shaver clean and blades sharp

Shaving head breaks after months

The shaver itself works good until the foils fall out (always within a few months). Had to replace it 3 times under warranty and finally had enough. This was with the so called "updated" model which was supposed to fix the problem, but hasn't. Do not buy.


Pretty disappointed with the shave this Braun model gave, my old Phillips sensotouch rotary does a better job,

The fact I have to finish the shave off on my neck with a manual razor annoys, it does my cheeks well, but horrible with shaving my neck,

I originally went into shavershop wanting a DE blade razor and the assistant blew smoke up the butt of the Braun 9 series and the discount paired with the 60 day return policy if not satisfied,

Well, all I can say is this razor will be going back

Will not give me a good shave at all (useless)

Two months ago i decided to replace my old shaver (have always used the other brand) and let myself be talked into buying the BRAUN 9240S Series 9 (i did have a BRAUN many years ago, and was not with it happy then), so i am really annoyed with myself for being talked into buying this shaver. It just does not give me a good shave at all. I am no longer using it even though it cost me a lot of money. Have now purchased the other Brand (at a lot lower price and are happy with the shave i am getting).

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Can the Braun 9299s be cleaned with the cleaning & charging station?
No answers

does it have a cleaning dock accessory?
3 answers
No, sorry. But it's possible to clean it under the water.ok thank youThe model I bought doesn't have a cleaning dock - I deliberately chose that as it was quite a bit cheaper and on my previous model it did have and I stopped using it after a few years. But you can buy one with a cleaning dock if you want

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