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Breville Crystal Clear

Breville Crystal Clear

BKE595, BKE290 and BKE480
3.0 from 86 reviews


Purchased over two yrs. Has done really well. water tastes great but we use filtered water anyway,
Has survived being over flooded by filling and walking away.
has stayed nice and shiny and colour still as is new,

however sadly the lid finally sold the farm and started popping open. and now it has cracked on the plastic part near the lid. So buying another one today

Purchased in April 2017 at Better Braces for $120.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

Lid opens while kettle is boiling.

Like many others I too have had it boil dry because the lid will not stay closed when the water comes to a boil... we have had one situation where the kitchen was filled with steam because it boiled dry.. the lid release is of poor design and will fail, potentially scalding the user.

This is a very badly designed product and I find it hard to believe that this is still allowed to be sold, it should be part of a recall.

Purchased in August 2016 for $79.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level

So far so good. Quite impressed with the speed of the boiler.

The kettle heats up quite quick, about 1 min for level 1.7L of water. Quite exxy, bought it for $60. Hopefully this last for 2 years+. Also the boiler isn't too quiet, and can be a bit loud for some people also a bit heavy to carry, it's not very lightweight.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Very disappointed

Not happy at all and have bought a few breville kettles over the years and never had this problem. Bought it late last year and it rusted at the bottom in a week plus get bits floating in water. Contacted House where I bought it online and they took awhile to get back to me with an answer from Breville to descal it. Ru kidding me!!! In a week after I got it. What an absolute joke! Have cleaned it and you can not get rid of rust plus still get bits floating in water and surely it's not good to drink. Not happy at all!!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Works Well

Owned for Six months , Started to get a build up on the element and become noisy
I read the instructions and purchased the Breville Kettle cleaner which brought the
Kettle back to perfect working condition. Very happy with the Kettlles appearance and ease of cleaning
and speed of boil.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Design Flaw

I have used this kettle for 2 years. Purchased from Good Guys. Has been great up until now, and looks nice, but then, like others here, it started to not automatically shut off. I then noticed the handle, at the top ring connection has cracked, near the fill release button. The kettle is quite a solid, heavy unit, and this connection is very thin plastic, which takes all the weight. It looks like a fatigue issue, probably made worse by the heat. Nevertheless it was a $100 kettle which only lasted 2 years, which is pretty rubbish, and out of warranty. This looks like a poor design to me, which could result in the handle dropping off with a full kettle of boiling water. I think Breville had a recall for a similar issue on the previous design. I don't think it has been rectified properly. Please check your kettle! Very disappointing longevity.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Piece of junk

Lid opens upon boiling and sometimes wont stop boiling.
The top of the kettle flexes causing the lid to pop open when lifting up
This in dangerous these should be recalled
I have always trusted Breville products until now, never again
I have contacted ACCC, product safety Australia
Their product testing and design is flawed.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Condensation in the kettle

I bought my kettle from the Good Guys 2 days ago Sat 27/10/18 . Owned one before and loved it. However, the condensation in the new one has started right from the first boil & hasn't disappeared. Not a nice look for a brand new purchase. Any thoughts? Thank you.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Best kettle ever.

Lasts and lasts all other kettles I have purchased leak or stop.
Easy to fill, can see water level, auto switch off.
Have had for many years and was happy with performance so bought another but has lasted so long haven't needed to use it. Great product May never as I am Seventy.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Best Kettle we have ever had!

Purchased the Breville Crystal Clear in 2014 & it works perfectly every day, in fact it is so consistently good that i purchased 2 more for my daughters at the same time & they also function superbly.
The Schott glass is made in Germany & is the best in the world. Due to this kettle, i purchased SCHOTT Solar Panels have a 25 year warranty (some are still working exceptionally well after 30 years, & still going strong!) This GERMAN MADE Solar Panel array is a top quality high efficiency unit that functions superbly all day, every day.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Faulty spout?

We've had the kettle about 2 years and it works great but when it comes to pouring the water, it tends to leak down the sides of the kettle. Has been like that since the day we unpackaged it, but its more of a hazard now that we have kids using it too.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Awesome kettle BKE480BKS. Love that it's clear!

I've owned my fair share of kettles over time, but I would have to say this is the best I have used. I've had it for over a year. It is the quickest to boil. It has a very low level minimum so you are not having to fill it high when you are just making one tea or coffee. Although it does seem to boil for a few seconds longer than others I have had. I love that it is clear. People always ask for a hot drink at my house and I think it could be because they can see that the kettle is clean. When it discolours, as with all kettles, slice up a lemon and place it in the kettle, let it boil and leave the lemon and water in it overnight. In the morning pour out all contents and rinse. This removes any deposits and makes it sparkle. I love that it is glass and would chose this material over plastic any day. I would highly recommend this kettle and loved it so much I bought the matching sesame toaster, which is also a fantastic product.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great kettle with a design flaw

This kettle is wonderful. It is quiet. It feels solid but not too heavy. It is easy to clean. The handle stays nice and cool. When it starts to get noisy you can easily see the buildup on the bottom (the 'quiet boil technology' is basically a coating on the bottom that makes the boil finer and quieter, but scale buildup reduces the effectiveness), so chop up a lemon and boil that in there and leave it for a few minutes then wash it out and any buildup remaining will easily wipe away with a cloth. The outside cleans with simple spray and wipe. It looks great. It boils quickly.

But, as good as it is it has a design problem. I see now that there are a couple of different designs, but mine had the silver base and lid. This version has a black plastic circle on the silver lid that looks like a button but is actually just a heat resistant pad you use to push the lid back down after refilling when/if it's hot. The actual lid release button is almost hidden on the handle as it's silver on silver. People who don't know this, try to open the kettle to fill it by pressing the black 'button'. When that doesn't work, they then try to physically force the lid open. I've seen different people do this at different times. One person almost managed to pull the whole lid assembly off the top of the glass. The end result is - of course - the lid gets damaged.

1. The first stage is the lid starts to stick when you try to open it - at this point the way to open it safely is to lightly tap the lid close to the handle and it will open. Again, people instead tend to try to force the lid which then eventually leads to the next stage.

2. The second and final stage is when one side of the lid hinge breaks. It will still open, and will still appear to lock down. However when one of the hinges is broken, when the kettle starts to boil the steam can force the lid slightly open. This releases the steam and prevents the kettle from reaching full boil which in turn means it doesn't switch off. To temporarily 'fix' this is a three part thing:
- Get something heavy to put on the lid to stop it from opening
- Make yourself a cup of tea and sit down.
- Start researching for a new kettle.

Do I recommend this kettle? Absolutely, but *only* if you are the only person to use it. If other people are ever going to use the kettle then it will fail sooner or later. Unless you see them doing it, the first you'll know is when you try to use the kettle and find the lid has been damaged. Danger time for our kettle was parties when 'helpful' people would try to fill the kettle. These are the same helpful people who do other things like pull off gas fuses on barbecues, put used wine glasses back on the table next to the clean glasses, randomly turn switches on/off, put food away in weird places etc. You know the types. Collective sigh.

Amazingly ours lasted almost five years, most of that time with a sticking lid until the hinge finally broke recently (yes, after a party), but it survived that long mainly because I frequently hovered around it and would show people how to open it properly. I almost bought another one to replace it, but I'm going to try a different brand - and I'm sad to have to do that, because it was/is actually a really good kettle. But that lid really sucks, and I'm sick of having to protect it from people.

Date PurchasedAug 2013

Lid pops open during boiling water

Unfortunately short after the warranty expired the lid start to open while I was boiling water. Because of that the pot will not turn off. I did not try to see if it will boil all the water out and bun down but it is very dangerous. You will also burn your hand trying to close the lid. Unusable at this point. I puled out my 5 year old Oster from the close and it still works. Product not worth the money. It sounds like a recall since lots of people have the same issue.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


Worked for two weeks until lid became fused shut somehow, after a quick Google I discovered this was very common with the model. Disappointed as this is the most expensive kettle I have ever bought. I would not recommend this kettle at all, I'm hoping on getting a full refund.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Lasted 4 years, good kettle

Had a good innings with this kettle - 4 years. Towards the end it became very noisy and had trouble with the lid not opening automatically so has been replaced. It needs regular descaling to remove discolouration on the heating element/base, as with all clear kettles on the market. A soak in water/vinegar and a wipe does the trick. It has a great 7 cup capacity, but be aware that it is pretty heavy to lift/pour at full capacity. Although I liked this kettle I have replaced it with a Sunbeam Maestro clear kettle this time, which is same capacity, slightly lighter, less expensive and easier to fill (with wider lid opening).

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Lid keeps opening when boiling

Bought a BKE595. Two months after purchase, the lid started opening whilst the kettle was still boiling. I took back the HN's and was given a replacement one. Have just trashed the replacement one as we had the same problem with the lid opening whilst in operation, and found this potentially dangerous. Very disappointed with Breville, and would be very reluctant to purchase the brand again. Breville obviously not interested, only interested in sales.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Cool looking transparent kettle

Looks cool and very visible. Find it useful to be visible so that I know when the boiler is dirty and needs cleaning or descaling. The on/off switch has an indicator light. There is a storage for the power cable too. Used it for a day and loved it. Hope it will last.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Permanent condensation on inside glass

I purchased this product because we had a clear glass Breville kettle for many years and were happy with it.
This model however BKE595 has permanent condensation on the inner glass from first use the won't go away and detracts from the clear glass look.
Very disappointed with the product.
I rang Breville and they said it's 'normal' but it never happened with our previous model.
Seriously ask them to demonstrate the model that you want to purchase before buying.
Very disappointed!!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Not cheapest, not most expensive.

We wanted a glass kettle, and this one does the job. Previously we picked up a cheaper, non-brand from Kmart, that took forever to boil. This one, obviously more expensive, boils in a much shorter time. The extra $$$ is worth it to save myself getting impatient waiting for my cuppa.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

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Our Kettle is randomly switching on at least at the base. Without touching it! The temp lights randomly switch from tea to boil and when you use the kettle the on off switch goes back to standby frequently. Concerned it can cause an electrical issue. Is this common? We only use the kettle occasionally so it should be over use
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Hi my Crystal Clear Breville Kettle stoppped working, White lights work but when I press press the start button and all the lights go out. any ideas or can anyone help?
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Hi, I bought this less than a year ago and the lid doesn’t close because the handle has separated at the top. How do I fix that?
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Crystal Clear BKE595Crystal Clear BKE480Crystal Clear BKE290
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